Do you know how many rappers are running around opening up storefront churches?

Hell'a uddeen!

For you white up in this piece that means a lot, a whole lot. Sometimes I try to think about what the worst thing is we (the royal we for Black folks) have ingrained since our ancestors were enslaved. I know that supposedly the pig is bad for you to eat, but with all the techniques now for cleaning foods even swine isn't that bad. The biggest culprit for the spirit of Black people is all this waiting for a messiah shit.

We are always waiting for a rapper to say fuck the police, or waiting for some athlete to hand out free turkeys for Thanksgiving. I know that some of you are even waiting for Obama to hand out these reparations (read: myself). This is why Black folks stay losing though. You are always waiting for someone else to save your asses. Was Bernard Madoff waiting for anyone when he decided to snatch that 50billion dollars? White stay on that go getter shit and that is why white stay winning.

We already knew from way back that DMX was gonna get on some preacher shit. It's the easiest hustle for these rap dudes to fall into since they are already in love with hearing themselves speak. I'm not going to say that DMX isn't sincere either about his aspirations for the cloth because I believe he does know the presence of GOD. Its just that DMX is such a hustler even to this day. He has a sincerity and a charm that makes you want to believe that he has faith. DMX's real fidelity though is to getting high.

Sheeeeeit, so is mine. I be happy when my check gets delivered from the t.I.'s that run the X spot. I go right to the check cashing spot and give them dudes they 1.7% (max in NY state) and then I go and buys me my wine, and then I go call up my homie with the Iroc-Z. Sonn just happens to be a white, but he is cool as shit and he be having that chronic. I ain't supposed to talk to y'all about my addiction's over here so I hope that all the children fell offa this thread early. Eeeeeeaaaarrrrly.

I feel DMX in that he knows that the devil is all around him and acting through people. I know the devil too. Sometimes I'm the devil to myself. I don't know all about this Jesus dude though. I mean, I know Jesus. I know Mohammed. I know Solomon. I know David. I definitely know Abraham.

I also know Bo Jackson. I can't wait for those medicine ball Air Trainer 3 retros to drop this spring.

How the hell does DMX get a television interview when he is in prison? Is this a preview of Belly 3? Sonn don't even remember his own damn lyrics. That is why I fux with DMX because through all of his trials and tribulations he has always been at heart a humble dude. Fuck the persona and character that DMX adopted on the outside to push those records he was still filled with humility over his success. I know this dude like he was brother because this is exactly how my brother acts.

I will not fux with DMX if he opens up some bootlegg ass storefront church. I will not fux with DMX if he opens one of those churches that takes over the vacated supermarket space in some strip mall. I will not fux with DMX is he gets on some televangelist shit. I especially will not fux with DMX if he gets on some internets celebrity shit since that is MY shit nigga! Nope, DMX is gonna have to get his gospel snaps up the same way that Johnny Appleseed did it. One city at a time.