Who Is The King Of The Internets?

Just last week the homie Lowkey twittered (or is it tweeted?), “Who is the king of the net?”

Biggie’s still the king of New York, Lil Wayne’s the king of the world and T.I.’s the king of the south, but the net has yet to find its ruler. I’m not talking rappers here. They have enough crowns as it is. I must give credit where credit is due, though. Whenever I venture over to nahright, onsmash or worldstarhiphop and see XYZ interview rappers or doing video packages, I can’t help but think on the stronghold SOHH once had on the net when it comes to hip-hop/urban sites. True, Allhiphop was no.1, but SOHH was ahead of the curve as far as popularizing blogs and doing original video content.

What a difference three years make? Bloggers are now the new rappers and pretty much everybody is running around with a flip cam posting all types of clips at an alarming rate. We don’t always care, though. I personally only check for a few and I think they pretty much could be in the king of the net running. You just can’t have that conversation without mentioning Dallas Penn. Internets! Internets! The man has a show dubbed Internets Celebrities for God’s sake. He’s been consistently killing it with a mixture of his IC clips and blogging for his own dallaspenn.com and xxlmag.com of course.

Miss Info could also be considered king of the net. What separates her and gives her the edge over the rest of the pack is that she not only aggregates content, but breaks plenty of exclusives. Most of these other web contenders don’t generate original content. She’s also pretty prolific. She’s everywhere. If you’re pissed cause you missed some widely reported event chances are she was there. Peter Rosenberg does his thing too. Those flipcam diary clips are pretty cool. Even Jim Jones co-signed him, saying he had a lot of swag, but I guess that really doesn’t mean anything. Nonetheless, Rosenberg has a strong web presence via his flip cam diaries, his blogs and loads of clips that leak online from his Hot 97 radio show. Speaking of radio, Angela Yee has the internets going nuts. I don’t think she has a blog. If so, somebody please send me a link. But clips from her Shade 45 Lip Service show are enough to get us talking. She’s killing the game right now.

You can’t talk web without bringing up Eskay. Nahright is still “venerable” as Bol would say. Gyant is still out there hustling, Jay Smooth has a healthy following, Concrete Loop, Bossip and YBF are doing their thing, but they don’t really put anybody in the forefront. In the end though, I think you gotta give it to Miss Info. It’s those exclusives, man. I may have forgotten worthy contenders, though. Should DJ Vlad be considered among the elite? His stock has surely gone up. What do you guys think? Who’s the king of the net? And more importantly, who’s coming for their spot? -Jackpot

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  • Justin T

    I am…if not Lupe or Budden..

  • Scott

    Angela Yee is running this internet shit

  • http://hoodhype.com JMack

    Uh oh, youre looking for drama points lol! Dudes are gonn get cranky with you for this one….

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    Bankrate.com Fuck this rap shit, get money nigga

  • http://www.twitter.com/vladtv_staff Radio The Rahim | VladTV Staff

    although I am a little biased (lol), I think that was well written and you make great points. I’m routing for Vlad, Info, and Yee.

  • http://nahright.com truth

    Missinfo (b/c of the exclusives) then Eskay @ Nahright..WSHH & VladTV is the TMZ of hiphop and on a personal note I can’t wait til ross catches up with Vlad all he does is swagger jack and take ppls content and post it as his own fucka

    • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack

      WSHH does the same thing. Can’t beleve these cats make money off that shit. SMMFH.

      There is no king of the net. Just great things.

  • Casey

    Eskay should have you banned from the net just for thinking these thoughts

  • http://www.xxlmag.com jackpot

    You hear that Eskay? You gon ban me, son?

  • amar

    worldstarhiphop is without a doubt the leader in anything and everything hip hop on the internet. I know i sound like an advertisement right now, but i promise i’m not lol

  • http://villageslum.com mel d cole

    I say Nahright. But I check these sites on the daily: Nahright, Missinfo and Herfection.com

    I gotta check Dallaspen more.

    What up Dallas!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Gooch

    Nahright.com is the best hip-hop site that has ever been created in the history of the internet. Eskay makes peoples careers (see: Mickey Factz). Eskay is the alpha and omega of this internet rap shit right now. Nobody has the tastemaking power he does.

    • Eskay

      ^^ How do my nutts taste?

