Can rappers really have people killed?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about rappers putting out hits on people, and it’s got me wondering. What’s the likelihood, really, that a rapper could have someone killed?

I was listening to the Howard Stern Show the other day on the way home from work, and they were talking about how Jay-Z is supposedly gonna put a hit out on Chris Brown for putting his shoe on Rihanna.

Er, to make things clear, lest someone “pursue back channels,” one of Jay-Z’s bag handlers was quoted in the paper as saying that Jay-Z was fuming when he heard about what Chris Brown (allegedly) did to Rihanna, and that he was heard to have said that Chris Brown was a dead man.

Jay-Z is said to be very protective of Rihanna, and I’ve never been quite sure what that means. Obviously, there’s the rumor that Jay-Z and Rihanna get it on with one another, and that’s how she got herpes on her lip, but who knows.

Howard and Artie have actually been around Jay-Z and Rihanna in person, and they claim he basically tells her what to do. Like, if someone asks Rihanna a question, Jay-Z listens to the question then tells Rihanna to respond, then she responds.

I wonder if that might provide some insight into Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown. Could it be that, perhaps due to her Island background, she prefers to be with a strong man, who tells her what to do, and maybe even occasionally takes certain measures to discipline her?

Also, does she have a sister? Ha!

No but really, it would seem to me that understanding the nature of the relationship between Jay-Z and Rihanna would be key to knowing whether or not Jay-Z might actually consider putting a hit out on Chris Brown. And it’s hard for me to say, since my relationships with women have been far in between and have often involved a cash transaction.

I don’t have either a girlfriend or a sister. Like many men in this most unfortunate of situations, there are plenty of women who appreciate me for my intellect, i.e. women I’ve failed to score with, but let’s keep it real – there’d be a certain sick amusement in seeing one of those women get roughed up.

I’m not saying it’s funny to see someone get beat up. I’m just saying. There’s degrees to friendship, and I’d feel worse about seeing a woman get beat up, if I’ve given her the business. Otherwise, let some other guy feel bad about her.

But I digress.

Jay-Z probably couldn’t put a hit out on Chris Brown now if he wanted, if the fact that he was considering it so well known that it was being discussed on the Howard Stern Show. Now, If something does happen to Chris Brown, even if Jay-Z wasn’t involved, people will suspect him.

To his credit, it’s not like Jay-Z publicly announced that he was putting a hit out on Chris Brown. He just happened to be screaming it out as Memphis Bleek was walking by to see if he wanted anything from Outback Steakhouse. Fiddy Cent, meanwhile, stays talking about how he’s gonna have someone got.

I’m not gonna go back and listen to any dis records that aren’t called “Tia Told Me,” but I’m pretty sure he’s threatened to have some guys from the projects in Queens go after Officer Ricky. And then there was that video of DJ Khaled’s mother asleep at the returns desk at K-Mart, i.e. my old stomping grounds.

The thing is, DJ Khaled’s mother, if she’s even aware that she was all over the Internets last week, ought to feel lucky. Not only is it all but guaranteed that 50 Cent isn’t gonna do anything to her other than buy her a new coat, but I’m sure the hip-hop police on the lookout, in case anyone else tries to run up on her.

Which I suppose is for the best, in that you’d hate to see someone’s mother get killed over rap music as bad as the kind put out by 50 Cent and DJ Khaled. But I’m not gonna lie – I can’t help but think that this beef would be even more interesting than it already, i.e. the most interesting thing I’ve seen before in my life, almost as riveting as This American Life, if there was an actual sense of danger.

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  • IceCream

    1st…….But does this Chris
    Brown n Rhianna thing really matter? Hoes get beat everyday and now people are commenting about it….Chances are he probably getting more pussy from her since this incident….Oh forgot about the herpes things… least they can’t give it to each other…lol…N for Jay-Z, he has pussy that millions of dudes wanna get into…y bother with the story? If he’s try regetinto this one they should make a tape with the four of them…Jay-Z, Rhianna, Beyonce, and Sasha Fierce….lol

    • BIGNAT

      who is sasha fierce?

      • Ghost

        Beyonce = Sasha Fierce…you know…like Sean Carter = Jay-Z…

  • Vicious Seiger

    I’m sorry but I doubt Pimp Daddy Carter is going to do anything more than give Young Papa Brown a dirty look next time he sees him. Catz out here love to believe the gangsta shit that they be saying. Even in a head up fist fight I think Slap Happy Chris would swole those fat ass lips up. It’s like Jay had to say something hard to make people believe he’s an “American Gangsta” when he just a performer and halfway decent businessman. Chris Brown will be alive and well for a long time to come because if something happens to him something IS going to happen to people who did it to him. As long as you can generate multiplatinum sales labels like Jive and others will not let jack happen to you. Labels are about the bottom line. R. Kelly isn’t in jail because he is generating cash for his label now if that was Ralph Tresvant – he’d be in jail grabbing his ankles as we speak. The same can be said about Luther V. his sexuality was never spoken about because he was still selling albums. Record Labels will keep your dirtiest laundry out of the mainstream as long as you keep making that paper. So sorry Jay but all the yang he’s speaking is just BS for the masses to digest and imagine. Like Jay puts in work or knows anyone dumb enough who does. If that rumor is true he’ll get a smirk followed by the classic like “You’ll shoot your eye out!”. Negro Please.

