Everyone’s pissed re: Notorious

I rolled off of the couch this morning at the ass crack of 11 a.m. and cranked up the Internets to see that the soundtrack to the new Biggie Smalls movie, Notorious, had been liberated to the Internets. I figured I’d go ahead and download it for the purposes of doing a post on it here or on my own site, only come to find out that the TIs had already had it removed from Rapidshare.

The fuck? Usually, that only happens with an album they actually expect to make money on, like the new T.I. album. It could be that they just can’t afford any more piracy, with the state the economy is in these days. Or it could be that they really do expect to make a lot of money on this soundtrack.

As I’ve mentioned before on this site, I’m sure these posthumous Biggie albums are very profitable, in that it’s not like they have to pay Biggie’s corpse a per diem or anything. They probably start making money on the first copy sold, even if they don’t sell very many copies overall. Otherwise, why bother padding this soundtrack out with a bunch of shit we’ve all heard a million times before? They could have just as easily posted the few genuinely new records to the Internets.

Of course, plenty of people already have posted the few genuinely new records to the Internets – which is where I heard them. You’re gonna want to check them out, if you haven’t already. These new demos, as far as I know, aren’t the same ones that have been floating around the Internets for years now. I’d never heard them before anyway, and I’ve heard all types of shit. The sound quality isn’t the best in the world, but what are you gonna do? Whine like a little bitch?

Speaking of which, I see that the film itself has evolved into more and more of a PR clusterfuck since I did that post here a few weeks ago about what might be on the soundtrack. Yesterday, the guy who does the Scratch blog posted an interview with Easy Mo Bee in which he complains about his lack of involvement with the film. And the other day, Illseed posted – to his blog – an interview Lil’ Kim did with Hip-Hop Weekly, which apparently might actually be publishing timely, interesting journalism (who knew?), again complaining about her lack of involvement with the film. Do the two of them have legitimate grounds to complain, or are they a couple of salty haters?

I’d say they both suffer from delusions of grandeur. It’s true that they both probably played a bigger role in the Biggie story than this film would have you think – to hear them tell it. (I haven’t actually seen the film myself, but I’m not gonna lie. I’m a little bit psyched.) Easy Mo Bee produced a good half of the songs on Ready to Die, if not the songs most people remember from that album. And Lil’ Kim shined Biggie’s knob on numerous occasions, in exchange for him writing for her the only female rap album I’ve spent a significant amount of time listening to. If the people who made Notorious were really concerned with creating the most accurate movie in the world, those two probably should have been consulted. Whether or not that should have been the filmmakers’ goal in the first place is a topic for another discussion.

But you get the idea that Easy Mo Bee and Lil’ Kim’s main concerns aren’t necessarily with the quality of the film. Lil’ Kim claims she isn’t gonna bother seeing Notorious anyway. Her main concern seems to be that she’s depicted in the film as not only a filthy whore who broke up Biggie’s family, but worse: a dark-skinted filthy whore who broke up Biggie’s family. Aww dang! A lot of the interview with her centers on the casting of the admittedly kinda gross Naturi Naughton to play her in the film. (Have you seen the cover of King she was on? Ick!) You know Biggie was color struck – If Lil’ Kim would have had Faith’s complexion, there wouldn’t have been a Faith in the first place. Lil’ Kim could have had Biggie’s son, and hence a piece of his publishing, and Faith could be off somewhere in a touring production of Lord, I Need a Man.

At least Lil Kim is gonna make a little money from this film. In the interview, she explains how they had to pay her a fee to use her name and her likeness. Meanwhile, I’m not nearly as certain about Easy Mo Bee’s financial situation. In the interview he did with the Scratch blog, he claims that he signed a contract to do a score for Notorious and received payment. But I’m wondering what kind of payment he could he have received, if he didn’t do any work on the film. If he did get paid in full, why should he give a shit that they ultimately went with Danny Elfman (of all people)? Could it be that he’s embarrassed about his financial situation? In the interview, it doesn’t sound like he’s had a lot going on since the (godawful) work he did on Life After Death[1]. If he was really that concerned with his legacy, he would have been more productive in the last 1o years.

