Party like it’s 1991

All of a sudden it’s like it’s the early ’90s all over again: police brutality is experiencing a healthy resurgence, the economy’s all fucked the fuck up, we’ve got a black president, mofos are getting shot at the movies. I’m even back watching the Real World, which, I’m not gonna lie, I’m enjoying almost as much as I used to, despite the fact that I’m no longer just a little bit older than the roomies. I might have a good 10 years on the youngest of them. (When the fuck did that happen?)

Now, if only we could get rap music to be worth a shit. Or is that too much wishful thinking?.

Where to begin? Well, first of all, I wish there was some sort of way I could have gotten paid off of people getting shot at that Biggie Smalls movie, both because it would be nice to have a little extra money, and because I so saw that shit happening. I spent all day yesterday reading that Artie Lange book and then going on a ridonkulous bender, so I’ve been thinking a lot about gambling. I know there are supposedly places in Las Vegas where you can bet on pretty much anything.

Aside from that guy who shot that guy because he wouldn’t shut up during the The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, i.e. my new hero, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard of anyone getting shot at the movies. Menace II Society might have been out, the last time I heard about some shit like that. (Didn’t Noreaga get locked up for shooting someone during Menace II Society. But it just seemed like some shit like that might happen this past weekend. I haven’t seen so many ignorant so psyched to go see a movie since Juice came out. And yet, I heard Notorious only came in 4th in the weekend box office, behind shit like Paul Blart: Mall Cop, and Gran Turismo Torino. Hmm…

Could it be that we’re witnessing a genuine return to the climate of the early 1990s, when mofos were getting shot for scuffing someones Nikes, and what have you? There was an item in the New York Times’ Freakonomics blog not too long ago about the resurgence of black on black crime, and, in particular, young black men shooting other young black men as if it was going out of style. I’m not gonna lie, I can’t remember if I actually read it, or just skimmed it or heard about it. But as I recall, it was saying that even when the violent crime rate went down, back in the late ’90s, it didn’t seem to have much of an effect on black on black homicide. If it went down at all, it remained ridonkulously out of proportion to other forms of violent crime. And now it looks like it might be on an upswing, what with the state of the economy.

It’ll be interesting to see what Barack Obama’s response to this will be. Maybe he’ll be able to alleviate the situation just by getting the economy back in order – which is to say, finding some sort of proverbial band aid on cancer to where people can go back to spending a shiteload of money they don’t really have. You’ll recall that our first black president, Bill Clinton, dealt with the situation by throwing an insane number of black men in the pokey. Nullus? There was already a huge and growing prison-industrial complex when Clinton took office, due in part to the pointless war on drugs, and it just continued to mushroom during his two terms. But at least it got to the point where you could drive down to the ghetto to get a sawbuck from your little brother without having to sweat getting hit by a stray bullet.

The thing I don’t get is how in the fuck the violent crime rate can go back up, when most of the black people I know who are into that sort of thing (which is to say, various members of my extended family, and probably yours, too, if you’re black) are already in the joint. Or is all of this crime being committed by young kids who wouldn’t know from the early ’90s? If that’s the case, then it might be even tougher for Obama to come up with a solution, since I’m sure all of those clowns who showed up to the inauguration don’t expect him to provide over an even further expansion of the prison-industrial complex. And since I’m not even sure to what extent this even has to do with the economy, if it remained an issue even back when the economy was relatively stable.

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  • these posts are racist

    Obama’s election changes nothing. We have fundamential issues and problems that need to be addressed, but won’t be addressed because it’s not how the system works…the same forces/powers that control policy remain the same. Obama sold his soul.


      OK I will bite how did Obama sell his soul. This man is going into the white house the only way you can talking the centrist ish. The problems that face inner city U.S.A need to began being meaningfully addressed on a local level. All these so called activist and community leaders need to watch dog and put the pressure on the D-Bags that are placed in office in places like say Michigan or Bimingham AL. This corrupt local politicians sell their people out worse than Obama ever could by talking a bunch of mumbo jumbo and pretty much stealing from them or ruining their office in some other way. We need a way into economic development and education. We can’t afford black mayors and councelmen to get in position on a local level and do nothing. The federal level sets an overall them and Obama calling for people to serve is a good theme. We are the keepers of our communities and until we take them back no one man or even the federal government can do much. We must work against the ghetto mind state and challenge the people on a local level to do their jobs and fight for us on a federal level.

