Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner…

Survey says that the people who frequent the X-spot are mostly into shit other than music. The Chris Brown beatdown of his former beatbox Rihanna is now the most discussed story while the ongoing internets shenanigans of the raptors Fisty Scent and Rick Raws is more popular than the music they are releasing as the soundtrack. Rap music now has to play the background to weblogs about… Rap music.

Don’t act like you didn’t see this coming. This is what you asked for. You were gullible enough to imagine that someone had amassed wealth from illicit narcotics trafficking prior to recording songs in which he claimed to be a wealthy narcotics trafficker. Enough of you bought into that fantasy to let the survey takers know that you would also consume ringtones over orchestral productions. This simultaneously followed the idea that simple call and response lyrics were more palatable than rhymes containing too many polysyllabic words.

As the music component of Hip-Hop was dumbed down for packaging the audience followed suit. Why do you think the WWE has such a tremendous following in the south, midwest and Philadelphia? This is where the dumbest populations in America reside and where they crave the entertainment of actors dressed up in underwear grabbing each other’s crotches. Wrestling was always the pastime for teh ghey mongoloids. Professional wrestling is definitely entertaining but the viewers with any sense have left reality at the door. We know the actors all have lunch together from the same craft services buffet table.

Rick Ross had his actor facade removed last year with the disclosure that he was formerly a correction officer prior to his career change to a recording artist. Fifty Cent was on a downward trajectory since releasing his monumental album Get Rich or Die Trying back in 2003. These two artists needed this Vince McMahon type excitement to justify the amounts of money that their respective labels have invested in them. What the labels should be doing is arranging for a cage match between the two since the survey says that is what the fans want to consume. Are music labels ready to convert themselves into fight, er, concert promoters?

All that is left now is the spectacle since we are no longer interested in the lyrics or the music. At the end of the day the so-called fans gathered around for the negativity and the controversy. And you know whose legacy those marketing strategies belong to…


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  • Ron Mexico

    “Don’t act like you didn’t see this coming. This is what you asked for. You were gullible enough to imagine that someone had amassed wealth from illicit narcotics trafficking prior to recording songs in which he claimed to be a wealthy narcotics trafficker.”

    …and the church said “amen.”

    this shit been wrasslemania, mane. yet, like monkeys, we still hoppin around squealing about how “real” our favorite street-fantasy rappers are.

    • squadwildin

      I cant agree….at all. Young Jeezy, T.I.? Really sold dope. and Jeezy really got rich off of it.He was in the BLACK MAFIA FAMILY for God’s sake. He used to get dope from Lauderdale. A close relative of mine knows the dope man that sold it to him.

      Every body is not fakin. 50 Cent really was shot nine times. If it wasnt for the scars to prove it, ya’ll would probly say that shit was fake too.

      The only thing with 2pac is that trouble seemed to follow him. He didnt go lookin for that shit. He sold records without it

      The RAPE CASE?? you think he paid that bitch to take him to court so he could go to jail?

      Being shot in front of a recording studio in NY? are you implying that 2pac had something to do with the conspiracy of him gettin shot???

      Really Billy? if a rapper has ever been shot, you have to kind of believe at least half their story. No one pays another person to shoot at them. If that was the case, most ppl would just do it themselves, like Lil Wayne

      Speaking of Lil Wayne…how come no one brings this guy up when talkin bout fake gangstas?? that nigga never even seen the weight he be talkin bout…

      and going back to rap being a testosterone sport, as Rakim put it. Beef is going to happen. Football is a testosterone sport for example…Fights happen on the field. Beef happens in rap since rap began. Why is it all of a sudden considered fake?

      Why would Def Jam pay Rick Ross to go after 50 Cent then issue a gag report for Ross a day later after the beef started? these are the questions you all need to be askin yourselves before you go around assuming whats fake and whats real

      bow wow and soulja boy beef was definitlely fake. if you listen to their diss songs, they sound real similar. It sounds like they sat down and wrote the shit together.

