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As I head to the airport where my flight is gonna whisk me off to an exotic location where no mosquitos are at, I’m still in Hip-Hop mode. I’m wondering if this spot I’m headed to will have dope international hip-hop acts. If they do, I’ll find them. I feel that as Americans we don’t give a fair shake to those across the water that embrace the culture of hip-hop, most times more so than we do! Some of these African, French and Japanese MCs be killing freestyle ciphers. I don’t know what they are saying but shit, I don’t know what some of them southern artists be saying half the time either.

I’m going to this new breeding ground for talent with a clear mind, and hopeful ear. I suggest that this year you also expand your hip-hop horizons to include international MCs and introduce them to us in this forum. My drinks are waiting for me fam, so I’ll holla back when I’m back in the states. Stay tuned. -DT

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  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    Fuck an overseas rappers. I will say you do have a point about understanding a foreign rapper’s lyrics vs your average down south rapper. But the only international talent I’m checking for is:

    A sand nigga to pump my gas and to tell me, “Thank you come again”
    A Jewish Laywer
    An Asian bitch to fry me some chicken wings and to suck me long time afterwards
    A Mexican to mow my lawn and to remodel my whole house for $500.

    Anything else would be uncivilized.

    • tony grand$

      Lmao @ HH&moreH, nigga u’s a fool…….

      DT, check this here champ, until mufucks can get that homegrown hip hop correct & on point, I aint even tryin to check for no outta country niggas. That shit only rhymes in their language anyhoo. If they were speakin English, it would sound like some aggresive ass spoken word. Nullus! They better be rappin with a translator behind ‘em.

      It’s like what Obama said; if we get our shit together on the home front, all else will fall in like army men.

      Enjoy ya flight nigga, & feliz nueva ano!

      • $ykotic

        “They better be rappin with a translator behind ‘em.”

        You madd 4 that 1!

        Triple H above: Been there done that. And the breezies like creme filling.

    • FlapJack

      Can I borrow your mexican for a few hours? a driveway full of snow, and no spare mexicans

  • Bobo D

    Where I’m from its kind of win/loose sitution. If a MC raps in his “mother tongue” (non-english), he’s seen as a true representation of where he’s from, but he only connects with a smaller audience because not everybody understands what he’s saying. If a MC raps in english he has a larger audience, but if he raps with all out english with American slang it seems that he’s just copying what he see’s on TV.
    But the negative have been slowly degrading.

    Here are few international acts I listen to:
    Sway Dasafo – UK
    Dizzee Rascal – UK
    Kano – UK
    ProVerb – South Africa (You need to check “I have a dream”, you can find it on youtube)
    HHP – South Africa
    Tumi (from Tumi And The Volume)-South Africa.

    • Bobo D

      Excuse me, I meant to say, “the negative have been slowly decreasing.”

  • geico lizard

    I dont see other countries improving music they just copy us(the beatles)and everyone goes crazy because its not an american doing it. The only thing i have seen other countries improve is techology because japan kicks our ass in that and action films because they have elaborate fight scenes and get paid peanuts but they do their own stunts like jackie chan when he cracked his head open.

    If one of our action stars got a hang nail he would have to be rushed to the ER. Except tom cruise he does alot of his own stunts and Jim carrey just did a bungee jump and he also fell and broke some ribs in Yes Man.

    • Brahsef

      I would say in rock music the United States always copies trends in the UK. What’s a popular sound in england usually comes around to the states a couple of years later. Even in hip-hop the UK has some real innovative shit like Dizzee Rascal. I can honestly say he’s like the new ODB…ain’t nobody a father to his style. Man’s crazy.

  • Manka Cat

    Hilltop Hoods!!

    The Nosebleed Section
    Clown Prince
    Roll On Up

    Try these tracks to get your feet wet. Awesome music, awesome guys.

  • No Mames Buey

    Funky DL from London is nice – great jazz-rap beats, & good rapping. Dude raps & makes all his beats, doesn’t need all that offshoring of rap album tasks like ur fav rapper does.

    If you speak Spanish, fock with these 2 PR rappers that >>> ur fav big label English language rapper such as Lil Wang, TI, etc

    Tego Calderon

    Residente (of the duo Calle 13, his bro Visitante makes the beats). Residente is hilarious lyrical rapper, in the steez of Chino XL, Eminem, Redman

    • tony grand$

      Aight, I did kinda forget bout Calle 13. Mi mal.

      I don’t even think the main cat n that group speaks any english. Every time I see them dudes in interviews, they’re speakin spanish, unless I’m mistaken. But they do deserve a nod for stretchin the boundaries of “traditional” hip hop.

      & from what I understand, them niggas r maaaad popular.

    • FlapJack

      haha. my ex was in guatemala and brought back some calle 13 bootlegs.. I don’t speak much spanish but daaaim that was some corny shit

  • What the ?

    Fly over to Jamaica and grad up some Rastas bloods with heart, we need some more reggae hip-hop mix tracks again. That old Method Man Mad Lion track was the shit, need some more of that instead of Tpain or Akon with those faggot ass vocoder hooks.

    UK’s got some heat, Canada’s got heat, the rest need translators.

  • superxshaz

    UK’s got some good talent, I’d say for quite some time now I’ve been opening my ears to what they have across the pond.

    google Kano, Bashy, Skinnyman, Tinie Tempah & Chimpmunk.

  • Arcey

    Y’all niggas is mad local… France got an industry with million selling artists like IAM or MC Solaar (maybe some of ya remember that track with Guru, back in the days) while the american albums go wood. I know it’s hard to get the vibe of something you don’t understand but to dis it ’cause you don’t get it makes you ignorant.

    • tony grand$

      Mad local folks, like 66th Street and Western Avenue, all day!

      I’m American, I like American food, American movies, American cars, American music. Might be a tad bit askew and shallow, but se la vive.

      As soon as I start continent hoppin, maybe my tune will change…..til then, it is what it is.

      • 619

        I heard that! I fuck with Canada Steakburger does that count. The shit that’s triv to me is how Cali hoods have Asian folks that mix their food with Americanized food. Like you’ll see a ‘All you can eat Chinese food and Chicago style hot dog’. WTF? If I wanted Chinese food, I would go there for Chinese food, lookin’ at the American food listed after just makes me wanna go somewhere else, like if I wanted that American type of food, wouldn’t I just go to an American spot that specializes in that.

  • mojo

    Shad outta Canada, check him out if you aint already.

  • El D


    check out for some banging ass hiphop music from the Netherlands.

    these guys produced beats for (amongst others) killah priest and they’re all also pretty mean on the mic, think immortal technique but grimier and more illuminati-like.