Slaughterhouse’s Weakest Link

I actually don’t think there’s a weakest link. Those guys are pretty much all monsters on the mic.

By now I’m sure most of you got a chance to watch Crooked I absolutely black out during a freesyle he apparently kicked during a Slaughterhouse recording session. The funny thing is Crook first played humble - citing Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9″ and Joell Ortiz as the three nicest MCs ”from ’08″ -then just totally spazzed.

But a weakest link? Not likely. Depending who you ask, they’ll probably name a different MC as their favorite. I’ve never been a big Joe Budden fan, but always respected his abilities. I can’t even front, though. I’ve been pretty impressed with Joey as of late. He did his thing on the “Move On” (Slaughterhouse Mix) and went in pretty hard on Saigon, pause on his behalf. As for the others, I’ve been checking their stuff out for some time now. Royce’s “Boom” is still a measuring stick for MCs if you ask me. I may be undecided on who Slaughterhouse’s finest is, but one thing I’ll say, is the others have yet to drop a “Boom.” That’s superior lyricism right there.

I’m not sure who’s idea it was to form Slaughterhouse, but he’s a genius. I don’t think it would have worked as well with another quartet. Prior to their union, all four MCs had a substantial presence online, but I can’t help but feel like the group has upped their individual profiles as well. Slaughterhouse is doing what the Four Horsemen: Canibus, Killa Priest, Ras Kass and Kurupt should have did back in the late 90s and early 2000s. Aside from that one track on Bis’ sophomore album, I don’t think they ever released anything. Slaughterhouse has been formed for just a few months and they already have several tracks leaked. Plus they stay in the studio. They really seem to be moving towards a project. That album is gonna be full of songs where they just try to out-rhyme each other. Then Joe will probably talk trash about how he got the best verse on Joe Budden TV. I’m not mad, though. That’s hip-hop. I just hope they don’t tease us with a few tracks and never come out with a full-length.-Jackpot

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Hope they come out

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  • General

    Weakest link…? This is one group that if you can say that there is a weakest link, its still 5 times hotter than whatever else is out there. I know mf’s dog Joey for not being quite as superlyrical as the other three (lets face it, nobody is seein Crooked I on the mic these days), but anyone who has really listened to his progression over the last several years knows that he is probably one of the deepest mc’s when it comes to his verses. My vote, it don’t even think about trying to figure out a weak link, cuz you ain’t gonna find one. Keep bringin us more on Slaughterhouse cuz these cats deserve the shine

  • Enlightened

    I hate to break your heart but whether or not they come out with a full-length album depends on…the labels.
    Right now…no one has heard of slaughterhouse but fans on the internet. The world does not revolve around the internet.
    These fuck ass labels will look at them and ask, “where’s your party song?” “What song can we play in the club?”
    And a Slaughterhouse album will be sitting on the shelf just like their individual albums.

    • Phil

      Um, what’s a “label”?

      Cats is way too negative, lol.

    • Tiz

      This “album” doesn’t depend on labels at all, because either way if they don’t find anyone to distribute it they’ll do it as a mixtape and it’ll have the same feel as if they called it an album

  • orangejuicejones

    I think they compliment each other perfectly. They have different personas. Budden is the emo street kid, Crooked is the intelligent gangster, Royce is the arrogant lyricist, and Ortiz is the affable block nigga.

    Ortiz cant truly spit in the form of complex metaphors, elaborate patterns, and raw intellect as much as the others but he brings the personality and everydayness that the other three guys lack at times.

    Pound for pound Crooked and Royce are the most lyrical and Budden has a lotta flair, versatility and certainly the most star power out of the group

  • Chris S

    maybe budden…MAYBE. but he still brings some great lyrics…but if he’s possibly the worst in the group, you know you got a great group


    I FEEL HE CAN MAKE IT ON his OWN.He can make the songs that show he belongs in the mix.
    These cat’s should do a mix-tape together not an album!!!!!

  • Mo Betta


  • re-yo

    “Boom” is classic, but this line always made me cringe:

    “You wind up in a room full of my dawgs
    I’ll have you feeling like a fire hydrant in a room full of dogs”

  • og bobby j

    Weakest Link -
    Crooked I – While he is probably the best lyricist of them all…he is hit or miss with riding the beat correctly.

    He is still better than 95% of the cats out right now.

    Im waiting on another group to come out and challange them…maybe like

    Termanology, Saigon, Cassidy and Papoose

    That shit would be bananas!

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Slaughterhouse: All are lyricist but each one have a unique style:

    Joe Budden = Battles
    Joell Ortiz = Freestyle
    Royce Da 5’9″ = Multi-Syllable
    Crooked I = Composer/Song Writer

  • Curtis75Black

    I agree with JuiceJones, They compliment eachother very well, though they definately can outshine eachother at any moment on any given track. My opinion for now is Crooked and Royce are the most dangerous especially on that “Move On” remix, eventhough the verses from Joe and Joell was pre-written. If this project sees the light of day, it will be good for Hip Hop’s lyrical fans. It’s a diverse crew, so when they give their perspective on subjects other than rippin’ the mic and destroying competition it will be great.

