“Damn right! I ain’t never ran, nah mean? At the end of the day, you’re dealing with cats who think that we as young black men don’t know what it is we do. We entrepreneurs, we came from nothing. If you gotta mispronounce my name to try to be funny and you got a Harvard or whatever education you got, then you’re really showing how ignorant you are… If you didn’t hear what the fuck I said, it’s all good, but you didn’t hear all these people crying in New Orleans… You ain’t know bout the [Oscar] Grant kid that got killed in Oakland, you ain’t speaking on that. You ain’t talking about these ladies out here killing these babies, you worried about what I said.” Young Jeezy, XXLMag.com

I hear The Snowman on this one. Sincerely, I do. We know better, but as per usual, Bill O’Reilly has gone out of his way to shit in our cereal. It’s great that Jeezy wants to defend his and our honor alike. Unfortunately, going on The O’Reilly Factor would merely be walking nose-first into the Faux News pride trap. Billy O’Really only antagonizes people he thinks he can either intimidate—which is clearly not the case with Jeezy—or undermine the intelligence of before his viewers.

At that, he may succeed.

When you go on The Factor, you’re speaking to a constituency of listeners that’s condemned you before you’ve even spoken your piece. They’re already upset that their President’s black, brown, Democrat, mooselem, turrorer, socialist, sympathizer, redistributor and whatever else may terrify the far right. You could have fucking Josh Groban’s Greatest Hits inside the jewel case of your album. They’ll never see past the “Young” in your name or the ice on your chest.

[Blogger’s Note: Please don’t wear a ton of blood diamonds to The Factor.]

Remember the Cam’ron and Dame Dash minstrel show apperance? Instead of "conversating" with Salome Thomas-El respectfully and responsibly, they delve throwback-first into a foray of taunts and bellows not much unlike those one might expect from the middle schoolers Mr. Lean on Me so misguidedly tries to protect.

I’m sure if Bill had is way, Cam, Dame and those like them would become a regular institution on the program as proof-positive that rap music will destroy America.

Are we weeks away from hearing Billy Ocean getting adlibbed all over?  “You mad, Shawty? DEEEEEEAAAAAMN! You maaaaaaaaaaad! YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!!”

Maybe Jeezy could drop the hammer the way Cam wouldn’t by bringing up the falafel. Other than that, he’s entering “can’t win” territory. I know this because even when O’Really’s wrong he’s right. Sound like a jackass and he’ll goad you. Sound intelligent and your mic’s getting shut off.

Negro, please don’t do it! Reconsider! You go on The Factor, you end up a cog in the fucked up Faux News media machine you’re trying to destroy. Your best bet is to ignore that shit and not draw additional attention to it.

Oh, and don’t think he won’t bring up your initial “fucking with” of Jawn McCain. We didn’t forget about that shit, Jay. He’ll trip your shit up good for the conservatives.

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