[1] To his credit, I’ve read that he tried to submit some grimy, Ready to Die shit for Life After Death, and was told by Diddy that they were going in a different direction with that album. Then he submitted “I Love the Dough” and “Going Back to Cali.” Then Diddy had his team of hacks add vocoders and obnoxious female R&B vocals and what have you.

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  • Matt Herbz

    Man, I’m torn here, Bol. You know, I kinda want to see this shit, but at the same time, I feel like my ticket price won’t go to anything that’s in Big’s name. I don’t want to support no other niggaz for licensing Biggie’s name and songs and shit to make a movie that might not even be factual. The only thing I know is that there better be a lot of fat niggaz supporting this shit because before Biggie, fat niggaz didn’t get no respect. They owe it to him, you know… And, word, there are some unreleased joints coming out that we’ve for real-for real never heard before? What are the names of these songs?

    –Matt Herbz–

  • amar

    i think the soundtrack may sell more than the typical post-death biggie record, such as duets, due to the movie probably getting attention. However, do post-death biggie records sell very many copies in the first place?

    and i think they made a contract and paid mo bee so that if he sues later for inevitably stealing something of his or not giving him credit for something, in the movie or whatever, they could use the payment they gave him against him. The TI’s know what’s up. Now wtf is a bgm?

    • tony grand$

      @ amar
      He doesn’t want to tell us. It adds to his “mystique”….

      • amar

        damn back to the drawing board…

      • tony grand$

        @ amar
        He does randomly drop hints tho, I believe he says “St. Louis” a lot (might be wrong) & its some kind of hotel/motel establishment (he was ‘checkin out’ *no homo* his nazi friend, member?).

        U should do some of that “pretty pancake” dectective work, & flush him outta the bushes………


        • master cheef

          bgm stands for big gay mart, which is what he calls the k-mart, that he works like a hebrew slave for.

        • tony grand$

          Thank u for saving us from ourselves, Mastercheef. I’d a fucked round & gave myself a nosebleed, diggin thru backblogs & tryin to get all “Columbo” up n this beeyaaaaitch!


  • miles archer

    “The only thing I know is that there better be a lot of fat niggaz supporting this shit because before Biggie, fat niggaz didn’t get no respect”…

    C’mon son, I love Biggie but let’s not act like he didn’t get a whole lotta that fat ladies man persona from Heavy D who got crazy respect across the board.

    I’ve already decided this shit is gonna suck balls based on the corny shit i’ve seen in the previews.
    I’ll prolly catch the bootleg but I can’t see my grown ass rushing out to pay $10.
    I’d rather dig out my old copies of The Source circa 1996-1997 and reminisce that way.


  • Dr Flav

    Congrats on the awards Bol, I must say that I always enjoy reading you blog, I always leave it to read last, right after Sunday’s. I admire that you can actually spell words and communicate thought effectively, it makes hip hop journalism a lot more credible.

  • Pierzy

    Anyone that thinks this film will be good is obviously misguided and confused. The moment I heard about it, I immediately disregarded it.

  • giantstepp

    I aint gonna lie, i want to see it. but i aint going to the movies and spend money on the over priced snacks and shit. besides, the bootlegs are probably hitting the hood right about…..NOW! drop a 5 spot for one, grab a beverage of choosing and chill at the crib checking it out.

  • Bobo D

    I ain’t hyped about the movie, I mean Diddy is producing the movie, so I’m sure who ever is playing him will have to do alot of dancing infront/behind of Biggie and some adlib on the songs.

    I rember reading that Angela Bassett is gonna play Mrs Wallace. For real Angela Bassett as Mrs Wallace!!! I ain’t one to judge but they better do some Charlize Theoron “Monster” Oscar winning make-up on Angela.

    Plus I ain’t gone to the movies in a long while (do people still let there cellphones ring?). I’ll just borrow the DVD from one of my friends, it will probably be the type where someone records it in the back of the cinema.

  • niggaplease

    Naturi Naughton is cute. Lil’ Kim is disturbed, ugly and has Jackson 5 syndrome.

