Gucci Mane keeps it real

Again, I find myself doing the work of feminist types who’d like to paint hip-hop as a bunch of evil misogynists, since they probably don’t spend a significant amount of time following hip-hop.

You might recall, a few years ago, when they tried to use that sad video of Big Pun pistol whipping his wife (a 700 pound man with self control issues? who’d a thunkit?) as evidence of a domestic violence epidemic in the world of hip-hop. But I suspected it may have had more to do with the latin tendency towards machismo.

There was a story in VIBE that mentioned a few other instances, but they were all either hearsay, or what Samuel L Jackson’s character in Jackie Brown would call “old crimes.” And I wasn’t buying the argument that the victims might be afraid to speak out, since, what kind of black woman do you know who would miss the opportunity to talk bad about a man?

Unless it’s a case where she didn’t want to cause a stink and hence run the risk of getting cut off financially, in which I think she’d forfeit her right to complain. Case in point, R. Kelly’s wife, who apparently didn’t seem to mind that her husband was an insane child rapist until last week.

But I digress.

Today, I’d like to bring to your attention a video where Gucci Mane just hauls off and cold cocks a beyotch at one of his shows. My bad if you’ve seen/heard about it already, over on World Star or whatever. I’ve been slacking on my macking as of late. You guys are gonna have to forgive me.

If you haven’t already seen it, I just posted it to my own site, for your viewing pleasure. Have at it.

In the video, it looks like Gucci Mane might be doing a show at one of these hole in the wall joints down south somewhere. I remember, a while back, the late, great Noz doing a post on how a lot of these obscure southern rappers he thinks are good are able to build and sustain careers by catering to parts of the country most people don’t even know exist.

In fact, this video would be remarkable, if only for the sad nature of the “performance.” First of all, if you’re like me, and you couldn’t pick Gucci Mane out of a lineup, even if he stole your bike, you have to wonder a couple of things:

a) How do we even know this is Gucci Mane? It’s not like he’s doing anything any number of people couldn’t do. I mean, I could see if he was rapping in a style that carried with it a certain degree of difficulty. But I guess that’s where catering to underserved markets in the rural south comes in; those people could probably sniff out a Gucci Mane impostor just as easily as white kids in San Francisco could tell a fake MF Doom.

but also…

b) If you notice, there’s a DJ setup in the background, but there isn’t anyone standing behind it. He’s obviously just singing along to one of his CDs. If this were New York, there’d at least be someone back there doing the Biz Markie thing, where, before he hits the play button on his CD player, he goes, “Hey, remember this one?!”

(Speaking of which, does anyone know if Biz Markie will be playing Obama’s inauguration? I remember reading, back in early ’05, that he played Bush’s inauguration, along with Beyonce, who got a lot more flack for it than he did. But I’m sure they were both just there for the paycheck.)

But enough with the performance itself. I don’t want to spend any more time thinking about it than Gucci Mane did himself, and I probably already have. The key is the part in the video where he pushes a girl off of the stage and then jumps down into the crowd to knock her lights out.

For what it’s worth, Gucci Mane does ask the young lady nicely to get off the stage, before he takes it upon himself to remove her. It’s not like he was all like, “Bitch, get off the motherfucking stage so I can do my motherfucking song!” You could see the southern gentleman in him shining through… right before he goes completely ape shit.

And even then, the girl probably could have avoided getting stole on, if she would have just taken her getting tossed from the stage like a big girl, instead of throwing a bitchfit. Yeah, a guy violently threw her from a stage… but it’s not like she fell on her face or anything. She should have just taken the L and went about her business.

Instead, of course, in the fashion typical of a certain class of woman, she starts popping shit from the crowd, probably thinking Gucci Mane wouldn’t stop the show to come down into the audience to put his shoe on her. But it’s really only a split second before he does just that. I’m sure she was just as caught off guard as I was watching it.