  • Rob the Music Ed

    It’s a toss up between Eskay and Miss Info! Then again wouldn’t info be the Queen? So they both win.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com jackpot

    No Rob. There can only be one. Miss Info is the king of the net. lol

  • http://www.theindustrycosign.com BIG CED

    I just want to see how many of these sites or bloggers will be here in 5 years…… shit, 2 years…. Impress me!!!

  • http://www.theindustrycosign.com BIG CED

    Let’s see who will be here in 5 years….. no, 3 years….. Impress Me!!

  • Jamal7Mile

    Ron Mexico stays killin’ em with NEGRO PLEASE!

    Billy X is real cool.

    Am I allowed to say Illseed on this site???

    I thought Vlad was the villian of the nets…

    My 2 cents…
    (Speaking of 2 cents, be sure to check XXL blog called “JANUARY CHRISTMAS”.. It will bring tears of LOLs to your eyes)!!!


  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Eskay is clearly the king and the 2DopeBoyz are the princes while Info is the princess and Gyant is the queen.



      GYANT IS A FAG! nothing against gay people, but this dude tries to present himself as str8, then proceeds to shit on every pretty girl that makes a song! he also loves to get at niggas for being homophobic, or for making videos with chicks in them! this nigga still talks shit bout the tip drill video. ANY MAN THAT TRIES TO GET THE PLUG PULLED ON TIP DRILL SHOULD BE BANNED FROM THE NET!

  • http://www.smokingsection.net MZ

    I’m biased as well, but most people have their own niche. It just depends what you want/looking for.




      and my man mexico is a close second!

  • http://jasongchu.blogspot.com Grand Master

    put it up in the air for my man dallas… though i got to give it to bol [||] that man puts in heavy work.

  • Prez

    eskay is aiight but doesn’t create any content, 2dopeboyz is pretty much a copy/paste of nahright, he even uses the same gimmicks (calling rappers by their first names, ‘fuckery’, etc).
    you gotta give it to peeps who actually create original content.
    WSHH is gonna shut down in 2009 you know the RIAA/Viacom/NBC are going to shut it down eventually

  • s

    First, WSHH and Vlad just steal vids off the net from different sites and promote ignorance.

    Second, Gyant is a hating flaming homo him and Illseed of allhiphop are homos, niggas that gossip are faggots.

    I fucks with Nahright and Onsmash because they get exclusvie music, the other sites I don’t give a damn about.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/vladtv_staff Radio Rahim | VladTV_Staff

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO @ Eskay saying “how do my nutts taste.” that was just f*cking wrong…

    for real though this article (or rather the comments after it,) are bringing up some people i never even heard of.

    as far as “swagger jackin,” what the hell is that? everything hip hop takes from everything else, so since when has that been wrong?

    all this beefin and ppl hating on each other makes me sick. there is enough room on the WORLD WIDE WEB for everyone.

    Create your lane, and do your own thing.

    God is love,

    Rev Rah


    prior to this post, i hadn’t heard of many of the names that have been mentioned. now that i have, i’m gonna check them out. which got me to thinking, THIS BLOG MIGHT HAVE BEEN A HORRIBLE IDEA! it’s like free advertisement for the competition!

    • Jamal7Mile

      What’s up DETROIT? Co-sign!!

      I will check out Dallas before the day is over… gotta feeling I’m missing something good. The RUMOR section at AllHipHop is a daily destination for me (Illseed).

      Still trying to figure out BOL but, so far, he is enjoyably offensive… my kinda read.

      Uncle Murda has a new site coming out with nothing but murders caught on camera (yikes). Not sure if he launched it yet though… I’m still looking.


      • DETROIT

        what up bro,

        kwame bout to come home…we gon party like it’s 1999…lol!

        • Jamal7Mile

          Yup, Kwame gotta short week left in downtown lockup. He on some revenge shit, though. He gotta lawyer from Florida that’s supposed to be MUHAMMAD ALI (sp) in the legal world. I’m talkin’ bout one of them lawyers that SWEAT slime, high-powered, Forbes list, Gator-wearing (made by REAL FL gators) reincarnation of Cochran-type legal daggers! Check Ch.4 news (Rhonda Walker is HOOOOOTTTT!!!!) for the scoop on this cat.

