BLOG: Will The Rebirth Fail Miserably?

A year or so ago, I predicted that Lil’ Wayne’s Tha Carter III would fail miserably, and it turns out I was wronger than a motherfucker. Tha Carter III went on to sell something like 3 million copies. Which really isn’t that impressive in the grand scheme of things, but by 2008 standards, it might as well have been 10 million copies. Little Brother would have to put out 40 different albums to rack up those kinds of sales.

I figured that Lil’ Wayne’s music had gotten so bad (even the late, great Tom Breihan isn’t as much of a fan anymore) that his fans would turn on him. What I failed to realize is that, if these people liked Lil’ Wayne in the first place, and Lil’ Wayne wasn’t worth a shit to begin with, what’s there to say that they wouldn’t like him even more, if he started to really suck balls?

My bad. Sometimes, I find it hard to put myself in the position of the average hip-hop fan these days. It must be a sign of aging. I’m also wearing a lot khaki pants with pleats in them. I find they make me look a bit classier than I would otherwise.

That being said, I feel pretty confident in saying that Lil’ Wayne’s new rock album the Rebirth will fail miserably. A few reasons why:

First of all, I listen to rock music, all the time, and “Prom Queen,” Lil’ Wayne’s first rock single, as is the often case with rap forays into the world of rap music, bears no relation to anything I’d ever want to listen to, other than the fact that, as the late, great Adam Aziz pointed out, it may or may not rip off Nirvana’s “Rape Me.” (I spent a good amount of my free time in college staring at pr0n and listening to In Utero, and I’m not hearing it, but what do I know?)

Why is that, anyway? Take for example that song “Party Like a Rock Star” that came out a couple of years ago. I’ve been to more rock concerts in my life than I have rap concerts, and I’ve never heard anyone say, “Totally, dude,” even once. I’m assuming it has to do with the deep scientific principle that black people tend to have awful taste in white music (e.g. rappers’ fascination with John Mayer), and white people, unless they’re trying to appear ironic, have pretty good taste in black music.

Hence, instead of rappers putting out rock music that sounds like Pavement, or Wilco, i.e. something an aging hater such as myself could appreciate, “rock music,” in the hip-hop community, is mostly viewed as being synonymous with Limp Bizkit. It’s no wonder the vast majority of black people can’t stand rock music – they’re listening to all of the wrong shit!

Speaking of which, you have to wonder what’s the likelihood that a Lil’ Wayne rock album would get much play on urban apartheid radio. I’ve been subjected to such stations on and off for 27.9 years now, and I don’t know that I’ve ever once heard a distorted guitar. Which is obviously by design. The TIs keep the sounds on black radio extra milquetoast, the way black people like it, so they can charge more money for malt liquor ads. It’s one of the few, proud holdovers from the Jim Crow era.

It’s been a good year and a half now since the hip-hop station here in St. Louis played anything that wasn’t either by Lil’ Wayne, or featuring Lil’ Wayne. I’m convinced they must have a chinaman in the basement whose jobs is to take garbage freestyles from Lil’ Wayne’s Mixtape of the Week program and paste them into other people’s songs. Or are those actual remixes that Lil’ Wayne got paid for? At any rate, I wonder if they’d actually go so far as to play full on rock music, if it was by Lil’ Wayne.

Kanye West’s act of cowardice, 808s & Heartbreak, has managed to sell reasonably well, despite how teh ghey it is. But it fits right in at radio, with the likes of T-Pain, and Lil’ Wayne himself. I’m convinved that a lot of the success of Tha Carter III had to do with how utterly ubiquitous Lil’ Wayne has been for the past couple of years now. What do you fruits think? Will Lil’ Wayne actually put out a rock album? And if he does, will people actually buy it? Speak on it.

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  • og bobby j

    as far as i am concerned, lil wayne died after dedication 2 dropped….

    nobody is buying his predator looking ass
    “whats the matter Wayne? CMR got you pushing to many pencils?”

    It makes me sick to my stomach seeing these fucking flunkies out here supporting this trash…and KanGaye trash…fucking sad.

    • joe p

      i hope this dont sell shit … this article is very insightful btw … well done … wayne sucks dick

  • ri067953

    Yo, this is just an attempt to make Wayne look like he is musically diverse. This is the same kid who trots on stage with a guitar around his neck even though he can barely play three notes. However, I do believe that if he does relase a rock album, it will sell. He is the new era Wyclef.

