BLOG: Remember Big Pun?

Notorious recently opened in theaters to solid numbers and Tupac is still suspected to be chilling on an island somewhere, but if you ask me, Big Punisher doesn’t get the love he deserves. I mean if it isn’t a shout from Fat Joe here, a name drop from Termanology there, Pun isn’t mentioned too often. He’s clearly considered a G.O.A.T, but it’s like folks are saying, “Pun was nasty” and then move on to the next topic. I can’t believe tomorrow (02/07) already makes nine years since his untimely death. So in celebration of his life, Rob the Music and I took time to talk Pun, discussing our favorite verses and his legacy. Feel free to add your two cents.

Jackpot: Can you remember the first time you heard pun?

Rob the Music Ed: Fuck Capital Punishment I remember the first time I heard Pun on “Watch Out” then on “Fire Water”

Jackpot: Awww, man, “Firewater.” That was before “Off The Books” right?

Rob: Yeah most folks think Pun’s first joint was “Off the Books” but it was “Watch Out” and the “Fire Water” came out around the same time. It’s crazy ’cause even though Raekwon was on that song they had Pun close it out. “I’m all about business and enterprising/Advising financial advisors on franchising and widening their horizons.” He killed that shit. COT DAMN!

Jackpot: He was nasty, man. I actually heard “Off The Books” first and then went back cause I missed “Firewater.” What would you say is your favorite Pun verse?

Rob: Oh man, his illest verse was his first verse on “You Ain’t A Killer.” “Any last request before you meet your maker/Showed you ya reaper wake up, shakin up a storm like Anita Baker.” He had too many though.

Jackpot: Man, he outshined Black Thought in his prime on “Super Lyrical.” That says it all for me.

Rob: He outshined Nas, Jada and Rae on “John Blaze.” “My crew puff la, anyone test the Pun must die/Just gimme one try, now you know you done fucked up right?”

Jackpot: Hold up now.

Rob: “I’ll appear in ya dreams like Freddy do no kiddin’ you/If if I stutter I will sh-sh-shit on you.” Ain’t no hold up now. Pun stole the show on that one. I will hear no objections.
Jackpot: You starting to sound like Fat Joe talking about Pun is the G.O.A.T.

Rob: Fuck it then! I didn’t say he’s the G.O.A.T. BUT on “John Blaze” he gave dudes THA BIDNESS.

Jackpot: Peep this though…

Rob: Fuck that! Actually that’s my favorite Pun verse now that I think of it. “John Blaze”
and that’s my final answer.

Jackpot: Lyrically, word for word. I think he’s the most lyrical of the dead MCs. More lyrical than Big L, Pac and even Big. Pun was a monster.

Rob: L and Pac definitely. He was more lyrical than B.I.G. too, But Biggie just had a way of taking simple words and making ‘em sound ill. Pun was more complex and used more vocab though.

Jackpot: He was clearly next level. How do you think Pun would feel about some guy like Term calling himself “the holy resurrection of Pun?”

Rob: If Pun was still alive Term wouldn’t exist. So yeah, there would be no need for a Termanology if Pun was still alive.

Jackpot: Some would argue there’s no need for him now.

Rob: Some would, but the same can be said for a few other cats too. Papooooose.

Jackpot: All I know is that we sure could use Pun right now.

Rob: Preach, Chuuuch, Tabernacle! Though I gotta give it to Joe, because we all thought it was over for him after Pun passed. He did well for himself considering, man.

Jackpot: He sure did. Do you agree with Caputo? 20 seconds from Pun’s “Off The Books’” verse? > anything in the last two years?

Rob: Nah man I don’t agree with that shit. As great as Pun was we can’t keep living in the past man. That shit is unfair to ask these new guys to live in Pun’s shadow, the same way it was unfair to asks the Jay-Z and the Nas’s to live up to the G Rap’s and Rakim’s.

Jackpot: I feel you, man. I can’t believe it’s already been nine years. RIP Big Pun.

Rob: RIP. We miss you Pana

Big Pun ft. Fat Joe “Twinz” (Deep Cover)

Big Pun ft. Joe “Still Not A Player”

Big Pun ft. Donnell Jones “It’s So Hard”

Big Pun “100%”

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  • Pierzy

    He’s not quite The G.O.A.T. but this line made everybody’s jaws drop:

    “Dead in the middle of little Italy/Little did we know that we riddled some middlemen that didn’t do diddly…”

    • Rob the Music Ed

      Dude i saw Pun spit that verse live- I COULDN’T BELIEVE HOW HE GOT THAT OUT!

      I’m 1/3 of Pun’s size and can’t get that verse out in one shot! Amazing!

