Pinky, anyone?

I’ve been seeing this woman’s named mentioned more and more often in the comments sections of blogs and over on World Star, and I’m wondering, does Pinky really have that much of a following in hip-hop?

If you’re not familiar with Pinky, she’s this black pr0n star with maybe the biggest ass possible on a woman, much more so than even Buffie the Body. The difference being that, where as Buffie the Body is relatively thin in the waist (for a black chick), Pinky is just all around huge. There may very well be a laudable ratio between the size of her ass and the size of her waist, but both measurements have got to be way bigger than what you’d see on pretty much any other woman.

I first became familiar with Pinky’s work a few weeks ago, when I was sent a package of some free pr0n DVDs by this guy Slav Kandyba. The two of us had gotten into somewhat of a beef re: the fact that I’d suggested that he’s mentally unbalanced and suffers from delusions of grandeur, both of which are so obviously true, and that somehow led to him sending me some free pr0n in the mail. I think the idea was for him to prove that he really does have a job in journalism – as a business reporter for a pr0n trade mag called XBiz – as if I give a shit one way or another whether or not he’s a “real” journalists

That being said, shouts out to Slav Kandyba. None of the other people I’ve ever beefed with over the Internets have sent me any free pr0n in the mail. (Are you listening, Peter Rosenberg?) If it’s the fact that’s he’s mental that led to that, well, maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all. And honestly, in all likelihood, mental illness has probably led to the vast majority of what little experience I’ve had with women. Which is not to incriminate myself or anything. I’m just saying.

But I digress.

Now, where was I? Ah yes, Pinky. I caught a scene she did in a film called Black Booty Worship Vol. 2, put out by Elegant Angel, and I found it to be a bit much for me. Part of it was probably that I don’t generally dig on black pr0n. I find that it focuses far too much on a woman’s ass, at the expense of every other aspect of her body. Not that I have anything against women with huge asses, or black women in general (to the extent that those two categories don’t necessarily overlap). It’s just that, when you watch these black pr0n films, the camera is trained almost exclusively on the woman’s ass, and in a lot of cases the face and the cans aren’t much to look at anyway.

But even as far as black pr0n goes, I feel like Pinky has reached and then far exceeded that point where it goes from being black pr0n, i.e. big booty pr0n, to being fat woman pr0n. Or, as its known in some of the shadier corners of the Internets (or so I’ve heard) BBW pr0n – short for big beautiful woman. (As if!) Like I said, there is a certain ratio between the size of her ass and the size of her waist. But you’d think that once the size of her waist reaches a certain point, it would cease to make a difference.

Or is what we’re witnessing here a profound lowering of the standard? In hip-hop videos, there’s a strong tradition of women like Buffie the Body and – god bless her – Esther Baxter, who are relatively fit everywhere except where it counts. But as far as I know, there hasn’t been anything quite like Pinky. I’d suggest that I’ve got serious doubts about her developing much of a career as a video ho, but there hardly is such a thing as a rap video anymore anyway. Clips of women standing around jiggling their huge asses on World Star, sans any kind of context or even musical tie-in are the new rap videos. And as long as dudes are just watching it in their moms’ basements, who cares how tick-like the girls are?

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  • Matt Herbz

    Bol, if you like Pinky, hit up then do a search for “Pinky.” There’s a few results there and they load up on the window just like youtube. Act like you know…

    Oh, and I love me some fat asses, word up!

    –Matt Herbz–

    • that nigga

      Bol will “load up on the window” alright!

  • Tony Taste

    I would fuck the shit out of pinky

    • that nigga

      And then you would die immediately.

  • Worley

    That chick must be on birth control. She swole up like a parade float in the past year or so. She’s wack.

  • ty from linden blvd


    peep some of her older vids,her body used to be no jokey joke.

    • DV8


    • BIGNAT

      you are right man pinky use to just have a big ass now she got a big everything. she went from thick to a sherman tank. to much pork on that fork hahahahaha

  • zino

    y a big girl gotta b considered “lower standards”? dat aint right fam lol! straight raw

  • El Tico Loco

    I wouldn’t check for her videos, but if I saw her out somewhere I’d hit it then get my check up even if I used a hat.


    pinky used to be average, now she’s fat as shit!

    • El Tico Loco

      Pinky got swole on brownies

  • El Tico Loco

    I wouldn’t check for her videos, but if I saw her out somewhere I’d hit it then get my check up even if I used a hat. Point blank she can get it.

  • geico lizard

    Buffie said she is 43 years old. I have to give buffie credit for looking that good at that age.