The crazy thing about it is that, if some guy wouldn’t have inserted himself in between the two of them right as Gucci Mane was going in for the kill, he probably would have seriously harmed this broad. This was one of those punches you use when you see a nigga who stole something from you, and you’ve been looking for him for like two years. Even if she didn’t get a black eye or anything, as she claims later in the video (though I’d like to see what she looked like the next day), I’m sure she felt it hard enough that she won’t be inviting herself on stage at any more of his shows.

Let me be clear: I’m no advocate of putting a shoe on a woman, unless she’s coming after you with a knife or some shit. What Gucci Mane did was wrong. If I were in that same situation, I wouldn’t even have pushed her from the stage. I would have had security – or probably one of my weed carriers – escort her out of the building, at which point I would have said some especially derogatory things about her and then gone about my business.

That being said, I can’t help but be amused whenever someone puts their ego ahead of their own personal safety. She shouldn’t have been on stage in the first place. But once she got tossed from the stage, she should have taken it as a sign that she wasn’t welcome, and then acted accordingly. What was she trying to prove by going off on him like that? She’s lucky she didn’t get hurt any worse than she did.

What do you fruits think? Legally, I’m sure she could take this footage to 5-0 and get Gucci Mane tossed in the pokey, if he isn’t already there (I thought he was doing time behind a murder or some shit? Or was it one of those short murder stints?), and if she wasn’t trying to use this video to promote her own rap career or whatever. But morally, I don’t know if she’s got much of a leg to stand on. I’m particularly interested in hearing women’s views on this issue. It’s too bad she got cold cocked, but you all aren’t gonna try to come to this girl’s defense, are you? Speak on it.

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  • Juzzy

    Can anyone name a worse rapper than Gucci Mane????

    • blaktwan

      Jim Jones

    • Hate Hate and more Hate

      Gorilla Zoe
      Soulja Boy
      Ron Browz
      Tony Yayo
      Mike Jones

      • DooK

        Freakin hilarious @ Every comment b4 this one…

    • Deez Nutz

      Anyone seen that dude with the good blogs lateley…I think his name was Bol

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    I saw that video and the only fucked up thing about it was Gucci Mane’s wack ass music.

    I don’t agree with the bitch ass blog writer about this bitch being on stage in the first place. I say, she stupid for just being at a Gucci Mane show in the first place. I mean really, who stupid enough to waste their hard earned money on this corny nigga . . .oh yeah you southern fried fags.

    It’s just like a teenager hanging with the wrong crowd. You know it’s bad, so if you know your about to engage in a bad situation and something bad happens to you (get hit with a stray bullet, police harassment, you get you beat) while your with this bad crowd, then you get what you deserve. period. It’s that simple.

    I’m for one, is happy that this bitch got her ass handed to her, because it was getting kind of boring seeing only Yung Berg getting knocked the fuck out. That shit needs to happen to other people. Spread the wealth and shit

    • Jamal7Mile


      Say, look at that up there!!!

      *spits into the guy’s cup of soda who’s sitting next to me… for no reason*

      But for real though, that was plain ol wrong. The man probably caught a case for that one. This vid gotta be old because Gucci in the pokey as we speak.

    • valdez

      say what u want about gucci, lord knows it took me a while to acknowledge his “talent.”

      but the bottom line is, the hood LOVE this nigga. i’m from baltimore, and niggas LOVE this nigga. to the point where i used to clown him at 1st, but he’s grown on me a little.

      i don’t buy his shit, but i can at least tolerate listening to it from time to time. i was at love (the club) a few days ago and the whole place went CRAAAZZZYYY when the dj threw on “all white bricks.”

      at the very least, u gotta respect the man’s hustle cause he def. ain’t stoppin. and the way zaytoven talks about him, i’m convinced that gucci is somehow a musical genius of some dort.

  • macdatruest

    Yeah Fiddy Cent. That nigga sound like a cross between arnold shwarzenegger and the cowardly lion from the wizard of oz.