      I guess Billy, 50 Cent or Rick Ross is gone have to die over this beef for you to really believe that these two cats was seriously beefin.

      • geico lizard

        TI sold drugs but Young Jeezy needs more people. Jeezy called himself the michael phelps of rap but right now phelps has a picture proving he has touched drugs in his life jeezy only has raps. Pimp C called Jeezy out for distancing himself from meech and BMF after the shit hit the fan.

        Michael Phelps police rap sheet >> Young Jeezy non existent police rap sheet.

        • squadwildin

          naw you can sell drugs and not get caught, i.e. no felonies.(its highly unlikely but possible) but i know jeezy has got to have some sort of misdemeanors or something.

          Its a lot of dudes that sold weight and only have a couple misdemeanors. I got family like that. not as big a weight as Jeezy was talkin bout, but yet & still.

          but no doubt, Jeezy did some flaw ass shit when the shit hit the fan and everybody was indicted. The Black Mafia Family used to sponser his shows and he bailed out on them when the trouble came

          and amar, goin to your point about Pac, what can you expect? He was the son of a black panther. It’s in his blood to shake up shit. But as far as that shit wit Biggie, i dont know wat to say about that to be honest. Need more info before I can speak on it. otherwise i’d probly be making some ignorant ass statements, which i hate to do

      • amar


        i agree with u on most points, but i’m not buying that pac wasn’t asking for trouble and that it followed him.

        if the dude beat up crip gangsters, shot at cops, got head on a dance floor and spit at reporters in his public life, i can only imagine the type of shit he would pull when there weren’t cameras and witnesses around.

        If you mean he wasn’t looking for trouble in the sense that he could’ve still been big without it, i’d have to agree. Although if u look at his two classic albums (although i’d say there’s more than two), one got hype because he was shot and the other got hype can he was in jail.

    • drox

      PAC & BIGGIE = timeless legends that we STILL speak off after 10 years deep into postmortem. Billy= a pissed off blogger that wants to make something outta nothing and everything…. somethings are that simple and somethings arent…

  • GO-Getta’

    Hip hop ain’t dead just on death-bed but it is frustatin’ 2 hear sum1 of rawse calibre going monkey..monkey ryhme afta’ ryhme & still pretend not 2 b’ the foma’ co.

    Fiddy is back 2 his bad-boy status but him & gay-unit is gay & has’nt had a hit in yrs.

    Finally my time is 2 short 2 share…but what really happen 2 Chi-riri fiasco?

    • EReal

      I get money was last year idiot. lmao.

      Oh and Game was talkin that Gay Unit shit 3 years ago, that shits played out. Get Officer Ricky’s nightstick outcha mouff. “Ross’s Calibre” ROFL, dude isn’t even a PLATINUM ARTIST. Might as well be webbie, or fuckin lil boosie.

  • EReal

    Billy just compared 50 Cent to Tupac, lol.

    Hey wait!


  • Parispolice

    I agree with everything you said Billy, especially about the stupid little beefs thats going on, but comparing him to 2pac again? jesus get off the man’s dick oneeeee time!

    • TEZZY

      Yeah cant compare him to tupac cause tupac was NEVER a thug till he got famous.

      NIGGAS always get mad when i say that but its true he’s was like the lil dude that was soft all his life then you see him a couple years later than he start to act all tough like he wasnt a bitch awhile ago lol

  • Pierzy

    If you’re gonna shit on Philadelphia, at least spell it correctly.

  • Monty B.

    Word. The next time you come to Philly you are getter merked on sight!

  • amar

    u know the fucked up shit is i got to thinking and i can actually see 50 on wrestlemania. Like Master P back in the day. 50 would totally sink to that level.

