Bottom 5 Dead Or Alive…

Who’s the best MC, Biggie, Jay-Z, or Nas.

Or Tupac, or Eminem…For some it’s Rakim, others will mention Common and Redman in the Top 20.
The debate never gets old. Meanwhile, we have failed to crown the W.O.A.T (Wack MC of All Time). Who’s bottom 5 dead or alive?

There’s bad and then there’s horrible. Superior wackness. Guys like Black Thought and Hov in his prime make it sound so effortless to rhyme. That’s probably why everybody and their mommas started rapping. It looked easy. Wack MCs make it sound hard. Like, it’s tough for them to put two lines together. I initially thought of submitting Jim Jones’ name to the Bottom 5 Dead Or Alive ballot, but he’s gotten way better. He still makes rapping sound like a chore every now and then, but he also has some good moments. He’s what I like to call wacknificient. A bad rapper with a good amount of decent stuff.

I don’t even think Soulja Boy is the wackest. The kid said, “You are now a prisoner from my 8 bars” on the “Get Silly” RMX and then said, “Do you wanna fuck me?/the question is rhetorical” on “Marco Polo.” I’m not saying those lines are groundbreaking or anything, but it showed me that the kid could possibly do a little something if he applied himself, which is more that I can say for some of these other rappers. But if Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live, who is not a rapper, flows better than you, chances are you’re pretty weak. Actually, Samberg should be our barometer. At least he was funny on that “Lazy Sunday” skit.

After racking my brain trying to figure out potential W.O.A.Ts, I could only come up with three rappers I think may be close to undisputed contenders for the crown.

Silkk The Shocker: The homie Kim Osorio actually tried to argue that Master P was a worse rapper than Silk. P’s no Rakim, but he’s nowhere near as bad as his little brother. What makes Silk the potential W.O.A.T is his incapability to stay on beat. PS: Being off beat is not a style, it’s a bad look, pun intended.

Bizzare: Similar to Silk, Bizarre isn’t too good at staying on beat. To his defense, he actually says funny stuff.

Crunchy Black: This dude has to be related to either Paul or Juicy J. There’s no way they heard him spit and thought to themselves, “Damn! He’s nice.” Crunchy can stay on beat, but he sounds pretty primitive doing it.

Alright, I got three candidates. So you guys go ahead and pick the remaining two. Should anyone replaced the rappers I just named? Let me know.

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  • ridaman

    jim jones? he hardly stays on beat no substance to his and chingy is pretty awful too

    • joe p

      bottom 5 :
      soldier boy
      jim jones
      tony yayo
      ja rule

      • ole dirty marmot

        c’mon now how is Pras not first on this list of last?

        • ROBADON

          man u out your damn mind.

      • Blizzie Mac

        i beg to differ on ja rule…you niggas let 50 gaffle you for so long. Ja was actually NICE at ONE POINT. Murda INC was actually a supergroup with Jay DMX and Ja in the beginning, he went pound for pound on murdagram with DMX and Jay and his early shit before he was really known in queens was quite hot..he’s ass now but thats because 50 got him in a permanent figure 4 leg lock.

      • UARK83

        I agree with your other MC’s but “Mistkal”…really?? Dude has one of the most unique flows to this day. Plus misspelling his name (Mystikal) automatically disqualifies your opinion

      • joe p

        my mistake mystikal * just how much he didnt mean to me lol but id like to put a tie between ja and gucci mane … mr. ren great list with the exception of u-god

      • DV8

        Mystikal and Ja Rule do not belong on your list, and Yayo isnt that bad either.

        • Masonic 357

          Dude, how the hell you put Yayo in the same statement as those two. Especially Mystikal.

      • Honestasicanb

        There has to be two mysticals for you to say that.

        • Masonic 357

          Yeah! I agree. I believe fools dun forgot about the black prince of the south, thats his title. Bad like Micheal!

      • Lord Maximus

        Now way that ja or mystikal are that bad. Soulja Boy, yes (Though I think he is trying to attempt to step his game up). What about Shaq Diesel, Swizz Beatz, Vanilla Ice, Benzino, and finally My All-time W.O.A.T., Snow (Does he count?) Well, if not then I’ll replace him with Gerardo.

    • oh 4sho

      1. Soulja boy
      3.Swizz Beats(good producer horrible rapper)
      4.Lil zane
      5.vanilla ice

    • Mr. Ren

      Here’s my list there’s no particular order Sparks from State Prop., Silk the Shocker, Remy Ma, Benzino, Obie Trice, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Roy Jones, Kobe Bryant, Vanilla Ice, Bubba Sparkx, Shop BOyz, Dem Franchise Boyz, Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo, Pras, Chingy, J-kwon, Magoo and Timbaland, Lil Zane, Young Berg, D-12 (minus Shady),Jim JOnes, Soulja Boy, Drama, Crunchy Black, Mimz, Jermaine Dupri, Hammer (even if he did sell millions), Rick Ross, Birdman (and his lugz), Lil Cease, Uncle Murda, Maino, Fat Joe (after Pun passed), U-God, Swizz Beats, 40 cal, J.R. Writer, Mike Jones(who!! Mike Jones), Lil Kim (post Hardcore),Young Joc, Spliff Star…

      • jburg

        Obie Trice? Bubba SParxxx? What are you smoking? Neither of them are the best but they are nowhere near the bottom. Obie is one of the most slept on artist in the game and Bubba actually had a classic album that no one paid attention to. I suggest you go a take a listen to “Deliverance”. One of the most slept on classic albums of all time. Oh yeah, and not all of D12 was bad. The only one that really couldn’t rap good is Bizzy.

        • EmCDL

          Yeah man whatever you smoking I want some of that stuff! Remy Ma? You crazy dawg…listen to Fat Joe’s J.O.S.E. she on a couple of tracks on there and she murdered it! Bubba Sparkxx is nice too, he just fell into the Ying Yang portal and now new folks consider him wack. Like jburg said, Obie is slept on hard that dude can spit fire. Young Buck is ok; ain’t no G.O.A.T. but he has spit some lyrics that were pretty good. U-God? Yeah I want some of that stuff right now that you smoking!!!! LOL

      • Judgment

        u are officially the most retarded commenter ever…for one i guarantee u only heard 1 bubba sparxxx song…to EVER diss D12 is a sin….never in yo effin life should u put anyone from Wu Tang up here…u know wut nevermind…u just became insignificant

    • http://twitter Bk21

      Plies is pretty shity, so is mike jones

    • la product142

      the wackest of all times has to be
      1.Solidier Boy
      2.Gucci Mane
      3.oj da juice man (AYE) he’s trash!
      4.D4L(the entire group)
      8.LIL FIZZ
      9.Freaky zeeky
      10.rappin duke



    • http://whatkilledhiphop Cameron

      Biggie is not that good of a rapper only reason people like him because they say he supposely brought rap back to the eastcoast. He sucked ass point blank peroid. What killed hip hop wasnt rappers like soulja boy, it was so call gangster rappers. Rather they are real thugs or not they killed hip hop. Everybody wants to be a thug and talk about how street they are, and beef with any and everybody. When they start talking that super thug nonsense that’s when some of these dumb a$$ fans start buying into it. They doing it for the hood nobody in the hood buys cds out the store they burn them or buy the bootleg. Over thugging killed hip hop.

    • thesqueeze

      worst 5 ever….. young jeezy holdin down all 5

    • mo

      kobe bryant, shaq diesel, benzino, vanilla ice, plies, blood raw

  • IndyKid

    Everybody get ready for all the Wayne haters comin onto this one. Just before anybody can say anything, even if you think the dude is no good, he’s still not nearly as bad as Silkk, Biz, or Soulja Boy. So go head, get at it then boys.




      • D-Block

        co-sign like a mutha fucka

  • Joemizzle

    You forgot Tony Yayo. .

    • Chris S

      hey….tony yayo was good ONCE.

  • jackpot


    You can’t tell me Tony Yayo is one of the worse. There are a million of MCs who should be considered before he does.

  • DJ Daddy Mack


    • Chris S

      i don’t think he should be on the list. first off…he’s not a rapper. and second, his song was insanely popular.

      here’s my list:

      1. Shawty Lo
      2. Plies
      3. gucci mane
      4. birdman
      5. officer rawse…the bawse

  • Mouton Noir

    I’m so glad that someone agrees with me that Silkk was wack!! I said that from the jump when he was getting all that air play.

  • Jackpot P.

    Cadalac Tye
    Im A think of some more

    Make It A Top 20 and i bet i get it

    • chitchat

      Oschino??? Have you heard “Down too Long” among other songs. He’s not wack at all, just obscure I guess since State Prop aint do numbers

      • 2cents

        i agree. on tales of a hustler, he killed beans. oshino is nice just obscure

  • BX Posterchild

    Vanilla Ice gotta be the worst

  • Pierzy

    Spliff Star
    Mike Jones (and his phone number)
    Tony Yayo
    Ron Artest
    Paul Wall
    Jim Jones
    Soulja Boy (Tell ‘Em)

    • Josh

      This list is pretty accurate…

      I was NOT a No Limit fan, but Silk The Shocker was aight…He had some decent songs. And being off beat WAS his style.

      Plenty of people say the same thing about Rza, but again, I tend to think it’s his style. Not to mention U-God or Masta Killa. Too many Wu-Tang fans for these guys to be wack.

      Jim Jones ain’t that wack. He knows how to make good songs.

      Bizzare also ain’t wack. He rhymes off beat on purpose…Come on…

      The only Crunchy Black verse I really know is from “Stay Fly.” Yeah, it’s wack, but it works.

      What ya’ll need to do is admit that half of the dudes on the Freshmen 2009 cover are wack.

      • Just Lyphe

        NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Just for this, YOU need to be added to this list! If not, bottom 5 xxl blog entries of all time!!!! Look horrible up in the dictionary! Silk tha shocker alllllll day!

  • avenger xxl

    3.Maliki the nutcracker from group home(took you back on that one).
    4. P Diddy
    5. V.I.C.
    6. Shawty LO
    7. Rocko
    8. Kia Shine
    9. Lil Flip
    10.The Shop Boyz
    11. Juiceman
    12. LIL scrappy
    13. the east side boyz (lil sam and big bo, I am not making that up)

    • these posts are racist

      co-sign all but Diddy. Come on man, Diddy? No way. “Swimmin in women in their own condominiums”

      • Avenger XL

        Diddy is the predecessor to the current swagger driven rapper infestation. Dude is not a writer so he can’t even take credit for that line sauce money wrote that. Notice when sauce was gone how he sounded totally different and even when given dope lines, he performed them stiff without cadance. Rapping may not be singing but it is rhymthmic speech and Puffy has a stiff sound like he isn’t comfortable at this. I also fault him with the executive producer becoming the artist to get more paper problem Hip-hop has too. So all in all Puff is a thief who lucked up in getting behind a maven like Big. He doesn’t deserve all the credit he gets and is wack maybe not bottom ten but he is on the low end.