  • JOVA

    Wayne will put out the rock album, and I think its does a total of 300-400k.

  • amar

    just like 808′s sold, this new album will sell even more. Wayne’s fans who’re doing the buyihng are young radio listeners…they’re gonna eat this up

    • DV8

      exactly….these kids will buy what ever they are programmed to like.

      Its called Radio Programming for a reason people. Thats why I dont listen to the radio.

  • sealsaa

    Bol, by suggesting that it won’t sell, you’re giving the average hip hop fan too much credit. Wayne will play the hipster angle, and cater to that audience. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t do Carter 3 numbers.

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    I could care less if Wayne puts out an album of him reciting bible verses, as long as it involves him in some type of horrible death where only a dentist would be to identify him. But I seriously doubt that he’s ever been to a dentist

  • giantstepp

    I am not sure about this Rock Album shit. I will give Weezy his due on growth tho. If you listen to the old CMR/HotBoyz shit, dude has actually grown consideribly. Be it good or bad, he is on a whole nother level from those days. He has grown, for better or worse. I just dont think alienating your base is a good idea. On a smaller level, EU (experience unlimited) was an established GoGo band here in DC. They are most know nationally from Spike Lee’s skool dayz with the hit Doin tha Butt. After that success, they tried to go in a different direction making R&B type songs. The shit bombed and they were never really accepted back by the fan base that helped propelled them to the moderate success they had. Weezy need not alienate those that got him to where he is my point. It can bite you in the ass.

  • jackpot

    I’m mad that he’s calling it a rock album. Experiment all you want, but don’t have the nerve to call it rock when you likely no nothing about the genre. This other “rock” song “Hot Revolver” starts with him jacking the opening off Green Day’s “Basket Case.” He prolly heard Dookie last week.

  • RiZob

    if Linkin Park or Coldplay made this exact same song, niggas would be drooling all over it. But since its Wayne, (online) niggas hate. whatever tho, yall the same niggas that said Lollipop was terrible, and it ended up being song of the year….. (now i know how Donovan McNabb feels)

    • Dub Sac

      A.) This song sounds NOTHING like any Coldplay has ever done.

      B.) “Prom Queen” is shit even for Linkin Park/ Limp Bizkit standards (which is nothing short of appaling.)

      C.) When bands like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park try to do “rap” music, it sounds like shit. Because they reduce the genre to its simplest terms. Weezey is doing that in reverse.

      On the plus side, Wayne does have a good voice for rock music. If he could connect with an actually band, instead of two hip-hop producers trying to imitate rock music, he could have a decent future as a singer.

      • ?

        Linkin Park is amazing, and Chester Bennington is an incredibly frontman…Fuck are you talking about?

        • ?


    • joe p

      rizob ur an idiot …lol yeah maybe if cold play or linkin park made it it might be good but thats cause THEY ARE ROCK BANDS you dumb fuck … its the same thing when ppl like paris hilton try to put a album out come on dude …. get real …. wayne is an idiot … universal will prolly go buy 2 hundre thousand copies anyway …. WWWAAAACCCCKKK

  • John Galt

    Linkin Park and Coldplay sound nothing like whatever this is. Wayne’s out of his element here, particularly on the whiny hook. Granted, I’ve never purchased, much less liked, any of his music, so I guess I’m a hater.

    It’ll sell for a few reasons. 808′s — which I actually liked as a winter album, sue me — is selling big because of the capital that Kanye earned with his other stuff. Wayne’ll have the same thing here, people will buy it since it’s him. He’s bigger right now, so it’ll probably sell more. It’s also high schoolish, kind of in that Gym Class Heroes vein, so he’s hitting a major demographic there who likes that stuff. Personally, I’ll stick to Alice in Chains.

  • Harmen

    i think it will indeed sell
    because i live in a white area
    and trust me white people LOVE wayne
    he’ll prbly get like 250000-400000 first week
    which is sad to see

  • Benjamin

    People like Rizob sound really stupid. Coldplay and Linkin Park actually play there music which is a entire different from lil wang who just raps and does autotune. As of Nirvana they put out a album thats is regarded by most as easily better and more important than any rap album ever in Nevermind. In Utero is probably better than any rap album. Theres a big difference in just rhyming than writing songs, writing music, playing music, and singing. Not to take away anything from rap artists because alot like Nas and Jay Z just for example are very talented and Lil Wayne is talented but to compare Nirvana to him or any of todays music is just plain ignorance.