    I know that im the minority due to what dudes taste in women are these days…but i personally prefer the new fat Pinky as opposed to the skinny Keisha Cole looking Pinky. And Bol,..if you wanna do some “research”, check out some of her work on She is making more money then most video hoes ever made,…inlcuding Esther wit her stank ass. lol

    • 619

      Pinky never looked like Keyshia.

  • ri067953

    Yeah, Pinky used to be thick but now she fat. She got fat old lady hands…but man, she can put it down. Yeah, she ain’t what she used to be.

  • ri067953

    Yo, btw BBW stands for big, broad and wide. Not big beautiful women…

    • “The Party Killa”

      All that time I thought it stood 4 Big Boned Women…lmao

  • Big Homie

    As a Pinky fan, I do admit she looked better during her slimmer days, but I think she is sexy for some reason. Don’t ask why, because I can not explain it. She is the GOAT!!

  • silkyjumbo

    the issue isn’t her weight (although she HAS gained weight recently), it’s her height. she’s, like, four feet tall and her hands are a little midget-y. just saying.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Buffies 43? wow…I’ve watched bbw pron and tapped some bbw azz. To each his own some people eat each others shit so banging a heavy broad is more appealing to me.

    Many guys like these women cause yr more likely to meet a fat chick than a model during yr daily routine. so they look more familiar. Plus fat chicks gotta give up the puss due to the fact noone wants to date them. I’m a normal man and I’ll bang a skinny A cup chick or a DD Pinky. Get my freak on.

    I writing this for Bols benefit(maybe he’ll blog on it)but did anyone else notice 50 Cents new single was taken down from the bangers? It must suck that bad. I know my comment wasn’t favorable.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Pinky got fat??? Damn! Ain’t seen her since ’05 and she was da BOMB! 4ft tall with a 40+” bootaaaayy?? Bang, Bang, Bang (hi Witherspoon, Pops, or whateva)!!

    Sheeeiitt Bol, whatever vid you got (hate to say) ain’t the reason us brothers love that chick’s acting skills. Go waaay back to ’05 (or further) for the GOOD stuff! Won’t check for her in 2009 from what I’ve read above.

    Damn, what a shame…


    I know that my views on pinky probably is different from most of the dudes up on here,.but i actually prefer the new big gurl version of pinky as opposed to the old skinny keisha cole looking version of pinky. plus i dont know why,..but im a sucker for tan lines and pinky always brings that to the table. lol. anyways, sure she is making more money that most cats favorite video hoe so im not the only person who loves fat chicks. when u get a chance Bol,.do some “research” and check out her website. she goes in and has way more energy than her less heavy counterparts.

  • Avenger XL

    Yeah I think pinky either got a mental illness or like depression or scitzophrenia. Because the medicine for that shit causes women to gain weight. It is either that or she has just made it to that point in life where if you don’t work to keep it straight it goes to shit. Which is crazy because part of her job is to keep her body tight but maybe she don’t give a fuck because black dudes mostly care about huge asses no matter how crazy that shit looks.

    • valdez

      ^^^it’s the depo shots that made her gain the weight, according to her.



    He right…she used to be bangin then she started hittin ponderosa to eat her pain away from niggas bustin huge loads on her face

    • BIGNAT


  • DANJA29

    I dunno what happened w/ her size, but she’s still hittin’. And unlike other chicks who got fat (i.e. Skyy Black), Pinky is still in shape in a big way. She’s like, shapely fat if that makes any sense. Her thighs and all that have spread like rumors, but her stomach is still where it’s supposed to be. And her lil’ short ass is gettin’ nastier by the week, so yeah. Some shit you just gotta overlook, Bol.

    And yeah, I’d beat.

  • anutha_level

    i’d still give that bitch a creampie…

  • ashbee

    Fat girls need love to but I will leave that one to y’all fruitcakes!! But really, the main problem is 80% of black dudes have NO STANDARDS. I should clarify- 80% of black dudes hating putting forth effort to get women so they will sleep with anyone who offers it up. This is why you see so many black guys with HUGE girls.

    Explain it- how is obese attractive?

    • El Tico Loco

      Obese and thick are two different things homey, and why are White standards are supposed to be superior to Blacks?(Is this Yung Berg?)So I’ll take a thick chick (as in =or<Mz Deja)dude you make it seem like we tryna get chicks from the ‘Big Medicine’ show or somethin. But I must thank you because a niggarican like myself can pull thick chocolate dimes with little forth effort and great results because dudes like you have led them to believe they are obese when in reality they are hot.