        • these posts are racist

          Not true. Puff’s album, no way out, was nice. He’s not a great emcee, but def brought his own style to the table and cannot be placed in the category of wackest emcees.

          But more ridiculous is your assertion that Puff “lucked out” with Big. Are you crazy? They lucked out together. Big would’ve been nothing with out Puff. Puff taugh Big how to be a superstar rapper as opposed to a freestyle corner emcee…for that, Big lucked out by meeting Puff.

        • amar

          i disagree about puffy leading the whole bragadocious swagger rap movement. I think jay-z is the biggest influencer of this, as his raps about money, luxury cars, expensive clothing/jewels and a mafia-like and almost snobby attitude in his rap music inspired countless mc’s. Everyone from lil wayne, kanye, ti and ludacris followed suit. Of course there are also the whack mc’s that came about.

          jay-z’s style however, was influenced by other new york mc’s styles at the time. It was written, Cuban Linx and countless other records were all influenced by ITALIAN ORGANIZED CRIME. So it is because of john gotti that rap turned into the flashy braggy jewl and valure suit-wearing beast that it is (not complaining, just saying). But that’s another blog altogether…

        • Avenger XL

          OK I can see where you are coming from saying Puff isn’t a great emcee but he definitly brings his own style. So maybe he should get an upgrade from Wack to mediocre emcee. Oh yeah thank Sauce money for No Way out that writing was hot(yet another diddy raping). I still found his style”" a bit annoying since I am a substance and style listener. So I felt the lyrics but I like Puffy Better as the professor X like guy talking shit before,after and during songs. Not rapping that wasn’t something that was his strongest suite but it increased his brand to icon status and thus this discussion.

          I agree it was puffs drive and vision that helped create the Big we know as the icon. Rather than the machine gun funk BIG ,Puff brought the R&B to the equation. But easy Moe bee gave him the sound. Moe Bee was the first man to work in the studio with Biggie and he did the lion share of ready to die. Puff being the media whore douche that he is omitted the man from Bigs legacy. Now I am not saying Puff did nothing, he put his vision on the sturdy shoulders of Chris Wallace and together they smashed the game. Kinda like a Rick Rubin/russel Simmons combo. But I will argue all day that Biggie was a total package and would have found a lane. Puff is a typical record industry shark and he would have got rich or died trying. But no big and Bad boy would be close to a foot note besides one hit wonders and R&B groups who wouldn’t have had the capital to pop if BIG hadden’t blown the doors off the shit. One

        • Avenger XL

          Amar I think you missed my point. Jay-z made everyone say the word swag in hip-hop but Jay-Z has the talent to back up swag. Puffy is one of the first if not only record label heads at the time who didn’t go in the game as a failed rapper to come out on record and be all visible(see the shug Knight diss). Puff wasn’t even a real producer on the Big Project. He was the business guy, the label head who came to seasons and turned a nob on the mixing board to give himself production credit. He was ll over his artist tracks doing ad libs and dancing in the video and once folks responded to it there was no turning back. Puff knew he wanted to be a star so even though he had no talent that would blow anyone away(LEt’s face it with the right writers and producers you too can be a star). Puff had something that trumped his lack of talent Charisma translation Swag. He is that dude that appears cool all the time and knows how to sell himself(dude could be a politican). So to his credit he got his rhyme sceam up to mediocre level and let his swag carry him the rest of the way. Laying the blueprint for label heads and weed carries to say Man I can rap that is easy and My charisma/swag is crazy.

          The good thing about Puff is he is mediocre (I was too harsh with the Wack listing which TPAR reminded me). Unlike other label heads who took the same path to stardom i.e. Birdman,Rocko etc…

        • amar

          i agree with u on most points and also think although puff can’t rap, he’s not as bad as many others…

          as much as this dude annoys the shit outta me, this guy, at least in his youth, was the definition of work ethic, self confidence and through it all, ultimately swag. I think these elements and originality make up swag. And in terms of originality, sure he copies, bites and steals, but at the end of the day, when u think of fur coats: puffy. Those terrible (but popular at the time) shiny suits: puffy. Sean Jean, one of the few artist-made clothing lines to NOT embarass itself: puffy. Taking old songs and having rappers biting the choruses: puffy.

          I think the dude has his moments in terms of innovation and i think that takes swag.

      • Easy16

        i mean, half of his stuff he doesn’t write, so i think it’s cool for Diddy to be there.

    • BGZ

      It’s actually Big Sam and Lil Bo (not that it makes any difference).

      I don’t think we’ll ever know how good a rapper Puffy is cause I don’t think he ever wrote a bar in his life; at least he’s half decent rappin up the stuff others written for him.

      I’m not feelin the majority of Southern rappers, either (save for Kast, Face or Luda) but a category unmentioned here are WHITE RAPPERS.
      For every Eminem there’s 12 Necro/ Haystak/ Insane Clown Posse/ K-Fed who still sell (sold) records in the suburbs.

      Weedcarriers, sports stars and CEOs-turned-rappers are obvious choices, too.

      But the worst rapper of all time has to be BENZINO.
      You don’t aim too high when you put on a YingYang or YoungBloodz song. Consider all the talent blackmailed into making a Benzino record (production/guest list), and it still manages to suck balls.
      Dude just had no ear like Van Gogh.

    • squadwildin

      the only reason i can agree wit Birdman is because Lil Wayne wrote his shit along with other decent ghost writers and he still finds a way to fuck it up

      Unfortunately you cant say whackest of all time

      TO BE WHACKEST OF ALL TIME,you have to be WHACK straight out the gate.

      Baby was good at some point in time i.e. #1 Stunna, Get Your Roll On, Shine. But over the years he got bad.

      Soulja Boy is one to mention because he was definitely whack startin off but now he’s steppin his game up. So he should be off the list in a couple of years if he keeps workin

      To be honest, if you made it in the industry, you probly spit one hot verse to get you there. so this list is going to be hard if you guys actually think about it in an unbiased way; minus the hate.

      but easy wit Gucci Mane….the hood loves him and thats worth a lot. Plus he’s improving too.

      The thing thats gone get soulja boy and gucci mane off the list is they keep workin. just like Lil Wayne was once garbage, he spent hours every day in the studio and now you see the finished product. He didnt get good overnight.

      It takes WORK+ TIME

  • Jackpot P.

    Caddalac TY
    Charlie Baltimore
    Bow Wow (think lyrically)
    Nick Cannon despite the let me live song.
    Boo And Gotti also dispite Fiesta
    The lighskinned dude from Nappy Roots.
    A couple of them texas dudes

    We should make it a Top 20

  • jayshine

    5 bottom feeders are…

    Crunchy Black
    Soulja Boy
    Paul Wall
    M.C. Search

    • Kardi

      go back and listen to winter warz. if you still think cappadonna is wack, hold your breath and duct tape your face

    • John Galt

      Cap isn’t always, you know, good. But the fact that he blew everyone away on Ironman — which is really saying something — earns him a lifetime pass for me.

    • UARK83

      How the hell are you going to lump MC Search in that pile of rubbish?? Go listen to the Cactus album and tell me he is not a top 25 MC.

      PS Crunchy Black was already listed…he said come up with original ones…

    • 1

      co-sign cappadonna. dude been whack.

  • hoffaaaaaaaaaa

    before you od and say i dont know rap i understand ll’s talent back in the day , but cool j is fucking terrible nowadays.

    j kwon is terrible
    andy milonkis ? lmao
    chingy is awful
    master p is so bad
    diddy sucks
    will smith = l
    vanilla ice of coursee

    • Hollywood_P



      • El Tico Loco

        Will Smith if you heard his pre hollywood stuff, you would put him up with Slick Rick as a funny storyteller and one of the best live performers in the era he came him unlike LL he knew when to quit.

    • BIGNAT


  • Brandon Carter

    I gotta put Roy Jones on the list. ” ya’ll must have forgot”

    • Jason Murk

      yeah yall must have forgot was wack

      But I gotta give roy credit for “I smoke, I drank”

      I say all athletes should be ommitted from this list cause they are mostly all wack


    if we talkin nba rappers
    if we talkin rapper who rap what some1 else wrote 4 them
    1. fat joe
    2. jim jones
    3.p. diddy
    if we talkin midwest/south
    1. Pop lock n drop it dude
    2. young berg
    3.mike jones/ bow wow
    if we talkin east coast west coast
    1.Charles Hamilton<<<not really from east coast

    • BIGNAT


  • http://XXL GSIDE

    what about old school Hammer stand up dude wack ass rapper !


    Soulja Boy
    Lil Scrappy
    Shawty Lo
    Mike Jones
    Ace Hood
    Franchize Boyz
    Shop Boyz
    Pop Off Boyz
    Dj Webstar
    Yung Herb, oops! I mean Berg
    Bow Wow
    Lil Boosie

    And thats all I could think of at the moment. I would’ve put M.I.M.S, he’s actually pretty good when he applies himself.

    • GorillaJoe

      You tripping for including Boosie bro, dude can spit.

      • BIGNAT


    • Marco317

      So basically evrybody from the south huh nawledge ? hater

      • NAWLEDGE


        “Imma fool/Im the semi man/red light, green light, yellow light/get it man”

        “Summer winter spring and I cant forget to fall/I still remain a dog a diabetic and all”

        The guy fuckin SUCKS!!


        Im from the South, my friend. So dont even start that “yous a hater” bullshit. If a motherfucker is wack, THEY’RE WACK!! I dont say niggas could spit simply cause they’re form my region, or give them the excuse of “not being lyrical and spittin real shit”. Scarface isnt all that lyrical, but he’s a SUBSTANCE lyricist. His words have meaning and he mixes it with ceirtain rhyme schems to get his point across. He’s one of the best to ever touch a mic. Along with Andre 3k, U.G.K, Z-Ro, K-Rino, Stat Quo, and a couple of others Im sure I’m forgetting. ALL from the South.

        1 of 2

        Also, last I checked Benzino, J-kwon, Bow Wow, Yung Berg, Chingy & DJ Webstar are NOT from the South.

