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I may not work at Antenna; I guess I’m just not that “cool.” And I’m most certainly not a Jackpot or a Datwon, but me? I most certainly get it in. And even though Rob the Music Ed works at the number 1 rap rag (or are we still in denial about who puts it down month after month), I’m something of an R&B head. Nah I’m not talking that Chrihanna pop R&B shit (even though I fucked with “Take You Down” before it received its new meaning), no I’m an R&B head. Don’t get it twisted though, I love Hip-hop and working at XXL has its perks, but having the block on lock doesn’t mean shit where it matters most; in the bedroom. So with Valentine’s Day fast approaching I figured I’d drop a playlist of some of my favorite R&B joints to get shit poppin’ en la cama.

What would ya’ll add? – Rob the Music Ed

Jon B. “They Don’t Know” – Robin Thicke gets points, but Jon B. was the original poster child for white boy soul. Plus everyone’s the same color when the lights are off right?

Avant “Don’t Say No, Just Say Yes” – AKA the Kobe Bryant anthem. Now I don’t condone that sorta behavior, ‘cause a true player would never have to resort to such despicable acts. Anyways do yourself a favor and You Tube the video, former G-Unit princess Olivia never looked so good.

Shai “If I Ever Fall In Love” – Funny how their collaboration with Jay-Z (“I Don’t Wanna Be Alone”) marked the end of the end for this quartet. But in the beginning of their career they released this now classic panty-dropper.

Ginuwine “Pony” – The hook says “You’re horny let’s do it” for God sakes. Never mind the suspect ass video, this song is a GO!

Mint Condition “Pretty Brown Eyes” – I caught my first JHS slow dance to this one back when I was just Rob (before my Music Ed days). It must’ve been special for her too, because after, Ms. Aribelle wanted to see what it was like to kiss a boy with braces. To this day this joint works like a charm.

Silk “Freak Me” – Now this isn’t my favorite Silk joint, but the hook on this joint alone is enough to get shit poppin’ (“Let me lick you up and down ’til you say stop”). Now ya’ll can front if you want to, but my Latin ass is on some Pun shit: “Puerto Rican to the core and all Boricuas…” Aww damn ya’ll know the rest.

R. Kelly “Down Low” – Back before he was allegedly gettin’ with 7th graders, oh wait he was always allegedly gettin’ with 7th graders, damn. Anyways the original “Down Low” is a classic, especially if you’re on a creep mission.

H-Town “Knockin’ the Boots” – “Knockin’ the boots actually means two boots coming together making tasteful lust.” Man Uncle Luke was somethin’ else wasn’t he? This joint will never get played out, EVER!

Playa “Cheers 2 U” – Before Static Major co-starred with Wayne on “Lollipop” he penned this slept-on classic for his group Playa.

Chris Brown “Take You Down” – On second thought, this song should be banned. It’s a damn shame too. Everybody hates Chris.

Aaliyah “Rock the Boat” – Back in the day I got my first lil sumthin’ sumthin’ to Aaliyah’s “At Your Best” remake. I just threw the CD on and hoped for the best. I lucked out! But “Rock the Boat” is by far Aaliyah’s sexiest song and yup, Static wrote this one too. RIP Babygirl and Static!

112 “Cupid” – I was gonna put “Anywhere” on this list because that song is almost amazing, but no song featuring Lil Zane can ever make ANY list now can it? If anyone has a version without that ‘ol Pac wanna be please let me know.

Jodeci “Freak ‘N You” – If you try to throw on the Rae & Ghost remix you might fuck it up and spend the night with a bottle of Jergens. When with your lady, do yourself a favor and play the original. As a matter of fact, playing any rap remix is an automatic FAIL!

Intro “Ribbon in the Sky” – Ok I know Stevie Wonder did the original and it is FUCKIN’ CLASSIC. But I just have a hard time making love to songs that my parents may have actually listened to while conceiving me. Thank God Intro made a comparable remake in 1993.

New Edition “Can You Stand the Rain” – My personal favorite song ever, from the greatest boy band ever assembled. If you can’t score by the time Mike Bivins goes “Come on baby, let’s go get wet” at around the 3:20 mark, you’re a lost cause.

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  • Bobo D

    I’m big on Sade so I’ll have a bunch of songs, maybe ‘The Sweetest Taboo’ can work for you.
    Maxwell – ‘Til The Cops Come Knockin’.
    Joe – All The Things
    Toni Braxton – You’r making me high
    Floetry – Say Yes
    Gotta have Marvin Gaye ‘Sexual Healing’
    And Barry White ‘Staying Power’ is just one of the most erotic soul songs ever.

    • DJ Daddy Mack

      “I may not work at Antenna; I guess I’m just not that ‘cool.’”


    • Jamal7Mile

      Barry White’s voice will make the CD skip.


