Back Off, Ricky!

Let’s keep it funky, here.

Rick Ross is outdoing 50 Cent on the musical tip. “Mafia Music” > “Get Up,” “Magnificient” > “I Get It In.” But while Rick is putting out better material, he’s getting absolutely destroyed on the battlefield. By now I’m sure you guys have seen the clip in which Fif interviews Rick Ross’ baby moms on By the way, Fif the journalist > Vlad the journalist. Fif is the best BET Rap City guest host of all time. He also kills is whenever he fills in for DJ Clue on New York’s Power 105.

In any event, in addition to interviewing Mrs. Ross, Fif also took her and her homegirl shopping for furs and things. The clip is foul, but absolutely hilarious. I think Ross finally realized what he got himself into when he called Miss Info sounding all stressed on Hot 97 last night. The boiling blood pressure apparently got to his brain, cause he was saying “Mafia Music” ended Fif’s career and that the G-Unit General’s irrelevant in the south. I’m not saying Fif is T.I. down there, but per my recent travels below the Mason Dixon, they still mess with dude. I think it may be too late for Ross to repent, though. At this point the best thing for him to do is lay low, but he keeps putting his foot in his mouth. He’s pretty much been making mistakes every step of the way so far. Here’s my take on it – a few mistakes Rick Ross made trying to battle 50. -Jackpot

-Instigator: Fif was just minding his multi-million dollar business when Ross decide to jab with that ambiguous baby mother line. 50′s been criticized for picking on people in the past, but this has to be the first time with maybe the exception of Game or Young Buck where someone actually instigates the battle with Fif. To let him tell it, Fat Joe and others started it their respective feuds, but nobody seems to remember that but him.

-Too Far, Too Fast. Instead of jabbing Fif on his declining sales, his show being canceled or something music or business-related, Ross opened up Round One with personal disses. It immediately raised the stakes. We’re barely a week into it and all types of lines are getting crossed. Dude said Ross’ moms looks like the Nutty Professor. Ouch! He gave Mrs. Ross a book deal and plans on releasing it the same day as Rick’s album. Ouch!

-Fueling The Fire. Ross hasn’t been choosing his words wisely. How you gon tell Fif of all people that you gave him a pass, like you felt like whooping his ass, but let him slide? Come on, dude! Claiming that “Mafia Music” ended his career is just gonna make Fif go in even deeper, pause. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried paying Mrs. Ross for a news spread or tried to hook her up with Yayo or something.

Fif is gonna stop when he feels like it. Apparently, Def Jam is already on the horn pleading for a cease fire. No can do. Fif is probably having too much fun, the most fun he’s had in a while. Yeezy and Weezy won’t take the bait, so in the meantime, he’ll just play with Ross’ life…for fun.

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  • Rick Loss

    Damn…..i cant wait till 50 releases the tapes of the Def Jam president calling him…begging him to get up off of Ross….

    we all know 50 taped that convo….cant wait..

    this nigga Ricky has officially been “Ja rule’d”….i mean if people can still claim to be fans of such a lying delusional fraud…they must be just a phony as he is….

    • Yaw

      Lol, your name’s big!!!

    • mo

      your a bitch nigga…you love gossip like a bitch does, 50s music has been garbage since 03

      • Just Lyphe

        Both Fif an Sissy Ross some fake gangsta wannabe’s. They both stole their names from real gangstas, that’d probably blast ‘em for it if they had a chance. Fif still winning the battle though. lol.

  • ri067953

    Are we falling into WWF territory again? Bullshit music calls for bullshit antics to make it sell. These guys are acting like women.

  • Grab Ya Ankles

    Dawg…Its already OVER! Ross has been offically ETHERED!


    good post but that i get it in goes hard i dont know what you talking about magnifecent i wasnt feling now here come the long ass essay’s from niggas breaking it down for us lol

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    How did this cat fight start anyway?

    • Sleepy Wonder

      You’re Joking Right? Didn’t You Just Read This Shit?!

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    How did this cat fight start anyways?

  • Justice4all

    This is why there is a decline in music sales, We as a people continue to tear each other down, how can a consumer take you seriously? You want to talk about each other’s baby momma’s, then scream” go get my album “-Negro Please…. you are a baffoon, I would rather steal your music than give my money to a fool.

    • justice is blind

      dog u sayin all lat but this article MADE even your righteous-ass click on it… Ross’ lyin police-ass started it- i say 50 SHould JaRule his ass… let sleepin dogs lie (cuz truth hurts!)