        2 of 2

        Oh and I forgot a few more:

        Jim Jones
        Ron Browse
        Vanilla Ice

        And thats all I can think of at this moment.

  • that nigga

    Soulja Boy
    Jim Jones
    Lil Weeby or Webby or what the fuck ever?
    Murphy Lee
    Harlem World, except Loon and Mase
    –especially Blink and Huddy Combs
    Infamous MOBB
    Tony Yayo
    Uncle Murder
    Spyda Loc
    Hot Rod
    Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan


    • eYe Q

      Murphy Lee!? Are you serious? Have you even heard “Murphy’s Law?” You gotta be kidding me. There’s no way Murphy Lee belongs in this list what so ever.

  • meela


  • amar
  • xxlmag fan

    Biz Markie, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer

  • Mo Betta

    SHAWTY LO, I heard him last night rhyme ghetto/gieco …NO!!!!!

    BENZINO, he is just awful

    I don’t like Project Pat cause of that retarded pause when he raps, never listened to crunchy black.

    Not a fan of plies, but not the bottom 5 he has had some success. god he sucks

    Uncle Murder…what was JAY-Z thinking?

    Don’t like WEBBIE nor BOOSIE but haven’t heard enough to judge

    SOULJA BOY? ehhh Im just not a fan. people talkin’ bout his age but how old was NAS when he mad ILLMATIC? hmmmmmmm.

    Bow wow is gonna join this list soon, I don’t believe him outside of them lil kiddie love songs…lol

    I’m sure I could come up with some more but this is good here.

  • jackpot

    Joaquin Pheonix. LMAO!

  • blaow

    1) Tony Yayo
    2) John Brown
    3) Soulja Boy
    4) Charles Hamilton
    5) Mike Jones

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I’m on a boat.

  • riderb

    memphis bleek memphis bleek memphis bleek


    Memphis bleek.

    • El Tico Loco

      I think ya’ll getting the wack emcee and a groups weakest link confused, Memph is not quite wack but compared to the rest of the roc yeah you’re right but bottom feeder nah. Same goes for Cappa, Big Boi, Big Pooh, or U God, they like the Lamar Odoms of their groups nice but not the best of their teams.

  • Stephflow

    FLAY-VOR FLAV!!!!!!!!!

  • Trouble

    Bizzare got some SICK lyrics, and Crunchy Black over the years has spit some hot shit. Silk is definatly a good canidate, but so was half the artist signed to No Limit Records.

    1. Plies
    2. Soulja Boy
    3. Paul Wall
    4. Tony Yayo
    5. David Banner

  • yung spruce

    Yo jermz wealth why game n charles hamilton are some of worst rappers eva 2 u……plies takes the cake as the w.o.a.t.

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  • stophatin on thesouth

    why they all gotta be from the south. Let’s start with current artist. Ron Browse. Ya’ll know that shit is wack whether its getting radio play or not. If ya’ll want to clown soulja boy and silk, etc. , throw Ron under that bus too.

  • Roger Rabbit

    1. Birdman…. but he is smart for makin money of lil wayne’s wack ass
    2. MIMS… idk how music is his savior
    3. Tony Yayo is just fuckin wack

    All the rappers in Afroman’s Wack Rappers are all wack…

  • BIG E

    JERMZ WEALTH SAID THE GAME????? now if that isnt the biggest hateing ive seen on here!!! dam homie he on ur mind that much that u seriously label him a bad westcoast rapper?? U forget COOLIO? YUKMOUTH? SPICE 1? SKEE-LO?? DAM U WANT ME TO KEEP GOING BACK IN TIME? KEEP HATEING ON THE GAME. ALL IT SHOWS IS YOU LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC AND EVERYTHING HE DOES. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA YOU EVEN SAID FAT JOE???? COME ON SON, HOW OLD R U? 10??????????

  • ThE AnsweR

    Nick Cannon
    Jim Jones
    Lil Webbie
    Bow Wow
    Lil Wayne
    Rick Ross
    Tony Yayo
    Slim Thug
    Mike Jones
    Paul Wall
    Lil Boosie
    Soulja Boy

  • Three4

    Baby a.k.a. Birdman is the W.O.A.T. …undisputed. Awful lyrics, no flow at all and he is always talking about the same shit…



  • Doobie42

    I don’t think anyone would argue with…

    • EmCDL

      J-Hood?! Man you must be outta yo mind! Dude spit hard ass ish before he left D-Block

      “Your not worthy/observe me/I send shots thru your jersey”

      Come on dawg really? REALLY???

  • Mika

    i read Charlie B’more??? and game???nikuh please !!! thts hating !!

  • kcc

    Lil’ Wayne (post Carter 3)

  • DocZeus

    The worst rapper alive argument begins and ends with Malachi the Nutcracker. Primo was so good in 1995 that Group Home’s “Livin’ Proof” was still classic despite him.

    • $ykotic


      Malachi-still love the album


      VIC-please stop

      Silkk-horrible. Betta thank big bro every single day.

      p.s. Capp? come on guys!

      • $ykotic

        I forgot Noreaga.

  • joey

    (no specific order)
    1. cappadonna (yes, i remember “winter warz,” but dude usually sounds retarded. thats coming from a huge wu stan too.)
    2. the pack (all members. that skate song they had a year or two ago had some of the worst lines ever.)
    3. fred durst
    4. dee dee ramone (as dee dee king)
    5. puff daddy
    6. flavor flav (does he count as a rapper?)
    7. mystikal (his verse on “move bitch” has been name the worst verse ever by most of my friends)
    8. master p
    9. bizarre
    10. nelly

  • d

    1. soulja boy
    2. young berg
    3. bow wow
    4. chingy
    5. paul wall

  • Adam

    Did anyone see Jauquine Phoenix try and rap, def needs to be on the list. What about shaq diesel and Kobe, their shit was wack too

    • Reemycks!

      I actully had the displeasure of DJing at a club when this fool walked in and asked for the mike. This nigga really is the worst. Ever. Period.

  • hiphopking

    i got one lord sear from shade45 lol, ok here is the top 5 wack mcs ever

    1)Soulja Boy
    3)hurricane Chris
    5)Rick Ross and ever florida rapper execpt for trick daddy and trina

  • the brown

    Yo! Yeah all them muh fuckas. All them dudes that have been named. But let’s not forget the wackest of them all…FAT JOE. Come on ya’ll this fuck has never spit an original line. Always bitin’. Fuck Fat Joe!

    • Rob the Music Ed

      Fat Joe?!? You mean Fat Joe who made “The Enemy,” “Shit is Real,” “John Blaze” “Firewater” “Thank God For That White” “Lean Back” “Lifestyle”


      • EmCDL

        Don’t forget “Beat Novacaine” lol

        Yeah man Fat Joe got some sick stuff out thats just plain hating right there

    • BIGNAT


  • Jstylez


    1. soulja boy- seriously stop it
    2. V.I.C- never heard from again ?
    3. kanye west- just plain wack tries to hard
    4. Emenim- seriously how this white boy get famous..My name is —enuff said..pfffft
    5.T.I.- this guy tries to hard to be tuff weighing less than my lil

    • GorillaJoe

      The only valid peeps on your list are the 1st two.

      They shouldn’t even let you post on here anymore.

    • cold

      jstylez is an idiot

    • ?

      Fuck outtaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa here no you did not say Eminem.

      Dude is like the greatest lyricist today.

      When has your favorite rapper rhymed something like “you bitches get a hysterectomy disrespecting me/you wanna feel the full effect of me, hand a tech to me/ intellectually superior, i make the wack wearier/ inferior; deterior rate like bacteria”

      PFFT now go die.

  • naww

    these guys aint even emcees…so dis dont work out..pac nas best emcees

  • Yes its me!

    This list is incomplete until Rampage the Last Boyscout is placed front line and center.

  • Lil Wayne

    Why are people hating on me. Bitch, I am the mothafuckin’ boss! Greatest rapper alive!

    Talib Kweli

  • Yayo


    it’s only like 10 rappers in the south that can rap better…

    im better than:

    Trick daddy, gorilla zoe, CCC, d4l, Vic, Chingy, all of DTP except for Luda, souljah boi, no limit (aside from mystickal,

    rappers that have more skillz : outkast, Face, Ti, Luda and that’s it….


    Fat Joe?!? You mean Fat Joe who made “The Enemy,” “Shit is Real,” “John Blaze” “Firewater” “Thank God For That White” “Lean Back” “Lifestyle”


    Yes because he did not write the shit……

    how you got a south cat ghost writing for you… and you from the city where hip-hop is created….

  • DJ Postman

    Typing words on a computer screen and having it read them outloud sounds better than Tony Yayo. It would stay on the beat better too.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Bottom 5 Dead or Alive: (no “one hit wonder”)

    - Birdman
    - Jim Jones
    - Plies
    - Nelly
    - Ying Yang Twins

    Honorable Mention:

    - Tony Yayo
    - Ja Rule
    - Diddy

    Crunchy Black >>>>> My “Bottom 5 Dead or Alive”


      dont 4get about I20 OR FROM DTP HE SUCKS TOO. PLIES, ABN SUCKS TOO.



  • rayavon

    hold on homie sillk rapping off beat is his style sillk is not garbage mc shan is garbage nah im playing shan aint wack and sillk aint wack but the w.o.a.t. has got to be any member from the 2 live crew now them niggras suck

  • Dre”Top 5 Deasd or Alive and that’s just off one LP” Peoples

    Freakey Zeeky
    Kobe Bryant
    Roy Jones JR.
    David banner
    The Whole body head camp(see roy jones jr.)
    Lil wayne(i’m 25,I should know.Iv’e been around the dude for a long time)
    Physco drama
    Coo Cal
    soulja boy
    Arab(not the money,See soulja boy)
    Master P


    I flip cocain in your project lobby and beat you with my pistol like cain did chauncy

    T.O.N.Y Y.A.Y.O im death with to legs so nigga read your bible when i pull up hollow tips will go right threw you and have you curled up like a fucking cheese doddle

    Cmon now tony yayo has his moments i like his shit cause dude just says some funny shit

    Old folks talking bout back in the days i’ll leave a r.i.p. sign on your myspace page


  • White kid with rhythm

    I don’t know about all time worsts, but I know my worst MC’s. I think this list is a little biased on my part because I would rather see originality over a nice flow. Every idiot with a sense of tempo can write down rhymes– Bizarre says some funny shit, Silkk is bad, but it’s part of the ghetto swagger, and Soulja Boy is creating ringtone rap. It’s all about the beats. He’s another instrument. Doesn’t even count on the list. And Master P? C’mon, that’s low. He’s the ice cream man. And mike jones is great. He can double time rap, and I like when he repeats itself. Open your mind, people!

