BLOG: Remember Total?

Say what you will about Danity Kane and Day 26, but Puff always did have a good eye for R&B acts. Besides 112, my favorite protégés of his was Total, the bad girls of Bad Boy. Kima, Keisha and Pam. They weren’t the best vocalists, but Pam’s husky tone carried many of their songs, Keisha added sex appeal and I’m not really sure what Kima (Vita’s sister) did but I’m sure she played a role. And two out of three of them weren’t bad on the eyes, according to the fellas.

The trio got their big break singing on a few Biggie tracks, including “Juicy” and “One More Chance.” Enough for me to cop their 1996 self-titled debut, now certified platinum. While they weren’t a huge mainstream act—“Can’t You See,” which was featured on the New Jersey Drive soundtrack, only reached No. 44 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart—their music still bumps and Hot 97 plays “Can’t You See” like it just came out yesterday.

“CAN’T YOU SEE” ft. Notorious B.I.G.

I don’t remember Total doing that many interviews in their day, so I feel like we don’t know that much about them (can’t remember if they got a Vibe cover), but they were definitely respected by hip-hop heads thanks to singles like “No One Else” (the remix featured Lil Kim and Foxy Brown) and “Kissing You.” Not to mention their hooks on Mase’s “What You Want” and LL Cool J’s “Loungin’” and their second album, Kima, Keisha & Pam. Kima and Pam are pretty much milk-carton status—unless you guys know what they’re up to—meanwhile Keisha is living happily with her hubby Omar “you got the juice now” Epps and their two kids and is seen out at functions here and there. To me, the ’90s were that much better because of Total; they were the shit. Cosigned by B.I.G. —clovito


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  • Detroit P

    The page says “XXL” but the blog says “VH1″

    • Bobo D

      LOL @ Detroit P.
      Clicked on your blog, I gots to say you’s a fool for the spirit bomb fart.

      • Pierzy

        Dude in the video whose girl is cheatin’ with L looks like Ross between his C.O. and kingpin days…

    • mo

      but detroit p, my dick says huge….total is classic period.


    I USED TO LOVE TOTAL! keisha got all the hood rat hoes puttin those lil paw prints all over their body! she is one of the most swagger jacked people of the 90s!

  • Scott

    Give me all the chicken heads from Pasadena to Medina.

    Total to me…has two of the most head boppin songs ever…can’t you see and no one else exemplify what a hard beat, great hook, and top notch rap appearances do for a group and a song.

    Every time I go out and my boy is DJ’ing I ask for two things if the party is week Total and 112′s Only You Biggie Remix.

    Total brought that edge and smooth look. Their nasal tone was hot for 94-96. Wish they got more national love than they did.

    Word up

  • Pierzy

    “Can’t You See” is a classic, especially considering Puff’s cross-promotion between his acts. “Slow down, n—a, you killin’ ‘em…”

    And I still bang the “No One Else” remix to this day. Foxy, Kim & Brat all had hot verses.

    Total was the shit! Co-sign.

  • Miss know it all

    I agree the 90′s music definetly had a better vibe to it! I also agree Diddy produced some great music in that era along with Total who i still play today do you remember Gina Tompson The Things You do, that was just the best flava ever.

    Bring back those days, somebody please!

  • Vicious Seiger

    They had some certified jams. Can’t You See stayed in heavy rotation for nearly a whole year after it’s release. I mean if you were at a house party, BBQ, or club & it came on, be sure the ladies will soon be on the dance floor ready to grind. They had some marginal success after CYS but the next big song for them was Sitting Home off their Second Album while not as big it still gets some ladies on the dancefloor til this day. As much as I like them they were in that time in music where everybody and every label had a R&B Group. H-Town, SWV, TLC, 3LW, IMX/Immature, Boyz II Men, Jodeci, 112, Az Yet, Bell Biv DeVoe, Dru Hill were the heart of that era too bad that the age of the R&B Supergroup has long gone by. I really miss that era. Don’t forget Shyne made his official Bad Boy Debut on the Sitting Home Remix.

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    Puffy gets props for putting Total together. Do you niggas know how hard it is to find not 1, but 3 tone def “To Wong Foo” looking ass drag queens and have them together in one studio at the same time?

    Puffy also gets props for coming up with the band name that is “Total” because these dikes were a “Total” waste of time, money and energy. And they sounded like “Total” pieces of shit!

    A Zebra being eaten alive by a lion sounds better than these broads.

    Fuck Total

    • Brahsef

      You try way too hard.

      • FlapJack

        Nah, that was hilarious

        • Dub Sac

          Yeah, that was one of the more successful HH&MH rants.

  • EmCDL

    Aww damn Total? I always wanted to smash the one with the long hair when I was in grade school LOL

    But for real, their two jams “Can’t You See” and “No One Else Remix” be bangin…I still bang them joints on my ZUNE

  • G.O.M.D.

    where are they now ?

  • tony grand$

    Yeah, I remember Total. I couldn’t tell you who was who by name, though.

    I remember the one who everybody said was gay, the “okay, so what does she do again” one, & the cute one.

    But I sure as hell bought the album. They had it locked back then, & the only comp they had was Mary J. Blige & Jodeci (lol @ Jodeci competing with women who could’ve probably beat them dudes up), the golden days of R&B.

    “Total” package, looks, style & a nice sound. Puff knew exactly what he was doing, back then @ least.

    Total>>>>>>Danity Kane

  • geico lizard

    I didnt know that was vitas sister in the middle. They should come out as a group with Vita rapping and kima singing.

  • hannibal

    i know Keisha was Monica (the singer)’s first cousin and Kima was the rapper Vita’s older sister. Damn Keisha was fine. Hope they alright. They killed that Gangstarr disclipline and that LL Loungin

  • Fireforreal

    Total was the truth. They had like 4 gold singles, a platinum album and a gold one but Puff did them like everyone else on bad boy after biggie died.He tossed them to the side and made sure he was and still is the biggest star on Bad boy. He said on making the band last night that at Bad boy you have to be hungrey and have to work hard for it to work but if you look at his roster then and now and compare talent and or hits you’ll see something isn’t right. I wish the members of total well and Diddy can continue to be a Ceo who takes no responsibility in not doing his artist’s right.

  • Fireforreal

    Then: 1994-1999
    Notorious B.i.g , Craig mack, Faith, Total, 112, Carl thomas, Mase, The Lox, Black Rob, Shyne and G-dep

    Later on:2000-2004
    Dream, Mark Curry,Cheri dennis, Loon, Kaine cioeffe, Da Band, Mario winans, Babs,Ness,Chopper, 8 ball and Mjg and the hoodfellas.

    2005-Now: Danity Kane ? Day26, Donnie Klang,Janelle monae,G-dep ? B-5 ? Yung joc, Gorilla zoe, Cassie. I think I proved my poin that Bad boy WAS the shit now……….well you decide

    • $ykotic

      Was is an understatement.

      What really stood out with Total to me was that awful little two-step dance(see video above).

      Good music though.

  • capcobra

    total was the shit…that 2nd album was tuff too….”what about us”..”sitting home”..”i tried”..they had a couple joints on there that was crazy.

  • http://xxlmag jb

    I kno the chick keisha is married to Omar Epps. I dont kno what the other 2 are doin…


    Can’t You See = one of the hardest R&B songs evar. They don’t make ‘em like they used to….

  • GO-Getta’

    I used 2 ‘ve this unexplainable crush on ‘em gals