Bone Thugs -N- Harmony Smoke Up K-Fed and Vanilla Ice?

K-Fed and Vanilla Ice sound like the street names of whatever they had to be smoking to do a clip like this.

Once my favorite rap group, the Brothers Bone have taken my undivided loyalty and parted it more times than they did their own hair in the 90s. I have nothing against writing songs for checks. If tricks is payin, we’s bout gittinnat mawfuck’n mwoney, lil’ daddy. However, the effects of some forms of degradation can’t bear a price tag.

Promoting projects with Kevin Federline and Vanilla Ice means Bone Thugs -N- Whore-moany just received the boarding passes for their one-way trip to VH1 Sober House–just slightly off-course for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame that resides in their native Cleveland.

I understand that you’ve gotta have confidence in your songwriting abilities, but these sherm & perm-offenders used to be multi-platinum errr time out. Yet, they couldn’t give their last few albums away free with the purchase of two red-tops on St. Clair. How the fuck they gonna make Kevin Federline platinum any-fuckin-thing?

K-Fed couldn’t go aluminum when he was scrotum-deep in Britney Spears. His “PopoZao” bullshit won’t do any better with BTNH caroling about weed entirely too strong for human consumption on the chorus.

You know the weed too damn strong when all you can do is hit it and look at the 1st of tha Month video on YouTube for 45 got damn minutes.

[Blogger’s Note: That’s my Katt Williams for the day.]

If nothing else, this otherwise baffling video helped me straighten out some hip-hop history. I kept forgetting the original Bone Thugs -N- Harmony lineup. I 100% remember now. It’s Krayzie, Bizzy, Wish, Flesh & Max B.

Speaking of roster adjustments, didn’t Bone kick Bizzy out the group for trying to make drinkable Crystal Meth or some shit? What the fuck do these niggas think they look like when they start working with Kevin Federline? I hope the stoner shop quartet is aware that by working with K-Fed, they sink a full step below Bizzy Bone’s collaboration with Joker Da Bailbondsman, which they clearly endorsed.

Ain’t nothin’ like Sherman in a Ziploc bag. Uh-Huh! Uh-Huh!

I’m so used to Flesh-N-Bone being in prison that seeing him in daylight is a much welcome surprise. Fucking with Federline isn’t exactly going to curtail the recidivism risk. If this is where Bone Thugs –N- Harmony is at in their career, it might not be far from mask and glove time again.

Does anyone have as hard a time as I trying to picture 5 Hard&B sangers in Carhart everything as crack dealers, master thieves and urban crime novel assassins? Flesh has helped me believe in the whacked-out choir boy gulliness, but the vision still seems a tad lofty at times.

Where the fuck is Wish Bone? Is he on the toilet? I done told niggas about fuckin with that Taco Bell. I used to bust down that .69-cent bean burrito all the damn time in college. The shit is not advised. Don’t come crying to me when you miss your chance to pose with Brian Austin Green in the student center.

[Blogger’s Note: When your homeboy comes back from prison and tells you that you gotta blow some nutmeg with him because it’s the shit and it got him hella high in the joint, do yourself a favor. Remind that institutionalized-ass nigga that he can get some actual vagina now and that he doesn’t have to pretend and that the same principle applies to getting blented.]

Questions? Comments? Requests? Love E. 1999 Eternal as much as I do?

P.S.: Negro Please @ Ron Mexico for thinking Bone Thugs might have the dignity to sidestep projects like these.

P.P.S.: I KNOW I wasn’t the only one watching UnCut on The Negro Channel at 3AM before the network decided to develop a semblance of conscience.

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  • Pierzy

    So…is the song with Joaquin Phoenix going to be a bonus track?

    • Ron Mexico

      hell yea! joaquin phoenix, kev -n- bone & the iceman.

      let’s get it!

      • Pierzy

        POSSE CUT!