      • Hate Hate and more Hate

        @ rob

        what’s so hard to believe? That fat fuck could probably stuff 20 double cheese burgers in his mouth and swallow them whole without breathing . . .so spitting some wack ass DAS EFX ass line wasn’t a stretch for Big Pus

        I never really liked Pun’s music. Besides beating the shit our of his wife and almost having an heart attack after chasing her, the best work I’ve witnessed from fat ass was a freestyle on that wack ass Funk Flex 60 minutes of funk mixtape. I think he was rhyming over the “Ice Cream” beat that the RZA made with his my first sony keyboard.

        • D-Block

          give it up hate

        • WiLL_SiN510

          Then there is no question on your name faggot. “Hate Hate and more Hate”..a name that clearly belongs to a piece of shit, commenting on nothin’ but 20 seconds of video of him striking his wife. Probably never heard his albums front to back, to even afford 2 cents, not to mention the dozens and dozens of guest spots he had on other MC’s tracks. His relationship with his wife has nothing to do with his lyrical capabilities, or as an MC, neither his weight. 20 cheeseburgers? Who gives a fuck, when cats like 50 feared dude. AK spittin’ ability, and wordplay. You think he was just a wife beater? Listen to “Wishful Thinkin” ft. Fat Joe, B-Real, and Kool G Rap, I bet your punk ass never even heard the track. And also, it’s unfortunate that a man’s personal part of his life leaks out to give him a negative image, and this isn’t the first time I’ve heard some homo comment on it. Any of your favorite MC’s have done something you’re not aware of, and you’ll probably never know to maybe even change your mind about them. Fuckin’ humans is all I gotta say.

      • Pierzy

        Speaking on the “John Blaze” joint — don’t forget that NaS had an original verse (and the whole song was over a different, much hotter beat) taking apart Cormega that was on a few mixtapes before they switched it. Not sayin’ Pun didn’t get him on it, just telling you not to forget it.

    • RIP Big Pun
    • paychexx

      pun was dumb nice…..

      his verse from john blaze was hot

      but my joint was nigga shit.

      and let not forget pun threaten the shit out of 50 cent, for that HOW TO ROB…we knew it was a joint, but pun was having it.

      r.i.p. big pun

      p.s. all that cosmic powers dont mean shit, cant none of them fuck with the punisher, homey!!!!



  • Combat Jack

    Good post, r.i.p. Mr. Rios.

  • Curtis75Black

    The 1st time I heard Pun was on Fat Joe 2nd Opus Jealous One’s Envy and He killed That Track !! When he finally came with Capital Punishment, it was a wrap. He blew my Head off with the verses, Skits, creativity and diversity – everything was crazy. Fat Joe played the background to let his Homie shine, Something you don’t see that often and he doesn’t get the props for it. He had a major impact with 2 cd’s and a Terror Squad Compilation. He don’t get mentioned that often not for the lack of respect but the way he died, Heart Attack. Fat Joe continues to shout out though, unlike other emcee’s and fans. 9 years tomorrow R.I.P.

  • moresickaMC

    Def top 3 lyricist of all time. He was ahead of his time. I think Cory Gunz is comparable today in terms of next level lyricists.

    • jackpot


      Cory doesn’t have Pun-like depth in his content though. The flow is insane, but what is Cory saying most of the time?

      • pdkbxny

        corey gunz is sick, sounds silly but rewind a couple times you’ll get the riddle

  • http://xxlmag jb

    How can ya’ll forget Banned from T.V.? He bodied everyone on that too. Lyrically he was sick and will probably eat your favorite rapper but to me song wise he left alot to be desired. Which is y I don’t think people really mention him as a G.O.A.T. Capital Punishment is not Ready To Die. Or even Reasonable Doubt. But battle wise I wouldn’t bet against him against anyone. R.I.P to Pun.

    • TEZZY

      Me personally i think he killed that fantastic four of dj clue professional

  • JMack

    Highly agreed, its hard to judge goat status because like the other 3 deceased (L, Pac, and Big) they never really peaked other than Pac who was excellent but him and Big were more rappers than emcees whether thats due to the labels they were at or not that is how there music came across to me they were still ILL but more crossed over than Big L and Pun which is fine cause they got their money. I think the only reason I would put Pun over L is because Pun showed more depth and content in the short time he was here, even on crossover type songs he was comin with it!!! and Big L’s classic disc was filled with a whoooole lotta shoot em up. regardless if I could bring 2 back out of those 4 it would be Pun and L over Big and Pac because they would bully the fuck out of what artists have become today which I think would be hilarious to see. I can’t imagine one of those dudes bein like yo shouts to such and such (insert dance/youtube/ringtone rapper here) NAAAAH it would be trouble lol. either way the fact that people remember them shows that we know where we came from and we gotta know that if we gonna take this thing somewhere! peace

  • Og Bobby J

    I BEEN Said Pun is the GOAT. Flow, lyrics, word play…everything!
    Best bars are def on “dreanm shatterer”

    “Feel the marijuana, snake bite, anaconda/
    A man of honor would wanna match my persona/
    Sometimes rhymin I blow my own mind like nirvana/
    Comma, and go the whole nine like madonna/
    Go try to find another rhymer with my kinda gramma.”


