By the time this drop flies up the X spot should have posted the latest song from Lil' Wang. It's called 'Prom Queen' and I am actually liking it. I suppose that most of you with no imagination will likely demand that the song be classified as a 'rock' song since the guitars feature heavily enough to be considered co-singers. Yeah, there's more auto-tune singing too, but what would you expect after the critical success of 808s & Heartbreak and the popular success of 'Pop Champagne'?

I like the song because it fucking rocks. If the lyrics were tweaked a bit, and I'm sure they will be in the remix, this song will be one of the bangers of 2009. Lil' Wang does not have stadium status yet but he will get that with a vicious, headbanging rock album. He needs to have a song dedicated to getting twisted off drugs from being in depression. That song will be huge. If Wang tells his writers to keep away from all of that nonsense talk about the color of his cars and the amounts of his money he might be the biggest rock star this year.

All rappers ever wanted to be were rock stars. Wang is the first Black rap star that has the chance to be a bona fide rock and roll dude (Everlast and B-Real already did it but they don't count since, well you know). Wang certainly has the tattoos. He has the piercings now as well. He has been had the arrests for drug abuse. I don't see why Wang stans won't be calling him the King of Rock by the time the summer comes around. My biggest advice to Lil' Wang would be to stay away from all of this conspicuous consumption rap. Be hungry, be broke, be grimy. The rest of America is.

At the end of the day Lil' Wang as a rock star is as fictitious as KanYe West the R & B singer, but with the right emotion placed over well-played music you would be surprised what kind of shit you can pull off. Sheeeeid, I just might fuck with the album.