      • these posts are racist


        There’s nothing to “bite”, i wasn’t “baiting” you. Look, Obama’s election in itself serves a purpose…it’s a powerful symbol and has given the country and the world a vibe/sense of hope that I have never seen or felt in my life time. I also agree that his calls for community and individual activism are nobel and should be taken seriously. But some of his rhetoric is borderline Bill Cosby and bull…Moreover, the people he is surrounding himself with are the same people who belong to corporate American and thus, the decisions that need to be taken in order to help the inner city folks will not be taken. These corporations that control Obama and his inner circle want the status quo, they won’t allow anything short of the same.

        Foreign policy – The greatest issue in foriegn policy is the middle east. Obama’s middle east team consists of the same folks (Dennis Ross/Rahm Emanual, etc) who have brough disaster to the middle east. The policies which have gotten us in trouble in the middle east will not change under Obama.

        • AVENGER XL

          Regardless of who Obama palced in position they can do nothing for the inner cities until the inner cities get their own local leadership correct. You cannot force salvation on people. Most of the people in the lower social economic areas have been condition through years of hardship to think and act how they do. It is going to take a change on from below to effect that type of motion. In the same way average americans need to manage their money and become smarter consumers to let their voice be heard a little louder. The small things add up. As far as the Cosby reference Cosby is a old dude that tried to address problems in a community he no longer understands looking through lenses from his era. His words were used by the media to down the community and he was held up as a old crazy race traitor by the pro black press. Mostly because he was just out of touch and wanted to help, he would have been better off putting his money behind behind some organization that could work with kids like he does with the college funds but that was just a bad played hand by a elder leader not just B.S.

          There isn’t ever going to be a super drastic change because that causes too much resistance and set backs. Obama must try and work through the mess bush made and keep from getting taken down by his horrible decisions while fighting to stay ahead of Neocons waiting to ruin him in this ridiculous politcal theatre we call a government. So where does this leave the common man the same place he always been. Needing to take matters in his own hand and make something happen. Social evolution is just like real evolution you won’t see it happen but it happens.

          Foreign Policy- The main thing in foreign policy would be to get out of Iraq and stop being a yes man for Israel but we both know that no president will flip on that Israel for so many reasons. But the change will be hopefully America working with nations rather than no longer talking to people and isolating allies that don’t agree. Most of the problems in the middle east are internal conflicts that can’t be solved by outside interference. So we should go through the U.N. like everyone else and let them work through their problems and help try and broker peace. Anyhoo this is too much to even begin a adequate discussion on in a message board for a wack rap magazine so I digress….

        • these posts are racist

          I respect much of what you said, but the following:

          “Most of the problems in the middle east are internal conflicts that can’t be solved by outside interference.”

          is bullshit and a copp out. We fund Israel and provide them with the weapons they use to murder innocent Palestinians. The US is directlty responsible for this and to say Obama doesn’t become a hypocrite (same old business as usual) politician by not changing things is bullshit.

        • Avenger XL

          First off as I stated before I don’t have enough space to really give my full view of the middle east situation hear is a glimpse.

          1. I do not agree with the way the state of Israel was formed in this region nor do agreewith the bias way western governments have supported their frankenstein creation based on trying to have a friendly base of operation in the middle east and using their B.S. Religion as a back drop (Note I am not a fan of any form of organized religion).

          2.I also don’t think Hamas has it’s peoples best interests at heart. Though Israel is wrong for heavy handedly bombing knowing that they are hitting more civilians than Hamas members. I feel like The civilian population are trapped between a racist imperialist government in Israel and a group driven by their on motives in Hamas. The U.N. should sanction the shit out of Israel but realisticly this won’t occur because western powers are stll using them as a staging point (and that is just the tip of the ice burg)

          3. Now any president who goes in guns a blazing to take down the status quo is a dead man or destined for faluire. Sometimes to kill the beast you have to lul it and get close enough to strike by treating the rest of the middle eastern countries like human beings and allies(until they prove otherwise) is a start. This plays against Israels power and not cosigning war with Iran is another point. Opening lines of communication and allowing everyone a chance to speak can exact change. This Israel thing is waaay to big for Obama to role in there and start talking big and hope to immediatly take them down but by changing the way american leadership works with other middle eastern countries this may force their hand a bit.

          4. Now as far as what I meant by “Most of the problems in the middle east are internal conflicts that can’t be solved by outside interference.”