    “With one pistol and two clips, Ill make your crew do flips
    Like acrobatics, Im charismatic, my gat is magic
    It makes rappers disappear/ whipser in your ear/
    Crystal clear/ come here, let me kiss your tears/
    Everything you fear is here, you aint got to search further
    The first murders the worst now I thirst further for reverse birth
    Every verse hurts, every curse words already more offending
    Than eddie murphs worst”

    Capital punishment > your favorite rappers debut..fuck a illmatic.

    • Pierzy

      Dream Shatterer is super ill

    • Stevie B

      Capital Punishment might be better then Illmatic but Illmatic is still a classic don’t sleep on it like that

      • Rob the Music Ed

        WHOA Stevie B dont get carried away. Illmatic just denoted a time in hip-hop. It was more than an album, Nas defined an entire generation with that one; No?

        check the next issue of XXL- I promise you won’t be let down!

    • http://xxlmag jb

      R u fucking crazy?! Illmatic is one of the top five albums of all time! Song for song it doesn’t compare! Respect the classics. lol.

      • Stevie B

        I guess I was misunderstood Im saying Illmatic is a classic it is a timeless record bobby j said fuck Illmatic not me i said do not sleep on it

        • DETROIT


          AGAIN, i’m not tryin to shit on pun, i have the utmost respect for him, but i also respect the other legends of the game enough to rep them when people get amnesia! capital punishment was a very good, maybe even great, album….but it was no where near one of the greatest. take stillmatic for instance, top to bottom it’s better than capital punishment. compare the albums song for song if you don’t agree with me!

        • Og Bobby J

          I will say, despite its cultural impact and its overall effect on hip hop, illmatic is # 5 on my top debut albums chart. to me stillmatic>illmatic.

          I am not trying to shit on it by any means, just emphasizing how high I value Pun’s skills.

          Top debut albums:
          Capital Punishment
          Reasonable Doubt
          Ready to Die

          And IMO It was written >>>>> ANy other nas album.
          Black Album >>>>> Reasonable doubt

          I might just have a different take on quality albums.

        • DETROIT

          see, that’s what’s funny about rap. it’s such a what have you done for me lately industry. i was looking at OG bobby j’s top debut list, and couldn’t help but notice the absence of anything prior to 1990! here are some albums that i think are at least as good, if not better, debuts than what you have listed:

          - Ice Cube “amerikkkas most wanted”
          - DJ Quik “quik is the name”
          - spice 1 “spice 1″
          - e-40 “in a major way”
          - big daddy kane “long live the kane”
          - wu tang “enter the 36 chambers”
          - raekwon “cuban linx”
          - ghostface killah “ironman”
          - mobb deep “the infamous”
          - nwa “str8 outta compton”
          - outkast “southernplayalistc…”

          the list goes on and on!

        • og bobby j

          co sign Wu and Raekwon….

          Not fuckin with e40 at all.

        • DETROIT

          LOL….dang, not at all?

        • O

          Pun had the rotten luck to come out at the same time as DMX & Noreaga. Two dudes who were nowhere near close to his level, but definitely took alot of shine from sun. Capital Punishment was better than N.O.R.E & It’s Dark and Hell is Hot. Hands down. I know dudes will say It’s Dark was the better album, but X had nothing on Pun.

        • DETROIT

          “Capital Punishment was better than N.O.R.E & It’s Dark and Hell is Hot”

          see, that’s the type of shit i’m talkin bout:

          1. there is no way in hell capital punishment is better than it’s dark and hell is hot! NO WAY IN HELL!

          2. if nore and x can take your shine, then you’re not a goat…str8 up! noboday can stop a goat from shining, especially not a nigga like nore!

