Kid Cudi Whines About XXL Cover, Clearly Belongs on Kanye West’s Label

“It’s just politics; they didn’t put me on that cover because I didn’t have a major deal. That’s just what it was. That’s my opinion. I don’t have nothing against XXL, I know the game. I probably shouldn’t be even saying this but day by day, every interview I do, 90% of the time I never say what I want to say. So f**k it. I’m going to say what I want to say and I felt like I should have been on that cover and not when you open it up, all up in the crease and s**t man. If you read the round table interview I’m one of the one’s doing most of the talking; me and Wale.” Kid Cudi, interview

Who are the ten best freshmen of 2009? Kid Cudi, Kid Cudi, Kid Cudi, Dylan, Kid Cudi…

I can think of 15 talented up-and-comers who email and Twitter spam the religion out of my life but didn’t make that cover at all. These niggas can look at their life’s work, wonder if it will ever get them out of the proverbial single-mom’s basement and be forced to stare at Ace Hood for their troubles. Yet Cudi complains about merely being inset.

For fucking shame.

Sounds like somebody done drank the Kool-Aid at Kanye’s house. Maybe there was a little too much “Maui Wowie” in the bowl? A nigga was already worried about Cudi’s music coming out sounding like Kanye Lite Presents: Roland Kicks & Lovesickness, but now I see that 2009 is in store for a matching swollen ego. We might just have two deranged Eddy Curry masturbators at next year’s Negro Please Awards… with matching skinny jeans around their ankles.

I’m no expert on the particulars of politics surrounding how preferred placement on magazine covers and record pools is secured *screws face*, but I do know that uppity freshmen get swirlies after lunch period. That’s just a little conventional wisdom for the neophytes. [Blogger’s Note: That’s also alliteration, holmes!]

The public won’t be as quick to “Embrace the Martian” when they find little Marvin acting all L. Ron Hubbard crazy before so much as an album release. I can’t quite identify what these Studio B chicks is putting in homeboy’s tank, but you’re supposed to have been around for a little longer before you start making a stink about accolades and magazine covers, aren’t you?

Maybe there’s an actual music-related reason Cudi’s all up in the crease and shit like Jarome Iginla? Maybe they didn’t like his sweater? Maybe they didn’t want to scare the children with that fearsome Teenage Mutant Hipster Turtle jumpkick? Maybe all that Tae-Bo shit made him miss the Wale/B.O.B./Asher Roth/Charles Hamilton brosephine huddle? How the fuck is anyone outside that closed conference room door supposed to know?

If it’s all really so fucking disturbing, that’s what scissors and Elmer’s Glue are for. You can be A Kid Named Cut-n-Paste. Go on ahead. Cut the undeserving rapster out. Shellac your favorite portrait in. See how much better it feels.

Sometimes I superimpose my face on Jay-Z’s body when I see pictures of him gallivanting with Beyonce. Other times I’m putting sombreros on Tyler Perry for having a media empire the likes of which our world would be better off were I sole proprietor. It’s fun and saves me a bundle in therapy costs. I recommend the shit between tokes.

As far as the comment about holding one’s tongue goes, I can’t say I don’t understand what it’s like to wanna fully let loose. However, in the world of content development, the nigga doing most of the talking is usually the nigga getting the least done. On the same coin, the nigga speaking most isn’t necessarily the one with most to say. That’s more conventional wisdom foe dat azz.

Negro, please. A Kid Named Cudi is a very solid mixtape. It’s a good listen with some incredible highs, i.e.: current UK chart-topper “Day N Nite.” I actually dig the spacier, sing-songy, melody-driven cuts more than the ones on which he tries to go Brooklyn hard. It’s cool to find a healthy balance upon which to make songs and all, but this nigga actin like he invented the wheel when all we got is one strong mixtape.

Shit. Saigon has at least one of those and he was a top-10 freshman back in like 2001.

Let that Man on the Moon shit be what he and Kanye think it’s gonna be, then dudesicle can come back and complain about whichever front covers his glorious image should grace.

