X, Hold Your Head [ll]…


Do you know how many rappers are running around opening up storefront churches?

Hell’a uddeen!

For you white up in this piece that means a lot, a whole lot. Sometimes I try to think about what the worst thing is we (the royal we for Black folks) have ingrained since our ancestors were enslaved. I know that supposedly the pig is bad for you to eat, but with all the techniques now for cleaning foods even swine isn’t that bad. The biggest culprit for the spirit of Black people is all this waiting for a messiah shit.

We are always waiting for a rapper to say fuck the police, or waiting for some athlete to hand out free turkeys for Thanksgiving. I know that some of you are even waiting for Obama to hand out these reparations (read: myself). This is why Black folks stay losing though. You are always waiting for someone else to save your asses. Was Bernard Madoff waiting for anyone when he decided to snatch that 50billion dollars? White stay on that go getter shit and that is why white stay winning.

We already knew from way back that DMX was gonna get on some preacher shit. It’s the easiest hustle for these rap dudes to fall into since they are already in love with hearing themselves speak. I’m not going to say that DMX isn’t sincere either about his aspirations for the cloth because I believe he does know the presence of GOD. Its just that DMX is such a hustler even to this day. He has a sincerity and a charm that makes you want to believe that he has faith. DMX’s real fidelity though is to getting high.

Sheeeeeit, so is mine. I be happy when my check gets delivered from the t.I.’s that run the X spot. I go right to the check cashing spot and give them dudes they 1.7% (max in NY state) and then I go and buys me my wine, and then I go call up my homie with the Iroc-Z. Sonn just happens to be a white, but he is cool as shit and he be having that chronic. I ain’t supposed to talk to y’all about my addiction’s over here so I hope that all the children fell offa this thread early. Eeeeeeaaaarrrrly.

I feel DMX in that he knows that the devil is all around him and acting through people. I know the devil too. Sometimes I’m the devil to myself. I don’t know all about this Jesus dude though. I mean, I know Jesus. I know Mohammed. I know Solomon. I know David. I definitely know Abraham.

I also know Bo Jackson. I can’t wait for those medicine ball Air Trainer 3 retros to drop this spring.

How the hell does DMX get a television interview when he is in prison? Is this a preview of Belly 3? Sonn don’t even remember his own damn lyrics. That is why I fux with DMX because through all of his trials and tribulations he has always been at heart a humble dude. Fuck the persona and character that DMX adopted on the outside to push those records he was still filled with humility over his success. I know this dude like he was brother because this is exactly how my brother acts.

I will not fux with DMX if he opens up some bootlegg ass storefront church. I will not fux with DMX if he opens one of those churches that takes over the vacated supermarket space in some strip mall. I will not fux with DMX is he gets on some televangelist shit. I especially will not fux with DMX if he gets on some internets celebrity shit since that is MY shit nigga! Nope, DMX is gonna have to get his gospel snaps up the same way that Johnny Appleseed did it. One city at a time.

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  • Dub Sac

    The DMX preaching tour – selling out more stadiums than Billy Graham. He’s already got the sweating down, and that’s what makes those guys so damn believable.

  • Pierzy


    What it is? First off, I appreciate the shouts to my people even if I don’t have (a) in Iroc-Z or (b) $50 billion. It’s still appreciated, nonetheless.

    As far as X, I don’t think it’s too far away that he’ll be preaching on TV and the ‘Net, even if it’s from the cafeteria in the bing. Dude feels that he needs to get his message out (whatever that message may be) to the largest number of people in any way possible.

    But at the end of the day, dude is a hustler first and will always be.

  • Matt Herbz

    Yo, I’m skipping to the comments because I’m putting y’all on to game: Young Berg got arrested for wrecking a scooter on South Beach–what a bitch.

    Billy Sunday was a White Nigga, who you think you’re kidding, son? I know most Black Niggaz don’t know that, though, so I’ll give ‘em a pass, but hereonafter…no excuses. DMX is just like that nigga that I knew a few years ago that took a whole lot of drugs and shit and burned up his brain. After he lost most of his brain function he started contemplating religious beliefs and Gods and shit. He ended up believing that we are all Gods on this Earth. Then that nigga got hit by a car and started walking funny. So, my question is why the fuck is it always the most drugged out niggaz that wanna flip on some religious shit? I mean, I’ve took hella drugs in my day, but in the end, my beliefs have very little to do with a White Owl Kush blunt. Nahmean?! Fuck is wrong with niggaz?

    –Matt Herbz–

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Crack is Wack!

  • amar

    lol he was totally lying in that interview. I think 2 months after he opens a church, it’ll be shut down for somehow money laundering…i’ll always like dmx though

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Matt Herbz,
    White is the original nigga. Do the knowledge.

    Billy Sunday was/is a preacher. Now runtelldat.

    • Matt Herbz

      Yessirreebob I checked that shit. I was just putting niggaz onto game. See, I was once told a tale of a baseball player turnt preacher–this was back when I fux’d with baseball–it was in inspiring story nonetheless, but I was more interested in making the transition from a little-leaguer to Nigga-leader, nahmean?! What can I say? From the moment I held our first meeting in the Big Chicken parking lot, my shit’s been steamrolling other-ethnicity-niggaz’ movements.