  • Stevie B

    This shit is crazy because i was listening to pun at like 3 this morning he definetly one of the best to ever do it. I love that punsih me joint talkin to the ladies and still lyrical.Glamour Life is crazy
    The glamour life, play precise, defense is tight
    I’m out to settle the score, let’s do it right
    Enough for looking at grave, It’s paying back tonight
    Yo Twin pass the lah, pass the light
    The glamour life, this life I live is trife as shit
    Least my wife and kid got somewhere nice to live
    I used to live in the gutter, me and my mother
    Now she’s fifty years old, pushing a hummer
    The glamour life, hand me a knife I’ll slice and dice
    Men are mice, send them to Christ in the after life
    Pass the mic down the line, let them hear it
    Let them fear it, send it screaming to the Holy Spirit

  • dolo

    wheres the I’m not a player video .. ??

  • http://xxl ryan

    big pun is the greatest lyricist ever. sorry biggie fans but pun put niggas in the graveyard if u was on the same track as him. every song he was on it pretty much amaze me.

  • Stevie B

    Pun You Came Up is not to be slept on either
    Ay yo my word is born long as I’m alive I’ma put it on
    Could’a gone to legit shit, thug nigga till I’m gone
    Where to Bronx I’m flippin, five boroughs thoroughly reppin’
    Lets unite the city and step to the world as a weapon
    Cuz everybody’s checkin for Pun second to none
    Cuz Latins going platinum was destine to come
    The inevitable, heavenly better than whatever you do
    We eligible, TS’s incredibly credible
    For the revenue we gettin you open with lyrical dope
    And these breaths that are potent is like an injectional dose
    [Big Pun and Noreaga] And it never quits
    Take it from TS’s top terrorist
    Rapper slash hijacker bombin’ tracks ever since
    I was young, I wasn’t always Big Pun
    It wasn’t always this fun, ay yo I rose from the slums
    I had to pay my due, lay a few
    But I ain’t sayin who, stayin’ true to da game
    No names, playin’ it cool just me and da crew
    Holdin’ it down long as we round
    We gonna keep sockin’ it to you like Homey the Clown
    Going down like Pac ready to ride or die nigga
    La da le la la la la la
    I was a little lightskin nigga runnin around upstate new york screamin TS people already was thinkin i was puerto rican lol to be young again lol R.I.P. PUN I could go on forever im going to stop now

  • brand-new



    I LUV PUN, but i feel that he’s severly over-rated. many of his lines were super-lyrical, but in many instances it seemed like he had trouble delivering those lines on pace with the beat…that’s the difference between him and a cat like biggie who relentlessly rode the beat. and at the end of the day, when you talk of greatest mcs, you’re talkin bout song writting ability, not just hot lines. Pun had one hot album, and that album doesn’t compare to any of the other albums that i consider great such as illmatic, death certificate, or cuban linx. before dying, he had gotten to a point where he could barely spit his own rhymes…he couldn’t even stand up! so in my opinion, pun was a VERY GOOD rapper, but in no way was he one of the greats. i would even argue that he’s not even the best latino mc ever, personally i’d give that to b-real of cypress hill! i’m not tryin to diss pun, cuz he was the shit, but to say that he was one of the greats is a smack in the face to mcs who really have the catalogues to back up that type of claim. what great album is capital punishment better than?

    • Stevie B

      You have a couple of really good points but I would say that even though some artist may be better song writers a lot them could not mess with Pun lyrically.And in my opinion being super lyrical is what seperates hip-hop from the other genres its the most wordy of all music.I am a big Ice Cube fan he did have more substance than Pun but Pun is in another world in terms of vocab and word play.I still have not seen anybody put so many words into one bar. But that leads to a whole nother argument all together whats more important for M.C. to have
      Substance or vocab and wordplay

      • DETROIT

        I AGREE. but, in my opinion, when you start talking lyracists, you’re talkin gza, inspectah deck, mf doom, talib kweli, eminem, andre 3k, etc. honestly, i’m not even sure that pun would crack my top 3 in that category.

        • Curtis75Black

          So DETROIT, My question to you is what didn’t he have that all the emcee’s you mentioned did ? I mean Pun was as witty as it comes, His wordplay was ridiculous, His no holds Barred tracks were sick as Fuck, His flow was and presence was standout. He bodied every collabo track he appeared on and basically raped the artists responsible for the track itself !! The only thing I feel that’s keeping him from it was his catalog which consists of 2 solos and a Terror Squad Compilation. Straight up, IMO, He made you want to listen to his shit, something I can’t say about GZA and Kweli all the time.

        • DETROIT

          pun has never said anything as cold as deck’s verse on triumph! wu was waaaay bigger than pun, so i don’t know if i agree with the statement that pun made you wanna listen to his shit more than them.

        • DETROIT

          matter of fact, pun actually had deck on his album…so he musta thought that deck was cold! also, black thought was on pun’s album…do you think that pun was a better lyracist than black thought? i sure don’t! again, not tryin to shit on pun, it’s just that there are so many rappers that get looked over because they’re not dead, or because, let’s face it, they’re black! eminem has the same style as redman, yet eminem is in everyone’s top 5, and redman gets no love! is pun a better lyracist than redman?