  • amar

    wow u just negro pleased yourself (i’m not talking about masturbation either)!!

    but is it just me or does kfed look extremely uncomfortable in that video? Almost as if he’s scared of getting thug boned right then and there in the middle of the street with cameras running.

    and @ pierzy, look at imdb and u’ll find a mocumentary with joaquin and casey affleck with no additional info. Rumor is joaquin phoenix is bullshit to the world and this whole rapper thing is all gonna be part of his movie…sorta some andy koffman fool the world type shit.

    • Pierzy

      Yeah, I heard that too. Apparently, its either that mockumentary (like Andy Kaufman or Borat) or that he is so into his music that he wants to record it from the beginning. I know it’s probably the former, but I’m hoping it’s the latter…

    • tony grand$

      Cats ain’t up on Andy Kaufman. That dude was a genius (I.e. lunatic). No wonder he died so young.

      Whatever kinda coke him & Robin Williams was blowing back in the 70′s is most likely the same dope that got Joachim Phoenix headed to see his brother right now.

  • geico lizard

    Damn Ron that was K fed in that wshh clip? I thought that Ralphie May stopped telling jokes and was trying to rap now.

  • geico lizard

    “I KNOW I wasn’t the only one watching UnCut on BET at 3AM before the network decided to develop a semblance of conscience.” RIP BET UNCUT. I miss that show. Now im watching forensic files at 2 in the morning.

    BET only has a conscience when it came to debra lee hating on young sexy women shaking it on BET UNCUT but that other fuckery she is keeping in heavy rotation. Bone signed a slave contract with Easy E. When he died they thought they were free and would start making some real money but his wife went harder on them than pebbles went on TLC.

  • DV8

    ummmmm…..this K-Fed collabo got me confused like Young Buck. WTF is wrong with these guys? Maybe im just stuck in 96 (I still bump E.1999 Eternal occasionaly). Maybe we Bone fans are being Punked. Okay where is Ashton?

  • capcobra

    i know why bone doing this project….most mc’s nowadays can rap fast and/or harmonize on a song…except for maybe k.fed and vanilla ice.

    • FlapJack

      that’s exactly why.

      Maybe I’m too young again, but I remember some of bone thugs older music, and with a few exceptions, they were allways garbage.

      That Kraysie Bone knows how to studder real well tho

  • latino heat

    how the mighty have fallen. this is what they got to do for attention now? so sad. anyway that joker the bailbondsmen joint was hot! so were the other videos he had on uncut, you weren’t the only one up at 3 am. shout out to marcus, alana and duana! i miss them drunk ass uncut parties.

  • anutha_level

    damn shawty

  • Apollo Moses

    “Yet, they couldn’t give their last few albums away free with the purchase of two red-tops on St. Clair. How the fuck they gonna make Kevin Federline platinum any-fuckin-thing?”

    I see somebody has revisited the classic first season of The Wire! More like free yellow-tops dealing with Kevin Phonyline and Vanilla Lice.

    “Dope on the damn table”

    • Ron Mexico

      dope on the got damn table!

      i actually dropped a bunk season 4 line on bol’s jawn today.

  • Apollo Moses

    Joker Da Bailbondsman had BET UnCut on lock!LMFAO!

    • Ben

      LOL, “let me see that azz drop” with Lil Bomber was my shit, lol. Man good ol’ 01-02.

  • mannyd

    Them niggas on rocks.

  • $ykotic

    I told ya’ll watch the Slaughterhouse bandwagon!

    They gonna have fun with Britney’s money.

    • Ron Mexico

      this round of dutches is definitely on britney.

      that and half a brick of some thuggish ruggish blow.

  • Worley

    “caroling about weed entirely too strong for human consumption on the chorus.”

    Man, I been telling cats there is something toxic about all this neon, extra strong sh*t out here these days.

    That “Uh-Huh” joint is fire. To this day I keep my ones in a ziploc when I go to the strip club. RIP UnCut.

  • enzo

    FlapJack says:

    that’s exactly why.

    Maybe I’m too young again, but I remember some of bone thugs older music, and with a few exceptions, they were allways garbage.