    At least Gucci Mane asked that bitch nicely before he pushed her off the stage. THEN she shot a glass at him and it broke THEN she got that overhand right that floored her ass. She goes on to admit that she was acting stupid to make Gucci’s girl mad because his girl suspected they was fuckin’ (she’s one of Gucci’s artists) so she proceeded to start feelin’ herself and puttin’ on to make his girl jealous. Then she got the shit knocked out of her. I’m pretty sure Faith had them same problems with Kim and she probably forgot her place too when Faith was around, and had to get put in her place-physically. At least Gucci smackin these hoes-Kay Slay blew Papoose’s 1.5 mil advance money chasin’ Buffy and Gucci been fuckin her hahaha NY stand Up!!!

  • http://xxl All Dae

    She was in the way. I could see if she stood on the corner of the stage and supported by knoding her head or waving her hands in the air. Instead she was grabing the banner and standing next to Gucci like she was part of the show, which I thought she was until he got rid of her.

    For Guccis part he tolerated her for a minute even getting out of her way. I agree he’s being real nice seeing how…it’s his show. Since she could’nt take the hint he did what any drug dealing prison raised southern male would do. gave her a get-to-steppin shove.

    What m.c. is gonna let himself get japped on at his own show. Hell even KRS One will kick some ass on stage if he has to. So she got loud and Gucci handled bizness pronto. I bet his groupies got in line quick and I bet for the rest of the show no other hoes got out of pocket.

  • sealsaa

    Bol, you hit it on the head with: “in the fashion typical of a certain class of woman”. Notice how she got behind a couple of people before she started running off at the mouth. She obviously felt embarassed, and chose to save face by getting loud in front of a group of people. The push was fine, but he went over-board with the punch. I don’t condone it, but black women have a tendancy to behave this way, and before you know it, she has a shoe print on her ass, and the cops are coming.

  • What the ?

    Man, all females do is bitch about equal rights, but when it comes to things that men do to other men it’s unacceptable for a man to do the same to a woman , they want the best of both worlds. We’ll what would happen if a dude jumped up on the stage wanting attention ? he’d get his ass beat down by the entourage or the bouncers or a cop and probably the croud he fell back into, so I feel no sympathy for outta line bitches that deserve a bitch slap if you will.

  • Marco317

    gucci in jail for not doin the probation on the murder of the guy young jeezy sent to snatch his chain…but yeah dat chick is so down wit gucci she got knocked the fuck out and shes on his dick 10 min later !!! now thats a fan !!!

  • Pana

    Her reason for behaving this way makes this whole dicussion irrelevant. Case closed.

  • DV8

    WOW did you see that? reminded me of Jermaine O’Neal at the Palace.


    Funny sh*t as usual, Bol. Calling yourself Gucci Mane + rapping half-assed most of the time + hitting a broad in your show in front of everyone = you lost.

  • Detroit P

    In the Video she says He hit her because after he pushed her she turned around and threw her glass at him….that being said she deserved getting punched and she seems to understand that she deserved to get punched by saying “He did what he had to do and I did what I had to do”…you see women like that only respect you when you beat their ass..if Gucci hadnt of done anything she woulda been talkin about how much of a pussy he was and callin him a Bitch…but since he put that knuckle on her she respects him for being a man and putting her(the women) in her place…Hood Logic

    • BIGNAT


  • DBlock

    she actually threw a glass at him. not that it’s a valid excuse to molly-whop a chick, but that’s what prompted said molly-whop.

  • Deez Nutz

    Whatever happened to that dude with the good blogs…i think his name was Bol…anyone seen him?

