Unlike Bol, I don't think Alexis Phifer, Kanye West's last girlfriend is one of the "better looking black chicks" as he puts it.

I don't think she looks bad or anything, she just doesn't look that good to me. Amber Rose, on the other hand, is quite a looker in my book. And I usually don't like blondes so that's saying a lot. For those of you who don't know, Amber is apparently Yeezy's new main squeeze. You also may have seen her in Ludacris' "I Know What Them Girls Like" video and a recent Smooth Magazine spread. She's been seen all over the place with Yeezy as of late.

I don't really care that she's an alleged carpet muncher as reported by Media Takeout. I think she's a good look for Yeezy. I've yet to hear her utter a word, but in the looks department, she easily has Alexis beat. Not everybody can rock a baldie and make it work. That's a testament to how bad and how confident Amber is. Only women with impeccable facial features and nearly perfectly shaped heads can rock a baldie. As gorgeous as Beyonce is, could you see her with a baldie? I don't think Bey could pull it off and I don't want her to. I'm not saying Amber's iller than Bey, I'm just saying she's that bad.

What do you guys think of her? Now that Yeezy's found a new shorty, hopefully he'll get rid of the shag soon. -Jackpot