    1. Asher Roth– I don’t know why this guy is getting so much fucking hype. He’s a watered down eminem who raps grade-school slow shit with none of the clever wordplay of Em. He might not be the WORST, but he’s cookie cutter and has a lame-ass white boy voice.

    2. Travis from Gym class heros- C’mon, man. White kids don’t need their own rap music. All this flowbots, gym class, let’s work with fallout boy shit is driving me crazy. Write a poem, go get a guitar and Miley Cyrus’s brother and go away.

    3. Fred Durst– HAHAHAHAHA

    4. Charles Hamilton- Give up using Sonic in all your shit, take the marbles out of your mouth, and quit acting like your nice. Dude sounds like some youngster at a greyhound station. Not feeling it.

    5. Rick Ross– He has a GREAT voice. He stays on beat. His rhymes are grade school.

  • murK

    KEAK DA SNEAK!!! i’m sorry but any rapper>>>keak

    i don’t really care who’s the worst 5. but i’ve never heard somebody so bad in my life as keak.

  • Emperor Doom

    It doesn’t matter who is the top 5 w.o.a.c as long as these two are in it

    jim jones
    tony yayo

    the list can’t be complete without them

    the other 3 are
    fat joe
    that jumping out the window guy. he sucks
    and yeah bizarre is pretty bad.

  • Emperor Doom

    Wayne too

  • escobar9300

    Bottom 5 in no specific order

    Tony Yayo – Absolute trash, sounds like a brooklyn garbage truck driver

    Soulja Boy – Speaks for itself

    Vanilla Ice – Again, speaks for itself

    Dem Franchize Boys – Some of the most ignorant music Ive ever heard in my life. I’d rather pick up a motherfuckin Raffi Cd than buy their shit

    Soulja Boy (AGAIN) – This dude is so fuckin wack he actually took up two spots

  • GorillaJoe

    Keak Da Sneak
    Rosco P Coldchain
    Petey Pablo
    Soldier Boy
    Tru Life
    Group Home w/out Primo production
    Spider Loc
    Roy Jones Jr.
    Shop Boyz
    Franchize Boyz
    Silk the Shocker
    C Murder
    Bow Wow
    Will Smith


      E-40, Will Smith? ya’ll lil niggas are so disrespectful! check out “live at madison square garden” on he’s the dj, i’m the rapper (will smith), and tell me will couldn’t flow!

      and as far as 40 water being on your list….nigga KILLYOSELF! you must be listening too slow!

    • re-yo

      Damn, other than Tru Life that List is ON POINT. Will also had some joints in his early days…..

    • $ykotic

      E40? Come on brah!

    • Ya Boy

      E-40? Damn Son Ur Wack! 40 Goes Hard! And Petey Pablo Goes Hard. Check Out Still Writing In My Diary. That Ish Is Slept On. Keak Da Sneak Can Be Wack Sometimes But He Shouldnt Be On There


      E-40 and Will Smith?!

      This comin from the dude who said that Boosie could spit. BOOSIE of all people..

  • Marco317


    1. DIDDY
    2.BOW WOW
    3. LL COOL J
    5. JA RULE

    • anutha_level

      umm….how the FUK can you buy a FREE album dude?

      • Marco317

        Well they could say buy a jay-z album and u get a FREE diddy album………. u see?

  • jayotte11

    kevin federline…?


    Shawty LO
    Silkk the shocker
    crunchy black
    willie d
    stuntman (shawty lo’s sidekick)

  • Incilin

    AI, Kobe, Ron Arrtets and any athelete turned rapper. except shaq “tell me how my ass tastes” o’neil

    Also doofs like Brain Austin Green, Carmen Electra, Madonna, and Jouquin Phoneix.

    And oh…….Fat Joe (Rob I see you! (I gota admit he’s a lot better than everyone otha ppl mentioned))

  • Prakazrel Samuel Michel, known as Pras

    I am!

  • El Tico Loco

    Never heard a hot verse from

    Soulja Boy
    Crunchy Blak
    Bow Wow
    DJ Unk
    Shawty Lo
    Young Berg

    The other people ya’ll keep talkin about is just a matter of your regional taste of music these cats here are wack in any city standards.

    I’m on the fence about Gucci Mane because the streets love him.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Somebody up there beat me to Jokin Phoenix. Oh yeah, remember Rappin Duke? Daha daha? He never thought that Hip Hop would make it this far (joke’s on you Jack)!! Duke SUCKED and he was mocking Hip Hop, which offended me. But for some fuckin reason… I still remember him and most of those cornball lyrics.

    Maybe it’s because I appreciate comedy (no matter how offensive) and I knew that he was just joking.

    Can’t recall any of Baby’s lyrics, I only remember being angry that he KNEW he sucked but still chose to get on the mic and make my ears bleed.

    • Jamal7Mile

      Oh yeah, remember the “Superbowl Shuffle” by the Chicago Bears (DAMN! What year was that)?
      Great football team, horrible rappers!!

      • $ykotic

        Don’t forget “The Ickey(Woods)Shuffle”!

        Bears was ’85.

  • T

    You guys were politically Correct on this post. There’s quiet a few rappers that should be on this list that you were scarred to list for some reason or another.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Bizarre on D-12 “Devils Night”:

    “Stop takin drugs!! I’m tryin
    My little boy is dyin, he losin too much iron
    And if I die, it won’t be because I got shot
    It’ll be because I tied my arm in a sock and smoked rock
    Takin drugs is cool, that’s why I buy ‘em
    Shoot ‘em up my ass, let your little brother try ‘em
    Ten years is what I’m facin
    Police breakin in my house, Lil’ Bow Wow in the basement
    (Jermaine!) A rapist that’ll bust in your mouth
    I’ll probably be in jail ‘fore this fuckin album comes out
    I’m eighteen years old, still shit in the bed
    Beaten ’til I’m red, fear nothin but war and bread
    It’s me again, fuckin dirty jinn
    So what if it burns, bitch when I stick it in
    No medication, I’m out of perkasets
    I lost my weed, plus my fuckin diaper’s wet”


    Bizarre is not a W.O.A.T.

  • Curtis75Black

    I thought this could be a easy assignment and all I see is niggas showing their age and ignorance. Some of the names ya’ll mentioning are utterly ridiculous. If you don’t like a mans style,that’s one thing but to say he is wack and top it off, Bottom 5 wack is Crazy !!

    Silk the Shocker – even rocking with Naughty by Nature, he came off wack, forever off beat.

    Soulja Boy – Self explanitory

    Rampage the Last Boy Scout – Always tried to hard to be hard which made him wack.

    Birdman – Everything about his style.

    P-Diddy- Never wrote a Damn Thing.


      Finally someone said Diddy!!! C Black I cant knock yur list, only thing is its so hard to make a bottom 5 WOAT list when theres soooo many garbage kats that have plagued hip hop!


  • C. Hop

    Fresh Kid Ice 2 Live Crew
    Freedom Williams – C&C Music Crap
    Speech – Arrested Development (I hate them)
    Silkk the Shocker

    • Moi

      Speech! Him and Michael Franti! Who wants to hear it? Fresh Kid Ice though did his thing on Move Something lol

  • Johnson Schwanz

    Group Home. Definitely. Especially the diesel dude…homie was horrible.

    They might be the wackest EVER.

    Next up, Birdman.

  • DatBoyFrank

    Top Ten (no particular order)
    2.shawty low
    4.silkk the shocker
    5.soulja boy
    10.wu tang (except meth & reakwon)

  • Peru (Chicago)

    PLIES IS THE WEAKEST MC OF ALL TIME!!! I still to this day dont get how a 36yr old 107lb 4’8″ nursing major is running around talking bout he is a goon and niggas is talking bout how real he is…WTF!!! Is it because people are so fake nowadays being fake is just being real?

  • McLovin

    no order and no emotional involvement……..

    birdman(champion of the wack)
    silk the shocker
    memphis bleek(sad, prolly had the most potential and the best situation out of all of em)
    freakey zeekey(fucks wit him, just not the rappin.. lol..)

    didnt include travis from gch or fred durst becuz they not exactly hip hop…..

    didnt include vanilla ice, coolio, mc hammer, will smith becuz they had hits and waznt exactly wack, just 2 commercial 4 our taste 4 hip hop…….

  • Moir

    souja boy
    Vanilla Ice
    jim jones
    master p

  • Here We Go Again

    I saw Charles Hamilton on this list and let me say whoever did that is just a plain hater. U can’t tell me The Pink Lava Lamp ain’t the shit. I mean “Music”,”Loser”,”The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Get the Fuck Outta Here.

    • Stevie B

      Pink Lava Lamp is not the shit. Its not really good at all and in 2 years you want remember half those songs sorry.

  • mattyb

    someone actually said 40 cal? you dont gotta like how dude sounds, but lyricly he’s got skills, go pickup trigger happy and you’ll change your mind

  • Chemical

    How come nobody said PLIES????????

    That guy is the worst rapper ever. Cmon ppl. He makes me wanna go find who signed him and split his wig.

  • Micman

    I think Too Short is terrible. I’m sorry i know he is a legend but his flow and lyrics are simple and boring to me. Biiiiiitch.

  • FuckBitchesGitMoney

    the GS Boyz – do the stanky leg

    • Chris S

      that song……saw it on mtv jams….just simply one of the worst

  • BossGame

    Vanilla Ice
    Silk the Shocker
    Gucci Mane
    JJ Fad

  • BossGame

    Yeah I gotta agree on Too Short too. waited since 89 for his flow to improve. NADA!!! Respect the hustle though.
    Also Lil Jon, good hype man but…..

  • Rex Banner

    benzino is not that bad people!! He has some of the hardest beats, listen to some mademen, hangmen 3 shit. he is very tolerable. relationships with my gun, holla boston, bang ta dis, bootee and a whole bunch of shit. Hes nowhere near great but seriously you all have to stop dick riding Eminem and just enjoy music you want to.

  • Curtis75Black

    This is where Hip Hop differs from any other genre. Every singer is judged on voice, notes and maybe songwriting abilities. Hip Hop is judged on everything and if you’re too young to know certain emcees, they just might be “Inherited Wackness” to you. I know I can’t ever put Fabolous on a wack list just because I don’t listen to him or not a fan of his. That’s straight Bullshit because I know he can spit, he’s just not my cup of tea. We had rappers like Oaktown’s 357, Too Big MC,Mc Brains, JJ Fad, Roxanne Shante (Sorry ya’ll she was wack),Tag Team, LA Lakers(Just say No to Drugs) Cedric Ceballos(remember the Ballers put out a cd?),Nore(straight Garbage)Peter Gunz(even worse in my eyes) and a host of others.

