Rock Band’s Newest Guitar Hero…


By the time this drop flies up the X spot should have posted the latest song from Lil’ Wang. It’s called ‘Prom Queen’ and I am actually liking it. I suppose that most of you with no imagination will likely demand that the song be classified as a ‘rock’ song since the guitars feature heavily enough to be considered co-singers. Yeah, there’s more auto-tune singing too, but what would you expect after the critical success of 808s & Heartbreak and the popular success of ‘Pop Champagne’?

I like the song because it fucking rocks. If the lyrics were tweaked a bit, and I’m sure they will be in the remix, this song will be one of the bangers of 2009. Lil’ Wang does not have stadium status yet but he will get that with a vicious, headbanging rock album. He needs to have a song dedicated to getting twisted off drugs from being in depression. That song will be huge. If Wang tells his writers to keep away from all of that nonsense talk about the color of his cars and the amounts of his money he might be the biggest rock star this year.

All rappers ever wanted to be were rock stars. Wang is the first Black rap star that has the chance to be a bona fide rock and roll dude (Everlast and B-Real already did it but they don’t count since, well you know). Wang certainly has the tattoos. He has the piercings now as well. He has been had the arrests for drug abuse. I don’t see why Wang stans won’t be calling him the King of Rock by the time the summer comes around. My biggest advice to Lil’ Wang would be to stay away from all of this conspicuous consumption rap. Be hungry, be broke, be grimy. The rest of America is.

At the end of the day Lil’ Wang as a rock star is as fictitious as KanYe West the R & B singer, but with the right emotion placed over well-played music you would be surprised what kind of shit you can pull off. Sheeeeid, I just might fuck with the album.

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  • Juice Black

    Well the ability to grow creatively and not stay pigeonholed is always good for an artist. At lest he aint afraid to chances in that respect. I aint heard the track yet, but good luck to him..



  • Dub Sac

    This would be a shit song by a rock band. By a rapper, it’s even worse.

    I respect the risks Wayne takes, but I’m still waiting for the day it results in music I actually want to listen to. I tried real fucking hard to like C3, but I just can’t do it.

    • RiZob

      if Linkin Park or Coldplay made this exact same song, niggas would be drooling all over it. But since its Wayne, (online) niggas hate. whatever tho, yall the same niggas that said Lollipop was terrible, and it ended up being song of the year…..

  • crooklands finest

    your ears are trash..this song is gawbage

  • eaztcoast

    with that blog title and that picture i coulda bet money this blog was gonna b rippin on wayne lol
    i bet wrongg

  • FlapJack

    I hope this isn’t a single… damn.. super corny.
    We’re losing this dude.. You aint fallout boy mothafucka!

  • Pierzy

    I think this may also be further proof of the constant blurring of the lines of the various genres of music…

  • Kaos

    wow….dead that.

    dead that QUICK!

  • http://xxl All Dae

    “Sheeeeid, I just might fuck with the album.”

    Shut the f*ck up….

  • avenger xl

    you should be fired as a music editor for cosigning this ish LOL

    • El Tico Loco

      This proves payola is not just for DJ’s anymore. If you co sign this real rockers should be fair game for this site too and bet the rock sites are not co signing this. GTFOHWTBS


    Sorry I ment Blogger not music editor but the situtaion is still the same at least it is easier to write lyrics for this type of music. And I don’t consider it rock it is Pock Music (i.e. pop+Rock)

  • amar

    actually i think ice-t was the first one to do it, billy

    but lil wang got the 80′s rock star thing almost down. All he needs are some leopord pants and a flock of seagulls haircut.

  • RiZob

    mane yall trippin. This shit has hit written all over it! Do yall not see how big that “Let It Rock” song has gotten. You can’t watch shit on tv without that song blarring, and that song is 10 times shittier than this. Wayne got a lane all his own, while other rapper are still trying to get out of the parking lot…..

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Lil Wayne, can “Billy Sunday” grabbing too? HAHAHA!!!

    For real, first Cash Money, the Gillie da Kid, then Jay-Z, then Juelz Santana, then T-Pain, now Fall Out Boy?

    Lil Wayne is just a “Copy & Paste” of artist, he’s not original!!!

  • LEO

    How come you writting about this buuuuullshit…and not the Slaughterhouse show in NY?

  • superxshaz

    I heard it this morning at the ass crack of dawn [5:45AM to be exact] & all I wanted to do was get out of my shower & change the radio station. IMO I cannot stand the song; he mutters every other word except for the chorus and that auto tune will definitely be the death of any artist who decides to hop the bandwagon; but I digress.

