DDN Tournament Preview: Tattoo Time With Lil’ Wayne & Tyga

Hear ye! Hear ye! Prepare thyself for the real March Madness!

As the NCAA tournament approaches, the DNCAA selection committee is faced with the daunting task of establishing an arena of contestants for the world’s greatest display of niggerdom.

That’s right. The DDN Tournament is almost upon us, which means it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Luckily for us, potential top-seed, Tyga, knows exactly when to rear his cranial canvas.

In a gesture of good will gone terribly niggerish, rapper/blogger/sports analyst/tattoo artist, Lil Wayne, marks his territory yet again. In addition to the Young Money marquee on label peg boy Tyga’s ass, Weezy illustrates the logo of legendary North Carolina State coach, Jim Valvano’s mantra.

[Blogger's Note: As a New Yorker and NCAA Basketball freak, I attend the Jimmy V Classic at Madison Square Garden every year provided I'm in town.]

Ironically enough, one of the dots representing Jimmy V’s credo signifies “think”—as in “Nigga, Think about where you’re putting this fucking tattoo and why!”

Watching Weeziana hunched so lovingly and carefully over Tyga’s welcoming face looks like some shit you’d see during an episode of Oz or Lockup Raw. You already know the relationship. The interview wouldn’t surprise in the slightest.

“You know, Miss Katie… Tyga my bitch, right. And I stay tattooing my bitches.”

Congratulations, Tyga! Now you’re a walking face-first ad for the Jimmy V Foundation. It’s one thing to get a bracelet or a t-shirt or some shit. It’s another entirely to walk around with LIVESTRONG on your temple, asshole.

My disdain should be tempered as this is, after all, the same nigga who thought it a good idea to eat a nasty-ass $100 bill that done been in cash registers, mattresses and sweaty summer socks.

I’m sure Tyga Man would like people to assume that the three dots represent some gangsta shit. Instead of informing high school girls that they are a display of support for the Jimmy V Foundation, he should just tell people they’re “jiggaboo tears.”

I don’t get my haircut from student barbers anymore, and all I fucks with is a Caesar at best. If I needed a face tattoo, I wouldn’t be getting it from a nigga two weeks into the game. I don’t care if he signs my checks.

Sigh. Negroes. Please.

Expect a very high seeding for the Tyga Man. At this rate, by the end of the DDN tournament, he’ll look like a side character from Zoobilee Zoo.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Need me to put that Lance Armstrong on your face? ron@ronmexicocity.com

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  • amar

    i STILL have yet to hear a tyga song and already know him for both eating money and now getting tattered by a drug-addicted mountain goat-looking thug mutant…

    this dude might the likes of young beg defeated!

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$


      How “homothug” a situation that must’ve been. These rap cats must be getting their hands on the best drugs money can buy.

      Wayne is amamzing to me. I was bumping “Tha Carter” 1&2 over the weekend……….The fuck happened to that dude?

      I’m convinced. Somewhere, somhow, under the radar, he got a hold of that Erykah Badu snatch, & lost all touch with the real world.

  • Bobo D

    Jiggaboo tears, LMFAO.

    Ron I gotta request, I would to read your view on the whole Xzibit, Superhead & Diddy saga. You can call it:
    ‘The Devil has ass beads’

    • geico lizard

      Bobo took the words out of my mouth ron that xzibit story and then retraction of the story has to be covered. He blamed the media for some shit he said on the radio. How did they misquote your recorded voice nigga?

  • Pierzy

    What’s good Mex!

    After the SDN, I’ve been anxiously awaiting this tournament. I’m actually attending the first round of the NCAA tourney this year, and I’m more excited about the DDN.

  • DV8

    Yes!!! DDN time!

    Let the madness begin. I dont know if TYGA qualifies because nobody knows who the fuck he is. I recently went to Circuit City to cop some CD’s at a discount and noticed TYGA has alot of CD’s still there (in a discount everything must go blow out sale might I add, No Introduction indeed). So basically TYGA just gets a Negro Please, as in please grow a brain and some balls.

    Really Ron I dont think this was worth you mentioning. I agree with Bobo D lets hear your take on XZIBIT’s “Night at the Roxbury Adventures” with Dumb Dumb Diddy (say it like Aaron Hall) and Superhead Stephens. Maybe we should put X to the Z in the tourney for hanging out with 2 SDN tourney all stars.

    • Lowedwn

      “Dumb Dumb Diddy (say it like Aaron Hall)”

      AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH, that shit right there….had me rolling on the floor.

  • latino heat

    co-sign Amar. who the fuck is tyga? all i know is he does some dumb shit and he’s signed to lil wayne. i’ve never heard dude spit a verse much less an entire song.

  • FlapJack

    First I see him eating money, which humans cannot digest, now wayne straight branded him

    You aint no tyga, you’re a cow!

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Idk Flap, with all his “lime in the coconut” jibberish, he might be a monkey.

      The rap world’s first hybrid MC.

      I didn’t know human’s couldn’t digest currency. I always knew it was the last, most disgusting thing I’d ever want to put in my mouth, but I didn’t know there was scientific logic behind it.

      That guy’s going to die from ink poisoning, on YouTube, for the whole world to see.

      • FlapJack

        Baby probly gave him that pet monkey for his birthday or someting. Someone should call PETA on him.

        Wayne might fuck around and get his face torn off.

        I actually have a leg full of practice-tatoos, so I feel for dude.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

          Lol @ “practice tattoos”

          Thought I was one of the only people walking around with a mistake permenantly etched on me! Damn thing covers my whole back arm! Alcohol & amateur inkers don’t mix.

          Yeah, it’ll be hard to make music missing a jawbone.

        • FlapJack

          Yeah, I had to stop drinking with that guy. guess I had what alcoholics call foresight

  • Shawty J

    “You know, Miss Katie… Tyga my bitch, right. And I stay tattooing my bitches.”


  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Man I have yet to hear anything from this Tyga cat….why he get a tattoo on his temple, who knows. I know one thing…his rap name sound like a member of the Thundercats…