  • Arcey

    Jackpot, who do you think would be the best producers for that project? I mean producers that would compliment the Slaughterhouse MC’s rhymes, sorta like how the beats from “Illmatic” were a perfect fit for Nas, or Jay with “Blueprint” or GZA’s “Liquid Swords” or Dr. Dre’s/Snoop’s “Chronic”/”Doggystyle” even Jeezy’s “The Recession”

    This project sounds fresh & gets me amped like when I was a young dude (like 15 yrs ago!!!) copping every damn tape that was coming out, even soundtracks!

    • og bobby j

      statik selektah

      • re-yo

        BLACK MILK

        • Lowedwn

          What….Premo all day

        • Incilin

          co-sign re-yo. Black Milk! Or Alchemist.

    • jackpot

      Arcey, good question. Man, I’m not sure who produced “Move On,” but that sound really works for them. I’m a huge Preemo fan, but I don’t wanna hear Slaughterhouse on Preeme circa 09. Someone mentioned Alchemist, that could work. But off top, I can’t think of a known producer who just fits them. They may need to find their own guy and elevate him to a certain platform. Again, whoever did the sonics for the “Move On” beat was a good look.

      • FlapJack

        Sean C & LV should do it.

        Though it would be a waste of beats

  • D-Block

    yo, yall notice that lil wayne is releasing mad garbage lately, he must be feeling a fire under his ass. Maybe we will finally see rappers with real skills in the limelight.


    • cold

      all these dudes would murder wayne rapping , but i promise you he’s not feeling any heat from these guys . he could release the wackest album in the history of hip hop and still out sell slaughterhouse and their solo projects combined

  • LEO

    No weak Link…Everybody’s a beast…if not an album then maybe we’ll get a full mixtape…it dont matter to me as long as they give us 15 tracks…

  • Kaos

    If I’m a name one guy as maybe weaker than the rest it has to be Crooked.

  • Rocco907

    four horsemen released a 8 song sampler/ep that was never sold in stores…i got it, free, from back in the early 2000′s, when i bought some vinyl. it wasn’t that great. tracks i’ve heard from slaughterhouse have been better, imo.

    • Pierzy

      Yeah, I have that too. I think the beats were far below the lyrics…that was the one thing about the song they did on ‘Bis’ album — that beat matched them perfectly.

      But yeah, Slaughterhouse is stronger at this point.

  • Beans

    lyric and rhymes are totaly different things

    Crooked is easy the best rhymer and Budden the best lyricist plus he’s the best songwritter and it aint even close

    I cant name a great crooked-i song, but he outrhymes everybody in slaughterhouse, he nice to spit verses

    • Simple like ABC, 123

      cant name a great crooked-i song

      N.W.A. (New West Anthem)
      Week 52-The Finale (Hip-Hop Weekly)
      Crooked Don’t Dance (Bossacre Mixtape)
      Welcome to My City (The Block Obama Mixtape)

      • vP

        you should listen to the “Young Boss Vol. 2″ mixtape. There’s a lot of great songs on there.

  • amar

    crooked i is the strongest link, he always sounds the best

    joe budden would be the weakest link, but he’s the leader, the most well known guy commercially (sorta)…he’s the jim jones (relatively speaking)

    royce is the veteran, as he not only has been doing it and doing it well, but also been the most known i’d say…as ppl know who d12 and eminem are.

    so with all that said, i’m gonna say joell is the weakest link…just because of what i wrote above

  • Brahsef

    I would say Budden is the weakest…I just think his flow’s wack as fuck.

    And I still don’t know how a CD will be for these guys. They can all spit pretty heavy, but will they make good songs.

    • Pierzy

      That was the problem with the Horsemen album — they had trouble with real songs, so the hooks were kinda wack

  • The Party Killa

    Slaughterhouse is doing what the Four Horsemen: Canibus, Killa Priest, Ras Kass and Kurupt should have did back in the late 90s and early 2000s. Aside from that one track on Bis’ sophomore album, I don’t think they ever released anything.

    I dont think they fucking with that QUARTET tho. Horsemen were on a whole nother level. I would like to see them go at it though

  • Broke Iz A Disease

    I’m floored by dudes thinking Budden could be the weakest. Wow. I mean Ortiz is the nicest to me by far. But I’d put Budden ahead of Crooked and Royce any day. Go listen to “Dumb Out”

  • Anonymous

    They’re all overrated except for maybe Royce. It doesn’t really matter though they’ll probably never drop. Call me when they make a classic.

  • louie mo

    i can’t front these niggaz is nice as hell ……… but ya’ll niggaz needs to stop with all this pole jockin……

  • Incilin

    I’d have to say its Royce. Not to say that Royce is wack, he’s nice. But on all 3 joints he had the weakest verse, despite it being a strong verse in general.