  • c. gabi

    Just playing Devil’s Advocate here…

    But she may have had a legitimate reason to be on stage. Ole girl is Mac Breezy, she rapped with Gucci on “Go ‘Head”, so I don’t even know if she finished doing a set with him or something, who knows. It looks like it was more than just her being on stage, like they’ve been beefin over something stupid for awhile. Maybe they were both geeked up lol. I can’t call it. Whatever the case, he shouldn’t have punched her…but then again, maybe this ain’t the first time he’s punched her lolol, you see how she took it like a G. That might be the typical ebb and flow between them and like she said, it might be the next song they put out.


    whoa! before i even read the article. u can say gucci mane is a garbage rapper all ya want, come 2 atlanta. 90% of niggas & bitches down here dat listen 2 hip hop fuxx wit da gucci. nigga got a huge ass fan base down here bruh.

    • Detroit P

      niggas in Detroit fuck wit Gucci too

      • macdatruest

        and The Mil too these niggas love dat shit

        • Hate Hate and more Hate

          ^^^ these 2 comments here prove my theory that niggas niggas from the GayTL and the D (d=dicklovers) are idiots.

        • macdatruest

          You a gay ass nigga named hate hate and more hate. I bet i get more pussy by accident than you earned in ya lifetime. i bet half the niggas that bump Gucci, you wouldn’t even walk past them niggas on a dark street without clutchin’ yo purse bitch ass nigga! And where you from? judging from the Hate you gotta be from the East that’s all yall niggas do is hate!!!!! that’s all battle rappin’ is, two niggas face to face hatin on eachother for an audience. Thats why all yall regular songs sound shitty and all yall niggas is broke accept Puff and Jigga cause they signed a bunch of niggas from the south. Plus, how you feel when you callin type some shit like this:> (d=dicklovers) are idiots.<-I copied and pasted that shit cause I don’t even type words like that. I think you got some manhood issues bro

    • El Tico Loco

      Don’t be blinded by the beat Gucci Mane is a garbage rapper but he got the streets.


    The bitch wanted something to happen for publicity.

    • $ykotic

      “move, bitch, get out the way….” Ludacris

      Now do we really wonder why Soulja is a buffoon?

      There’s his mentor!

  • maximus 32


  • ty from linden blvd

    that bitch deserved it.she put here self in the line of fire.ol girl knew what she was doing.he knew it too,that’s why he asked her to leave the stage the 1st time(0:43 of the video)she wanted to cause a problem and she wanted some attention so she got it.

  • Enlightened


    Did you watch the whole video? Why is nobody mentioning the fact that she threw that thick ass club-drink glass at Gucci?
    That’s why he swung on her.
    She clearly stated herself after the fact that she threw the glass at him and if you look when she’s on stage you see it and as soon as she gets pushed off stage she throws it.
    Should he have punched her? That’s debatable, but she shouldn’t have thrown shit at that man.

    Another thing – it’s funny how you niggas like to say how horrible niggas like Gucci Mane are but YOUNG JEEZY gets a pass.
    Just because Jay-Z, Puff Daddy (I ain’t callin that nigga Diddy) and other mainstream niggas co-signed him, he all of a sudden became tight.
    That nigga Jeezy ain’t no better than Gucci and these other niggas y’all be laughing at.


    Yeah he usd to fuck wit breezy(girl on the stage) and she was trying to flex in front of his new girl and GUcci told her to move that chick knew what she was doing

    But here in INDIANA we fuck with Gucci to

  • allnice

    I always liked Gucci. I feel like he can hang with Jeezy and T.I. but he is just more street than them dudes. I wasn’t surprised that he swung on a bitch because that’s the type of nigga he is. If you listen to his songs, his actions are consistent with his music.

    I never swung on a bitch but I have had to detain hos that go berserk. All he really had to do was cut the song, scoop her up and take her somewhere while telling her to hold still. She woulda calmed down eventually. He didn’t have to swing on her. That was ultra excessive on his part. Now he is gonna regret that shit and feel guilty about it because he ain’t hardbody enough to shake something like that off. Basically that bitch won in the end. His relationship with his new chick is gonna be finished so she can go back to doing whatever she do with that nigga.

