Notorious recently opened in theaters to solid numbers and Tupac is still suspected to be chilling on an island somewhere, but if you ask me, Big Punisher doesn't get the love he deserves. I mean if it isn't a shout from Fat Joe here, a name drop from Termanology there, Pun isn't mentioned too often. He's clearly considered a G.O.A.T, but it's like folks are saying, "Pun was nasty" and then move on to the next topic. I can't believe tomorrow (02/07) already makes nine years since his untimely death. So in celebration of his life, Rob the Music and I took time to talk Pun, discussing our favorite verses and his legacy. Feel free to add your two cents.

Jackpot: Can you remember the first time you heard pun?

Rob the Music Ed: Fuck Capital Punishment I remember the first time I heard Pun on "Watch Out" then on "Fire Water"

Jackpot: Awww, man, "Firewater." That was before "Off The Books" right?

Rob: Yeah most folks think Pun's first joint was "Off the Books" but it was "Watch Out" and the "Fire Water" came out around the same time. It's crazy 'cause even though Raekwon was on that song they had Pun close it out. "I'm all about business and enterprising/Advising financial advisors on franchising and widening their horizons." He killed that shit. COT DAMN!

Jackpot: He was nasty, man. I actually heard "Off The Books" first and then went back cause I missed "Firewater." What would you say is your favorite Pun verse?

Rob: Oh man, his illest verse was his first verse on "You Ain't A Killer." "Any last request before you meet your maker/Showed you ya reaper wake up, shakin up a storm like Anita Baker." He had too many though.

Jackpot: Man, he outshined Black Thought in his prime on "Super Lyrical." That says it all for me.

Rob: He outshined Nas, Jada and Rae on "John Blaze." "My crew puff la, anyone test the Pun must die/Just gimme one try, now you know you done fucked up right?"

Jackpot: Hold up now.

Rob: "I'll appear in ya dreams like Freddy do no kiddin' you/If if I stutter I will sh-sh-shit on you." Ain't no hold up now. Pun stole the show on that one. I will hear no objections.
Jackpot: You starting to sound like Fat Joe talking about Pun is the G.O.A.T.

Rob: Fuck it then! I didn't say he's the G.O.A.T. BUT on "John Blaze" he gave dudes THA BIDNESS.

Jackpot: Peep this though...

Rob: Fuck that! Actually that's my favorite Pun verse now that I think of it. "John Blaze"
and that's my final answer.

Jackpot: Lyrically, word for word. I think he's the most lyrical of the dead MCs. More lyrical than Big L, Pac and even Big. Pun was a monster.

Rob: L and Pac definitely. He was more lyrical than B.I.G. too, But Biggie just had a way of taking simple words and making 'em sound ill. Pun was more complex and used more vocab though.

Jackpot: He was clearly next level. How do you think Pun would feel about some guy like Term calling himself "the holy resurrection of Pun?"

Rob: If Pun was still alive Term wouldn't exist. So yeah, there would be no need for a Termanology if Pun was still alive.

Jackpot: Some would argue there's no need for him now.

Rob: Some would, but the same can be said for a few other cats too. Papooooose.

Jackpot: All I know is that we sure could use Pun right now.

Rob: Preach, Chuuuch, Tabernacle! Though I gotta give it to Joe, because we all thought it was over for him after Pun passed. He did well for himself considering, man.

Jackpot: He sure did. Do you agree with Caputo? 20 seconds from Pun's "Off The Books'" verse? > anything in the last two years?

Rob: Nah man I don't agree with that shit. As great as Pun was we can't keep living in the past man. That shit is unfair to ask these new guys to live in Pun's shadow, the same way it was unfair to asks the Jay-Z and the Nas's to live up to the G Rap's and Rakim's.

Jackpot: I feel you, man. I can't believe it's already been nine years. RIP Big Pun.

Rob: RIP. We miss you Pana

Big Pun ft. Fat Joe "Twinz" (Deep Cover)

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