    I’m a huge Joey fan and he’s one of my fave rappers, but he aint come real hard on any tracks so far. I gota say, my fave Slaughterhouse dude is Crooked I. He had the best verse on every SH track. Nigga is on straight beast mode. I used to hear his freestyles, and knew h ewas ice but just never checked him out too much. SH changed my mind.

  • Lowedwn

    Personally, i think Ortiz is the nicest of the crew followed closely by 5’9″ then Crooked and Joey.

    And Jackpot, “Boom” can definitely be considered a measuring stick single, but what about Ortiz’s “Hip-Hop”, to me that’s as close to a modern day “Juicy” that we’ve heard in a long time.

  • geico lizard

    Joell is the weakest link but he is still good.

  • $ykotic

    They are all ill.

    “Move On” is straight fire.

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    the answer is none of them bitch niggas,wtf niggas aint catch on to the trick question???

  • Parsifal

    If I had to choose I would say Joell ismy favourte the weakest froma comrcial stand point would be Crooked I. Lyriclly there all better then most of the guys that have come out last year and so far this year also. But I have to go with Joell becuse he did for the love of the artform and is just the avarige guy rapper a lot like Joe Budden. I sure hope they dont end uplike The Four Horsemen that would be sad or worse it becomes like Army Of Pharos and they all secertelly hate eachother and only do it for the money let’s pray that doesnt happan.

  • Jpdakid

    Honestly, there is no weakest link
    They just had an interview that said they got like 3 other unreleased songs in the vault, but probably coming soon

    These dudes need a cover from XXL

  • Avenger XL

    There are no lyrical weak links in that crew. But I pray that the album really comes out and this isn’t a fever dream of 4 talented cat’s who can’t get there albums noticed because of the biased major label industry. I hope Budden don’t pull anyone else into his many petty squables and I also hope XXL does the right thing and give these fellas the cover EARLY!

  • Omar

    LOL, I was actually thinking about this shit today at my boring-ass J.O after watching the freestyle yesterday but you have to say Joell would be the weakest just because the other three have done so much dope shit already. And with that said…. If Joell is the “weakest” one, then these niggas are going to be a problem.


    umm 2 hard to choose?

  • Jhon da Analyst

    This blog post is the weakest link………Goodbye. Unity Man!!!! Ha!

  • Cinsere

    I don’t see what the big deal is about Crooked. Yeah, he can rhyme…a lot…but he’s all spit with no cadence. And he OD’s on the complex rhyme schemes to the point where it sounds forced.

  • ranrice

    crooked I

  • Legend7

    I agree with the idea that they all compliment one another. Each of them shine in certain tracks, but I would say that Joey is the best. F#ck the weakest.

  • EFFeX

    Crooked is one of those dudes that once he jumps on the mic you just have to stop what your doing and listen. Always got the best lines and the sickest flow. Not to discredit the other members of the group, they all have talent, but Crook is that dude.



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    the balls on this nigga /2 albums flip flopped
    mouse admit it B/getting at cheese
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    you are a bitch a phony a fake with no classics
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    u not the one /u not number 2 ..the shit u not
    If u got a problem holla at me
    at least now u got a story come album 3
    And when that shit bricks , mood music 4 ,
    Shit still no love Talk smack on beef 5 … ummm
    Screen when black after that
    smoked six 7-inch blunts floored before that..yep
    open season its on /u looking like lunch
    wanna go line for line ?/bar for bar ?
    Or S.W.A.G for unmitigated G.A.W.S ?
    YEP !!! I said it GALLS in a southern drawl
    flipped ur S.W.A.G/front to back
    cause u the ass crack of rap …
    rather chris benoit than joe budden my ass

    Yo buddens if u read this . reply to me . lets battle’ for the love of hiphop’ . if u feel its too beneath u ..then we need to strip u of ur status . its only fair . i had a problem with what u said . its just perfect to compare or lines as theyre written . u better not pussy out ..and if u do i understand why u wouldnt .. meth would do thesame . RESPECT THE PIONEERS . FUCK BUDDENS

  • whu?

    Excellent post fam.
    Hoping the ‘group’ element in general can resurface as a genuine ‘part’ of Hip-Hop, rather than a marketing ploy. [Tip's mention on Rosenberg]
    Big up Slaughter. .in general.
    Weakest link, will they drop?? etc etc
    Time always tells. .and like Sting said, ‘truth hits everybody’


  • A.R.A.W.

    Slaugther House give me two copies!

  • reignman

    Budden is the nicest, then Joell, Royce and Crooked I. Alot of people seem to think Crooked I is the nicest but I don’t see it.

    Plus there’s a pattern here: everyone who thinks Crooked I is the best also thinks Budden is the worse and vice versa. I guess it all has to do with what u listen for in rap.

  • 6PcK

    Personal, Royce is my favourite, and then Joe, then Joel, then Crooked. But it’s close, and there’s definetly no weakest link. They complement each other and I just think we all should be thankfull that these guys united, like when you see a XXL cover with Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, Shawty Lo and OJ something, then you know there is something wrong with hip hop these days…So for me it’s Slaughterhouse all day..and offcourse Random Axe!