  • Rob the Music Ed

    Sad thing is Ross seems to be making some of the best music of his career.
    Damn homie or Port of Miami you was the man homie…


      he has to make good music…he’s just been exposed as being a cop! SOUTH PLEASE STAND UP! Ya’ll niggas let these cats get away wit too much bullshit. no other region would support a rappin as cop. isn’t rick ross the same nigga that said he knew noriega? the same dude that took the name of a street nigga that’s still alive? DUDE IS AN ACTOR, FUCK HIS FRAUD ASS MUSIC! i’ve never been on 50s side before, but he’s right on this one!

      • Rob the Music Ed

        I feel you. But as the MUSIC ED I gotta judge the music solely on the music. Ross got some shit.

        I feel you on the whole cop thing, but he was actually a CO which is different. And they are PLENTY of crooked law enforcement folk out there. Do i believe that Ross was a drug kingpin? NO. Is it possible that he dabbled in the street despite being a CO? Yeah, its possible.

        Its funny in hip-hop a hit record cures everything. Wayne Kissed a man and we looked passed it ’cause his music was dope. Folks have their own opinion on T.I., but he made a dope album.
        Good music is a cure for almost everything. However after Fifty is done with Rick I dont know if good music will be enough.



          Yea Rob i do agree….bein a CO makes it more likely that he dealt drugs…How do you think cocaine get into the prisons?? throught the C.O’s.

          However,IN my opinion, to say he dealt drugs and was ALSO a CO makes him worse than just being a plain CO

          But like i always say, pick a side. Either you a criminal or a cop. One thing worser, yes worser niggas, than a cop, is a crooked cop.

          Fuck cops in general, but fuck crooked cops the most. THey worst than the criminals themselves.

          As far as being a king pin goes, every body on the rap album exaggerates about the dope game, except for maybe PLIES

          Yes PLIES. He never raps about sellin kilos, not once in his verse. ANd thats why he’s the realest rapper in the game



  • Brandon

    I agree with everything you said homie…..but when he said mafia music killed his career….I laughed my ass off….so 4 bars killed 50′s career….im not tryin to through sales out there but it is an indcation of fan base……….ross sells 700,000 roughly and fif sells 1.5 million here alone…..n ross is half a cop now some people aint gonna mess wit him for that…..

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yo, check the vid where 50 takes out Ross’ baby mama and buys her a fur jacket, then goes and gets her some Gucci footwear. Shit was classic. Reminds me of some of my old techniques when I was doing battle with Yahia-Noor Abdel Es Samed. I mean, dude was a fag, but he had a couple fly honeys around that I though should be down with my team. I scooped em up, we went to the Lenox Lady Foot Locker, got ‘em some pink Jordans plus a couple of Hawks jerseys that had “Herbz” on the back with the number 13. Then, we hit up the food court and I got em some Chinese food with 3 meats and some veggies. After that, I took ‘em across the street to my condo and we started sexing as soon as we walked in the door. Noor’s game fell to pieces soon after that. He was arrested for pissing in public and I think he got shanked in the bing. Anyway. Good one, 50. Send them hoes my way when you’re done.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • http://xxl ryan

    whoever wrote dis article hit it on the nail. ross is diggin his own hole. all fif did was hand him the shovel. hopefully the hole is big enough for ross n wayne. i dont lik fif but i hate ross n wayne.

  • Pierzy

    Call me shallow, but I think Rick Ross is wack. And that’s before the pictures of him playing dress-up in a CO uni…

  • Phil

    Sorry, gotta disagree on the “outdoing musical tip” part…”I Get It In”, “Shut Your Bloodclot Mouth”, and about 2 other songs are getting CRAZY burn right now. I haven’t even heard “Mafia Music” yet.

  • murK

    “It’s ’cause you’re a cop Rick! Nobody likes the fucking cops Rick, it’s not my fault!” – 50 Cent

  • Shelliano


    What music is the Big Boss Man putting out? I still haven’t heard a track from him… Fif got “Shut Ya Bloodclot Mouth” and “I Get It In”… I’m Good..


    Officer Ricky> > Mafia Music or whatever…

    “Fat nigga playing wii fit nintendo”…Lol

    • Deez Nutz

      I concur…Officer Ricky > Mafia music diss although mafia music is a better song unrelated to the beef

      And alot of people must of missed the fact that in the first video he did about officer ricky, he had a copy of his certificate of perfect attendance from being a C.O.


  • enzo

    50 said Ross and his mom look like the Klumps from Nutty Professor. 50 is one funny cat.

  • jackpot

    If I’m Rick Ross, from now on, I’m just putting out fire music and letting Fif promote me. Ross responding will only hurt him more. If he shuts up, he has a chance.