        • Curtis75Black

          I was talking as a solo artist, not the whole crew. As a solo artist, Deck’s cd’s were aight not hot and I have them all as a fan !! GZA suffers from the same monotone flow with good lyrical effort and you DO GET BORED. Black Thought is a Monter and no I don’t hold Pun Higher but he definitely held his own on “Super Lyrical” !! But on the otherhand, Black Thought is still living putting out music where Pun died before his 2nd dropped. Redman and Pun are incomparable. They are 2 different types of emcee.

    • http://xxl ryan

      detroit r u stupid? pun overrated? biggie had a hell of a flow but his lyrics werent as complex as pun. pun n L were never able 2 reach dere peaks when it came 2 makin songs.

      • DETROIT

        “biggie had a hell of a flow but his lyrics werent as complex as pun.”

        that’s probably why his songs were better! the problem that most lyracists have is fitting all that shit into a song format! there are a million lyracists with complex flows, the hard part is making a good song! like it or not, rap is a form of music. you can’t say that biggie couldn’t do the shit pun did, maybe he was just more versitile…ever thought of that? like jay z said, if skills sold, he’d probably rap like kweli. it’s not that he can’t, he just has a bigger goal in mind. at the end of the day, i just can’t sit here and call a guy whose best album is a B+ at best the goat. he can’t even enter the convo…he hasn’t accomplished anything of a big enough magnitude to warrant that! Take big for instance, since ya’ll wanna use him, this nigga wrote lil kim’s shit and his! kim was flowin like shit when she 1st came out, so how is pun more lyrical than a nigga that can write like a dude or a chick?

        • http://xxl ryan

          1st off i never said pun was better than biggie. pun was better than big lyrically not overall. yea dere is alot of rappers dat got complex flows but how many of them r actually good? every track pun has been on wit sum1 the other rapper seem not 2 exist. big got out did by method man on the what. biggie even said method out did him. but dont get me wrong biggie is definitely overall better than pun.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Big Pun – Glamour Life

    “The glamour life, hand me a knife I’ll slice and dice, Mini-mize, send them to Christ in the after life, Pass the mic down the line, let them hear it, Let them fear it, send it screaming to the Holy Spirit.”

    R.I.P. Big Pun!!!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    The first time I heard Pun was on “Off the Books”. Even though I was a big Beatnuts fan at the time, I was like who iz THIS nigga?!!!

  • jose

    Is it me or everyone forgot “toe 2 toe” with cuban link, Lets go toe 2 toe any stupid ass could blast the 4 now let me now who’s man enough to go toe 2 toe , Somebody let me Know. (Hit u with so many rights you gonna beg for a left). WOW, R.I.P from Rogers place aka (PUN ave).

  • Wash Heightz

    Pun is top 10 but you cant say he was better than Biggie or Pac. Its like saying LeBron is already better than Jordan. In that case, I think Hov is the greatest because my man has like 9 albums that he put out and 4 of them are classics ( Reasonable Doubt, Volume 1, 2 Black Album) Pun passed too soon. My fav verse from Pun is from Twinz. Besides from being lyrical, his vocab was probably the best at his time. Dude used words that people in college use. I also like his verse on the song “Banned From T.V.”

    Yo, yo, champagne on the rocks
    pour on the fort knox lazura
    shark salad with cabbage
    pork chops and applesauce
    twin connection, disrepect watch your body cave in
    pump the shotty guagin, hit the shorty while he potty training
    i ain’t playing, i’m truly the worst
    simply the first to get his whole body fully reversed
    uzi it hurts, leave you double-dead
    i’ma a bubble-head, i never listen to nothing my mother said
    ay yo i hold niggas ransom for money
    like johhny handsome
    been sonning niggas for so long
    i think i got a grandson
    my passion is money, a stash and a honey
    that won’t ask questions but will blast anybody
    thats my kind of girl, kinda of world i want to live in
    not a cell or a prison or in hell’s armageddon
    just a little ghetto
    where my niggas control the middle
    we know the riddles of life where others know only a little

    Classic!!! RIP PUN

  • hoagie bread

    dream catcher (with the original beat) is my favorite

  • bongolock

    Some would argue there’s no need for him(termanology) now.

    ha ha!! i would argue that point. whisper flows get thumbs down.

    i always liked pun and joes track on the first funkflex 60min album too…

  • EmCDL

    I remember when I was in middle hearing that track ft. Joe…shit was hard. Then I heard the rest of his cd and I was speechless. Dude is nasty with the lyrics…R.I.P. Big Pun…wish you were still around to kill these lame ass kats coming out nowadays

  • El Tico Loco

    You can argue about Pun being the overall GOAT but you can’t deny him the latino GOAT title, people just happen to like Pac and Big’s SONGS but like Puns lyrics flow and delivery.