    • A yow

      “halfway decent buisness man”? Negro Please bwahahahaha

  • Pierzy

    “That’s my artist…she does what I tell her. That’s my artist.”

    - Jay-Z to Howard Stern

  • these posts are racist

    If that is DJ Khaled’s mom, 50 could already be brought up on charges for making the video alone…and if something does happen to her, 50 would definitley go to jail. Given 50′s legal counsel, Reed Smith, I highly doubt that was Khaled’s mom or her home in the video.

    RIP, Tupac, Big L and Biggie Smalls. Man do I miss real hip hop.

    • Avenger XL

      I miss real hip-hop too tpar. That’s a big Cosign

      • Pierzy

        Hell yeah. Definite co-sign.

        • EmCDL


          Bring Scratch Magazine back! You know I had to say it!

        • EmCDL

          Oh yeah and don’t forget…

          R.I.P. J-Dilla

      • these posts are racist

        word…Avenger XL. I just miss when cats used to actually rap. Now, they’re either not rapping or the entire song is meant to waste time until the hook. There’s no pride in people’s craft.

        • Dub Sac

          Remember when people didn’t even need to have a hook in every song? Or when people said more than twenty words every four bars?

    • tony grand$

      Could Jay-Z get C.Breez touched up? Absolutely. That aspect is contingent upon the whole “money, power’ respect” thing. $10,000 goes along way nowadays, hell, I’m pretty sure the recession has mad hitmen giving cats a discount. Jay-Z (& many others in similar positions) have that status to make ppl disappear with little to no effort, but how conducive would that be to their career?

      Would he? Hell no. For what? I don’t care how much he has her in his pocket. He’s going to do what every other dude aside from her brother/father is going to do, & stay out of her personal life. Rihanna’s a big girl, & besides, that’s what the police/judicial systems are for. If he’s a smart man (which he appaers to be), he’s not going to sacrifice his dime for a nickel & 2 penny jump-off. Especially since her & Breez are probably just going to link back up anyhoo. Might as well, they they’ll save doe on medication refills.

      You’ve got to love how hip hop is life imitating art on 10. These dudes believe themselves more than the fans, SMH @ thirty something’s subscribing to their own ridiculous hype.

  • tommy gunz

    has anybody considered the idea that maybe ri ri deserved to get swoll up?…something tells me its quite possible…

    and word is..khaled’s momma is shook…E-Beef is runnin this rap shit..

    • BIGNAT

      i was thinking the same thing why would chris fuck up the paper. he knows putting the shoe on five head was going stop his career. she must have done something really wrong i am not trying to say any women deserves to be hit. just that she must have done some grimey shit that he would go there

  • Avenger XL

    XXL Bloggers how long will chris brown be the topic of discussion? I know the rap well is hella dry right now in the scandal department given the fact that most of the stars are smaller than life celebrities. But the focus on Chris Brown would make you think he could out rhyme biggie or had the cadance and passion of Pac. He is just another Pop tard star caught in the scandal of the day. At least wit R Kelly he tried to go gutter rap with up from time to time. Infact R Kelly is the catalyst for the slumming of R&B to the level it is today. So R was almost a rapper. You can’t even say brown is a dancer in the hip-hop since. He is more boy band than B-Boy so the traces of hip-hop in his DNA is limited to what gives him a street edge to sale records.

    Secondly I know this whole Blog thing is for shits and giggles Bol. But really Howard Stern? The Dinosaur of low rent entertainment makes a wild joke about the situation with Brown and you get this wild story about Jay-Z putting a hit on someone? That isn’t evn that funny.

    Now to give some kind of attention to your attempt at a funny story. Jay-Z may have banged Rhianna in her early years at def Jam it is the spoils of the music industry game. But Jigga hangs with TI’s and act like a surrogate TI. Thye don’t have to do hits they can just make it hard for him to eat or bounce back musically with a black balling. A fate worth than death. Or they could just let that little hacks star fizzle out like nature intended.

    • Pierzy

      First of all, The Howard Stern Show is fantastic.