          I simply meant the imperialist savior mentality that america has toward other countries needs to go away. Look at what it did to Iraq. We need to act as facilitaters andwork with other nations rather than siding with one like they are doing with Israel.

          Have a nice day

        • AVENGER XL

          Typos be damned LOL

    • Pierzy

      “…the same forces/powers that control policy remain the same.”


      And they will never change. There won’t be any uprising or revolution, so looking to ANY POLITICIAN to do that is a false hope. However, if you’re hoping for a politician to enact change in the minor ways that he/she can, then you can still believe.

      • AVENGER XL

        Forget a Politician what are you doing for yourself. It is about holding people acountable and becoming a real citizen rather than a grown up teenager waiting for the right people to get in place to save you. Things do change ask any 80 year old man do things change. The question is what are you doing to change things around you?

    • Phil

      Yeah, and you sound like a typical coward who would SHUN any leadership role with this “selling your soul” cop-out crap. So, if not Obama, then who? YOU? Barack Obama is one of the bravest, if not THE bravest Black men in this generation. You are actually implying that we NOT take the chance to improve this country? Then what? We all go back Africa and the Carribbean? Get your damn facts straight and make a coherent argument before you talk out of your ass.

  • amar

    first of all, didn’t someone get shot durring the fiddy movie? I may be mistaken but i do remember some sorta violence at the theatre for that one? I think i do…

    secondly, I’ve been thinking about that point that the crack dealers are all grown up from the 80′s and all the 80′s crack babies are now in the teens and twenties and in prime age for criminal activity. So I’m wondering: why are there so few black retards? Then I remembered that some criminals are considered mentally insane criminals, because something in their brain is not right and leads them to wnat to commit crime. They get put in a special mental ward instead of jail. So I’m wondering: is the crime rate increasing in the ghetto/will increase, partly because of this crack baby syndrome? Or am i overthinking here? Tony Grand, help me out here

    • tony grand$

      I’m not gonna get all uberpolitical, bcuz TPAR & Avenger might beat me up, but I will say that Obama is a president, aside from being “black”, he’s still just the figurehead of the country who’s only as willing & competent as his cabinet. I’ve never really heard him express a dire need to affect the problems of the innercities, altho in some round about way his solutions to the country’s problems are gonna trickle our way. But, same rhetoric from any other president. I think a lot of ppl voted for him on the sole notion of a black man in office. When he fux up (like most presidents do) they’ll be mad, & flip on him like any other appointed official.

      I do believe that a lot of the tumult in the city’s plays a major part in the past, be it crack baby syndrome, absentee dads, or a healthy combo of the two. The majority of my cuzins, all about a decade younger than me, are complete fuck ups. I don’t blame them, bcuz their parents r my uncles & aunts, all crackheads. Back in the early 90′s, doctors & scientists were big on the crack baby epidemic, how would it affect future generations. They kinda swept it under the rug, but look what the lack of education got us. Can’t really just isolate one thing, but there’s definately problems that needs to be corrected from the inside out. Us. Our community. I damn sure aint holdin my breath waitin on Obama to save me from myself.

      • tony grand$

        &, for my boy Amar, ill throw myself under the bus.

        I’m a recovering alcoholic. 1 year sober April 1st. I learned a lot about chemical dependency & its effects on the human body. Crack (among many, many drugs) destroys brain cells, sperm, immunue systems, etc. All my aforementioned cuzns take medication. When they don’t, its obvious. They’ve been in jail, & mental institues. I feel bad for them, bcuz its like they act on impulses which have no logic or merit. If a WHOLE generation and a half r operating @ the same capacity as them, its no wonder shit is the way it is.

        Aint shit political about that.

        Amar, u mustve been to my site!


    Crime never went anywhere and neither has police brutality. As long as you have low social economic classes in cities represented by criminally negligant local governemnts which lower morale and self worth along with property value, throw in some black market contriban and bam! you have a recipe for crime. There is no exact science to what are the most determining factors in the criminalization of our neighborhoods. We could go back and fourth for days in discussions regarding cause and effect. But the key to the crime issue is the fact that ghetto is a state of mind not a place and people with this state of mind act and think differently than people without the ghetto mindstate. Now Police brutality speaks to many issues still plaguing our communities and it comes from corruption in our legal system that helps to keep the ghetto mind state going. Not to mention cops are often the best crooks because they know how to avoid cops. Couple that with the fact that they don’t get paid worth a shit and they were probably bullies or got bullied as a kid which create power issues and bam! houston we have a problem. I could go further into the fact that placing white cops who never came in contact with a black person except being told they are the enemy a million times at the acadamy when they learn how to profile is not going to get the best results and always result in shit like this. Also seeing how cops are often not the brightest bulbs along with the crooks that they chase but I digress.