    • Moi

      Roxanne? Are you serious? She dissed KRS and them hard–BDP stands for broken down punks!

      co-sign MC Brains though

  • no hate

    The W.O.A.Ts are as hard to debate as the G.O.A.T.s are. There have been some terrible MC’s to credited with being on hits throughout hip hop history. I’ve really gotta think about my top 5. I’ll probably have to go with a top 10-20 myself!

    Here are a few:
    Point Blank (if you never heard of him, consider yourself lucky)
    Mike Jones (for me to put him second says how God-awful I think Point Blank was)
    Master P

    And I ain’t even warmed up…

  • no hate

    Oh, no! I forgot some of the WORST.

    Turk and Birdman!!!!!!!!!!!

  • no hate

    Turk and Birdman!!!!!!!!! All day!!!!

    • no hate

      Shawty Lo, Fabo, and all the rest of the snap-and-poppers are garbage. Soldja Boy. The list goes on and on, but Crunchy Black has no business plugging in a mic let alone spitting something into it! Preschoolers have better cadence and kindergardeners have better rhymes. The top row of his vending machine ain’t fully stocked. He’s gotta be the worst of all time.

  • jojo

    Khia and Shawty Lo come to mind right away, after that, its just to hard to narrow a list…

    But, on a comedic level, there are a couple of cats you could name:

    - Katt Williams (Dipset attempt at publicity)

    - Randy Savage (look it up, pretty funny)

  • Nothing But Da Truth

    I can’t believe I haven’t seen E-40′s name on this bitch. He has to be the worst rapper in anyone’s eyes.

    1 E40
    2 Silkk da Shocker(everyone in the no limit click except Mystikal and Soulja Slim)
    3 Anyone from overated ass New York(except BIG)
    4 Jermaine Dupree
    5 Ski Lo( I wish I was a little bit taller) ass nigga
    6 The whole Wu Tang click.
    7 Young Mc

  • 3LD

    Cappadonna(I’m sorry but ya)
    Prodigy(Post Saigon fight. dude is boring as hell)

    By the way Idk why Mims is all over this list. Mims is actually pretty dope when you don’t let the radio run your life.

  • What the ?

    I’m gonna have to nominate Plies on that top 5 worst list.

  • A



  • nobe

    1. the st.lunatics
    2. everybody in that murder inc. crew
    3. Kane and Abel
    4. Trillville
    5. Lil Scrappy
    6. Spider-Loc and Hot Rod
    7. Birdman and Mannie Fresh
    8. Diddy
    9. Guerilla Black
    10.Jae Hood
    11.Tony Yayo
    12.The whole Flip Squad(except Busta)
    13.Terror Squad and Fat Joe
    14.Chopper from Tha Band
    15.Boo and Gotti
    17.Jermaine Dupri
    18.J.R. Writer, Hell Rell
    19.Katt Williams
    21.40 water, E-40
    22.Master P
    26.Lil Flip and Paul Wall

  • blackboy26

    memphis bleek- after the diamonds remix i think jay would agree

    g.dep- i bought the album with the “lets get it & “special delivery joint” when i was young and i have never been so disappointed in my life

    • TEZZY

      Not G-DEP his album was slept on

  • MIG


    end of story

    • Rex Banner

      wow you seriously said banks? Are you high or just incredibly stupid? Banks is the fuckin’ man and he is better than most rappers that are out now you cant be serious. Plus yayo is way better than alot of the wack south rappers out there. like plies, flo rida, boosie, webbie, crunchy black, gucci mane, paul wall, mike jone, hurricane, chris, soulja boy lol and the list goes on and on.


    ok here is the rel woat list

    1. silkk da shocker
    2. pras
    3. benzino
    4. coolio
    5. Project pat

    dishonorable mention …
    snoop dogg, coo coo cal, lil scrappy,and
    busta ryhmes (after he cut his lox)
    order them anyway you want after silkk he is WOAT

  • mick

    puff daddy
    50 cent
    kayne west
    99% of rappers from the south

  • tommy gunz

    ^^^fuckin hate filled fruit^^^anyway birdman is the w.o.a.t….

  • LB

    Ya see, those dudes that are mentioned as some of the worst in the article are truely some of the worst “lyrically” and in a traditional MC sense. BUT they are actually the best at communicatin to the hood in general. Crunchy Black; yea, he ain’t no hit maker or nothin, but I, like many others, enjoy his third-string verses, his ads, etc. Silk, Silk do it for the hood and that comes out in his music.

  • Baltimore


    Fat Joe

    Uncle Murda

  • corlione39


  • DTheMonsta

    1. Ron Artest
    2. The cat that made white girls.
    3. Khia
    4. Foxy now (every time she spit she sound like jigga, shine, or whoever else is around her).
    5. Top Dawg from the old death row

  • gerv

    K-Fed wins hands muthafuckin down!!!!!


    HERE’s your top 5

    1. I.C.P. if you live anywhere near the midwest you heard about these guys
    2.kottonmouth kings
    3.Krizz kalico
    4.Nick Cannon
    5.Black child

  • NorTh MeMpHis VeT

    1. Tony Yayo
    2. Crunchy Black
    3. Freaky Zeeky (and yes Im a Dipset fan)
    4. Plies (I think we all sick of da freaky shit)
    5. Keak Da Sneak
    6. Mr. Serv-On (from No Limit)
    7. OJ da Juice mane (Catchy ad-lib got him in da game
    8. Memphis Bleek
    9. Mike Jones
    10. Yo Gotti
    11. ODB (R.I.P)
    12. Kane & Able
    13. Sheek Louch
    14. Ice- T (shout out 2 Soulja Boy)
    15. Paul Wall
    16. Charlie Baltimore
    17. Foxy Brown
    18. Drag-On
    19. Papoose (bad name and wack rapper)
    20. B-ligit
    Dis jus a few my list can go on 4 days > And unlike des otha cats I aint jus hatin Im speakin facts > And da reason Diddy and Birdman aint on my list thus far is becus somebody else write they raps > So I dont consider dem rappers >

    • $ykotic

      Old Dirty Bastard gotta come off that list.

      His first album is ridiculous classic!

      Even punk rockers love the god! RIP

  • brand-new

    cadalac tah and black child….WACK!!

  • xmeni21

    I think yall are confusing people you dont like with the worst

    for all you people saying will smith and ja rule
    can you honestly say you would rather listen to crunchy black’s solo album

    Show some respect

  • Moi

    Guerilla Black
    Everlast (especially when he was with Rhyme Syndicate)
    Big Syke
    Rappin 4 Tay
    Trick Trick
    King Sun (for still showing up)
    . . .. in fairness, I haven’t heard everything from all these people; and the last one is a jab i wouldn’t dare make in person and I think he is Zulu so some props.

    for anyone who put Fresh Prince (girls of the world, summertime, first two albums) or Capadonna (winter warz, hello) on your list, you must have been born in 1990. and who put MC Serch on there (maybe Daddy Rich)? and Willie D? and Nore? Fat Joe (have you heard J.O.E.)? Too Short? what the f*ck is wrong with you people?

    • El Tico Loco

      Yeah I don’t get Cappa on the list (97 Mentality, Winter Warz, Milk the Cow, Run? cmon b ya’ll trippin) If is about rhymin off beat or not always rhymin Kool Keith should be on here. And whoever hates on Wu Tang but goes to see their favorite artist perform with 100+ niggaz on stage is hypocrite because guess where they got that from?

  • EmCDL

    Ok I know I made a few posts on here already, but I have to post another one. From what I read so far of the various W.O.A.T.s list, I really don’t understand…don’t comprehend…just don’t get it…that these folks are on the list. You got to be a stragith up hater or just haven’t listened to these peoples music (and this is not a W.O.A.T. list, this is the list of folks who claim that these folks are W.O.A.T.s):

    Will Smith
    The Game
    Remy Ma
    Bubba Sparkxx
    Fat Joe
    Murphy Lee
    T.I. (WTF???)
    Kanye West aka Kangay (Got a gay ass ego but dude can spit)
    Eminem (REALLY???)
    Lloyd Banks (Have you heard his mixtapes and Hunger For More? Please go listen to it…now)
    Papoose (???????)

    If someone can give me a legitimate reasoon why these MCs are wack (and are older than 18-21) please reply to this…I almost had a heart attack when I read thru these comments…

    • CUTTA

      i agree its the WOAT list not who i dont like list … silkk is the woat cuz you cant quote one hot hot silkk da shocker line …as a matter of fact can anyone give me one sillk line period

  • Ijustrap

    Which one of you clowns put the game on the list? are you kidding me he is in the top best 15 right now!

  • Galice

    In no particular order..
    Gucci Mane
    Swizz Beats
    Fat Joe
    Tony Yayo
    GS Crew (yeah, stanky leg fucking sucks)
    50 Cent after Get Rich..
    Jim Jones
    Joaquin Phoenix
    Kobe and Shaq
    Wayne, at least for the last few months

  • LB

    EmCDL…I agree witcha man. I think it’s part hatin, part ignorance, part not havin nothin to do but post hate, part…hatin! If anybody has EVER had the chance to HEAR Will Smith battle freestyle, then MANY people would have him right up there with all the other pioneers who so happen to specialize in gangsta rap. BUT many of these cats just started keepin up with the history of rap in general. Also, MURPHY LEE? WTF!? For somebody to call that dude wack is totally COASTAL HATIN! C’mon fellas, keep the shit real.

  • Ike Love

    This list is supposed to be about the wackest, and dudes on hear puttin T.I., Kanye, Em, C’mon now, Soulja Boy-yea I give u that one but dude is smart, He makin his money where the money is being made. Wackest song of the year “Stanky Legg” whack azz dance 2. But the distrubution companies who is letting this stuff get out is the W.O.A.T. bottom line it’s gotta be:
    1. Baby
    2. Ya-Yo
    3. Silkk

    and for u saying Wayne
    “Stop being rapper racist/region haters/spectators/dictators/behind door dick takers/it’s outrages/u don’t know how sick u make us/I wanna throw up like chips in Vegas/but this is southern face it/ and if where 2 simple then ya’ll don’t get da basics”

    And live at dat.