    In fact, I see the big bossman rossman and fisty battling wrestling in the wwe as some sort of squash the beef match. Actually…if they have actual beef and let them whack each other with it (no homo), i might watch that shit (no homo no homo no homo)


  • these posts are racist

    Your comment about Tupac is innaccurate. At age 12, living in the Robery Taylor Homes in Chicago (housing projects), Tupac spoke to me, inspired me and expressed my anger and frustration with the world in a way nobody else could; not family/teachers/friends, other musicians. To sum up his legacy as a WWF episode is just wrong and not true.

    I am Tupac’s legacy and there are millions of others who understand Tupac was/is a lot more than his beef with Biggie.

    • amar

      are u the mind who was sparked by tupac and will change the world that tupac was referring to?

      • these posts are racist

        Maybe Amar…maybe.

        • HIP HOP SINCE 77

          Yo, that was deep dog. I feel we all are the minds that will spark change. Look at Barack, he might not have all or any of his cd’s but I bet he respects Pac.

    • giantstepp

      Co-sign TPAR!! Very well said. Millions are with you on this one bruh. I cannot understand this hatred and disrespect that BXS has with Pac.

  • tony grand$

    Hip hop is the Greek Coliseum. It generates off of blood lust, & the TI’s & artists alike now that to be true.

    Its all spectator sport. If the crowd wants it, they’ll supply it, good, bad or indifferent.

    Its a lot easier now, especially with “good music” more or less taking a backseat to the entertainment aspect of it.

    The only difference I see between WWE & Rap music is that rap is based on the realities of a struggle, & in real life, aint no commercial breaks, & niggas die.

    • macdatruest

      The only difference I see between WWE & Rap music is that rap is based on the realities of a struggle, & in real life, aint no commercial breaks, & niggas die.

      co-sign. Put that on a postcard of Tupac’s autopsy and mail it to Fiddy and Ross aka William and Curtis

  • tommy gunz

    look..all this shit is–is entertainment…and 50 has damn near mastered this entertainment game…as far as pac…he’s not that and has never claimed to be…let this shit be what it is…a distraction from the fuckin bullshit of everyday life and somethin to blab about on the fuckin net..nothing more—its not real beef its not street and its not gangsta shit…it’s ENTERTAINMENT

  • louie mo

    Why do you think the WWE has such a tremendous following in the south, midwest and Philidelphia? This is where the dumbest populations in America reside…………….
    base on what fact you dumb son of bitch…i mean you just been call out for misspelling Philadelphia, nigga how smart are you…… nigga you is a straight bitch…. hiding behind these blogs……

  • King Blair

    Chris Brown: (on the phone) whats up hoe

    Rhianna: (in trinidadi or wtf ever she from voice) oh no u not talking up some hoe. (slaps CB)

    Chris Brown: Is Chris Brown gonna have to smack a bitch


    I think we all learned sometimes these bitches be outta pocket. I heard Officer Rickey was the first responding officer on the scene

    • drox

      co-sign King Blair…
      funny ass shit!!!

  • that nigga

    Why do you think the WWE has such a tremendous following in the south, midwest and Philidelphia? This is where the dumbest populations in America reside and where they crave the entertainment of actors dressed up in underwear grabbing each other’s crotches
    Damn! Why everybody mad at the South for. HAHAHAHAAHA!!

  • EmCDL

    Thats what it is…entertainment is the main course and actual skills are put in the garbage disposal. I can care less if the rapper has been shot, sold rocks, or ran from the cops; as long as they can spit and what they spit is what they actually go thru and not no fake bs, I’m down with it. One of my boys I know asked me “man how ca you go from listening to The Clipse to listening to Murs?”, and I told him exactly what I just said…because in the end thats all that matters to me is good music.