    So short story long it isn’t 1991 again we are just in facing problems that haven’t really been addressed in a meaningful way in our lifetime.

  • Pierzy

    “The thing I don’t get is how in the fuck the violent crime rate can go back up, when most of the black people I know who are into that sort of thing (which is to say, various members of my extended family, and probably yours, too, if you’re black) are already in the joint.”

    Well, when the economy goes south, unemployment rises, so people being broke rises, and thus crime rises. If you do the research, you’ll see that during The Great Depression, crime rates exploded because people were trying to feed themselves (and their families) and it became such an epidemic that the Roosevelt administration was forced to enact measures to try to curb it.

    Think about your own situation — if you lost a job and couldn’t find another one because unemployment is skyrocketing and your baby is starving, wouldn’t you do anything to get food? It’s not about Nikes…it’s about bread.

    • avenger xl

      The crimes that are going on now is not because cat’s are starving or trying to feed anyone. That may happen in rare circumstances but the largest issue has to do with the fact that illegal behavior has almost been sanctioned in certain areas for decades and this has never been addressed. We are not at the great depression level yet. People are still buying stuff and there are fewer jobs but no soup lines and shit like the depression. Saying that these members of generation A.D.D. are doing this in some effort to feed anything other than their apetite for sneakers and gear is just as bad as revolutionary thinking. Once again communities have to set their own standards if you let a nigga sell crack where your babies go to school and you don’t make something happen then that is a problem. That is not on a pipe dream revolutionary level that is on a real citizen type level. These little dumb bastards don’t run anything and but the problem is there are few fathers or in those sections so the young men are being taken in to the street life by various means. It doesn’t have anything to do with hunger and families most of these guys don’t know how to be a family man or a husband they are just cat’s stuck in grind mode.

      • Pierzy

        To answer your question above, I’m doing a ton for myself. Thanks — I appreciate your curiosity!

  • ri067953

    Yo Bol, you skimmed over the most important part of your week, how was “Too Fat to Fish”?

    • Pierzy

      I can’t believe he left the show to take a nap this morning. What a mess he is…


    Hey BOI

    all we need i a publc enemy song and its 91-92 again.

  • Apollo Moses

    Hey Bol are u thinking conspiracy regarding those Notorious movie numbers. That film was soldout nationwide so it had to be the limited amount of screenings. I’m not sold on those numbers being under $25 million.
    avenger xl; dude you learns them in the comments section and made a lot of sense. This all starts at the local level where corruption reigns supreme, not to mention the state legislators that don’t have a clue how to budget. Anybody calling our President a sellout and that his election changes nothing need they ace kicked off the soapbox. Stop playing the sidelines and take the lead if you got the heart to do so. Ignorance, being ghetto, and keeping it hood is a mindstate, and too few are willing to be individuals. No father figures, and males so competitive and filled with false pride they can’t teach eachother shid and refuse to learn anything aside from rap lyrics.
    Becoming real citizens is a great point. Nothing has changed, and Bol on point about our economics, which is spending more than you earn and overwhelmed by credit until credit is bombed out and depleted.

  • Matt Herbz

    Shit, I was at the premiere of “Notorious”, sitting on the back row, just trying to get a little dome from a Lil’ Kim look-a-like, when this nigga way down in a handicap-only chair, turns around and yells at my bitch to stop slurping so loud. I said, “Nigga, be chill or I’m a pop the tires on your shit! Besides, I’m almost done, mang!” Well, this nigga hops into his chair and wheels around to the bottom of the steps and starts nagging me to come down there on some “White people should not use the N-Word” bullshit. Calling me a pussy and all that. So I told honey to chill, I zipped up and walked right down to this nigga during the movie. When he saw the white gold chain and the diamond-encrusted Herbz piece hanging low out the front, he put this shook face on and that’s when I started stomping that nigga out. He kept saying “Chill, man, it’s me Par-Tee or T-Par” or some shit, I don’t know, I just kept stomping on that fool’s face. Shit, people of all color were clapping and giving a standing ovation–I thought the movie was over or something, but nah, they were all clapping for me and throwing drinks and popcorn on that nigga…THEN, when I got back up to my seat, there was now a Faith look-a-like sitting on the other side of my seat putting on some nice peach-scented lip gloss looking like she ain’t ate in days…

    …Shit, I gave her something to eat.