    • FlapJack

      Rock music is waaay easier to make, and that’s pretty much a fact. The rock bands you know the names of anyway.
      So that’s just wrong.

      • Benjamin

        You are a real dumb ass if you really believe this. Not even worth a response. Lil Wang can rap and thats about it. Kurt Cobain plays instruments, writes songs, and writes the music that is played to the songs. Kurt says more in two lines than Lil Wang says in a entire album talking about nothing. Maybe you should look up some of Nirvanas lyrics they are poetic its just not a lot of rambling about nothing, Kurt thought it was ignorant to do that, but people like you are too stupid to understand so nevermind, you shouldnt really bother. Nirvana changed rock influenced it forever Lil Wang is a fad 10 years from now he will be nobody, it has been 10 years since Nirvana they are legends. Thats the difference between good music and this lil wang SHIT.

  • Benjamin

    In other words Lil Wang does not belong in the same discussion as Nirvana. Kurt Cobain said so much more in his short poetic songs than Lil Wang has rambling about stupid shit throughout his career.

  • UARK

    Wow that was actually a decent post for once…I commend you.

  • louie mo

    really who gives a fuck if it sells or not cause i ain’t buying that shit………*in stacey voice from meance 2 society*” that shit gets no play in the ride”

  • murK

    you are getting old. who listens to the radio anymore? these ‘kids’ aren’t brainwashed by the radio, they just plainly like lil wayne. it’s a new generation. as far as the rock album…who cares?!? let him do what he does.

  • geico lizard

    “as long as it involves him in some type of horrible death where only a dentist would be to identify him” I cant think of at least 3 people i want that to happen to.


    sorry i love wayne but this is garbage

  • shone jones

    Wayne is officially drugged out of his mind!

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Prom Queen is dope, and sounds 20,ooo.oo times better than “love cock down” and the rest of that travesty. And with the exception of a few Carter 3 songs it better than all of them. I think I would be more upset with wayne if he were still running around with the sweat band on, flashing his grill and singing bout drop it like its hot. Black people invented rock. Let him have a stab at it.
    If the single is added at radio and the next song is as strong I predict a number 1 hit and 750k his first week.

  • Chris S

    of course it will sell. its Wayne. everyone is hanging from his nutsack. that one shitty rock song he was on is still really popular (i think its called Let It Rock). if he comes out with this i’m sure it will suck too

  • Cal

    Wayne’s hit kanye’s twilight zone wall where magazines like this get you thinking there’s diamonds in your dookie. I always wonder why far more talented and popular artists like Jay, Em, or even Big in his day never lost their fucking minds and stopped looking at the road like these fucks! They say that when you get really big you get to a point where your fans will eat up your worst music and in the case of lilwayne and kanye that moment came and went long ago. These guys have become fads, and accessories made out of tin and dried mangoes and hung around your neck convinced that their cool.

    • Avenger XL

      The difference between Jay,EM,Big and Kanye or Wayne is level of talent.


    It may fail epically. I know some dudes who listen to Metal and they want to kill this guy more than Hiphop heads want to.


    man that little brother comment was a low blow bol. wanye will sell shit somehow people are still buying carter 3 i think anything can happen now

  • Prince Caesar

    Lil Wayne and his fanbase of white suburban kids and clueless dick riders, disgust me. I think the lines of hip-hop and true pop music have been blurred. Everyone is trying so hard to be cool. Rap is sad to me. I hope Eminem can really drop some shit that makes everyone really look in the mirror. The Great White Hope might just expose alot of this bullshit because he’s an emcee in the purest form.


    Hi Fruits..

    Look fact is urban radio is gonna bump “prom queen” for 2 reasons:
    1) Universal will make sure they play it
    2) Because its Lil Wayne.

    Truth of the matter is, the song actually sounds cool, not sure if ROCK PURIST or AGING HATERS or DEPRESSED HIP HOP FANS(90′s are gone bitches) are gonna like it.