  • black

    Yo Gucci mabe not the most lyrical dude in the world but he keeps it basic and true to himself and that why nigga’s feel him i guess and another thing..His beats are FIRE.
    Another thing i noticed…the hoods fuck with Gucci i mean like nigga’s from everywhere.
    And he stays on his grind like crazy…look at all the mixtapes he has out.Some say they all garbage but he has some decent material.

  • amar

    man that’s fucked up…

    if he wanted to keep his street cred without being a COMPLETE dick (only a mild dick) he could’ve just put her off. She’d run off as soon as her titties were showing.

  • west philly’s finest

    I wasn’t even surprised when I saw it on WorldStar plus she threw a glass at him at his show. Then she broke the shit down on why she did it to make his girl jealous. Plus niggas hating on Gucci every mixtape he put out is fire. All his songs be on some hood shit. And his beats is crazy.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Gender equality = is the goal of the equality of the genders or the sexes, stemming from a belief in the injustice of myriad forms of gender inequality. (wikipedia)

    Props to Gucci Mane for punches that bitch, but damn, he’s so garbage!!!

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    but Gucci Mane > Young Jezzy

  • Tiiz

    Gucci Mane is obviously a terrible rapper, but you should kill yourself not thinking he has a strong fan base. That Gucci be KNOCKIN in the set though!

  • Shawty J

    Gucci Mane is one of the worst rappers I ever heard. I never understood why my peers love this nigga so much. His rhymes are sophomoric and he uses such a generic flow.

    That girl was wrong for being on “stage”, but Gucci still shouldn’t have put her hands on her in the first place. He could’ve gotten his weed carriers to handle her (that is if he has any, based on the venue, Gucci isn’t doing to well).

    While he was definitely in the wrong for pushing her and I could never give a nigga props for stealing on a woman, she instigated that punch when she through the glass at him.

    I still think he was wrong. The nigga is ugly as hell, if he would’ve got cut in the face, it couldn’t have possibly made him that much uglier.

  • L-Y, NawfWestSide

    Damn, i c the Gucci Mane dic succerz are strapped to the teeth with teflon knee padz 2night. I saw the video, and the thing about it iz, i wouldn’t a gave a fuc about a Female, specially a decent lookin’ one (yea, i know she a bird tho’), promotin’ me on stage anyway (she held up the nigga flyer and did the birdwalk). Even tho’, she may have been there to upset the gal, whut triLL nigga would really give a fuc? Let the birdz squawk. Wuz pushin’ that 6itch off the stage his way of showin’ face to his gal? That wuz a korny move all around, and it takez a real man alot more than an overzelous bird, to put any kind of handz on a woman. But whut do u expect from a nigga namin’ himself after a white dudez clothin’ line (assuming the makerz are white). I’ve seen him coon on interviewz on several different occasions so i’m not suprised he iz quic to put his handz on a woman. Yea, she threw the glass, but he put handz on first, so the glass toss wuz deserved. Like Bol said, i would have had her removed if it wuz that serious, bruh. As far as him knoccin’ in the streetz, not in my city cuzz. I don’t know nann nigga, wit a Gucci mane cd. And ain’t this the same nigga that snitched on Jeezy? fur shame.. Gucci lost all around, don’t drop the soap homie, one-hunned – L-Y, NawfWestSide – Screwston, Tejas -

  • stoneyisland

    A fucking minstrel show at it best……Gucci beats up a broad, the broad has no idea what class means and we all sitting here asking why? why? they make intelligent black folks look bad and thats real talk. We all should be embarrassed.

  • tony grand$


  • EmCDL

    Damn he knock that broad the hell out! I’m sorry but I started crackin up when I saw that he did that….but that shit was kinda wrong too. He should of just got security to get her off the stage…but then again with her ignorant ass mind one of them guards would’ve have probably done the same damn thing lol. And like it was mentioned already on this comments section, them women respect you for that shit…shits ridiculous who would want a girl like that???