The O’Jeezy Factor?

“Damn right! I ain’t never ran, nah mean? At the end of the day, you’re dealing with cats who think that we as young black men don’t know what it is we do. We entrepreneurs, we came from nothing. If you gotta mispronounce my name to try to be funny and you got a Harvard or whatever education you got, then you’re really showing how ignorant you are… If you didn’t hear what the fuck I said, it’s all good, but you didn’t hear all these people crying in New Orleans… You ain’t know bout the [Oscar] Grant kid that got killed in Oakland, you ain’t speaking on that. You ain’t talking about these ladies out here killing these babies, you worried about what I said.” Young Jeezy,

I hear The Snowman on this one. Sincerely, I do. We know better, but as per usual, Bill O’Reilly has gone out of his way to shit in our cereal. It’s great that Jeezy wants to defend his and our honor alike. Unfortunately, going on The O’Reilly Factor would merely be walking nose-first into the Faux News pride trap. Billy O’Really only antagonizes people he thinks he can either intimidate—which is clearly not the case with Jeezy—or undermine the intelligence of before his viewers.

At that, he may succeed.

When you go on The Factor, you’re speaking to a constituency of listeners that’s condemned you before you’ve even spoken your piece. They’re already upset that their President’s black, brown, Democrat, mooselem, turrorer, socialist, sympathizer, redistributor and whatever else may terrify the far right. You could have fucking Josh Groban’s Greatest Hits inside the jewel case of your album. They’ll never see past the “Young” in your name or the ice on your chest.

[Blogger’s Note: Please don’t wear a ton of blood diamonds to The Factor.]

Remember the Cam’ron and Dame Dash minstrel show apperance? Instead of “conversating” with Salome Thomas-El respectfully and responsibly, they delve throwback-first into a foray of taunts and bellows not much unlike those one might expect from the middle schoolers Mr. Lean on Me so misguidedly tries to protect.

I’m sure if Bill had is way, Cam, Dame and those like them would become a regular institution on the program as proof-positive that rap music will destroy America.

Are we weeks away from hearing Billy Ocean getting adlibbed all over?  “You mad, Shawty? DEEEEEEAAAAAMN! You maaaaaaaaaaad! YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!!”

Maybe Jeezy could drop the hammer the way Cam wouldn’t by bringing up the falafel. Other than that, he’s entering “can’t win” territory. I know this because even when O’Really’s wrong he’s right. Sound like a jackass and he’ll goad you. Sound intelligent and your mic’s getting shut off.

Negro, please don’t do it! Reconsider! You go on The Factor, you end up a cog in the fucked up Faux News media machine you’re trying to destroy. Your best bet is to ignore that shit and not draw additional attention to it.

Oh, and don’t think he won’t bring up your initial “fucking with” of Jawn McCain. We didn’t forget about that shit, Jay. He’ll trip your shit up good for the conservatives.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Is your President already fucking up?

I have a cologne also. New Balance Talent coming soon.

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  • anutha_level

    actually…i wouldn’t be surprised if the nigg showed up in a custom made 3 button single breast suit…diamondLESS, and actually tried to “conversate” intelligently w/that bitch o’reily. then again…..

  • DV8

    this is not looking good. I have hopes that he would fair better then Cam’ron though.

  • geico lizard

    I thought you would clown jeezy but you are actually trying to give him some career advice so he should listen to you. You have to be serious to name drop faggot ass josh groban on a hip hop site. There i was trying to enjoy the simpsons sunday night with a family size bucket of chicken and damn josh groban was on the giant ipod in the middle of the episode. Even my evil ex liked groban(thats why i know who he is) which is even more reason to not like him.

  • rob4585

    you damn right.somebody better better sit ol jeezy down and school em.that billy ocean a make a mud hole out his ass.

    p.s.-new balance talent [classic]

  • $ykotic

    Whatup Mex?

    That dude O’Reilly is salty. Jeezy gonna need Jay and NaS.

    I got them taxi New Balances!

  • Worley

    “he’s entering ‘can’t win’ territory”

    Mr. Jenkins is gonna ether himself messing O’Reilly. You can’t walk into a Klan meeting and expect them to show you love. It’s a waste of time.

  • Pierzy

    What’s poppin’ Mexx?

    There are those that can go on that show and stand toe-to-toe with him and, occassionally, he even lets them finish a sentence. Obama laid The Blueprint on how to do this. However, Jeezy talking about being “ignorant” and “mispronouncing” things is a little funny if not ironic or hypocritical. If Jeezy walks in there with his shades on and drops a ton of “na’ah mean”s, then the battle’s lost. Perhaps he’ll prove me wrong and present himself the way David Banner did to Congress.

  • giantstepp

    Ayo Ron Mex I was saying the same shit in another drop about this. Its a no win situation. Ive never ever seen Bill O’Reilly loose on his own show, even when he looses! Jeezy will never get to make his point and Bill O’Reilly will tilt shit to keep him unbalanced. I applaud Jeezy for standing up to this asshole, but he’s walking right into a setup!

  • sankofa

    Maybe Bill will ask about boiled peanuts.

  • DBlock

    my thoughts exactly. jeezy’s that dude right about now, and i like that he stood up for himself… but o’reilly would skewer him. all you have to do is look at jeezy’s response for the proof. speaking in the third person and talking about one thing while mysteriously alluding to something else won’t fly in the no-spin zone. he’s just gonna come off looking unprepared. or worse, unintelligent. which jeez is not.

    to quote a wise old robot:
    “let the wookie win” jeezy.


    all jeezy has to do is ask himself this question….WHY DO THEY WANT ME ON THE O’REILLY FACTOR AND NOT JAY-Z? within the answer to that question lies the reason jeezy needs to stay his ass at da crib. this nigga has been a conscious rapper for all of 1 year now, and he’s already ready for the o’reilly factor and inaugurations and shit like that…lol. I like jeezy, but he’s a in waaaaay over his head. what happened to the days when they’d call krs-1 for shit like this? I MISS THE GOLDEN ERA!

    btw…i thought dame and cam did well on there (except for the throwback), cuz they thought fast. the only way to get at o’reilly is to cut people off and shit, otherwise they won’t let you get your point out.