  • Ben


  • Mo

    I completly agree with EmCDL but Yayo is on the list and prolly lets see maybe for sure soulja boy i mean i understand dudes gettin his money and all or they say he makes lil id music or he might of had one good line on get silly remix (the easiest beat to murder me and my boys frrestyle to that track bi-weekly)but the dudes lyrically garbage

    • cold

      kill yourself now

  • j.mitch

    I agree with disrespect to the south It is some wack ass garbage niggas from the south.fuck who hatin on cappadonna( winter warz was a classic) cap killed that and made it a classic.wu forever end of story

  • Trickdd


  • Markie Mark


    • Pacino

      Waynes a beast? you must mean his ghost writer.

  • zee

    yall niggas sayin Mystkal is wack need to make out with a sledgehammer real talk…

  • LB

    j.mitch…I forgot what CD that was, but whichever had “Sland Editorials” on it was really the classic.

  • Ali

    Aaron Carter, Gucci Mane, & looks like Joaquin Phoenix is makin’ his way here too lol…..Prodigy just for the fact that he doesn’t even rhyme words anymore….& last I guess I’ll go with J.D.

  • LB

    I meant Slang Editorials

  • Ike Love

    Off rip let me go off by sayin how dudes gonna come on here and put T.I., Kanye, and Em on this list, really. It’s a lot of hatin goin on….But thats cool though we need haters to survive, Having haters lettin u know u on ur Shyt, it’s cool though. Soulja Boi, I can give u dat, but admitt it u kno u wuz “Super Sucking Dat Ho” lol, UUUUUU need to stop hatin, dude gettin his paper and doin his thing to be makin Millions and was still in school, get it playboi.

    But W.O.A.T. yea Silkk is up there, Any body sayin the whole No Limit camp, ha! dat’s funny, If it wasn’t for No Limit, Cats wouldn’t be makin dat money off their own labels, they couldn’t be dat whack Pac rode wit em-do ur history.

    Tony Yayo oh hell yea, dude is funny but he sucks lyrically.

    But I gotta give da W.O.A.T to Baby, aka Birdman, aka the No. 1 Stunna, aka Weezies daddy. He make his money yea but he should be in back ground like Slim. But I do got to gotta give it to him, He made Dudes in da hood wanna stunt, and Cash Money single handly brought out the phrase Bling-Bling. Dude history in da game but he still sucks as a Emcee. And for ya’ll addin his son on this list come on, “Stop being rapper racist/ region haters/spectators/behind door dick takers/ its outrages/ u don’t kno how sick u make us/ I wanna throw up like chips in Vegas/ but this is southern face it/ if we to simple then ya’ll don’t get the basics/”



      “UUUUUU need to stop hatin, dude gettin his paper and doin his thing to be makin Millions and was still in school, get it playboi.”

      Soulja Boy dropped the fuck out of high schoool, while in the 10th grade, BEFORE HE WAS SIGNED, because he said it wouldnt make him any money. Get your facts straight homie.

      1 of 3

      Also, MONEY DOESNT EQUAL TALENT! Yeah, he made millions. So did MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice. Fuck outta here with that garbage excuse.

      2 of 3

      Finally Wayne isnt Birdmans son! Calling another dude your “daddy” while ya’ll are not even REMOTELY connected by blood is some gay shit. Not only that, that verse you gave was straight up wack. C’mon man. Even Wayne has done better than that.

      3 of 3

      • Ike Love

        1st off pimpin dat is a Wayne verse, Shooter. 2nd And I didn’t say Soulja Boi can flow his flow sucks azz…It’s so simple but dat what u expect from a simple dude, And 3rd why would it be gay for u too look up 2 a nigga dat took care of u when ur Daddy aint there and call them daddy. It’s cool though pimpin. The funny thing iz da whole game is bout nuthin but money. It’s alotta whack so called emcees outthere that gimmack works. It’s a coporation and da Death of Pac and Big let this stuff seep through rocks…..Musik is Hypnotizing and that’s why these so called W.O.A.T. still made money cuz in da end of da day dats all they care about now and days. They done took the art of Hip-Hop and made it str8 4 da clubs, where we gonna be this Weekend.

        • NAWLEDGE

          1. Yes I KNOW that was a Wayne verse. He’s done better than that! MUCH better. For example his verse on Lyrical Homicide…

          2. No one is mad at the kid Soulja for makin bread. But its NOT hatin to say the kid is wack and his music is wack. Thats called an opinion, cuz.

          3. Yes, Birdman took care of him when his father died. I can appreciate that he looks up to him and considers him his father. But calling him “daddy” and kissin the man? Sayin thats “mafia shit”?? Naaaaawwwwww dawg. Cant give him that one.

          On to your point about music being for the clubs. Yes, thats understandable. We always had that. The problem is your next to last sentence.

          “They done took the art of Hip-Hop and made it str8 4 da clubs”

          What happened to the CULTURE? What happened to doing the artform of rapping simply for the artform of rapping?

          If Hiphop is all about money, that means its a business and not a culture. What you’re ultimately saying is that Hiphop truly is dead. Do you really agree with that assesment?

          I would hope not…

        • Ike Love

          Nawledge bone, naw fam hip-hop ain’t dead as long as there is real lyricist’s outthere it can’t die, the culture of hip-hop still pumping, it’s just da gimmack and distrubution of hip-hop dat gettin on my nerves…..Fat azz white execs sittin behind a desk sayin yes-no-I like dat one- and artist sellin their souls and puttin it out, it’s what’s killin us, and we playin da role of wille da foo-foo and buyin it, they wonder why we would rather download a wack album and go out and buy a classic. Honestly it’s just singles that come up and garbage on da rest of the album. I don’t know…..

          I guess I’ll just stick to underground cuz da industry 2 watered down.

          Good notes though pimp…….

          Hip-Hop is Not Dead, she just taking a nap right now!!!!!!!

  • mic-d

    say whatt my man crunchy just gutta he aint no rapper or mc he is the hypeman just like flav
    now silk is wack but there are worse rappers than silk for 1 that light skinned 1 hit wonder skeelo den you got vannila ice
    marki mark lol en yes that nigga soulja boy is wack dem d4l boys to aaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooot of niggas can get that title

  • DazzOne

    Silkk sucked, Mystikal was dope, fuck that! We should do a thread on what holds emcees back. For example: Black Thought can’t be considered one of the best (in my opinion) because his rhymes are always at arms length. I mean he doesn’t have to get as personal as Em does, but damn, after all these years can any true Roots fan say they really know where he’s coming from, or who he really is as an emcee?

    Back to the lecture at hand… Eminem is wack, that ‘Pop A Bottle’ shit is nothing like the “Slim Shady LP” Em and just plain GARBAGE!!!

    • ?

      Eminem is garbage?
      Have you not heard The marshall mathers LP or the eminem show?

      Hell even Encore?

      You must not have heard Infinite and you def didnt hear the slim shady EP.

      And fuck a slim shady LP that shytt was trash. He rapped like that just to break through the mainstream.

      Its called crack a bottle dickwad, and no one was claiming that song was a fucking classic, but he’s playing to the mainstream audiences. People wanna hear dumb wack shytt like that now. Hell, Lil wayne killed everyone’s eardrums already. And Em never has to put effort into any other song for the rest of his life. He’s sitting pretty on his pedestal that he’s EARNED.

      You too go die :)

    • ?

      Eminem is garbage?
      Have you not heard The marshall mathers LP or the eminem show?

      Hell even Encore?

      You must not have heard Infinite and you def didnt hear the slim shady EP.

      And fuck a slim shady LP that shytt was trash. He rapped like that just to break through the mainstream.

      Its called crack a bottle dickwad, and no one was claiming that song was a fucking classic, but he’s playing to the mainstream audiences. People wanna hear dumb wack shytt like that now. Hell, Lil wayne killed everyone’s eardrums already. And Em never has to put effort into any other song for the rest of his life. He’s sitting pretty on his pedestal that he’s EARNED.

      You too go die :)

  • Trickdd

    Ali you don’t know shit about Gucci you prole can’t even understand his style and what he is saying you gotta be a street nigga and no that chicken talk…Gucci has some of the sickest Verses if you know what he is saying would be like dam…Gucci and So Icey Boys are coming for the 09 he flooded the streets in 08 I think he was the hardest working artist in 08 hands down

    • CUTTA

      Just to futher my point even as awful as gucci is you can still find at least one fan there are NO silkk fans….. worst ever!!!!

  • dark vanilla

    EmCDL, I totally agree with you. Were talking bout the worst rappers of all time. As much as I hate Lil Wayne, I can’t even put him on the list. And whoever said Wu Tang just needs to die a horrible death. Wu Tang is probably one of the best groups ever. But there are so many bad rappers, most from the South, so I’ll just say one that’s probably on everyones list and thats Soulja Boy. He is probably the undisputed #1 W.O.A.T. and there’s nothing Vanilla Ice can do about it(c’mon who didn’t bump Go Ninja Go Ninja go)

  • Stuckfresh

    Birdman that nigga! Fuck that! Get Money!!!

  • Ya Boy

    I See Some Peoples Lists Have included These Artists

    The Game – 2 Classic Albums, The 3rd Being Solid. WTF!

    Kanye West – Sure His Egos Huge But His Music Is On Point. Graduations One Of My Fav Albums.

    Snoop Dogg – WTF! Doggystyles One Of The Greatest Albums Of All Time.

    Wu Tang Clan – Need I Say More?

    If U Have Included Any Of These Artists On Ur Lists Please Die A Slow And Uncomfortable Death.

  • yoprince


    LL Cool J .. yes I was born in 85, and this nigga has been suckin it up for a minute.. sorry old heads


    silkk the shocker

    bone thugs n harmony


    swizz beatz

    lil flip

    memphis bleek



    • cold

      yoprince , nigga is you crazy ? bone ? cassidy ? drag-on ? eve ?

      • yoprince

        honestly, i won’t front, i understand those aren’t consensus choices… but those are MY W.O.A.T.

        BONE has always been garbage to me minus a few joints where they harmonized their ass off.. rappin wise? fuck em, i can’t tell what they sayin…. so fuck em.

        CASSIDY’s bars are elementary.. every metaphor has “like,” so they not even ‘phors, they similes.. i learned better than that in middle school. with a pen and a pad, anybody can rap like cassidy.

        DRAG-ON is just garbage to me, his voice, his style.. he sucks

        and EVE is too sexy to be rappin’.. her bars are weak.

        and how can i forget

        charles hamilton

        but to each their own.

  • Tarius87

    Jon Brown from the white rapper show


    Shawty Lo i said it…he sucks

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Cappadonna a W.O.A.T.???

