Again, I find myself doing the work of feminist types who'd like to paint hip-hop as a bunch of evil misogynists, since they probably don't spend a significant amount of time following hip-hop.

You might recall, a few years ago, when they tried to use that sad video of Big Pun pistol whipping his wife (a 700 pound man with self control issues? who'd a thunkit?) as evidence of a domestic violence epidemic in the world of hip-hop. But I suspected it may have had more to do with the latin tendency towards machismo.

There was a story in VIBE that mentioned a few other instances, but they were all either hearsay, or what Samuel L Jackson's character in Jackie Brown would call "old crimes." And I wasn't buying the argument that the victims might be afraid to speak out, since, what kind of black woman do you know who would miss the opportunity to talk bad about a man?

Unless it's a case where she didn't want to cause a stink and hence run the risk of getting cut off financially, in which I think she'd forfeit her right to complain. Case in point, R. Kelly's wife, who apparently didn't seem to mind that her husband was an insane child rapist until last week.

But I digress.

Today, I'd like to bring to your attention a video where Gucci Mane just hauls off and cold cocks a beyotch at one of his shows. My bad if you've seen/heard about it already, over on World Star or whatever. I've been slacking on my macking as of late. You guys are gonna have to forgive me.

If you haven't already seen it, I just posted it to my own site, for your viewing pleasure. Have at it.

In the video, it looks like Gucci Mane might be doing a show at one of these hole in the wall joints down south somewhere. I remember, a while back, the late, great Noz doing a post on how a lot of these obscure southern rappers he thinks are good are able to build and sustain careers by catering to parts of the country most people don't even know exist.

In fact, this video would be remarkable, if only for the sad nature of the "performance." First of all, if you're like me, and you couldn't pick Gucci Mane out of a lineup, even if he stole your bike, you have to wonder a couple of things:

a) How do we even know this is Gucci Mane? It's not like he's doing anything any number of people couldn't do. I mean, I could see if he was rapping in a style that carried with it a certain degree of difficulty. But I guess that's where catering to underserved markets in the rural south comes in; those people could probably sniff out a Gucci Mane impostor just as easily as white kids in San Francisco could tell a fake MF Doom.

but also...

b) If you notice, there's a DJ setup in the background, but there isn't anyone standing behind it. He's obviously just singing along to one of his CDs. If this were New York, there'd at least be someone back there doing the Biz Markie thing, where, before he hits the play button on his CD player, he goes, "Hey, remember this one?!"

(Speaking of which, does anyone know if Biz Markie will be playing Obama's inauguration? I remember reading, back in early '05, that he played Bush's inauguration, along with Beyonce, who got a lot more flack for it than he did. But I'm sure they were both just there for the paycheck.)

But enough with the performance itself. I don't want to spend any more time thinking about it than Gucci Mane did himself, and I probably already have. The key is the part in the video where he pushes a girl off of the stage and then jumps down into the crowd to knock her lights out.

For what it's worth, Gucci Mane does ask the young lady nicely to get off the stage, before he takes it upon himself to remove her. It's not like he was all like, "Bitch, get off the motherfucking stage so I can do my motherfucking song!" You could see the southern gentleman in him shining through... right before he goes completely ape shit.

And even then, the girl probably could have avoided getting stole on, if she would have just taken her getting tossed from the stage like a big girl, instead of throwing a bitchfit. Yeah, a guy violently threw her from a stage... but it's not like she fell on her face or anything. She should have just taken the L and went about her business.

Instead, of course, in the fashion typical of a certain class of woman, she starts popping shit from the crowd, probably thinking Gucci Mane wouldn't stop the show to come down into the audience to put his shoe on her. But it's really only a split second before he does just that. I'm sure she was just as caught off guard as I was watching it.

The crazy thing about it is that, if some guy wouldn't have inserted himself in between the two of them right as Gucci Mane was going in for the kill, he probably would have seriously harmed this broad. This was one of those punches you use when you see a nigga who stole something from you, and you've been looking for him for like two years. Even if she didn't get a black eye or anything, as she claims later in the video (though I'd like to see what she looked like the next day), I'm sure she felt it hard enough that she won't be inviting herself on stage at any more of his shows.

Let me be clear: I'm no advocate of putting a shoe on a woman, unless she's coming after you with a knife or some shit. What Gucci Mane did was wrong. If I were in that same situation, I wouldn't even have pushed her from the stage. I would have had security - or probably one of my weed carriers - escort her out of the building, at which point I would have said some especially derogatory things about her and then gone about my business.

That being said, I can't help but be amused whenever someone puts their ego ahead of their own personal safety. She shouldn't have been on stage in the first place. But once she got tossed from the stage, she should have taken it as a sign that she wasn't welcome, and then acted accordingly. What was she trying to prove by going off on him like that? She's lucky she didn't get hurt any worse than she did.

What do you fruits think? Legally, I'm sure she could take this footage to 5-0 and get Gucci Mane tossed in the pokey, if he isn't already there (I thought he was doing time behind a murder or some shit? Or was it one of those short murder stints?), and if she wasn't trying to use this video to promote her own rap career or whatever. But morally, I don't know if she's got much of a leg to stand on. I'm particularly interested in hearing women's views on this issue. It's too bad she got cold cocked, but you all aren't gonna try to come to this girl's defense, are you? Speak on it.