    • Romil

      exactly thats the plan! Ross is smart and he dont give a F@** cuz he already knew 50 was gonna call him out on his new self destruction album. Hey he even tried to beef with T.I. but T.I dont need him to promote him. 50 is a loose cannon and he ending his own career sadly. cuz cats gettin tired of him. Plus most southern niggas stick 2gether u think we care if Ross was a C/O I tried to be one too. good money.

      • Phil

        Ross can’t be that smart to think that lying to the public repeatedly, and in the face of evidence, would be without repercussions. It’s a wrap, sorry, it’s a wrap, Ross is in over his head.

  • tommy gunz

    ross’ only hope IS to shut up…but it won’t happen..he’s too can tell by the way he speaks on the phone..he’s not built for this new age beef that 50 originated…he’ll fuck around and have a heart attack..

  • romil

    Why XXL sucking up to 50, they gettin a check or something, or they need him for interviews. lol

    Who cares if Ross was a CO, anybody can get that job it beats Mickey D’s, that aint got nothing to do with his music making ability or street credit. All yall was bumpin (Hustlin) so stop the bull!! A C/O aint nothing but a damn baby sitter, or thug sitter lol. I could see if he was a cop, or a detective even a patrol. lol but a C/O youngins educate your ignorant selves. He makin better music then Fifty right now thats the real problem here lol

    • Phil

      WHAT music? I have satellite radio and haven’t heard ONE Rick Ross single YET. And as of right now, there are about FOUR 50 Cent songs that are crazy. Until I hear this imaginary music you keep referring to, I’m just gonna think Ross is a myth.


      The problem for me is the fact:

      1. in order to be a CO you have to have a clean crime-free background, pass piss tests and shit like that!

      2. he was a college football player.

      3. he was on slip and slide back in the day…he was on trick’s ak verse 37 album, and he was in trina’s video wit a tight ass kobe jersey on lookin like a real lame. no boss shit, maybachs, jewelry, nada.

      so here’s the deal, if he’s 31 now, he was clean at least until he was 21 with the football, co job, and co school. ak verse 47 came out in 2000, which woulda made ross like 22 then! when did he have time to make 10 million dollars selling coke?

      his music is cool, BUT HE IS A COMPLETE FRAUD, LYIN TO THE KIDS! everthing he says sounds like a lame ass lie “she called me first before she went to 50″….yea right nigga! WHERE’S JEEZEY WHEN YOU NEED HIM!

      • TEZZY

        My dude i remember like in 03 i was at this chick house and a trina video came on and i was talking about how much it sucked the I seen a fat ass nigga wearing a lil ass kobe jersey that wasnt even a throwback and i swear that that was the lamest nigga on earth but i didnt know that was ross

    • chitchat

      That’s cool that the south has all this unity and everybody got Ross’ back, but dont think everyone was hating on him for being a CO. JayZ said in BLAZE mag years ago that he was a short order cook. Everybody gets caught in a lie. But Ross’ dumb ass is like the only rapper in recent memory to KEEP frontin on that studio gangsta shit, long after he’s been exposed.
      1. He knows Norieaga.
      2. He’s not named after Freeway Ricky Ross
      3. Someone gave enough of a shit about him to photoshop his head on a CO’s body.

      He’s like that greasy, lying kid on the playground that used to tell everyone they daddy was a gangster and we all knew he was crack monster. Ol’ “I got Indian in me” lying ass. He shouldn’t go at anyone

  • Romil

    I can tell you are not a Ross fan Phil, nothing wrong with that but if you havent heard. Rick has been consecutive with all albums. all mixtapes as well. If you come down here to the A, NC, SC, or FL u will hear more Ross and less 50. 50 has been accepted my more mainstream hollywood type folks, Ross is for the streetz, 50 is making his comeback, but like they say its harder at the top. Now I can say for Sure that Ross’s 2 new singles are Bangin, Mafia Music, and Magnificent go listen. Fifty knows Ross is more hotter than him right now in the game his wordplay has stepped way up. I was down with 50, but honestly since GRODT he has stepped away and tried 2 do things different. LIke BIG said stay with the same formula. Now everybody knows Ross got a heater under his seat for Fifty and who cares what his baby moma has to say cuz she got cut off. What would most of yalls money hungry baby moms say. lol

    • Phil

      Well, if Ross got all this “heat”, then let’s hear it. No point in waiting for buzz now. And he better have something hotter than “I get it in” and “Shut Your Bloodclot Mouth”.