      Secondly, it wasn’t Stern that created the idea of the hit on CB. Someone “close to Jay-Z” (supposedly) told US Weekly that Chris Brown “messed with the wrong crew” and he was a “walking dead man.” If that’s true, that’s not wild? A music executive calling an artist a walking dead man? C’mon, that’s crazy.

      • Avenger XL

        Sorry I never got into the whole shock jock thing and there are only so many nasty looking plastic surgery victims you can call in to take they clothes off. So party on with howard and his low rent form of entertainment.

        Secondly, I apologize again if I missed quoted who said what but the fact is Jay-Z will most likely Blackball this idiot if he even looked up from his studies at learning to become a tall Israeli underling boule style in the game. This man is not fool enough to mess his money up behind much of anything. You could have threatened his mom and he would have just placed her under armed gaurd and watch. Jay-Z is too smart for this kind of shit and if he did wig out like this it would be a true nigga moment/keeping it real going wrong. So like I said the most Chris will get is black balled and if anybody get at him it will be a random weed carrier trying to impress the boss.

        • Pierzy

          I gotcha and I actually agree with almost everything you said. I wasn’t really hyped…I couldn’t care less.

  • sealsaa

    “you’d hate to see someone’s mother get killed over rap music as bad as the kind put out by 50 Cent and DJ Khaled”.


    And LOL @ Memphis Bleek’s Out Back food runs.

    Doubt it. The worst Jay could do to Chris Brown is to send him a free copy of Kingdom Come, or worse, make him pay for it somehow. I love how the industry is feigning outrage over this situation, especially Jay, the guy who bragged about (and brought about the trend) of fucking with the mother of a man’s child. You can fuck a guy’s ex, leave condom’s on his kid’s car seat, and make a song about it, but raising your hand to a woman is crossing the line (Riiiiiight). 50′s a joke. The same guy who proclaimed Nas’ career to be over is beefing with an exposed fraud, and is using his own website to give said fraud more publicity than he’s ever recieved, while playing dress up and making cartoons at the same time. the defenition of hard body.

    • Avenger XL

      No the worse he could do is make him do a best of both worlds album with Memph weak (talk about worst of both worlds brother J says yuck). Or sign him to the roc and bury him. I believe Jay may put the word out that if you work with Chris you don’t work with JAy or any of his associates relegating him to bargian basement staus not like he isn’t close to that anyway since his production is far from great.

    • Avenger XL

      I am going to call bullshit on the rick ross vs 50 beef until further notice. I still think it is a mutual promotional stunt. Just think without it would we be even talking about these two now especially 50 he don’t have shit to release.

      • these posts are racist

        Co-Sign…It’s a stunt. Ross/Khaled/50 are all in on it.

  • amar

    rihanna likes a dominant man cause she’s from the caribean? Then let’s not forget jay-z’s family background is of jamaican

    with that said, i dont think he meant anything if he said that. Also, the reason he tells her what to do is more of an industry thing…a memph bleek jay-z mentor thing…a “follow me and u’ll be rich and succesful” thing…

    as for the herpes on the lip, way to make a blog claiming bullshit and then reference that in this blog as “rumors”, even though ur the only one reporting these herepes rumors. Even TMZ isn’t saying anything about herpes…ur fulla shit bol

    • tony grand$

      “Even TMZ isn’t saying anything about herpes…ur fulla shit bol”


  • sealsaa

    LOL @ amar’s theory concerning Memphis Bleeks mentoring.

    The only thing Memphis Bleek is learing is the fine art of ironing Jay’s Roca Wear shirts (li’l more starch on that collar, Bleek). All jokes aside, at least we know that he washes his hair.

    • amar

      i didn’t say it was working!

      i was sorta referring to that “coming of age” type shit hahaha

  • sealsaa

    I can’t hate on the brutha. Bet you he can crease the hell out of some jeans.

    • Dub Sac

      Dude should open up a dry-cleaning business. They could give away employee mixtapes with every cleaning.

  • allnice

    You gotta understand that none of these rappers are actually gonna pull it because they are too scared of losing their cushy financial situation. They might talk tough on wax and pull a whole lot of stunts, but they would never actually do anything.

    Jay on the other hand was probably thinking about pulling it and he will continue to think about what he can do to Chris Brown to ruin this nigga. There are fates worst than death for a nigga that is hooked on material fashions, money, and fly women. He is just gonna “dead” him in the sense that he will never be able to make a penny off of singing every again.

    Now if Chris Brown were hard core, Jay would pussy out. He don’t want it with a real nigga he only wanna fuck up niggaz shit that won’t retaliate like most of these rappers. This is why I know that Jay is a fucking fag. He talk shit about frail ass Chris Brown but this nigga will be nowhere in sight if a real nigga wants to pull it on him.