  • truthhurts

    Pun was dope. but i’m not putting him in the top ten. Maybe top 20. He had one good album (not classic) and a few dope guess spots. He wasn’t ahead of his time, he was with the time. his words are no different from big or jay-z. Let it go. Big l was dope. i heard his material, for the time he was just an average ny rapper, he rhymed no better than prodigy (circa 95-99). The lack of mainstream, lyrical mcs has people going back giving these people extra credit when its not due.

  • j.mitch

    pun defitnely one of the top ten lyricists in the game hands down.Him vs biggie would have been one for the ages.r.i.p pun you will be missed.fuck hate and more hate get a life you lame ass nigga

  • Incilin

    Pun is a GOAT, but its hard to see him breaking top ten. On straight talent, he’s prolly the GOAT. But he only had two albums, the first is amazing but too damn long. Capital Punishment really can’t be called a classic, too much fluff (Fast Money, Glamor Life, I’m Not A Player. And Yeeeah Baby is good, but not great.

    Now compare that to BIG’s Ready To Die and Life After Death, LL’s Radio and Mama Said, Rakim’s first two, Em’s first two, Nas’ first two, Jay’s first two, etc. etc.

  • benjamin bixby III



  • corlione39

    herez how it goez!!!
    1 pac
    2 pun
    3 big
    4 nas
    5 big L
    pac wuz on another level than ne of theze mc’z pun 2 me wuz way bettr than big bettr lyricz but big shined cauze he had bettr production. break it down liztn 2 capital punishment n ready 2 die liztn not tha beetz but tha rhymez got dammit!!! big no 3 nas 4 cauze of tha storiez he spit n erry album he come oot wit fitz n wit how hip hop iz changin illmatic iz a classic!!! 5 big L not really a rap artist but a freestyler dont try 2 battle him or ull git ur azz handed 2 u liztn 2 hiz albumz on tha rhymez a hiz freestylez n ull c tha difference!!!

    now top 5 albumz

    1 me against tha world
    3. capital punishment’
    4. ready 2 die
    5 marshall matherz
    liztn 2 them all n ull c wutz up!!!

  • SQ

    His verse off Fantastic Four on DJ Clue The Professional.

  • E

    helll no, Pun didn’t outshine anyone on John Blaze. Yea his verse was ill, but Nas and Jadakiss both killed it too

    “not only can I flow, i can aim, these misdemeanor niggas can’t stand the rain”-Jadakiss

  • 92FS

    Pun was one of the greatest to ever do it but the GOAT? Not to me at all. He did have a crazy flow and his wordplay was insane but I still feel that AZ was better than him. Still wish that both of them could’ve had a track together.

  • Jesus Talks

    The best Latino MC ever…ever

    • daz_oc

      nah son, the best MC ever…………latino or black

  • ErvGotti85

    Pun was a beast to the end and he did kill alot of rappers on a track. The only one that comes to mind where even he was beat was on the first fantastic four off of DJ Clue’s Professional part 1 Canibus ripped that shit more than Pun.

  • balaramesh

    finally, something i can give a real CO-SIGN.

    that joint with black thought was INSANELY LYRICAL. we havently seen NOTHING like that since.

    pun had very few peers IF ANY line for line.

  • juan

    MY WORLD PUN Lyrics

    An orgi-nation of veterans built
    with genuine skills to pay the heat, gas, and the rest of the bills
    Invest in the real, don’t get left in the hills
    My tech and my steel turn your whole crew into vega-ta-bills
    We blessed with the will to never surrender
    cause my every agenda’s in and out, unseen like I entered the ninja

  • miles archer

    Yo son, you got ma’fuckaz saying fuck Illmatic, Black album > Reasonable Doubt and Stillmatic > Capital Punishment????

    Ya’ll musta just become legal drinking age, Ha(say it like Juvenile).

    And PLEASE stop putting Pac in that “Top 5 MC’s” list. I love Pac, but let’s not get carried away.

    I’d be here a month qouting Pun if I had to list all the fly shit he said.

    I think the thing that hurts his legacy is that his second album is really sub par.
    From the beat selection to his breath control, I only think there’s maybe four or five joints with any rewind value. Kinda the same as “In My Lifetime Vol. 1″(though I think that was a better album).

    Having said that though, Capital Punishment is one of my favorite albums and definately in the top ten list of debut albums from anybody in the genre.