    Raekwon, Ghostface & Cappadonna – Ice Cream

    Ghostface, Raekwon & Cappadonna – Daytona 500

    Cappadonna – Slang Editorial

    Cappadonna – Run:


  • Bk’s Trill:Dollaboy

    Say what you want you fukk ass nigga. But Silkk The Shockers First album is better than anything Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Madlib, Murs, or whatever the fukk you nerds listen to.

    The Shocker >>> The Carter .

    Bling Bloaw Baehrrrrrr!

    • Eric

      cosign like a mufacka!

  • Jason Murk

    I nominate B-Legit, King George, and the Speedknot Mobsters for fuckin up Twista’s album

  • Perrucci

    Soulja boy
    Lil Jon

  • Only Da Real

    Lil’ Keke
    Slim Thug
    Pimp C & Bun B
    Wibbie & Boosie
    8Ball & MJG

    Rest of them niggas sucks

  • The Dirty One

    2. Anyone from Dipset
    3. Shawty Lo
    4. P Diddy (he dont write his own shit)
    5. Pharrell
    6. Tony Yayo
    7. Plies
    8. Gucci Maine
    9. Tum Tum (and Im from Dallas)
    10. Benzino

  • J Mack

    Top 10 (in no particular order)

    Mack 10
    Soulja boy
    Rappin 4 Tay…i mean really….
    E A Ski
    Pras….Lauryn and Wyclef must have been sick of carrying him

    Dana Dane

  • 7v5a7

    Drumroll please…………

    #5 UGod(from Wu-Tang)

    #4 Tela(Suave House early 90′s rapper)

    #3 Gucci Mane

    #2 Pras

    #1 Tracey Lee
    (only claim to fame was the “Keep your hands high” with B.I.G – til this day never figured out how he got B.I.G to do that song. I guess R.Curry was right about Puff robbing Bad Boy artist if he had to get on a track w/this bum LOL

    • $ykotic

      Did you mention Tracey Lee?

      Like for real?

      Are you serious? WOW! LMMFAO

      That dude was straight sanitation with it.
      Thanks for the memories!

  • G-Unot

    everyone ever on dip set is garbage exept hell rell sometimes definatly jim and killa….BUNK but soulja boy is by far the most retarded shit i have ever heard somebody should knock his ass out

  • GodBud

    how the fuck can u mention bone thugs u dumb muthafucka?

  • Gino

    Silk the shocker in top 3 come on bud what u smokin

  • Teddy

    In no particular order -

    Silk the Shocker
    Master P
    Bird Man
    Jim Jones

  • nellz

    most of the rappers from Louisiana minus wayne, juve, mystikal, boosie(even tho i dont like em)…yea every1 else pretty much sucks…im suprised i havent seen c-murder on this list

    how is travis from gym class even on this list?
    i mean..there a lotta whack rappers but bow wow, nick cannon, mims and a few others are not the worst of all time.

  • scoobysnax

    Man, I’m mad it took so long for Plies’ name to pop up on this list. Every time I hear this nigga it’s like my ears have been ravaged

  • sowph psyde

    1.Slim Thug
    2.Juicy J
    4.Mannie Fresh
    5.Flesh N Bone

    Nuff Said

  • JKeith734

    Big E Did u say Yukmouth and Spice 1 You got to be on crystal meth.

  • J Bug

    Everybody knows that Tony Yayo is the worst fucking rapper ever. He had the line in the worst song ever “I like the way she do it” by G-Unit. Here it is and I quote, “I need a dollar ever time my heart beat. (Pause)……….Now how much is that?/ I could breathe on a track and make money (wheeze wheeze) Now how much is that?” I didn’t make those up, I swear. I could make up a Yayo rap line right now. It’s super easy. “I get money every time I take a shit, (Push groan) Now how much is that?” He’s such a cocky asshole who thinks he’s so badass, when 50 is the one who pays for everything that he has. I hate you Tony Yayo. Go fuck yourself in the woods.

    • yoprince

      lmao @ “wheeze wheeze” and “push groan”

  • that_boy_boogie

    in no order:

    freekey zeekey, ace hood, m.i.m.s., soilja boy, v.i.c., bow wow (marco polo lmao!!), swizz beatz, bizzare, mike jones, paul wall, crunchy black, lil wyte, dolla, t-pain, current nelly, j-kwon, chingy, ying yang twins, flo rida, plies, shorty lo, gorilla zoe, yung joc, yung berg, lil boosie, webbie, foxx, pick 5 man, the list goes on…..

  • Trickdd

    It says worst rappers not rappers you don’t like if that was the case haters would have to many names to name. This is my list for the best haters scoobysnax,that_boy_boogie,nellz,Teddy lets be real Master P Silk Cmurder are just as good than any nigga from the East,

  • JerryP

    1. Mims
    2. Hurricane Chris
    3. Birdman
    4. Tony Yayo
    5. Juelz Santana

  • 7v5a7

    Forgot Honorable Mention….any of these up and coming lames that appear on

  • Shawty J

    5. Soulja Boy – Soulja Boy’s lyrics maintain no coherence. I’ve heard him do alright on a couple of occasions, but let’s face it he’s awful.

    4. Mike Jones…Jones – In between his unnecessary shouting and repeating the same bars over and over, Jones proves he has no vocabulary and no style.

    3. Fabo – Almost forgot about him. In between his half retarded voice, and lack of vocabulary he’s just awful. He’s so bad that I actually had to block him out of my mind. Oddly enough he’s not my least favorite member of D4L, see below.

    2. Shawty Lo – What anybody sees in dude I don’t know. His rap style is a combination of ad-libbing, mumbling, and harmonizing. His rhymes are elementary. Come on…

    1. Crunchy Black – Really, come on now. WTF, Paul? WTF, Juicy? If I ever met Three 6 Mafia I’d be inclined to ask what they saw in him. He sucks, hell his name gives his suckiness away.

  • dark vanilla

    Yo prince. Bone Thugs? I know its your WOAT, but it just seems more like a hater then someone who likes actual music. Bone Thugs are like legends. Cassidy. Have you seen his freestyles? Did you see how bad he totally murked Freeway? A lot of these lists are nothing bout actual WOAT, but more of just hating towards a rap group. I hate Lil Wayne, but theres no way I think he’s the WOAT (although he isn’t that good and he’s way overrated).

  • D – Ride


  • Snottie Pippen

    U-God and Havoc end of story.

  • DKS

    4.Tony Yayo
    3.Soulja Boy
    2.Mike Jones
    1.Yung Berg

  • balaramesh

    @jburg ,

    you right son. obie trice might have outshined em (and jada and llyod banks on one track) on a couple tracks. not to say he is not corny at times.

    bubba sparxx is nice. he dropped a second album a couple years ago and it was highly slept on. but hey, no pays attention to any of the good southern rappers these days.

    @Bk’s Trill:Dollaboy,

    you must either be kidding or REALLY DUMB and SIMPLEMINDED:

    talib at age 6 > anyone EVER on no limit records ask jay or fiddy cent (two big talib fans).

    @Trickdd ,

    you like guicci maine?!?!? you might as well go back to the 6th grade if you passed that.

    this is a pretty good column. i do not necessary agree with everyone’s list though. however, the rap game has had COUNTLESS HORRIBLE RAPPERS the past few years. AND, they find their way on radio/video rotation

  • Trickdd

    I fuck with Gucci for some simple facts your favorite artist Gucci well whip his ass he is real he don’t play know girly shit there is no one else in the game that has Gucci style you call it simple I call it complex you gotta fuck with Gucci to know what he is saying he has some sick verses he can rap your just sleeping om the kid

  • Greg Ostertag

    fyi…I listen to all these people for cheap laughs when I’m high as shit….

    1. Team Blackout- Rev run needs to tell Jo Jo the truth hes ass and so are his friends.

    2.OJ da Juice Man- the name explains it all

    3.Yung Burg- not only does he get robbed every fuckin month he is a horrible artist

    4.Mike Jones- the lack of lyricism,the reiteration of his name and the inconsistency with material and concepts.

    5. RZA- you cant understand what he’s saying let alone what hes talking about. I respect him in all as a producer and helping bring back the east but sometimes you got to ply the back.

  • Kaos

    Lil Wayne
    Soulja Boy

  • Sauce: The Designated Hater

    1. Vanilla Ice
    2. MC Hammer
    3. Soulja Boy
    4. Domino (remember him)
    5. Silkk the shocker

    In no particular order. These cats are way past wack!

  • style

    Soulja Boy
    Silk tha Shocker
    Master P
    Jim Jones
    Mike Jones
    Trick Daddy
    Tony Yayo

  • snottie pippen

    definately UGod and ima throw havoc in there

  • Marco317

    Man, new yorkers are some serious haters, they are quick to blast artists like , Lil Boosie, Gucci mane, and Paul Wall, and quickly go ahead and hop on Lupe Fiasco, Joell Ortiz, and Andre 3000, but what matters at the end of the day is who they 25 and under population wants ! Every hood in the US loves Gucci, Boosie, cause they can relate to what they rap about, so what if they dont have the most amazing wordplay, or the best sounding rhymes ? the people enjoy the music, the beats, the flow, the rawness. Meanwhile all ur punk ass lyricist are not sellin anything ! Joell Ortiz ? please hes corny and Dr. Dre dropped him cause hes not marketable. Lupe ? that nerd is doing rock music now, his albums were just lame, Nas ? still stuck in them old ass days with them sleepy beats, and corny lines hes carrer is over, at the end of the day is what the neighborhoos wants, because hip hop is not a type of music, is a lifestyle.

    • macdatruest

      Worst 5 Of All Time:

      Petey Pablo- he neeeever had a verse that rhymed. High energy garbage at it’s finest. A Forty year old retarded with A.D.D. “take ya shirt off and wave it like a helicopter”

      Spider Loc- I honestly cant see how M.O.P. got dropped from G-Unit, but Spidey Loc still make albums. Blue World Order was one of, if not THE worst mixtape I ever heard by a human

      Lil’ Kim- besides the whore, herpes infested appeal- her actual skill level is highly questionable. Not to mention B.I.G. ghostwrote her best shit. But I guess a man gotta do wht a whore’s gotta do. She sucks balls pun definitely intended

      Easy E- It’s a well known fact easy couldnt write to save his life. Ice Cube was his ghostwriter. After he left, even though there was an NWA- there was no Easy E.