  • http://XXL GSIDE

    To answer your question yes they can do it and get a way with it now if there going do it is another question but it can be done one a murder case you need witness just make you killing clean and done deal. You say hip hop police what major case have they ever solve big pac jam master jay none of the above murder is alot harder to prove in a court of law then a dope case so chis brown could be a walking dead man and khaled’s mom could have got hurt but will something happen maybe maybe not.

  • sealsaa

    @ GSIDE

    You’ve been listening to too much of Reasonable Doubt if you believe that Jay Z can do anymore physically to Brown than feign outrage at his behavior (or send him that free copy of Kingdom Come, as I suggested). But that’s the new age tough guy for you. Threatens people’s lives in public, with little or no regard for self incrimination.

    • http://XXL gside

      I just said it can happen if the could kill Caesar truest me chis brown is small potato’s .


    “I wonder if that might provide some insight into Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown. Could it be that, perhaps due to her Island background, she prefers to be with a strong man, who tells her what to do, and maybe even occasionally takes certain measures to discipline her?”
    hahahha thats funny bit it’s true especially in jamaica the girls tell you. thats the way things work over here. it’s also that way in trinidad st thomas and p.r. it’s not that bad.

  • mel

    This has 2 b the dumbest post ever…. U dumb fucks underestimate the power of $ jay can b the softest nigga ever but if he wanted 2 “lay down a couple green bucks & get u cleaned up” I’m sure that wouldn’t b an issue It has nothing 2 do with being a rapper & he aint pulling the trigger cats get hits put on them everyday… 4 little of nothing so…whats it 2 a nigga with $????


    That dude Chris Brown is a fuckin Tiger. One of my boys once had beef with him up in a VIP in some club out here in Germany (the usual “who is the bigger superstar to stay in the vip” situation)… My boy is a true street cat with mad knuckle game, and he let Chris have it… And Chris stood up and fought like a man, even telling his bodyguards to chill… Dude came out swinging. That was impressive to me, he ain´t no RnB sweettoth… Just sayin…

    • squadwildin

      yea RIOTLIFE, i believe it. Chris Breezy aint no bitch. I saw him on Punk’d when he was bout to whoop that waiter ass at the restaurant. THe host from the show(Asher Kutchton???) had to come in and break it up.

      Whether he can actually fight or not, I dont know. but some niggas that can’t fight, will fight anyway. So i doubt Chris would back down from Jay Z soft ass.

  • tommy gunz

    yea breezy obviously believes he’s got some thug in his blood literally…you hear that prank call with ralphige?…he said nigga 32 times..and referred to the fake daddy yankee as “blood”– im glad dude called him out..”yo you call me blood cuz?” and cb tried to play it off..

  • http://xxlmag jb

    Maybe he meant Chris Brown’s career?

  • Josh

    I haven’t read any of the above comments, but rap threats rarely turn into anything.

    Think of it like this:

    Pac gets shot at Quad.

    Big drops “Who Shot Ya.”

    East Coast/West Coast beef ensues.

    Threats are made.

    Pac gets killed.

    Big gets killed.

    Nobody gets charged with either of the murders.

    Millions of Hip-Hop fans still speculate that Puff had Pac killed and Suge had Big killed.

    Puff becomes MTV’s darling.

    And Suge still gets to go to All Star weekend, although he might think twice about going next year.

  • Gutta

    For people that think that jay-z couldnt get chris brown murked, you are truely naive to how this world works. its ALL about money, will jay-z get him murked? no, because its not his fight but it doesnt matter if he would be the suspect or not. it doesnt matter if jayz is really gangsta or not the man has alot of money to do so. i think cb will get get blackballed and you gonna start seeing in more movies or commercials cuz i think jay will use his status to do something.

  • squadwildin

    Money does talk but Jay-Z dont have the heart to put a hit out on any one. I personally wouldnt kill chris brown, even if Jay Z payed me a million. Because I know i’d get caught before I could even get a chance to spend one grand of it.

    THink about it…. If chris brown does get touched, the police gone be knockin at Jay Z door. Jay z will most definitely rat on the shooter, no doubt. IF you are that shooter, you’re fucked up shit’s creek. If you got a hit out on somebody, you dont announce it. THats how i know Jay-z dont know what the fuck he doin.

    The only person I believe that actually uses his money to get niggas touched is Diddy. for obvious reasons. that nigga is a real boss. a bitch at the same time, but a boss nonetheless

  • Jay-Dogg

    all u guys are talking about is a bullshit let Jay-Z mind his own businesses and leave Rihanna live her life alone she was having a relationship with Chris brown so chris-brown has the right to do whatever he wants with her I know the girls when they’re in love they can commit madness because of the boy