    His resume of verses on songs that featured supreme lyricist is impeccable. To be on songs with Nas, Raekwon, Jadakiss, Inspectah Deck, Canibus, Cam’ron, Cormega, Black Thought, Tragedy Khadafi, Kool G Rap, Krs-One… and on all those appearances he’s probably got the most memorable verses.

    “Cash Rules, the root of all evil/shooting amigos/for loot and pedico/pollutin’ our people”– Boomerang

    “To be perfectly honest/we should have an anniversary to acknowledge/the way I work thru ebonics”– Rhyme For Rhyme w/Cormega

    “With the ski mask, or the pantyhose/making cameos/in liqour store cameras with the twin calicoes”– Parental Discretion

    “Fuck all ya’ll non believers/I run with God, the Squad and TS/Out wit the B.S./We platinum/ they even doubted Jesus”– Fantastic Four

    “I’m well known like Al Capone, full blown like Tone Montana/in the zone sittin on chrome, stoned sipping on Champagna/rolling ganja up in Bible paper/oh how the lye could take us/thru the eyes of Christ, Joe and Elijah, Jacob…”–Pina Colada w/Sheek Louch

    Seriously… we’d be here all day
    Miles Archer

  • stan

    I just don’t get y ppl hate on Termanology… Dudes wordplay is serious… He aint tryna say he’s better than Pun, He actually tryna pay homage, and if nething tryna keep his name alive… Plus he tries to stay lyrical like Pun… “I say a BIG verse Im only Biggin up my Brother”

  • Monotone

    Remember packin’ the mac in the back of the ac? Even Pun’s skits were worth a listen.

  • Three4

    “Hit him with a 1000 pounds of pressure per slap, watch his whole body jerk back, watch the earth crack, hand him his purse back…”

    say no more…

  • justice

    Big punisher had shit on lock and went hard on everything he blessed legendary in his living day’s prop’s aren’t really giving as much but every hip hop fan should give it up

  • daz_oc

    You aint a killer is my shit

  • Clever

    I must say, I guard Capital Punishment like I guard RasKass SOul On Ice and, Rasassanation, Like I guard my Illmatic, Like I guard Ready to Die, Like I guard That First CanIBus, Like I guard Kool G. Raps 4,5,6, Rakims Pain in Full, Big Daddy Kane, Long live da Kane, Outkast Southernplayerlistic 2 pac’s 2pacolypse now, R.I.P PUN One of the Greatest, your sadly missed.

  • sammylove

    I idolize him very much. Just saw him chatting with a girl at

    ______r i c h l o v e s. c o M____

    I am wondering what kind of relationship he is looking for on that site.

  • adrian smith

    r.i.p. big pun one of the greatest up there with big daddy kane big l r.i.p rakim

  • asasa

    Fuck Pun. He’s one of the most overrated of all time! If he was still alive everybody would be saying that he’s as wack as that fat motherfucker Fat Joe. It’s only because he’s dead people think he’s nice. Fuck that. Fat ugly wifebeatin’ sucker

  • R.I.P. Big Pun
  • BGZ

    Pun WAS a great lyricist and IS underrated (due to his ethnicity as well as coming from the post-Jay “Forgotten Generation” of NY MC’s), but he wasn’t the greatest rapper and was quite local.
    To prove my point I’ll give you some examples: Canibus (great lyricist, limited? subject matter, difficult to identify with, boring delivery – Pun was better) or fellow DITC-er Big L (you could live in New York in the 90′s and NOT hear about him; versatile delivery and subject matter but not great song writer).
    The hottest of the tracks put up here is obviously “Twins,” but even Fat Joe sounds nice on that beat – compliments to the ghostwriter (pro’ly Pun himself).
    As far as the greatest rappers, I’d give the same answers as everybody: Kane, Ra and Ricky D; G Rap, Cube and Face; Biggie, Nas and Wu-Tang collectively.
    No disrespect to Pun, but I’d rather listen to an Outkast or a Nore album, anyday.

  • thoreauly77

    Dear Big Punisher-
    You were a dope lyricist, but hopefully you are not resting in peace. Hopefully the same thing is happening to you as should be happening to all other violent misogynists: burning the fuck up in hell for eternity. So, good luck with that whole damned to hell thing asshole.

  • latino heat

    r.i.p. big pun. if you were here none of these lame ass “rappers” would be able to eat.

  • Screwmatic

    Fat Joe went real hard on Twinz, fo’sho.


    i remember when i first heard that “Off The Books” that shit had me going crazy the beat the rhyming. pun is one of the best and his singles still bring the party down today. that dont wanna be a player and 100 percent please when them joints come on. especially 100 percent got black people speaking spanish don’t even know what they saying but they know. all the words to the song R.I.P pun they still can’t fuck with you man. these niggas need to give you your respect i wish pun and big could have had a proper record together. shit they could have been a super duo the new fat boyz hahahha.