    1.Keith Sweat – Make It Last Forever
    2.Keith Sweat – Yumi
    3.Keith Sweat – How Deep Is Your Love
    4.Kut Klose and Keith Sweat – Get Up On It
    5.LSG – My Body
    6.R.Kelly – Tempo Slow
    I Know I’mma Get Some Laughs For This One……
    7.New Kids On The Block – Valentine Girl
    8.New Edition – I’m Still In Love With You
    9.Guy – Let’s Chill
    10.Silk – Meeting In My Bedroom
    11.Hi-Five – Never Should’ve Let You Go
    12.Soul For Real – Thinking Of You
    13.TLC – Diggin On You
    14.Total – Kissing You
    15.H-Town – They Like It Slow
    16.Ginuwine – So Anxious
    17.Ginuwine – I’ll Do Anything
    18.Usher – Nice & Slow
    19.Aaliyah – At Your Best Remix

  • GO-Getta’

    Recommended Valentine’s Top 5 playlist.

    1.Sade – Sweetest Taboo
    2.Lauryn Hill – Can’t take my eyes off ya’
    3.India Ire – Brownskin
    4.Bob Marley – 1 Love
    5.UB40 – Can’t help fallin’ in luv with ya’

    If u can do betta’ than this..mayb’ i may let u have ur way with my gal on valentine’s day cuz i know u have none,LOL!!

    • opm509

      seeing that bob marley and lauryn hill on there made me think of the cut they did together “lights down low” that song is pretty moment buildin if you know wut i mean

  • Curtis75Black

    Prince – Insatiable
    Micheal Jackson – Lady in my Life
    Janet – Would you Mind or Anytime, Any Place
    Maxwell – Fortunate
    Sade – any song
    Teddy Pendergrass – Turn out the lights or Close the door
    Luther Vandross – Does it Matter ?
    Jade – Looking for Mr. Do Right
    En Vogue – Giving him something He can Feel
    Stevie Wonder – Ribbon in the sky
    Boyz II Men – Ooh Aah
    Damn Rob, It’s too early for this man lol !!

  • connoisseur

    Can You Get With It – Usher
    In Those Jeans – Ginuwine
    Say Yes – Floetry
    Seduction – Usher
    It Seems Like Your Ready – Usher
    How Does It Feel – D’Angelo
    Crazy Feelings – Missy ft. Beyonce
    So Anxious – Ginuwine
    Would You Mind – Janet Jackson
    All I – Jill Scott
    Three Letter Word – Jamie Foxx
    Heaven Can Wait – Michael Jackson
    The Zoo – R. Kelly
    Straight Fuckin – The Transitions, ft. Gator
    O – Omarion
    Sex Me (1 & 2) – R. Kelly
    Slowly – Tank
    Can U Handle It – Usher
    Lovers and Friends (LOL) – Usher and nem

    • Rob the Music Ed

      R.Kelly’s “The Zoo”?!? Really?!?
      He used the term “Sex-A-Sarus Rex” – thats a fail!

      • connoisseur

        Ummmm, neither me nor her are listening to the lyrics by the time this song is playing. And by this time, it’s definitely more about the mood, the energy in the song, than what Kells (or just about anybody else for that matter) is saying. Besides, it was added at HER request. So where’s your list Ed?

  • Xplecit06

    H-town part time lover/ Jodeci Tamia Cant get enuff of you/Neyo mirror/Tyrese signs of love makin/Next splash/Next Lets make a movie/Case sex games/R.Kelly 12 play/R. kelly the greatest sex/Ginuwine so anxious/Ginuwine in those jeans/Twista get it wet/Ginuwine tell me do you wanna/Aaliyah can i come over/aaliyah rock the boat/Tank slowly/Jamie foxx dj play…/Johnny P bedtime story/Adina howard t shirt and panties/Silk meeting in my bedroom/Janet Jackson anytime anyplace/blackstreet deep/Next butta love/Jagged edge put a little bit of umph in it/112 anytime/Rome i belong to you/Subway feat 702 this lil game we play/ruff endz someone to love you/Ciara promise/x scape softest place on earth/keith sweat ill give my life to you/Troop sweet november/surface shoower me with you love/

    • connoisseur

      Wow… subway ft. 702… “lost my designation” to that one…lol

  • DJ Keco

    I’m finishing up a 11 cd compilation of slow jams….holla at me!!!

  • Curtis75Black

    Aaron Hall – Don’t Be Afraid
    Eric Benet – Femininity
    Maxwell – Till the Cops come Knockin’
    Prince – I Hate You
    Quincy Jones ft. Al B., El, James and Barry – Secret Garden

    Simply Red – Holding Back the Years
    BabyFace – As soon as I get Home
    After 7 – Ready or Not
    Brian Mcknight – Anytime
    Heatwave – Always and Forever

    • Rob the Music Ed

      Nah Curt anything that your folks got down too can’t count. That shit is just weird. Heatwave was the shit, but I gotta pass on that one yo. lol
      Then Aaron Hall shit is a go though!