      Seriously, though, if you can convince yourself that all your moves are righteous steps, then there is no need for repentance in the end. That’s why my White Niggaz STAY on the grizzy. We don’t feel like we’re backtracking at all. Now THAT’s some truth for the young youth right there.

      –Matt Herbz–

  • Parispolice

    I love DMX and all he’s done for hip hop. Being a huge 2pac fan (im sure billy knows that by now), I was pissed at him when he first came on the world stage with his post-2pac persona, but over the years, Ive learned to accept him as 2pac v.2.0.

    His music to me is timeless and even his gospel material ain’t too bad either.

    His BS with law is something that obviously no one around him gave a shit about..his ‘loved’ ones could have helped him out with the pressure that an entertainer at his level would receive.

    Real recognizes real, and DMX is as real as they come, whether he’s a crackhead, a jailbird, or one of the most mysterious cases labeled “rapster”.

  • LEO

    DMX needs money…if preaching can get him some then let it be…Im down…can wait for that album

  • geico lizard

    Creflo Dollar and TD jakes are dropping a mixtape with DMX called,”Pimping hoes and Taking dumb niggas money every weekend.” They tell us not to fornicate but they are doing it and they keep asking for money even though they know how bad the economy is.

  • geico lizard

    Preachers are some of the biggest crooks in the hood. They ask for 10% of your income for tithes and now they want a love offering so you can sow a seed into the ministry and be blessed. Some of them check your tax returns to make sure you are giving enough to the church. They are making millions tax free so the IRS cant bust them.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Watch how religious fools get the worse our economy dips.

    I’m sitting here in my apartment with no heat on about to cry out to Jesus.

    Not Jesus Christ, but Jesus Martinez who works in the controller’s office at XXL.

    “Where my check nigga?!?”

  • these posts are racist

    Matt Herbz and Billy X, two wack clowns. Matt, only use words that you would use in real life.

    Billy, stop arguing like an 18 year old philosophy student. There is a real world and the etymology of words, means nothing…things mean what they mean, in real life.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    You will always be a bitchmade coward. That is just your destiny.

    Etymology = knowledge. knowledge = life. Before there was anything there was the word you flimsy wrist faggert.

    Got see if the doctor can make your labia into a penis and then maybe you talk from a man’s perspective.

    Matt Herbz is a character that this white has adopted to give himself a sense of control in a world in which he realizes that he lacks soul, just like you appear to be enlightened with the use of your screen name.

    Neither of you would even speak to one another in the real world because you are both bitchmade coward ass cowards.

    • these posts are racist


      I am the antithisis of a coward, much like you are the polar opposite of what it means to be a free thinking intellectual. You simply resort to colorful attacks…sucka please. I have more manhood/intelligence in between my toe nails than you have in your entire 39 yr old useless body.

      Don’t go toe to toe with me playboy…on any level.

  • these posts are racist

    Billy X, don’t step/
    you will get x’d/
    u got as much manhood in ur rep/
    as penelope, cruize/
    you lose/
    when you choose/
    to battle the dude who paid more dues/
    than Marc Rich did to get pardoned by Billy C/
    Billy, see/
    you and me/
    are not the same/
    i am a martian, and you are a lame/
    origins of words only matter when they do/
    that’s a true/
    that’s apprent to everyone but you/
    so stay on your fake intellect high hoarse/
    and of course/
    attack me when i smack thee/
    this the real world son, and you bring the fake/
    real brothas do real things and it’s time for me to break/
    the myths that you put forth/
    you are the product of a mule and a horse/
    so step back and listen, get off your soap box/
    grab your sack of nickels and go get your shine box.

    • amar

      holy fuck, i hate you so much.

  • Around and Around

    Dam!!!!! BX got x’d…..

    Been out the game for a min come back and BX still bringin up that white nigga shit, when some fuckin cracker from Germany ethered you up on that article…hard headed ass nigga

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Sit your faggot ass love jones nuyorican spoken word ass down.

    It be niggers like you that get the ‘er’ and I don’t err nor do I slur you fuckin’ cur see if you knew you father then you wouldn’t bother to fux with big brother *sniff* *sniff* Yeah, I smell you mother on your breath my 40yrs would be your death ’cause you a lesser nigger so take what is left and step off hoemeward bound with your weedcarrier ladyfriend Around.

    • these posts are racist

      Big brother?/
      i did your mother, she poked the rubber/
      now i’m afraid you’re about to have a baby brother/
      oh brother/
      so i guess I got another/
      hole i gotta cover/
      track i gotta trace/
      trick i gotta lace/
      with a couple of payments to keep her out my face/
      but enough about your momma, i’m talking about you and me/
      cuz this flow, you see/
      is to much to beat/
      freestyle no beat/
      no style, you weak/
      whether disc man or ipod/
      make you say “my God”/
      TPAR rhymes so hard!/
      class is in session, son, this is my Blog.

  • king blair

    Cocaine is a helluva drug……X a fool for getting put on blast by the white boy,

    Paraphrased by me
    ” if you a man of god why you killin ninjas.”

    X, ” hey yo I don’t kill son”

    W.Man, ” Quotes get it on the floor ”

    X, ” man fuck it niggas like that shit I kill niggas so they will listen to the gospel song at the end.” LMAO WTF