Let's keep it funky, here.

Rick Ross is outdoing 50 Cent on the musical tip. "Mafia Music" > "Get Up," "Magnificient" > "I Get It In." But while Rick is putting out better material, he's getting absolutely destroyed on the battlefield. By now I'm sure you guys have seen the clip in which Fif interviews Rick Ross' baby moms on thisis50.com. By the way, Fif the journalist > Vlad the journalist. Fif is the best BET Rap City guest host of all time. He also kills is whenever he fills in for DJ Clue on New York's Power 105.

In any event, in addition to interviewing Mrs. Ross, Fif also took her and her homegirl shopping for furs and things. The clip is foul, but absolutely hilarious. I think Ross finally realized what he got himself into when he called Miss Info sounding all stressed on Hot 97 last night. The boiling blood pressure apparently got to his brain, cause he was saying "Mafia Music" ended Fif's career and that the G-Unit General's irrelevant in the south. I'm not saying Fif is T.I. down there, but per my recent travels below the Mason Dixon, they still mess with dude. I think it may be too late for Ross to repent, though. At this point the best thing for him to do is lay low, but he keeps putting his foot in his mouth. He's pretty much been making mistakes every step of the way so far. Here's my take on it - a few mistakes Rick Ross made trying to battle 50. -Jackpot

-Instigator: Fif was just minding his multi-million dollar business when Ross decide to jab with that ambiguous baby mother line. 50's been criticized for picking on people in the past, but this has to be the first time with maybe the exception of Game or Young Buck where someone actually instigates the battle with Fif. To let him tell it, Fat Joe and others started it their respective feuds, but nobody seems to remember that but him.

-Too Far, Too Fast. Instead of jabbing Fif on his declining sales, his show being canceled or something music or business-related, Ross opened up Round One with personal disses. It immediately raised the stakes. We're barely a week into it and all types of lines are getting crossed. Dude said Ross' moms looks like the Nutty Professor. Ouch! He gave Mrs. Ross a book deal and plans on releasing it the same day as Rick's album. Ouch!

-Fueling The Fire. Ross hasn't been choosing his words wisely. How you gon tell Fif of all people that you gave him a pass, like you felt like whooping his ass, but let him slide? Come on, dude! Claiming that "Mafia Music" ended his career is just gonna make Fif go in even deeper, pause. I wouldn't be surprised if he tried paying Mrs. Ross for a news spread or tried to hook her up with Yayo or something.

Fif is gonna stop when he feels like it. Apparently, Def Jam is already on the horn pleading for a cease fire. No can do. Fif is probably having too much fun, the most fun he's had in a while. Yeezy and Weezy won't take the bait, so in the meantime, he'll just play with Ross' life...for fun.