    Like the commenter above said, if “Let it Rock” can get airplay and video play on MTV [& ONLY MTV, BTW] because Wayne’s on it, then anything is possible. Hell, “Prom Queen” may sell a kagillion downloads & such if he gets his way.

    Truth be told I didn’t even know about Cash Money Millionaires because I was all of 6 years old, but dear God PLEASE bring back the days of ‘Bling Bling’ !

  • Brilliance Proper

    My lord, this is awful. I mean, REALLY awful. I could actually hear a rock band making this song into something decent but then it wouldn’t be both a Lil’ Wayne song and it wouldn’t be this garbage. Ugh. It’s because of posts like this that I think you’re being sarcastic in every last one of your blogs.

  • What the ?

    I’m fucking sick of this new fad in hip-hop where if it’s something different it automatically cool ? fuck all that shit this is a horrific nonsense. Will little tweeny boppers buy the shit ? of course they will, there still young a naive and simply unaware of how shitty it really is, and his little 12 year old girl fan base will be all over it. Kids remember just because someone sells a shit load of records doesn’t mean there any good.

  • dusty boy

    What it do?

    maan hol’ Up!!!!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Thanks Amar for reminding me of Ice-T and Body Count. I think the reason my mind didn’t even consider Body Count was because they were soooooo damn good.

    Lil’ Wang is a gimmicky artist. If jumping around with a hula hoop were the trend now then Wang would have a music video with him doing that.

    Gimmicky artists sell millions of records and then they sell bupkus. Just look at Soulja Boy.

    This song ‘Prom Queen’ is a Lil’ Wang gimmick that works.

  • $ykotic

    I don’t know X.

    My rock homies ain’t co-signing that cut.

    I’m all for manipulating the system to make it work for you, or spreading ones “creative” boundaries.

    But I think we gotta see the truth in that dudes wanna be music artists, and not rappers. I don’t know rock that well to rate “Prom Queen”(did he even go to his prom?).

  • FlapJack

    Heading for self destruction was a decent track, so was hot revolver (well, kind of), both rock. this was straight garbage. Sounds like Good Charlotte. Yuch!

    No doubt it will be a hit if they push it, I just hope he comes up with something better and scraps that bullshit.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    I usually dis Lil Wang, but this time I will at least give him credit for pushin the envelope. He isn’t the first to do it, but since he’s the “hottest” rapper out right now it just might work for him. I prefer “Ironman Thug” by Ras Kass ft. David Banner myself. Peace.

  • droopey

    If he did “Me & my drank” to a rock beat and changed the concept to drugs those emo/rock kids would be slitting their wrists in a whole new way!


    Rappers taking risks? or the age old he is doing something different so he is expanded the culture argument is played out like Rick Ross street cred Boss.

    Really though wouldn’t it make sense to actually get good at the new avenue you are exploring and then venture down the knew road bringing your hip-hop asthetic to the new medium? Or is it cool to just be a stan of another form of music and come off like a bad karoke singer playing the rock band game with a voice box attachment. This is the same shit Kanye tryed to pass off as growth when that album could have been 100 times better had he incorporated singers and who could sing (get this) minus Autotune. Why does so many people sight any change in a artist style as growth. When growth for Wayne would be to complete a thought sans ghost writer. But this is not growth or a new direction this in more of the same and why are we mimicking hairband rockers from the late 80′s and early 90′s. What happened to cat’s that can do rap rock right where are you rick rueben please come back and lead the wild into the way LOL

    Get off his dick!

  • Shawty J

    I’m tired of this “If it’s new, it’s amazing” mentality myself. I tried real hard to like Kanye’s 808s and Heartbreak and only found myself liking 4 songs. I’m supposed to like Wayne’s singing too?

    If Wayne was really serious about this rock album, he’d stop auto-tuning and learn how to sing for real. I mean, personally he sounded better on Duffle Bag Boy than on any of these auto-tuned tracks he’s been doing. Really, he just need to learn how to pronounce words so we can actually hear what he’s saying and learn to carry a tune better.

    The lyrics and the beat aren’t that bad, but Wayne’s poor performance hurt his own song.

  • RiZob

    if Linkin Park or Coldplay made this exact same song, niggas would be drooling all over it. But since its Wayne, (online) niggas hate. whatever tho, yall the same niggas that said Lollipop was terrible, and it ended up being song of the year….. (now i know how Donovan McNabb feels)

  • Benjamin

    Lil Wang is not a rockstar, real rockstars play intruments lil wang is just what everyone in society likes now which is fake ass mother fuckers. You people sound so stupid calling him a rockstar.

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