      • Curtis75Black

        Rob, That track dropped in 78. I was 3 yrs old rockin’ that shit. Look at the list of some other peeps. They are bringing out the Classics. Its not about the age of the song. Its the lyrics and how it makes you feel plus it’s about Valentine’s Day homie.

  • meela

    ANY song with Raphael Saadiq on it

  • Apollo

    How could you forget marvine gaye? he has some classic tracks

  • 619

    Isley Brothers “Between the Sheets”
    Bootsy Collins “Rather Be With You”
    Zapp and Roger “Slow and Easy”
    Pac “Just like Daddy”

  • jackpot

    -Janet JAckson “20 Foreplay”
    -R. Kelly “Seems Like You’re Ready”
    -Bobby Brown “Rock With Ya”
    -Sade “No Ordinary Love”
    -Case ft. Joe “Faded Pictures”
    -Robin Thicke “You’re My Baby
    -Luther Vandross “If This World Were
    -Brian McKnight “Never Felt This Way”
    -Michael Jackson “Lady In My Life”

  • giantstepp

    Mike Jackson-Lady in My Life
    Isleys- To many songs to name
    Dave Hollister-1 woman man
    Brian Mcnight-Anytime
    Gladys Knight-Misty Blue
    Parris- I cant let go

    • giantstepp

      I forgot to name Patti Labelle-Love need and want you.

  • WestCoastAggie

    And you forgot Aaliyah’s One in a Million…TIMELESS PANTY DROPPER.

    Now personal fav’s of mine to drop da panties:

    Ne-Yo – Say It

    Ciara – Promise

    • 619

      Aaliyah’s “Hot like Fire” get the females naked like drinkin’ Cisco.

  • chitchat

    Carl Thomas – Hey Now
    Raheem DeVaughn – Breathe
    Raheem DeVaughn – Marathon
    Jill Scott – My Love
    Ginuwine – I’m in Love
    Musiq – Takeyouthere
    Chico DeBarge – Love Still Good
    D’Angelo – The Root
    Anthony Hamilton – Do you Feel Me

    Wont go into old school cause that’d take all day

  • Jamal7Mile


    All yall in luuuuuuuuvv…

    How bout 2 Live Crew “Come On, Babe” or “Face Down, Ass Up”?

    ODB “I Can’t Wait” builds up GREAT momentum for me.

    Am I the only one who’s gonna have REAL fun on Valentine’s Day? I don’t know about yall but I plan to GET DOWN on Saturday!! LOL!!


  • jackpot

    WEst Coast Aggie, CHUCH! I don’t care if Ciara can’t sing. “Promise” is a sexy ass song. It’s baby making music all day.

  • El Tico Loco

    Come over to my place – Teddy P
    Close the door- Teddy P
    Turn off the lights – Teddy P
    Love TKO – Teddy P (those are the instructions)
    Do me Baby (remake)- Prince
    As we lay
    Make it last forever
    If only for one night
    Fire & Desire – Rick James bitch
    International Lover
    Someday is tonight – Janet

    Add a little bachata to that and *scratches Kool G Rap* “you’ll be changin the whole box spring I ain’t bullshittin”.

    • Bobo D

      Love TKO – Teddy P(those are the instructions)
      I bet thats what Chris Brown was listening to before he decided to knock Rihanna lights out.
      Chris: Im’ma do as Teddy said but before that Im’ma do like Mike Tyson!

  • Curtis75Black

    @ Tico, You are a trip with that G. Rap shit. Do Me Baby is classic, I’m glad Prince actually wrote that song cause either version is Hot !!


    got damn! how old is ya’ll niggaz? 4real? htown, silk, mint condition? WTF?
    dis is my list…*mind went blank*…
    i’ll just name the artist & im sure u will know wat trax im talkn bout.
    Jagged Edge, Dru Hill, Trey Songz, Usher (nice & slow)

    • Arcey

      it ain’t about being old, it’s about quality and R&B today has morphed into sing-rap B.S.

      Back then Hip-Hop/Rap was that & R&B was R&B, not too much of mixing both to a point where Akon & T-Pain are rappers & Kanye uses auto-tune!

      I’m 29, I’m old but not really (we’ll see in 30 years, if I make it there) yet I really dig those old soul songs where artists knew how to make it feel sincere whenever they sang about love & all between intakes of heroin, coke, weed and alcohol + groupies in the studio!!!

  • The_Truth


    . . .know what? Lookin at all these claasics, I realize. . .R&B IS DEAD! Shit’s all Hip-Hop now.

  • brand-new

    yo! you can’t skip the keith sweat!!!