    I downloaded the song sometime last week and my lil sister loves that shit.Keep in mind that the “Wayne Genearation” as we sometimes reffer to them in marketing have no emotional attachment to Preemo’s snare, they love whatever makes sense to them(with influence from MTV). So all in all Bol, my lil sister and other kids like her dont read your blogs, they dont evin knw u exist, all they know is that the song sounds cool and evin better, its Lil with that said, The Rebirth is gonna sell


      ding ding ding We have a winner. That is correct this generation knows nothing of the music they listen too. Hell most of it is disposable anyway. So will Wayne Sell of course will it be innovative or creative on some level probably not. Wayne just isn’t that type of artist and that is not 90′s hate or some other way to discredit the truth. Dude is a product of his time and he framed this generation exactly as they are which is hyper materialistic and shallow on many levels. They haven’t had their great struggle yet and everything that came against them they simply didn’t truely make any get songs around Katrina,IRAQ the Bush presidency nope all they did was pretty much mention this shit in hind site and Party on excellent Waynes World Waynes World LOL.

      Now I am not saying all music needs to say something we just need to end the dicussion on if Wayne is going to sell. Wayne is a certified POP star he is going to sale as long as the generation that crowned him has some say. How does his music hold up in time I am going to say probably like Master P’s music held up in time. Dude is pretty disposable it is easy to grow out of him and his empty material leaves little reason to take him forward beyound his generation.

  • tony grand$

    A pox on Dwayne Carter.

    Bol, good shit, I’m diggin the 2 Little Brother sneaks, even tho HipHopDX had the coward story days ago……

    *Little Brother>>>Lil Wayne*


    wayne’s music aint bad at all… it may not be up 2 his expectations but shit i take it 4 what it is. i kinda like da prom queen shit. im sure da rock album will do numbers… big ones.

  • Shawty J

    Wayne’s imitation rock music has no immediate audience, so I doubt it’s gonna do C3 numbers. Wayne needs to stop auto-tuning, get a vocal coach and hook up with a real rock band, or at least a rock producer that can secure several musicians (and writers) long enough to record an album if he seriously wants to put out a rap album.

    No offense to Infamous and Andrew Correa, but the beat to “Prom Queen” is the worse “rock instrumental” I’ve ever heard, though it would’ve made a good rap beat. Rock instrumentals generally tell as much of a story as the lyrics do, but that instrumental was just a repetitive loop like most rap beats are.

  • blue

    damn this shit is wild. everybody on this bitch must be from new york or some shit. i’m gonna go head and say it. wayne been my favorite rapper, and he’s gonna continue to be. you know one of the reasons why, he does what the fuck he wanna do. i’m not sayin i like all his shit. that prom queen shit is kinda spaced out but damn. ya’ll niggas attending the haters ball on this one. give the shit a chance. ya’ll bitches dont say shit when that old computer program 50 cent make the same shit and sound like he much rather be shoving a bottle of viatmin water up tony yayo’s ass. yeah i’m gonna be called a dick rider or whatever but i like what i like. this is just my opionin just like all the shit i just wrote but, in this era i haven’t heard another rapper catch my attention like wayne. you see wayne on a track you never know what that nigga gon say. o yeah avenger xl it may be only one track but listen to dediction 2 georgia. thats all i got to say. damn i been rantin. my blunt went out. holla

  • EmCDL

    Man I’m not really a fan of Lil Greezy anymore…his older shit is way better than the crap he puts out now. And this rock album??? Yeah the kids will eat this shit up, but I have a feeling that he’ll lose some of his grown fanbase by doing some shit like this. Yeah it shows that he’s musically diverse, but maybe he should do a bit more research on rock bands, possibly feature himself on some rock songs to get a feel of rock…then maybe he should put out something of this calibur. I think he just putting out this album just cuz he can and he got the money to do so…same thing with Kangay with his 808s and Gaybreak…I wouldn’t be surprised that after Lil greezy’s album that him and Kangay come out with a bts of both worlds album lol

  • k

    After listening to the first track the album should be called “Afterbirth”.

  • Dramaking

    heard the song this dude sucks…ugh…

  • AJ

    To me has never been that good at all, he didn’t write tha carter 1 he bearly had any say on tha carter 2 which he didn’t write either, tha 3rd was highly overrated i listened to the whole thing and was disappointed.(not that i expected a good album)His next will put him outta his misery. Between the drugs and ghost writers I can’t believe people actually like and respect this guy. He gives music and hip hop a bad name.