Hear ye! Hear ye! Prepare thyself for the real March Madness!

As the NCAA tournament approaches, the DNCAA selection committee is faced with the daunting task of establishing an arena of contestants for the world’s greatest display of niggerdom.

That’s right. The DDN Tournament is almost upon us, which means it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Luckily for us, potential top-seed, Tyga, knows exactly when to rear his cranial canvas.

In a gesture of good will gone terribly niggerish, rapper/blogger/sports analyst/tattoo artist, Lil Wayne, marks his territory yet again. In addition to the Young Money marquee on label peg boy Tyga’s ass, Weezy illustrates the logo of legendary North Carolina State coach, Jim Valvano’s mantra.

[Blogger's Note: As a New Yorker and NCAA Basketball freak, I attend the Jimmy V Classic at Madison Square Garden every year provided I'm in town.]

Ironically enough, one of the dots representing Jimmy V’s credo signifies “think”—as in “Nigga, Think about where you’re putting this fucking tattoo and why!”

Watching Weeziana hunched so lovingly and carefully over Tyga's welcoming face looks like some shit you'd see during an episode of Oz or Lockup Raw. You already know the relationship. The interview wouldn't surprise in the slightest.

“You know, Miss Katie... Tyga my bitch, right. And I stay tattooing my bitches.”

Congratulations, Tyga! Now you’re a walking face-first ad for the Jimmy V Foundation. It’s one thing to get a bracelet or a t-shirt or some shit. It’s another entirely to walk around with LIVESTRONG on your temple, asshole.

My disdain should be tempered as this is, after all, the same nigga who thought it a good idea to eat a nasty-ass $100 bill that done been in cash registers, mattresses and sweaty summer socks.

I’m sure Tyga Man would like people to assume that the three dots represent some gangsta shit. Instead of informing high school girls that they are a display of support for the Jimmy V Foundation, he should just tell people they’re “jiggaboo tears.”

I don’t get my haircut from student barbers anymore, and all I fucks with is a Caesar at best. If I needed a face tattoo, I wouldn’t be getting it from a nigga two weeks into the game. I don’t care if he signs my checks.

Sigh. Negroes. Please.

Expect a very high seeding for the Tyga Man. At this rate, by the end of the DDN tournament, he’ll look like a side character from Zoobilee Zoo.

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