  • master cheef

    billy “x.tra fudge” sunday doesn’t like pac cause he is from new york. it’s that simple. and he puts this shit in blogs just to get comments. it’s just that simple.

    please post anybody else’s lyrics and break it down and show us play by play how they are superior to pac’s best. and do pick a good pac song. or ill pick one for you.

    how about a biggie verse and a pac verse? we’ll see if biggie’s are lyrically superior.
    multi syllable whatever, storytellin, metaphors,wordplay, all that shit

  • master cheef

    and cosign squadwilin, just cause 99% of these niggas are fake dont mean all of them are. rappers are just like any other community. only bout 1% is real. you’re not in that billy. the odds are against you.

  • master cheef

    [Verse Two: Tupac]
    So mandatory my elevation my lyrics like orientation
    So you can be more familiar with the nigga you facing
    We must be patient nothing better than communication
    Known to damage and highly flamable like gas stations
    Sorry I left that ass waiting
    No more procrastination give up to fate, and get that ass shaking
    I’m busting and making motherfuckers panic
    Don’t take your life for granted put that ass in the dirt
    You swear the bitch was planted
    My lyrics motivate the planet
    It’s similar to Rhythm Nation
    but thugged out, forgive me Janet
    Who’s in control I’m activating your souls
    You know, the way the games get controlled
    you, two years ago, a friend of mine
    Told me Alize and Cristal blows your mind
    Bear witness to the dopest fucking rhyme I wrote
    Taking off my coat, clearing my throat

  • escobar9300

    Eh Sunday, you might want to find yourself a new job because your blogs have been getting more and more bunk each passing week. Your shit is garbage dude, give it a rest

  • $ykotic

    In the real world, competition is everywhere.

    Even your co-worker or co-d is ready to cut throat.

    I have always told my kids “Don’t worry about them, who are you?”

    Real recognize real. A lot of these dudes in life and music are very unfamiliar.

  • ceaser paciotti

    first of all pac was from new york. 183rd and creston to be exact. bx borough stand up. so billy aint hating because he is from new yitty. second of all that pac verse that was posted was kind of weak. compare tha to a big pun verse and you’ll see what we mean (we meaning people with any form of intelligence and analytical reasoning skills) when we state that pac was not that lyrical.

    • TEZZY

      ^^^^ thank you most of these niggas that was die hard pac fans was like 10 or eleven when he died

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Some of you bum ass niggas must have a velvet portrait of Tupac hanging up in your foyer. That niggas was a bum ass rapper who brought a circus like atmosphere wherever he went until he realized he was about to get done in.

    Peep that pic with Tupac riding beside Suge Knight and tell yourself you see what a man looks like when he knows he is in too deep.

    • macdatruest

      You don’t know that Tupac was considered a political activist and called a “political” rapper all the way up until Me Against The World. Listen to the old news casts when the LAPD beat his ass: “POLITICAL RAPPER TUPAC SHAKUR!!!!” Strictly 4 My Niggaz, 2pacaylpse Now, all that shit was political.

      Even Me Against The World was social/political. All that shit you sayin’ about Pac is some boo boo. Pac image was carefully made into a stereotype during the alleged rape case. Niggas don’t even know who Pac father was, Google People’s Republic of Africa-. That nigga Pac was way more than a rapper. There are no living Shakurs in America that were not killed or jailed.

      My kids LOVE “Brenda’s Got A Baby”-They watch that video back to back like a movie. They be bringing Brenda up in conversations like they knew her- Pac did that. He is the only “bum ass rapper” wit a course being taught about him at various Universities across the nation, THE FIRST UNIVERSITY TO TEACH A COURSE ON TUPAC WAS HARVARD plus his POETRY is World Famous and I knew he published a book of poetry he wrote in Jail, but I felt like an idiot for thinkin’ it was small time.

