It's been a while since I've had any music from 50 Cent on repeat.

I know he'd hate for people to call any joint he releases a comeback. After all, "Ryder Pt.2" only dropped last summer and "I Get Money" the year before. [Blogger's Note: come to think about it, we are pretty tough on Fif] I mention these two records in particular, because they're the last two Fif records I really loved. Well, I did like G-Unit's Terminate On Sight. I even purchased it. But I finally got around to hearing "Play This On The Radio" and it's been on repeat for the last half hour. The joint is just fire.

I've been rooting for Fif since the Power Of A Dollar days. Not only did I like his music, but he was always cool to me when coming by my job (Red Lobster) back in the days. We're talking late 90s here. I even remember him coming in with Shaniqua Tompkins a few times. But that's besides the point. I haven't liked too much of Fif's material since the Get Rich Or Die Trying soundtrack. Like, it got to the point where I'd pop something in and expect the worst. But "This Play This On The Radio" is just what the doctor ordered. I'm hoping it's just one of many more heaters to come.

As you all know now, the song's quickly garnering a deafening buzz for its opening lines: "First they think that faggot hot, then they let that junkie shine/give 'em all them fucking trophies, tell me where the fuck is mine." Now, I doubt Wayne'll give two farts about being called a junkie, but Ye hasn't taken too well to being called a fa'nook in the past. Plus, how many times are you gonna let a man jab without jabbing back. While Fif was clowning the hell out of "Stronger"-calling it a "robot song" back in '07, 'Ye was out there telling people "I Get Money" was his favorite song. Come on, dude! I don't think slobbing Fif down was a good idea, but refraining from retaliating was at the time. It served him well. He ended up outselling Fif by nearly 300k in their now legendary Soundscan duel. But there's but so much any man can take. Weezy apparently took the silent route when 50 initially baited him, but as we later found out, he recorded a diss song and later punked out- perhaps cause he knew it didn't contain enough ether. I'm hoping Ye finally responds and gives us hip-hop's next great battle- the hipster-ish Louis Vutton backpacker Vs. the super thug. It could potentially shift hip-hop's direction once again. Should Yeezy prevail, it'd put another nail in gangsta rap's coffin. But if Fif Ja Ruled him, it could be the premature end of tight jeans.

I say it's time for Yeezy to man up. Are you really gonna let dude call you a "faggot?" Not that there's anything wrong with that. -Jackpot