Return Of The Ad-Lib Monster…

fisty scent

Who said you had to rap in order for you to make a Hip-Hop record? The truth is that you don’t have to rap at all. How many Hip-Hop records have been hits with simple call and response chants? How many Hip-Hop records are simply instrumental compositions? How many Hip-Hop classics have someone singing? If you are younger than 25 or a fucking retard you should put Oran ‘Juice’ Jones inside of the YouTube search window, or DRS Gangsta Lean. Rapping is only a part of making a Hip-Hop record.

After listening to Fisty Scent’s latest leak ‘Heartless Monster’ I realized how he could make an entire album of himself simply ad-libbing random thoughts with the reverb turned up and that shit would be the most entertaining record of the year. As a matter of fact it would be the top seller too. Provided the beats were brutally hard as fuck. On ‘Heartless Monster’ Fisty doesn’t start “rapping” until the 0:22 mark. He then raps until the 1:29 position. The song is three minutes long. So essentially there is 1 minute of rhymes over 3 minutes of music. During the rest of that time Fisty makes shout outs and threats and amuses himself while saying random shit with the reverb turned up.

That was the best part of the song. Okay, he did have that line about having a baby with your baby mama and becoming part of your family. That was good but the most entertaining aspect of the song is Fisty Scent’s greasy talk. When he talks about sending the young goons out to beat up faggots or making his own R-n-B album you have to laugh. Not that Fisty wouldn’t do either of these things, but just the idea that he amuses himself with spazzing out is what makes for a good piece of music. I’m already imagining some of the titles that Fisty might use for his new album…

Fuck These Faggots
On FTF Fisty Scent speaks about how the music industry is overrun with faggotry. He talks about how auto-tune and skinny jeans suck and he says that your favorite rapper is likely to be homosexual. The beat is by Dre. Shit is a classic.

Bitches Ain’t Shit
With BAS Fisty airs out all the hos that just want to spend up niggers monies. Fisty talks about some bitch he is fucking that follows him around the country with her man’s checkbook. Beats again are by Dre.

I Will Kill You Man
Fisty warns anyone that would even think of using these beats by Dre for their mixtape that he will personally visit their home and kill them. This joint is produced by Lord Finesse, er, rather Dre.

Fuck These Rappers
This is the Fisty track we have all been waiting for. He proceeds to air out The Game, Lil’ Wayne, Young Buck and Kanye West by telling us the story that they were all at an orgy together and only Fisty had sex with the women.

Fuck These Homos
Faggots really piss off Fisty Scent and now he directs his ad-libs at the industry people that shit on his projects or just simply don’t think he is the best. This song is powered by yet another Dr.Dre throwaway track which was considered for Detox.

The beats are what make this Fisty Scent ad-lib album so memorable. They knock hard and they help him get out the aggressive talk that returns him back to the top of the heap of Hip-Hop artists. The next thing we see in Hip-Hop is a bunch of rappers turning the reverb up to 10 to talk shit. Haha, and some of you thought auto-tune sucked!?!

Blogger’s note: [ll] pause to this entire drop of course

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  • geico lizard

    Oran ‘Juice’ Jones is what you have to listen to if you ever get cheated on by a woman and then follow that with too shorts entire catalog. That guy who gave his wife one of his kidneys and then she went out and cheated on him should play Oran ‘Juice’ Jones in court after he wins that 1.5 million dollars.

    • tony grand$


      That nigga said “u kno what bitch, gimme my kidney, or pay me”

      For real tho, that shit has gotta be the biggest “fuck you” to a man by woman since Eve to Adam “g’head baby, take a bite”….


      • FlapJack

        Daim, thats cold..
        I’d jack her for that kidney

        Maybe she only wanted him for his organs.
        Now thats a gold digger

  • satalyte

    Classic post!

    Anyway, Fifty talks greasy like no other I admit, besides Baby from Cash Money.

    I could def hear him dropping ad-libs where he:

    Having sex with your moms in the Lambo, then just kicks her out the ride…Over DJ Premier

    Drowns your ass in Vitamin water…Over Jus Blaze

    Having your album pushed back, then getting you dropped, now you owe 50 money for god knows what reason, and you better have that shit!…Over a hot Timbaland banger

  • http://xxl All Dae

    50 should drop a grimy album like his old mixtapes before he blew up. Maybe one club hit kinda like Puns first album. the streets will love it.

  • amar

    hahahahhahha hilarious song titles…50 making an r&b album would sell like hot cakes. People would buy it as a joke. Then again, who the fuck sells hot cakes anymore?

    and what’s a reverb exactly?..

  • General

    Good post Billy. The funny thing is that 50 was never really that tight as a rapper, but rather he was great at entertaining mostly with, just like this track, random bullshit that he would say about anybody and everybody. Only problem is this time around it just sounded kinda lame. I think he just mad there ain’t no one to beef with anymore. Maybe he could go at you or Bol to try to get his sales poppin

    • E

      “I think he just mad there ain’t no one to beef with anymore.” Real Talk.

      Im not the biggest 50 fan, but even i know none of these punk rappers want 50 spending a whole 3 minutes on a track talking greasy about them.

  • Pierzy

    Now THIS is a 50 album I’d actually listen to…

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    I think Jenny Jones is the Ad-lib king. Everytime this dirty nigga spits one of his horrific lines he’s always mumbling some bullshit in the background.

    50 cent’s ad-lib are just more entertaining. I do co-sign that an album full of 50 Cent ad-libs would be 100x better then him actually rapping

  • tony grand$

    Let us not forget the greatest adlib rapper ever…..Lil Jon.


    I said Lil Jon, nigga.


    Fifty should do a track with Primo scratchin up his goofy ass giggle. No other lyrics, just the giggle. Curtis couldve used that Premier track he threw out.

    • amar


      young jeezy’s “HA. HA!” is the new will smith “AHAHA AHAHA!”

      seriously, ‘my president’…at least 1/4 of the song is him talking and another 1/4 is him saying “YEAHHHHHHHHHH”, “HA. HA!” or “hard white”. I mean i like the song and young jeezy as well but…shit…how high is this motherfucker?