No, wait. Actually niggas should shut the fuck up then too.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Wanna help me pick out Kid Cudi’s arranged battle partner and opponent? We can totally WWE this shit.

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  • Pierzy

    What’s good Mexx…

    First off, I’m glad he mentioned Wale because he’s the future.

    Also: “…but this nigga actin like he invented the wheel when all we got is one strong mixtape.”

    Real talk. Put in some…no…ALOT more work and then you can talk shit.

    • Ron Mexico

      we good, p.

      i actually await both projects with enthusiasm. i’m just like, if XXL cover is your dream… this ain’t how you get there.

      • Pierzy

        This is like biting the hand that feeds you while you’re starving to death and haven’t been fed yet. Not the smartest move I’ve ever seen…

    • Gullee Boy

      We started this movement Jan. 3rd



  • CK

    hahah that quote at the top is so funny.

    “all up in the crease and shit”

    but damn, everyone knows he probably deserved to be on the front. He could easily be the best of all 10 of em.

  • DANJA29

    Good got-damn… this sh*t is 20 kinds of brutal. 15 days in and the blog etherization of the year has arrived.

  • Fresh Jacobs

    My Man! You’re the only one that tell the truth.. The 09 Freshmen are overrated.. period.

  • qp

    I was wondering when someone was gone say something about that interview. I was reading that and yeah….he is lil Kanye Jr. It’s like damn……you did talk your fucking ass off in the XXL magazine….not letting everyone else talk (I really wanted hear what Blu had to say)…but you complain about being on the third cover……yeah…he should shut the fuck until he makes a classic….

  • Matt Herbz

    Word to mutha, Mex, you came correct. Niggaz got big egos in this shit thinking that all you need to be successful is a big ego–er…drive…a lot of drive. Niggaz confuse them shits all the time. Dudes run up in your workspace and talk to you like you’re one of their children thinking that makes them look like they’re the next CEO, but when the dude has his first hissy fit over a promotion or something, then his ass will settle down–reality is a hard pill to take, muthafuckas.

    Quiet niggaz will kill, loud niggaz talk shit-they be the ones who get killed…

    –Matt Herbz–

  • Rob The Music Ed

    It’s a damn shame, here we were thinking we were being dope and forward thinking and DOPE over here at XXL… I still think CuDi is talented as hell, but I was disappointed he said that.

    BTW – madddddddd funny Ron

    • DJ Daddy Mack

      wow smh. These cats stay burning bridges and I really like CuDi’s music :-(

    • Ron Mexico

      hahaha, thank you, rob. i thought the same.

      p.s.: i know rap people = hilarious. wish i was in on that blunt circle.

      at least i hope that’s why capone was coughin so much.

      • squadwildin

        Say wat you wanna say but dont knock the man for bein honest…is it not true that he wasnt on the cover cuz he wasnt signed to Interscope?? Look at the relation. All 4 artists on the front cover were…

        Lets call it like it is….with business, there’s politics. And dont sit here and tell me XXL is not tryin to run a business…

        But when Kid Cudi blows up, XXL dont hop on his dick later….

        By the way, Asher Roth is fuckin garbage….And I think Cudi felt like he deserved Asher’s spot.

        And lets get one more thing straight. Kid Cudi had a way better mixtape then Asher Roth….Every one can agree on that shit. DOnt fuckin front. its 2009….time to kill all that shit

  • MikeD

    Cudi says one honest line and the internet has nothing better to do then dissect it 20 ways. When Cudi drops and the world goes crazy or he flops, will anyone give a shit about an interview he gave to allshitstop in the middle of the Great Depression pt. 2?

    If YOU thought you were on the cover and got put 3 deep, you would have a feeling about it too. He didn’t say fuck XXL, or even beat around that bush.

    This is why no one gives a shit about hip hop anymore, it’s like watching Gossip Girls.