      But now after being in more successful movies playing a wider range of roles than most rappers are even considered for, selling a shitload of albums, publishing a world famous poetry book and generally leaving his mark all over hip hop in various forms and fashions(literally) you-BILLY FUCKIN EX-SUNDAY call him a bum ass rapper conducting a circus. What is your blog then? People come here to shit mentally…

      Pac=just a bum ass rapper, then
      Billy X Sunday=an extraordinarily outstanding speck of meaningless dust covered underachievement in the scheme of life feat. a blog

    • Moi

      2pac changed in the Death Row years . . . but can you really front on Me Against the World? i agree that his post-humous reputation as an activist, poet, or some sort of political figure has been way exagerrated and that he brought a lot of really negative things to hip-hop: violent beef, the idea of “keeping it real,” gangster rap as the dominating commercial force (mixing the actual criminal life with rap as some sort of test of manhood), pathological megalomania, whatever, and it caught up to him; and i agree that there are better lyricists who embody/embodied hip-hop itself, Biggie maybe first among them.

      but that album, Me Against the World as far as am emotional head-on document, with a certain level of quality, can you really knock it? seriously. apart from comparisons to others.

  • tony grand$

    All debating aside, that was the last picture he took alive. Moments before he was senselessly murdered.

    Next known flick is that horrible autopsy photo.

    SMH @ the bullshit………

  • master cheef

    I ain’t a player, I just fuck a lot
    Jump on top of my dick and work them hips, until I bust a shot
    It doesn’t stop, I’m only beginnin I’m bonin your women
    While you home all alone, I’m blowin up in em
    Sendin them back to you, mad at you
    Don’t catch a motherfuckin attitude
    I’m just showin you how this rapper do
    Capital Punishment, when I’m up in it, suckin it
    Bustin it out, nice blouse, let me unbutton it
    You’re fuckin wit King Papi Chulo when knockin culo
    Pop your mulos out the socket tryin to ride with the sumo
    You know my rise is high, word I be drillin em
    Bitches be tryin to ride but the current be killin em
    Fillin em with the cash, my cheese premium unleaded
    Come get it, first wreck the ton, then let the Pun hit it
    Split it in half, watch the gas, baby take a bath
    Be good, I might put away the wood and give you the mustache

    ceasar salad,
    please enlighten me, o ye of infinite intelligence, what makes this more “lyrical”.
    pun doesnt rhyme any more syllables than pac’s or use any more metaphors. please tell me what makes it so goddamn smart.

  • these posts are racist


    You’re attacks agains’t Tupac have no merit. You have not offered any type of acutal argument – you only offer conclusions. It’s impossible to argue with basless conclusions.

    • these posts are racist

      Sorry, “your”, before the grammer police jump on me.

  • chillin mayne

    ayo my murderous rap, verbal attack
    is actual fact /
    tactical tracks match perfectly with graphical stats
    half of you lack, the magical tap, of tragical rap, that tackles you back and shackles and laughs at you thats /
    the mathematcial madness im on
    the savage, the strong
    the marriage a bond of havoc and song
    this massacres on / as if picasso laced u
    theres lots of hateful skeletons locked in the closet of my castle of greyskull
    an apostle in gradeschool
    thats why i have to debate u
    my raps are like cables, slashin ya facial
    thats how a master degrades you
    im batteling hey-soos(jesus),
    if he pass through my label
    im snatchin his halo,
    god ill trade you,
    just send my father back as an angel
    language is fatal and its hypnotizin,
    im only emphasizin im still all about business and enterprisin….

    pun…super lyrical..go listen to that track master cheef and then tell me wen pac has ever flipped a rap as hot as that

    • Hip Hop since 77

      Damn you took me back with that one. By the way Pac’s best work was his first two cd’s because he actually had a message. But damn Mayne, Super Lyrical!!! one of the greatest rap songs ever.