  • mike

    I miss the shit out of Big Pun, truly one of the greatest! Can’t believe it’s going on 9 years. Most of the hate is black dudes, and that is the fucking shame about NYC. Maybe if Puerto Ricans acted more like Mexicans, there would be more repsect shown. Cause West coast niggahs seem to have alot more love and respect for the latino brothers on that side, than East coast niggahs do for the latino brothers on this side. But anybody who says that Big Pun wasn’t one of the best, has got to be bugging. you break that kids albums down, and you will be taken aback by his lyrical prowess, and still kept the spanish lingo and accent going on, that is just incredible. Nobody has been able to do that, not even Reggaeton niggahs. But on the real Puerto Ricans got to hold Big Pun up, that is our responsibilty, not anybody else’s. As far as the wife beating shit, mother fuckers is such hypocrites it’s not even funny. Kool G rap beat the shit out of his baby mom’s (Supa head), and yet Kool G rap is still mentioned as one of the greatest, so please save that fucking bullshit. What Pun was doing in his house, is what it was. Mad motherfuckers got mental issues, and to keep it real, it’s mad bitches that is doing foul ass shit to niggahs. What the fuck do all that shit got to do with the mans lyrical skills? Fuck all you bird ass racial motherfuckers, that want to hate on Puerto Ricans, fuck you mark ass niggahs that really don’t know shit, but fisty scent, and Souljah toy ass type music. Big Pun would have blasted any of the main top five rappers that most people have. Shout out to all my real black people’s, and to all my Boricua bretheren! One!

  • the G.OD.


    R.I.P Pun, yes sun was nice–but some of y’all get carried away up there. As have all mcs or rappers–he recycled a lot of other people’stuff–that quote up there about clips and flips and guns reminded me of Nas’s niggas without burners and back flips etc… from New York State of mind,just re-worked even Pac did it using G. RAP’s lines about ring the alarm etc.. on 2pacalypse—anyway for some reason sun never blew my mind cause I was used to hearing better multy-syllable spitting Mcs-OC comes to mind–still give props where props are due-money was nice, R.I.P



    You made a grave mistake
    Shouldn’t of come here, you changed your fate
    Your brains’ll make the debut on the table when I raise the stakes
    The pain is great but only for a second
    It starts strong then lessens
    Just when you restin the Armaggedon sets in
    Left him with so much stress (T.S.) blessed him with no regrets (yes)
    Welcome to Hell son, the threshold of death
    Now face the serpent, I blaze your person you get laced for certain
    Even Jakes don’t trace the work so close the case to curtains
    I’m hurtin, head severely really tryin to bring the pain
    There’s nuttin mo’ satisfyin than when you cryin screamin my name
    It’s not a game, it’s Purple Rain, floods and bloodstains
    Big Pun’s my thug’s name, bustin my guns, that’s my love thang
    I split the jug’ vein and snatch your Adam’s Apple
    John Madden tackle your corpse
    then hoist it on the cross at the tabernacle
    That’ll have to hurt, I’ll work your body ’til it burst
    Then curse tu vida, like a Brujeria verse
    I’m worse than anything you ever been through
    Sick in the head and mental
    Essentially meant to be the soul frentic mental
    When you awaken, your manhood’ll be taken
    Fakin like you Satan, when I’m the rhymin abomination


  • chillin mayne

    u niggas cant do shit do me, physically, mentally / hypothetically, realisticly

    r.i.p. pun

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  • Pete Gunz

    Yo Big PUN is the illest rhymer no other rapper could even touch his stee its like if they was on the track with him they dont even compare to him not even Joe Nore whoever they was always outclassed and now my boy sent me a link to some new remixes he’s got out these beats is bangin and of course Big PUN splittin through the beat like a chainsaw through wood grindin it up it hot you gotta check it i’been pumpin for days peoples like thats the new?

  • SweetTime

    Check out Beasted Clothing’s tribute to Big Pun!!!

  • bigpun

    Big Pun was/is the greatest rapper ever. No disrespect to Biggie but Big Pun was just the most lyrical rapper ever with the illest flow ive ever heard in my life. Hes the best along wit Biggie Smalls but I have to say that Capital Punishment is the best album ever along with Ready To Die of course. But dont forget that the dude had ill flow and was the first latin rapper to go platnium thats huge. Thats bigger than anything a rapper has done 4 hiphop to be honest. So for all yall haters: EAT A FAT DICK!! Yall dont know shit.