    Pinky’s aight, but I prefer Nyomi Banxxx…

  • ashbee

    55% of black girls in all age demos are obese. 80% of your mammies are fat asses (40+).

    Black guys= chubby chasers (except me)

  • Kane Corleone

    @ ashbee….no disrespect homie but could it be the fact that u like fucking skinny bitches because it reminds u of lil boys?no ass no titties built str8 up and down like 6 oclock Fuck u mean effort?U shouldnt generalize lil homie. and what nigga in his right mind fucks obese bitches.I myself would put the smash down on Pinky and other chicks built like her but to each his own.

  • master cheef

    i guess kane, the 16 star general, who lives in minnesota, has never gotten to fuck with a bitch that is skinny and has big titties and a nice ass.

    too bad, dawg.

    • Jamal7Mile

      I have Cheef, but they AIN’T a dime a dozen.

      That’s what society thinks is beauty (but not God). Plastic surgery don’t count, well, not in this discussion. I contradict myself, plastic women of course look good (GREAT pr0n pics) but they don’t quite feel real.

  • macdaddy

    ( Khalil amani
    Black and Latino women are among the most curvaceous women on earth! If men are truthful—most of what we do in life is for the sake of a woman—to impress a woman with the end result of gettin’ the skins! Women are our motivation to rap, go to work, drive a nice car, wear nice clothes and brush our teeth! Without women, we’d be a bunch of nasty-ass halitosis-having, no deodorant-wearing dreadlocked idiots!

    As much as we might hate on the “Buffie The Bodies” of the world, we need them! If for nothing more than to make ourselves feel better about whom we are not. Like Toni Morrison’s character Sula, the “perceived” town whore, we need Buffie The Body so that our lives have greater meaning!

    Shout-out to Hip-hop’s Hottentot Venuses—Buffie The Body, Angel Lola, Ice La Fox, Cherokee, CoCo, Deelishis, Pinky and all of you fine young ladies who are sexually liberated!

  • ashbee



    Pinky been played out like Cassette tapes & Cherokee D’ass booty way bigger

    check out
    Jasmine/Jazmine Cashmere
    Adina Jewel
    Beauty Dior

  • ri067953

    Yo, fucks that…your list should be like 2005 homie…you gots to fuck with Ayana Starr, she is one bad ass bitch.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Go to and type in ‘Caroline threesome’ and watch this hoodrat chick get destroyed

  • geico lizard

    BBW=Big butt and waist

    • anywhere but nowhere

      BBW = Bring Burgers With


  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Pinky 06′ >>>>> Pinky 09′

    • Jamal7Mile

      That’s what I keep hearing in these posts above me.

      Come on, really??? Did Pinky let herself go since the last time I saw her in ’95?

      She was some top shelf, XO Bootaaaay!!!

      …oh yeah, BANG BANG BANG!!!

      • Jamal7Mile


        actually that 95 should read “2005.”
        I ain’t no R. Kelly, folks.

        (like yaw would givva fuck)


  • stoneyisland

    I havent seen her ina hot minute, anybody got a picture of the fat pinky? being 4’7 and 200 pounds IS NOT sexy

  • Kane Corleone

    Wrong Cheef there is no such thing as a skinny bitch wit ass and titties that said girl would be slim….and nigga i moved from CA to MN muthfucca dont get it twisted boy out there is some of the baddest bitches you’ll ever see and they aint skinny.

    • og bobby j

      Minnesota? Guess your 8 Diamond set got run out of town huh?

      What you know anyway….

      Bitchmade….i said it a year ago….

      fuckin minnesota….


    I like Sarah Jay’s bum.

    • CLARK

      and you nasty billy ! hahaha

    • BIGNAT

      sarah jay with her fake ass clown tittes and her grill look like she been chewing bricks.

  • Dramaking

    id fuck wit pinky and jada fire sexy ass shit!

  • EReal

    I fucks with the Barely Legal POV dvds, theres nothing better. Act like you know!

  • that nigga

    What, you and R. Kelly watch them DVD’s together, you perve?

    • EReal

      Ugh, you GHEY!

      • BIGNAT

        and you are a perv

  • Clint Mcqueen

    If only more people would read about this!

  • pat B

    yes she did bs

  • buddafly

    you are a hater pinky looks good yu have a problem with one fat or thicker woman or two black thicker woman iither way shes hot and gets alot of shine nd play in all diffrent industrys…. so think about that mr. i get no ass