  • master cheef

    predictable cats
    eventual raps
    elliptical naps
    residual daps

    victorious laps
    gregarious chaps

    unfortunate mishaps
    inordinate door mats

    empirical evidence
    hysterical residents
    satirical presidents
    lyrical leverance

    you can rhyme all day, but if you aint saying nothing… … smh

  • master cheef

    arguing like it’s a judicial issue
    your case got thrown out for official mis-use
    sending slugs through your superficial tissue

  • chillin mayne

    lol@residual daps…actually master cheef,u got a point, but check it…if it was as easy as it seems to rhyme all day, more cats would b doin it dont u think, and thats also wat sets pun apart…and in essence, wat is rappin about nothin??..does that exist??
    even if u dont like the subject, u cant say a man is rappin about NOTHIN…dude n nem is rappin bout watchin his feet, soulja boy is rappin bout people in his face and his response to them(yahh trick), wayne raps bout money money money….its his intuition….there is music for erry style and mood….

    pac was strait tho…i jus prefer puns lyrical style..
    pac had some deeper content however…cant argue with facts

    • master cheef

      wayne rapping about money and soulja boy about people in his face is the exact definition of “nothin”

  • master cheef

    word. that was a super hot verse and i’m a fan of pun’s. i never said dude wasn’t a beast; my point is more that it doesnt put pac to shame.
    nobody gets on here and disrespects the dead by slandering pun’s good name, like bxs does pac.

    bxs acts like pac is a soulja boy or something. pun’s rhyme scheme might be a little more intricate, but they’re more intricate that biggie’s also, and nobody constantly disrespects him on this site. to me, pac’s flow was tighter, so how do you decide who is better?

    there really isn’t just one absolute best, so i think billy “x.tra fudge” sunday would be better suited to just give pac his props instead of trying to stir up shit by keeping his name in his mouth. that’s a cheap trick and lowdown. let a nigga r.i.p.

  • master cheef

    the most syllables pun rhymed in that verse was 4. i did 5. does that make me the greatest lyricist of all time?

  • og bobby j


    PAC> 98% of the rap game today

    • these posts are racist

      A racist discussing who is a better rapper, a puerto rican or an african american. Doesn’t such a debate go against your inherent hatred for all people of color?

      • og bobby j

        a wanna be intellectual muslim thug stays with my fat white cock in his mouth. Doesnt that go against your no meat during sun up?

        I addressed you already nigga…

  • master cheef

    tupac > biggie smalls

    biggie smalls > 99% of fat fucks out there tricking today

  • squadwildin

    easy on the debate about who’s better. rap has different categories and we can all agree that they were the best in their category, or their name would not resurface every week in and week out. Pac was political. more political than Lupe Fiasco, that is for dam sure.

    Pun was a lyricist, more lyrical than Lil Wayne or maybe Nas.

    Big, I cant put him in a category. he could possibly the best all around. like wat an athlete is to a football recruit.may not be the best here or there but, a second best in this category or a third best in another category to give him a grand total of #1(i hope ya’ll can understand that analogy. I dont know who watches football or not)

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Damn nigga……..where the fuck u at???!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fire this motherfucka!!

  • escobar9300

    Glad to see it looks like you took most everybodies advise and gave this blogging shit a rest. Theres no place for your bullshit blogs on XXL, take your bunk ass column over to World Star where ignorance sells, youll do great.

  • Holla Mann

    With rap becoming more of a drama show than a actual art form the good people at Street Commodity Ent. proudly present the best unsigned with lines…… The and only Holla Mann hails from the grimey streets of Flint michigan with the rhyme skill of the best out and the heart of a soldier at his finest. Equipped with enough 16′s to upset your more established artist Holla Mann brings forth his debut mixtape series L.I.V.E Thru ME ( life-in-various-events). The 13 track opus is a soundtrack for those from all aspects of life be it ya’ bodega hustler or your average 9 to 5′er. Holla Mann’s uncanny ability to cover a wide range of genres from gutter,conceptual, lyrical and street gives listeners a reason to feel every track. Known for his metaphors, realism and ability to slaughter verses this force to be wreckoned with in the form of a man will make you holla for more! The world has been awaiting a artist like this, so open ya’ ears’ and put ya’ eye’s forward the futures before you

  • anonymous

    Why don’t they just remove this from the blog list?