Survey says that the people who frequent the X-spot are mostly into shit other than music. The Chris Brown beatdown of his former beatbox Rihanna is now the most discussed story while the ongoing internets shenanigans of the raptors Fisty Scent and Rick Raws is more popular than the music they are releasing as the soundtrack. Rap music now has to play the background to weblogs about... Rap music.

Don't act like you didn't see this coming. This is what you asked for. You were gullible enough to imagine that someone had amassed wealth from illicit narcotics trafficking prior to recording songs in which he claimed to be a wealthy narcotics trafficker. Enough of you bought into that fantasy to let the survey takers know that you would also consume ringtones over orchestral productions. This simultaneously followed the idea that simple call and response lyrics were more palatable than rhymes containing too many polysyllabic words.

As the music component of Hip-Hop was dumbed down for packaging the audience followed suit. Why do you think the WWE has such a tremendous following in the south, midwest and Philadelphia? This is where the dumbest populations in America reside and where they crave the entertainment of actors dressed up in underwear grabbing each other's crotches. Wrestling was always the pastime for teh ghey mongoloids. Professional wrestling is definitely entertaining but the viewers with any sense have left reality at the door. We know the actors all have lunch together from the same craft services buffet table.

Rick Ross had his actor facade removed last year with the disclosure that he was formerly a correction officer prior to his career change to a recording artist. Fifty Cent was on a downward trajectory since releasing his monumental album Get Rich or Die Trying back in 2003. These two artists needed this Vince McMahon type excitement to justify the amounts of money that their respective labels have invested in them. What the labels should be doing is arranging for a cage match between the two since the survey says that is what the fans want to consume. Are music labels ready to convert themselves into fight, er, concert promoters?

All that is left now is the spectacle since we are no longer interested in the lyrics or the music. At the end of the day the so-called fans gathered around for the negativity and the controversy. And you know whose legacy those marketing strategies belong to...