  • brand-new

    yo! you can’t skip the keith sweat!!

  • El Tico Loco

    I got Keith Sweat on my list, but I think he’s responsible crack babies.

  • EmCDL

    Anything Mint Condition…I stay playing their jams

    Hop on that track “This Day This Minute Right Now” Rob and thats guaranteed asscheeks right there dawg!

  • jojo

    Bobby Brown – Roni (not really a love song, but one of my fav songs of Bobby)
    Bobby Brown – Rock with you

    When Can I see you smile again – BBD

    The entire Donell Jones “Where I wanna be” album and most of the “Brown Sugar” album from D’Angelo

  • akatok1

    this is my mix

    Adina Howard-Baby Come Over, T-Shirt & Panties, My Up & Down,
    D’Angelo (Untitled) How Does It Feel
    Prince- Do Me Baby
    R.Kelly- 12 Play, Honey Love, Seems Like You’re Ready, Sex Me Pt.1, Sex Planet, The Greatest Sex, One Me, etc.
    Janet Jackson- Would U Mind, Anytime Anyplace,
    Link-Sex Down, I Really Wanna Sex Your Body
    Intro-Come Inside
    Next-Phone Sex, Let’s Make A Movie, Taste So Good, Butta Love
    Silk- If You, Meeting In My Bedroom
    Chico DeBarge- Love Still Good
    Tony Tone Toni- Slow Wine, Lay Your Head on My Pillow
    TLC Red Light Special, Diggin On You
    Tony Thompson-Handle Our Business
    Mint Condition-Forever In Your Eyes,So Fine, If You Love Me
    Damion Hall- Satisfy U
    Guy-Tease Me tonight
    Aaron Hall-All The Places I Would Kiss U, Let’s Make Love
    Kut Klose-Surrender, Get Up On It (Remix), I Like
    Jamie Foxx-Infatuation
    Maxwell-Til The Cops Come Knockin,
    Color Me Badd- I Wanna Sex U Up
    Keyshia Cole-Brand New
    There’s more but it wouldn’t be able to fill up in here lol

  • http://xxl ryan

    the 1 that always works 4 me is
    musiq soulchild “Who Knows” classic

  • Vicious Seiger

    Vicious Selections:

    1. Prince – Scandalous
    2. Eric Benet – Femininity
    3. Erykah Badu – Ye Yo
    4. Amerie – That’s What U R
    5. Luther Vandross – Superstar
    6. Carl Thomas – Supastar
    7. Beyonce – Speechless
    8. Floetry – Say Yes
    9. Montell Jordan & Dave Koz – Careless Whisper
    10. Raheem DeVaughn – Marathon
    11. Silk – Freak Me
    12. Ginuwine – In Those Jeans
    13. Guy – Let’s Chill
    14. Janet – Moist
    15. Mos Def – The Panties
    16. Ashanti – Rescue
    17. Teedra Moses – Rescue Me
    18. Quincy Jones – The Secret Garden
    19. Jodeci – Cry For You
    20. Joe – And Then…

    Bonus: Tamia – Can’t No Man

    These are some of my favorites.

  • latino heat

    co-sign Aaliyah,At Your Best,and Floetry, Say Yes. those song’s just sounds like slow love makin’. SKEET SKEET SKEET!!!


    lets be real a list of slow jams could easily be over 100 songs no matter if you are using older or newer songs.
    1. dwele- a few reasons (truth, pt.2)
    2. dwele- i’m sorry (wake the musical baby)
    3. justin timberlake (yeah niggas laugh)- what goes around
    4. usher- love you gently
    5. usher- moving mountains
    6. usher- before i met you
    7. n.e.r.d- run to the sun
    8. alicia keys- well you guys already know which songs
    9. maxwell- for lovers only
    10. maxwell- this women’s work
    11. danity kane- right now
    12. jill scott- show me
    13. janet jackson- i get so lonely
    14. musiq- poparatzi
    15. maxwell- matrimony:maybe you
    16. floetry- closer
    17. floetry- lay down
    18. r.kelly and jay-z album- naked by r.kelly
    19. n.e.r.d- the way she dances
    20. john legend- lets get lifted again
    21. bob marley- is this love
    22. bob marley- stir it up
    23. bob marley- waiting in vain
    24. musiq- teach me
    25. erykah badu- in love with you
    26. lauyrn hill- nothing even matters
    27. joe- somebodys got to be on top
    28. joe- table for two
    29. mos def- the panties
    30. outkast/ well really andre 3000- prototype
    31. john legend- again
    32. damian marley- there for you
    33. donell jones- where i wanna be
    34. bilal- soul sista
    35. lyfe jennings- must be nice
    36. stevie wonder- castle of love
    man i did this much and there is not even no barry, marvin, percy, brian, teddy. no new edition, 112, boys 2 men, jagged edge the list goes on and on.