    • Ron Mexico

      exactly. why him and not jay? 1. jay won’t go. 2. jay won’t make an ass of himself. more likely to be prepared.

      see, here’s my point. cam and dame did well in OUR eyes because we know bill is full of shit and we found them funny. if bill were in our neck of the woods, that’s how we’d play him AT OUR MOST CORDIAL.

      in terms of proving to BILL’s audience that they aren’t classless buffoons, i don’t think they were successful. that’s where the real battle lies, ya know?

      • DETROIT


  • murK

    ron mexico ur clever with shit talkin. u should go instead of jeezy. i’d put money on u.

    • Ron Mexico

      if bill would have me, i’d go. no question.

      • murK

        thats wats up

      • Dub Sac

        I think we should get some names on that petition, Mex.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    If Jeezy goes on there and looks like a complete idiot, don’ be surprised if he goes triple diamond the next go around. ‘Cause how stupid the hip hop publi is……..

  • Bobo D

    Here some wise words for Jeezy: Never have a arguement with a idiot, because they’ll bring you down to there level and beat you at there own game.

  • Enlightened

    You crazy as hell. Cam’ron and Dame handled O’Reilly like some G’s.

    Instead of putting on they best suit and trying to compete with the dude at his game – which you already explained is a no win situation given his audience, they brought him to they world and rattled his ass.

    They even had his bitch ass trying to use slang. O’Reilly lost that round.

    It’s ashamed you can’t see it.


    JEEZY dont do it please. You are in a lose lose situation.

  • FlapJack

    He should go, and keep telling him he’s a racist, hating, ignt, crooked propaganda bitch so much they can’t edit it all out. Better yet knock him the fuck out.

    All they can do to him is give him publicity.

    Win, win no lose, lose

    O’Reilly viewers allready have their minds made up

  • amar

    i completely disagree. I’ve youtubed many “o’reilly goes apeshit” searches back in my time and the cam’ron one is the closest thing i’ve seen to a win.

    You see o’reilly interrupts u, talks faster than u, edits you and has decent points on top of that. There’s really no way to beat him, unless u confuse the lil bastard. You see when cam’ron wipped out the “you mad doggy” and the name-calling and the teasing, bill-o fell flat on his ass. It’s like how if u can’t beat your friend at street fighter, u just button mash the controller til u side-kicked the shit outta him and he’s dead. You gotta button mash o’reilly.

    Now the problem with young jezy is that it takes him 5 minutes to complete a sentence. This is where tupac would’ve made a great apperance: a fast-talking, clever, smart individual who’s able to also act like a jackass when needed.

    I think kanye needs to go on. Though he has many faults, i have full confidence that kanye can succesfully cam’ron bill o’reilly.

    • BIGNAT

      you right about pac but way wrong about kanye or martin louie whatever the fuck he wanna call himself now. once bill puts that heat on him he might start crying into his louie v scarf and smash a couple studio cameras. then start ranting bill o’reilly is stunting my creativity. i make music for the people you can’t do this to me i am greatness personified.

      • amar

        but htat’s my point: the only way to win is to act like a retard. Cam totally won because he knew he lost and started acted like a re-…himself. I think kanye has that exact potential. Now that i think about it, kanye’s also from the roc and cam was one of him favorites. It all makes sense now…

  • Shawty J

    I can’t blame Jeezy for wanting to defend himself, but more than likely Jeezy is gonna be made to look like a fool.

    Also, I love how Bill O’Reilly invited Jeezy on but dodged Nas left and right.

    • Ron Mexico

      he totally picks his spots!

      poppa bear wanted NO PART in… naaaaaaahwwws

      side-stepped hova as well.

    • BIGNAT

      he not trying to let nas on well i see that because nas is not going get sucked into his crap.

  • chitchat

    Lol@ bignat. Yeezy was damn near cryin after that George Bush don’t care bout blacks comment. And there wasn’t even anyone there to oppose him.

    And jeezy needs to stay away on the basis of this quote alone. U go o there tryna defend that ignant shyt, the battle’s already been lost

  • louie mo

    @ amar
    co muthafuckin sign on your comment except for the kanye part……….. yo ron, you is killin me with the new balance talent joint….. i’m about to go cop like 3 pairs when i get paid on friday……… and i’m stealin the name nigga!!!!!!!!!

  • KFrizzle

    Only advice I can give to Jeezy is to pick his battles wisely — and this may not be a good look. I mean it’s just like picking a hoop team…you choose the players you feel you can win with — the same thing that Bill does when inviting people to his show that he can talk over, back into a corner, and bounce propoganda off of.

    That being said, I think Jeezy would have a better chance against him than Nas because Nas stays on that back to Africa shit and he is a horrible speaker. I can’t see Nas elaborating anything other than to point out that slavery happened, racism exists, in other words, the same ol shit we’re used to hearing from him. Jeezy is surprisingly articulate, I think he really connects with his people and with a little coaching he could do well on the show as long as he kept his temper in check because you know Bill will “go there”.

    As far as trying to sway the minds of O’Reilly’s viewers, its probably a lost cause because well Jeezy speaks a different dialect — not wrong English but black English — which in itself is a trait of inferiority to many in the white community. I think if he could go in there on his own terms and leave the show on his own terms without losing his cool, he could catch a W in the eyes of the people that matter the most.