      Obie Trice- I don’t give fuck about no Eminem co-sign. Eminem co-signed Trick Trick, who is also weak as fuck, but he takin the Fiddy route: rent-a-thug type shit.

      runners up:

      Jim Jones
      Silkk the Shocker



      “Truth, is limitless in its range, if you drop a T, and look at it in reverse it could hurt”-Lupe Fiasco

      Now drop the second “T” from word “truth” and spell it backwards. What does that spell? Yeah, Lupe is real garbage alright.

      And who gives a fuck if he does something different? Why does every rapper have to be on some uber thug, “Im such a tough guy I sold ounces of coke”, type of bullshit? Knowing full and well they most likely never did a THING they talk about? Niggas cant be different? Im sick of hearing the same shit over and over. ITS BORING!! You’re correct when you say Hiphop is a lifestyle. But you’re INCORRECT when you insinuate that the lifestyle has to be conformed to the same lifesytle that killing off so many of our young black men. And theres NOTHING wrong with Gansta Rap. But negativity isnt all what life is about. There’s more to the world the the 4 blocks of your ghetto.

      1 of 4

      You seem to have confused a lyricist with a punchline artist. A punchline arist just uses complex metaphors and says absolutely nothing on a track. A lyricsist uses metaphors, wordplay, and other rhyme schemes to actually convey a message or a point of view. That also has to deal with content. It dosent matter about the quantity of punchlines you can spit, its about the qualitiy of music, my friend.

      Now what “rawness” do you speak of? Killin niggas, fuckin hoes, selling drugs, and being a “thug”. Yeah, like we havent already heard that from 95% of almost every rapper. The flow? Heard much better. Not a good argument my man.

      2 of 4

      Since when was Lupe doing rock? He was always Hiphop. Why, cause he signed a rock group he’s doing rock? Last I checked, rock sells way more than rap. Its called being smart, homie.

      “Old sleepy beats”? Thats your argument? “Corny lines”? Really?

      “The glimmers of hope provoke those without dollars to dream / through your existence become wealthy knowledge is king”- Nas

      Yeah, that was REAL corny! Compared to

      “From my hood to yo hood mayne we makin money
      in the club we poppin bottles the room we hittin models / rollin through the Bottom all the kids hollin Boosie this life a nigga livin like I’m starrin in a movie”- Boosie

      Naw that wasnt corny at all…

      3 of 4

      Finally, stop using that bullshit excuse of shit “relating” to people. Why cant motherfuckers relate to getting out the hood, getting an education, and realizing there’s more to life than jewlery and sex?? Why cant anyone relate to that? “It relates to me” is a bullshit excuse used to by people who dont think of other options, dont want to think of other optionns, and dont even TRY to think of other options.

      4 of 4

      Your entire assesment is full of crap, dawg. Oh and before you even start that “up north hater” bullshit



      • Marco317

        I see ur point nawledge, and u are right. Theres nothin wrong with making music with a message or intelligent content, but the thing is not everybody makes it out the hood goes to college and starts earning high 5 figure salaries. When a regular blue collar worker with a 9 to 5 job hops in his car going back home from work, he wanna escape reality for a secong, and hear rick ross rapping about “hustling” because is liberating, and hip hop always roots for the underdog, even if its a drug dealer on the street trying to get rich.(even though rick ross is a fraud, the content of his music might be entertaining to the average joe.) It would be great if everyone made it out the ghetto and went to college and got degrees, but sadly, the truth is much different my man. Maybe a suburban white person who has had a spoon in their mouth their entire life might like Lupe, because the guy really is a great artist. and brings something different to the table, but a struggling black person from the hood, might not. Not because the material is garbage or low quality, but because thats simply not what he is used to. The reality is, that theres a real small porcentage of people who are hip hop fans and have college degrees or are living in the high class. So if a regular Joe goes to the store and picks up Boosie instead of Lupe or Nas, lets please not blame them bro. U know what the slogan of worldwide media is ? “GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT, NOT WHAT THEY NEED”. U a pretty smart dude, and I respect ur opinion bro, so lets just agree to disagree in some stuff.

        • NAWLEDGE

          “When a regular blue collar worker with a 9 to 5 job hops in his car going back home from work, he wanna escape reality for a secong, and hear rick ross rapping about “hustling” because is liberating, and hip hop always roots for the underdog, even if its a drug dealer on the street trying to get rich.”

          Good point. I work an 8 hour shift and so do my homeboys. Difference is, I’m in college and they’re not. I guess it does help some folks escape reality, but the way I see it, it really doesnt. They go from their jobs, back to the neighborhood, and are listening to lyrics over and over about how bad their nieghborhoods are and how people get killed, sell crack, or play ball to get out. Negative reinforcement to me. I feel people should expand their horizon beyond that, because someone once told me, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

          “Maybe a suburban white person who has had a spoon in their mouth their entire life might like Lupe”

          *facepalm* :/

          Dude, Lupe is from Westside Chi. One of the worst neighborhoods up there. He just chooses not to talk about negative subjects. Please dont me your insinuating that a person who makes music with intelligent content has to be some silver spoon fed douche. Cause Nas is from Queens Bridge and Common is from Southside Chi…

          “So if a regular Joe goes to the store and picks up Boosie instead of Lupe or Nas, lets please not blame them bro”

          Thats what I was sayin before. Why does the average joe want to just stay average? Motivation and ambition is something I get from music like Lupe’s and Nas’. And I guess there’s no problem with just being a regular dude with a regular job, but dont put yourself into a box with seemingly no way out. Expand the horizion.

          “Its the mark of an educated mind to entertain an idea without accepting it.”

          I dont really hate Boosie or have a problem with Street Music, I just dont see what the big deal is about him. He says the same thing I’ve heard millions of times before and its not in any new or unique way. See, Im actually a fan of Game, Jigga, and Big L. All rappers who talk about those same subjects, but in a much more different & unique style.

          I really do feel where you’re comin from though, and feel we’ve reached a consensus to agree to disagree.


  • thesqueeze

    2)MASTER P

  • Anti-Mainstream

    1) Mase-(Hip Hop started getting Wack and blingy when he and Puffy came out with the shiny suits…Think about it! Hip Hop has slowly gotten more and more WACK since.
    2) Vanilla Ice
    3) Chingy
    4) Birdman, and Gucci man (Tied)
    5) Lil Boosie

    Marco 317-How old are you and WTF are you talking about? I hate to break it to you homie but if they had a top 10 of the wackest rappers alive I bet you a majority of people on the list would come out of the south! Nas is a legend and is still hot. Joell Ortiz is the best emcee since Biggie to come up from New York. As far as every hood in the US loving Gucci and Boosie, yeah maybe the under age 15 population. New York niggas ain’t haters we just know garbage ass rappers when we see them. You wack homie!

  • Anti-Mainstream

    My bad, for number 4 I’m taking gucci man out and putting soulja boy in. You can’t have a top 5 without soulja boy’s wackass…..

  • eric

    Silkk should NOT be on this list! There have been hundreds of rappers worse! In No Limit’s heyday, Silkk was most people’s favorite!

    “i used to walk in the bank/they be like ‘i know he a thief’/and now i walk in and cash my checks/with no i.d.”

    nigga wasn’t wack!

    here’s a bottom five for you:
    soulja boy
    bow wow
    Crunchy Black
    Gucci Mane

  • seo surrey

    Pony Yayo
    Bow Wow
    rick rauss

    bizarre is great!

  • ThingAlec

    In no order (and not including ringtone rappers).

    Lil’ Wayne (overrated as fuck)
    Tony Yayo
    Boosie & Webbie
    Gucci Mane

  • Reptile

    Since you brought up the Brothers Miller you may as well include C- Murder he is wacker than Sillk in my opinion.

    Dru Down
    ANYBODY out that HYPNOTIZED MINDS camp (garbage)



    • craig

      1) plies, nigga always sound high & drunk at the same miki fiki time!!! his beats are saving his career! for now anyway

      2) mc hammer, he’s a beast on the dance floor! lyrics were just whack & pre school level

      3) lil wayne now!! nigga quit singing & laughing like a damn kid!! man up!!!

      4)jim jones, beats & phrases are catchy as hell!! but he only hot now because he can keep up with the rest of the southern hip hop artist who are hot now!! slow, remedial, whack ass rhymes, not a real lyricist whatsoever

      5) for the old schoolers daddy mc!! flippin jodeci pretty much made his career, then they jumped off & left that nigga in the dust!!

  • gutta

    are u serious?? u can go forever with this one..kinda dumb post though but hey might as well give my list:
    1)all those rappers from bet uncut
    4)lil jon
    5)soulja boy(cant leave him out)
    6)kobe bryant(he did have a record deal)
    7)nick cannon
    8)vanilla ice

  • ThirdWarder

    Worst 5 Ever:
    (No particular order)

    1. Prodigy of Mobb Deep

    2. Puffy

    3. Benzino

    4. Guru of Gangstar

    5. Silk Da Shocker

    Whoever put Mystikal on this list needs to go dude some serious homework.

  • Susan Mueni

    1.Dr Dre
    2.Jim Jones
    3.Tony Yayo
    4.Yung Berg
    6.Pit Bull
    7.Souljah Boy
    8.Bird Man
    9.Mike Jones
    10.Gucci Mane

  • chris-9999

    Mystikal. and lil’ b. can they just occupy all 5 spots?

  • Sirctiano

    souljah bouy, gucci mane, young joc, young jeezy, lil jon, de franchise buoys, birdman, plies

  • Dizzy D

    Vanilla Ice not even close to being one of the worst rappers. He has the best flow bar none. His rhymes are simplistic but that makes him a better writer not a bad rapper. I have been to hundreds of shows and Vanilla Ice is the best live I have ever seen. I love Tupac but he sucked live compared to Vanilla Ice, Snoop dogg horrible live, dr. dre horrible live. The mark of a good mc is his live performance and Ice is amazing live. He is know to be able to rap over anything. He is a great rapper, who ever put him on their list do not know hip hop, they just believe the hype, and follow along with the white washed medias lies.
    the guys from the lonely island who did “i am on the boat” song have to be the worst. Then Soldier boy, then lil john. The worst, then 50 cent. All of them are jokes. Anyone who is black thinks he has the right to rap, it way harder for white people to get a props.
    I dare any of you to listen to Vanilla Ices “O.K.S” “Dirty South”, “Say Goodbye”, “Hustlin”, “Dun Natt” “Rollin in my”, “Get Your ass up” or “Bounce” and tell me he is one of the worst rappers of all time.

    The Norman Bates of hip hop, new cd is coming out soon “Wisdom, Tenacity, Focus”

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