  • blaaaaaaaaa

    i dont know wat good music rick ross has been making,or where you,ve been hearing it,all i hear from him is ross,and boss,rhyming everything to that,dude been wack,and still is,fifs attitude is shitty but he’s a better artist,n oh,weezy’s just not wack,he’s an embarrasmment,”im a gangster”,idiot

  • Romil

    Tha trax are alredy out, 50′s trax are nice but in my opinion he’s putting too much out 2 tha point people are not paying him 2 much attention like they used to. Everyone already knows even XXL said Ross is puttin out heat. Go go listen to mafia music, no hooks str8 hard rhymes, eventhough magnificent is 4 tha ladies its hot.
    Ross keep doin your thang nevamind these bloggers tha south got your back.

    Plus I give it up 2 Ross for being tha First Rapper besides game 2 go at him and call him out. lol thats brave and Ross got a plan 2 shut Fifty out tha south, 50 calm down lay low and stop exposing all your material so early Get up is played out already you dont hear knobody down here bumpin 50???

    • Phil

      Sorry, if you got 2 singles out and I haven’t even heard ONE yet with Angie Yee on Shade 45 or ANY of DC’s radio stations yet–cuz DC jumps on every ignorant record ever—then they don’t exist, or they’re just NOT that hot. Sorry.

  • romil

    Ross’s 2 new singles are Bangin, Mafia Music, and Magnificent go listen. Fifty knows Ross is more hotter than him right now in the game his wordplay has stepped way up. I was down with 50, but honestly since GRODT he has stepped away and tried 2 do things different. LIke BIG said stay with the same formula. Now everybody knows Ross got a heater under his seat for Fifty and who cares what his baby moma has to say cuz she got cut off. What would most of yalls money hungry baby moms say. lol

  • Romil

    Somewhere, ja Rule, Game, Fat Joe, Khaled,
    Young Buck,Nas, and Ross, is in tha studio putting together a 10 minute track dissing Fifty lol

    Ross gonna make all yall bite yall words when he Ether’s this clown. what ngga go get a baby moms and take em shopping to get her 2 talk sht.

    • El Tico Loco

      Not a big 50 fan but why you think it would take that many people? Plus with exception of Buck wasn’t that like the “Is ok(one blood)” remix a few years back, Ja had the last verse on that and didn’t say naythan, talk about the perfect timing a not taking advantage.


    NAW hommie thats some hood nigga shit and judging from that plies record on his second cd florida niggas get real tigh when you start fucking with the lady or babymomma i thought that ol lady song was the shit i started telling niggas that “Quit playin wit me and imma fuck yo ol lady”

    “And just to piss you off imma let her throw stacks and let her and her girlfriend rock all my ice” -PLIES-

    • $ykotic

      I hate to say it but “Ol’ Lady” is the ONLY song I like from Plies.

      That’s how you know Ross is real tight right now.

  • Romil

    You can tell that broad lying, women do anything 4 getback

  • Romil

    plus she look a lil strung out, Ross aint sweatin that broad no more and she know it thats why she’s willing to do anything to capitalize off this.

    at the end of the day Musically Ross is winning. lol

  • $ykotic

    Ya’ll gotta understand one thing:

    50 said he gonna destroy dude’s LIFE, not career.

    Ross gonna start singing that new Cam song “I Hate My Job”.

    But when he plugged that Noriega/favor line, that was the beginning of the end.

  • black

    Ross for the streets? Which streets are those?No seriously…which streets are these where they got Ricky’s back?

  • Romil

    which streetz R they that got 50′s back. Like I said at the end of the day niggaz is bumpin ROSS!! tha funny thing about it is we dont care what that nigga did in his past, we jus like his music. Most of these rap niggas aint gangstas check their backgrounds. Tha streetz like Ross all day, 50 hot too but he makin his self suspect callin 2 many dudes out. He called Ross out a while ago ross been waitin 4 tha right time. which streetz? ATL, SC< NC, FL, CA, PA I been in all these hoods and heard Ross being played by my niggaz, now niggaz was bumpin 50 back in GRODT days. lol

  • Romil

    I will admit I dont think Ross sold as much coke as he said. he’s lying, I do know he been in the streetz hustling. These rappers exxagerate their life to capitalize off of it musically what would You do?? get paid. or go back 2 tha grind. hell, Big wasnt a kingpin, Pac wasnt a real thug most rappers Lie!!

  • boondock

    I don’t know why reports keep saying that Fif’s show was canceled because in Canada the show stopped for a week or two but kept rolling until the final where “Cornrows” Ryan won over “Fat” Larry….In any case Ross is done after seeing the video and cartoon…lol

  • louie mo

    ya’ll niggaz stay on interscope payroll…… so i know your veiws are tainted…. stay off interscope nuts

  • Mikeyy