    That Kraysie Bone knows how to studder real well tho

    ^^you’re too young. do some more research

  • Rocco907

    wow…a joker da bailbondsman drop. fucking classic

    by the way, i live in alaska, where JDB is from…and i’m pretty sure he’s in jail for ten plus on drug charges…however, his BET uncut video still lives in infamy

    i’m going to youtube to see if it is.

  • MrWillDoIt

    Ok, ok, Mr. Mexico, you got that one.

    Let me begin by saying that I appreciate your comedic spin on strong criticism. “Just a spoon full of sugar [really does] help the medicine go down.” (pause)

    But, allow me to go to bat for my Bone brethren just this once. I’ll start by clarifying Bone’s record sales as per the RIAA: “Strength & Loyalty,” Bone’s last record is certified Gold with a platinum single (I Tried). To say that they couldn’t give away their albums is the equivalent of claiming that hip-hop should off itself–because FEW artists get plaques nowadays, so I guess NO ONE in the world is listening to our genre.

    Now K-Fed (ehhh): I admit, Ron, selecting Kevin Spears-Federline as an artist to mentor and nuture isn’t obviously a great business decision. But we haven’t heard anything from him yet–at least, not under the Bone umbrella. I needn’t remind you of what Lil’ Wayne sounded like some years ago. Artists change and develop. And as a representative of XXL, I would think you’d know that it’s best to judge the music rather than critique what has yet to exist.

    I’d rather give this unorthodox collaboration the benefit of the doubt and allow the music to speak for itself. BUT, if prejudice judgements with no true basis are now considered credible, then I’m giving Bone AND K-Feds new albums “XXL” ratings–that’s right…classics.

    At the end of the day, Mr. Mexico, I can’t knock your hustle. In this era of economic turmoil, I commend you on your job as hip-hop’s psychic. When will we see Detox, anyway?….you already know…

  • MrWillDoIt

    That’s…never let your emotions type for you.

  • Smel

    Uh huh..uh huh…ain’tnothinlikemoneyinaziplockbaguh huuuuh…

    naww you weren’t the only one.

    lls @”whacked-out choir boy gulliness”

  • tony grand$

    Faf as usual, Mex.

    Bone should just ride this train, go find DRS & put out “Gangsta Lean ’09″ (the Carhart harmony & choir boy gulliness is mos defly their “crossroads”).

    I like a good hip hop jingle as well as the next man, but not only did I leave Bone Thugs where I found them, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Vanilla Ice has MC Hammer on his shit to promote their concerts. Ugh, the horror.

    & I have heard K-Fed rap (please forgive my y’all) & if dude hooked up with Quincy Jones, got Michael Jackson & Luther Vandross to sing the hook & had Jesus Christ make a cameo in his video, he would still be duck sauce to go.

    I’m surprised white people haven’t asked this guy to resign. Oh yeah, the Brit-Brit cosign carries heavy weight.

  • dirtyjerzy

    Wassup with niggaz hatin on Bone and Kfed collabo. Bone been doing this shit for the longest and did it with the best. They doing him a favor, and I know Britney money ain’t young money either. Hiphop is so dead that’s probably the reason why Bone ain’t fucking with the industry niggaz like that, cause ya’ll haters. Ya’ll need to recognize innovators cause you new niggaz is garbage.

    • mannyd

      I feel where you are coming from, but this is not a good look for bone no matter what. There are a thousand things that they could have done to change the game besides a collabo with k-fed. Its not even that I hate my man k-fed, he would probably be cool to burn one with. I just dont think he belongs in the booth.

  • c b w

    Bone is just biding their time fucking around with K-Fed aka Milk Bone. These cats is trying to get to the Britney Spears stash so Wish won’t have to go back to Oz and they can finally get Bizzy the help he so rightfully deserves.

  • Dizzy D

    there not writing songs for vanilla ice. Vanilla Ice writes and produces his own shit. La the Darkman, chuck d, track starz, Insane poetry did some songs with Ice though.