  • Bubba Kush

    Backpackers can suck a fat one

    and it should be Wale and I, Wale and I. Kid Cudi your an ignorant asshole

  • Drank King Productions

    Ha Ha! Funny…Sad…but True You live and you learn. When I had a cushy job all I could think about was how much I didn’t have. Then I lost it and that shit is looking great right now (Damn economy…)

    Good point about the millions of kids makin records at home wishing they could get in the “inset”. I for one would be grateful to get any recognition at all for good music. (that’s just me though, smh) Politics put him in the inner page/ Politics keep most niggas out of the game period. Put that in a pipe and smoke it. Hmm Kush?

    Columbus, GA Stand UP!

  • giantstepp

    I admit Im stuck in my era with hip hop (early 80′s/late 90′s). Anything after that I need to be seriously educated on. I dont know these cats and dont care. Im good with where I am.

  • amar

    not related to your post, but a day after reading about kanye masturbating all over the negro please awards, I was listening to graduation and picked up on

    “there goes the naacp award, there goes the india arie award. They’d rather give me the n-nigga please award..”

    and he was right!

    • Ron Mexico

      wow. some prohpetic shit!

      totally forgot about that line.

  • geico lizard

    He should be happy you did this Ron because at least you are getting his name out there. Kid Cudi will be driving eddy currys limo this time next year.

    • Ron Mexico

      you’re cold as ice, charlie murphayyy.

  • John G

    Man,Day-N-Nite Aint Even On The Uk Chart Nevermind The Top!!!

  • Lowedwn

    What up Mexxico. You completley right on this one. Homie need to fall back and just get his name out there and estabish himself more before he hits us with the premadonna shit. With that said though, A Kid Named Cudi is on some fly shit and I am looking forward to hearing more from the Kid.

  • tk

    uhh…ron mexico, you’re sounding a little butthurt right now. Cudi said he usually holds back his thoughts and decided not to this time. Now I’m no Cudi stan or anything, I just got into him because of this cover, but come on. Is proposing that all of the freshman be on the front cover so bad? He wasn’t on some Kanye “i’m the rap jesus” “im the best thing in music” shit, he just said everyone deserved to be on the front. I really think you’re blowing this up more than it is.

  • Geranimo

    I think the only reason he wasnt on the front was because, that photograph was jake. it was him kicking and two niggas pointing like “look at this nigga”. musically the people on the front (in my opinion shoulda been Cudi, Gunz, Hamilton and Asher Roth

    • tony grand$

      Kanye must’ve known wtf he was talkin about when he referred to himself as “the voice of the ppl”, or whtevr the fuck. His baby tantrum tirades r startin to rub off on the youngstas who barely got a foot in the door.

      The “beef” shit died with gangsta rap, the new media circus is bitchin & moanin like a pregnant 13 year old girl. Not a good look for the future, @ all.

      • Geranimo


      • HERM

        Hahaha. Big effin’ co-sign to that Tony Grand$!

        Great post, Mex.

        • tony grand$

          Real type, that guy Cudi should’ve been more pissed off that whatever blunt roller he had with him that day let him do that gay ass, Last Dragon kick for the hip hop world to peep.

          That’s why XXL aint put him on the cover. He might as well be doin the splits.

          *”blunt roller” is the weed carrier’s weed carrier*


  • $ykotic

    “I can’t say I don’t understand what it’s like to wanna fully let loose.” LOL

    Someone give dude a hug and a cookie.

    Worrying about being a freshman when most dudes dropout before they’re seniors. Ho hum


  • cocotaso

    “Blogger’s Note: That’s also alliteration, holmes!”

    word to jack black

  • midnightkat

    I think it should have been cudi,wale,b.o.b.and XV. Cudi did get slided but so did blu both of them brothas is nicer then chuck hamilton(had to put a NY rapper on the cover)and bye the way why dont you jump down hamiltons ass behind all the silly shit that nigga says? i think you should get the nigga please award you old angry hate-filled nigga!

  • Anonymous


  • dunitDMV

    f*ck whoever wrote this. you think you the hot sh*t? how many records you sell? cudi is hot. realest rapper out today and hes got the balls to f*ck with other genres. now quit hating and go back to sucking the guy next to yous dick.