As I head to the airport where my flight is gonna whisk me off to an exotic location where no mosquitos are at, I'm still in Hip-Hop mode. I'm wondering if this spot I'm headed to will have dope international hip-hop acts. If they do, I'll find them. I feel that as Americans we don't give a fair shake to those across the water that embrace the culture of hip-hop, most times more so than we do! Some of these African, French and Japanese MCs be killing freestyle ciphers. I don't know what they are saying but shit, I don't know what some of them southern artists be saying half the time either.

I'm going to this new breeding ground for talent with a clear mind, and hopeful ear. I suggest that this year you also expand your hip-hop horizons to include international MCs and introduce them to us in this forum. My drinks are waiting for me fam, so I'll holla back when I'm back in the states. Stay tuned. -DT