    Fuck the 90′s.

    –Matt Herbz–

    • these posts are racist

      What a sad existence. Honestly, have you ever used the “N-word” around a black person?

      • The W, formerly known as WarriorMentality

        chill out, b. this is the internet. he clearly doesn’t care if you think he’s sad or not.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    I must say that everyone has some very valid points here. However, I must lean toward the fact of absentee dads and the like. I didn’t know mine and my moms died when I was 8. With that said, after going thru the foster care system and all I got sort of lucky. I ended up having a male presence to “guide” me. Yet, once I reached my early 20′s I realized I was a fuck up. Every day after that I always tried to better myself in some way. Always wanted to be the better dude. My out was in the books. Didn’t graduate college but fuck it. I realized that 95% of these cats out here are just complete dummies. So fuck who’s president!! Every man has to check himself before he fuckin wrecks himself!!

    • tony grand$

      Well said, Jhon.

      It seems so simple. Its amazing to me how the human mind bends things for its own services.

      I fell you all the way, juice.

  • Prince Caesar

    People in the ghetto are stupid and they act like savages.Period.

    P.S. I know this from first-hand experience.

  • c. gabi

    A few things should be noted here…

    #1 “Organizing yourself out of a job” and anyone who is or once was a “community organizer” knows what this term means. Obama was once a Comm. Org., and you see he didn’t do that too long. The Black on Black crime rate may have gone down enough to think that people who worked in that particular field may have felt absolved from it. Maybe that’s why Obama decided to go on and be a law school professor. Things seemed on the up and up.

    #2 The economy is ALL KINDS of fucked up (kinda goes without saying), but guess who the unemployment rate is hitting the hardest? Teenagers! It’s like almost 20% of that age group that can’t find work (spitting a lil microecon here, the “unemployed” mean people that are actually looking for work). Clearly this is the same age group that are trying to prepare themselves for college–but probably can’t go b/c their parent(s) lost a job (or two) and can’t afford to send them, or if they chose not to go immediately after, can’t get a job. Whatever the case, all of them are thrown into the same boat.

    #3 These kids are the ones born IN the 90′s (crazy how kids born ’95 are 14 now, like WTF, where did MY youth go?), but anyway. These kids are bearing the worst of when social programs began being cut by Bush. God forbid if they went to some shitty public school that didn’t meet requirements for the No Child Left Behind Act. Those finances were gettin ALL THE WAY cut. People who were normally wealthy enough to donate to places like the Y or Boys & Girls Club aren’t giving in the same amount (or at all). So these kids seriously have no place to go, nothing to engage them (like after school sports or some extracurricular).

    So, essentially there isn’t shit for people to look forward to…

    You have to wonder if the only way to go is up from this point, and I think that’s the only “messianic” thing Obama can do, which, on the political front, is wave his magic wand and try to get the economy out of this deep abyss of shittyness. Other than that, I don’t think his mere presence is going to bring about any hope or change to people…or maybe it will. But what people need to understand, and probably sooner than later, will see, is that Obama is pragmatic as hell. So, all he really cares about is doing things that make sense.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Thanx Tony Grand$…….I feel there are quite a few intelligent cats that post on this site. Even though I can get “hood” as fuck, I just wouldn’t go on a job interview like “Experience??? Don’t worry about that shit man, just give me the gig and I’ll show u how it’s done son!!!”

  • sealsaa

    “My baby mama’s black, my kids are too, and i’ll be god-damn if I ain’t work’in for the jews” -President Obama My president remix

    I’m willing to bet that we’ll get the worst of ’91 without experiencing any of the best of it, i.e., shitty southern music doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. N-words will continue to get shot, because hey, somebody has to right? AND we’re back in the middle east. Not quite desert storm, but the middle east nonetheless.

    • Avenger XL

      This isn’t like 91 this is a continuation of something that started before then and culminated in 91.

      Shitty southern music “really” how cliche is that and pathtetic in the over all hip-hop discussion. Just support black milk, Elzhi,boot camp, sean price,camp lo, saint,Lupe or any number of more lyrical hiphop artist and leave the southern dance music to the pop fools and record execs.

      P.S. We never left the middle east, and we just had the first legally retarded president in George Bush.

  • juan
  • gerald n. the birdman

    Hey! Even flannel shirts are back!