          Sorry to the rest of yall, wrong post for Hip Hop blogging… but Kilpactrick WAS dubbed the Original Hip-Hop Mayor when he won 1st term. Remember that?

  • murK

    eskay, miss info, then ron mexico. worldstar is king with the videos tho. (*hate who owns wshh). bol & gyant are wack as fuck.

  • http://twitter.com/definitely_nah nation

    >> which got me to thinking, THIS BLOG MIGHT HAVE BEEN A HORRIBLE IDEA! it’s like free advertisement for the competition!

    of course not, smarten up. if anything making this post in the first place could have been to get XXL all kinds of traffic from the websites mentioned that are gonna link to it.

    no shots

  • louie mo

    it must be a slow day in the hip-hop huh?

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday


  • jason jones

    When it comes to Gossip: TMZ and Bossip
    When it comes to Mucis: NAh right
    When it comes to Exclusives: Miss Info
    When it comes to rappers: Joe Buddens
    When It comes to FAshion: MArcus Troy
    When it comes to celebrities: Kanye West

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      i’m with jones. this discussion gotta be broken up. these blogs aren’t all comparable.

  • Enlightened

    nation says:

    >> which got me to thinking, THIS BLOG MIGHT HAVE BEEN A HORRIBLE IDEA! it’s like free advertisement for the competition!

    Exactly. Who the fuck thought of this? I never go to nahright and I didn’t know who the fuck Dallas Penn was. I do now though. ‘Preciate that.

    Allhiphop was the shit till they changed their layout – why? That was perfect.

    Sohh was the shit, now they a bullshit gossip rag site or something.

    Hiphopdx is actually my first hip-hop stop of the day to get my news now.

    Thanks for these other ones to check out though. I’m on it.

  • Brahsef

    My hip-hop needs are fulfilled with Hiphopdx for the freshest layout plus staying on top of the song game and xxlmag for the assortment of blogs. Most everything else that’s important is mentioned on either site and then I peep it.

    For real though….people be sleepin on hiphopdx…best layout of any hiphop site.

  • Kornphlake@yahoo.com

    Nahright, hands down. ThisisCurtis second, xxlmag third. Mcafee SiteAdviser gives Worldstarr a red rating everytime I go there. So apparently it’s not even safe for your computer to go there. Imagine that.

  • Enlightened

    Co-Sign Brahsef

  • geico lizard

    JJ and ron mex are right you need to break it up into categories because Bol would get a vote for most controversial. You can say Jerry Rice is the greatest wr of all time but if he the greatest nfl player ever? You have to break that shit down by position and you need to do the same with hiphop sites and bloggers.

    I have to log on and read Bols stuff first because you guys may yank it off the site an hour later. The other sites dont want to offend and make enemies in music but Bol usually doesnt care.

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  • Peter B

    nahright is owned by complex? that ain’t a blog. a blog is about one person independently doing their thing. he’s dope tho. not king.

  • $ykotic

    Why not shout out the Bloggers? They deserve shine like anyone else.

    They kinda support each other. Look how many of them chimed in on this post!

    You all have your own lane. That’s the good part.

    But XXL is my first choice. Mexx is that dude.

    Keep it up ya’ll! All of you!

  • luckynigga

    Thisis50 and WSHH.com hands down! Eskay and Gyant are homogeeks!!!

  • luckynigga

    Thisis50.com and WSHH.com hands down..Eskay and Gyant are geeks and don’t represent the streets!

  • FlapJack

    Eskay! Hands down
    I wanna know how many hits nahright has in a year

  • dameSTATUS

    in no order: bol here and his site, dp here and his site, nah, miss info, ahh rumors, combat jack in the 09, bossip (marv!), and defly fresh at crunktastical. Also personally liking (and recommending: rhymeswithsnitch, sandra rose , nationoftizzlam, poplicks, jonnjohnsaid it, rezidue (active?), panache, and mto (dont front).

    hey info, I got my answer!

  • http://dailymathematics.blogspot.com Combat Jack

    Cute effin post.

  • http://notbadforanexslave.com Ex-Slave

    You would be mad to say it is anyone other Byron Crawford. Hands down. Easily the best writter and thinker and comedian Hip-Hop has scribing has ever produced.

  • Knight

    joe budden is killing it…he did it with his vlogs then joebuddentv.net now everyone on the bandwagon