    And for all your bullshit provatuering, you have tin ears and an average taste in women.

  • Og Bobby J

    My only hope is that they keep it really real….like that video that showed Pun pistol whippin his wife….

  • Jamal7Mile

    This movie is going to be Ms. Wallace and Faith’s version of Big’s life. Without having seen the movie, I KNOW them two are gonna be made out to be dirt-free angels. Example (again, I haven’t seen it) when they get to the part where Faith and Kim fight… you know Kim probably gonna come flying out a 3rd story window with a boot stickin’ out her ass. I already heard they portrayed her in shitty light (an onstage camel-flashing incident because she was mad or something). Man, come on… somebody neutral should’ve put this movie together.

    And no Easy Mo Bee input?! Kim may as well have made the movie herself. Different side, same bias.

    If you looking for accuracy then you have a better shot pulling out some old Source mags, as stated above.

  • tony grand$

    Seriously, after all the documentaries, interviews, unauthorized biographies, & word of mouth, any fan of Christopher Wallace’s has a general concept of his life story. This is nothin more than a dollar driven ploy to squeeze scratch from our already empty pockets.

    Fuck that movie. Ill wait til they start showin it in syndication on Saturday afternoons after Napoleon Dynamite, & I’m Gonna Get You Sucka………

    BIG prolly spinnin in his grave right now, fuckin up the linen & shit.

    If I hear its halfway decent, me & my kids might sneak into the Odion Cineplex & see what it do. Puff doesn’t need my fuckin money.


  • capt. obvious

    this will stur up alot of controversy!

  • Worley

    This movie will be one of those events like when Juice came out. All the niggeratti will be there. But I’m not going for it. Between Bluff, Faith and Ms. Wallace there is probably enough spit shine and bullsh*t to make a caricature of BIG’s life. I’ll cop the bootleg.

  • geico lizard

    I think Paul Blart Mall Cop is going to spank this biggie movie at the box office. Keep an eye out for that Kevin James diss track “Hit’em Up 2009″ where he says Mall Cop will shit on Diddys latest biggie offering.

    Kevin James acting ability > Booby Miles acting ability

  • FlapJack

    You’re all gonna see it the first chance you get.
    I’m hoping it’s good, and if it aint then I wont care

  • http://shazisrad.blogspot.com superxshaz

    word on the curb is that Kim’s upset because she isn’t being portrayed by an Asian woman?

  • macdatruest

    I smell a Puffy 8 Mile lol This movie gonna be the final blow to B.I.G.’s legacy courtesy of Puffy. He gonna make himself look like the angel that saved B.I.G. when really, he keep raping his legacy to keep some type of credibility in Hip Hop. Stick to sellng Sean John and doing reality shows closet homo ass nigga…let B.I.G.’s music speak for him-his own words! and fuck that soundtrack. I can imagine what Puff cooked up: BIG featuring Neyo…. SMH

  • maximus 32

    Easy Mo Bee =
    St8 Ballin (Pac & The Outlaws)
    I love the Dough (BIG & Jay Z)
    Flava in Ya Ear (Craig Mack)
    Temptations (Pac)
    If I die 2nite (Pac)
    Jeeps, Lex Coupes Beamers and Benz (Lost Boys)
    Party and Bullshit (Big)
    Big Poppa/Warning (Big)

    A lot of shit man. Classic hip-hop the opposite of a lot of this shit we getting now. Give him a little more respect… Str8 Ballin is my shit.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Fuck that Naturi could get it for real…….


    BGM = Big Gay Mart aka K-Mart aka the place Bol will retire from in 30 years.

    As for the Notorious movie, it’ll prolly be wack as fuck. They shoulda just made it a TV movie like The Jacksons or The Temptations — then it coulda been a classic… *LOL*

  • http://www.rizzleworld.blogspot.com allnice

    I might catch the Biggie movie like 5 years later when I am bored just like I did with the Tupac documentaries. If Big was still alive like Fiddy, I would probably be psyched up to see it.

    I liked the fact that Big didn’t have a bunch of bullshit documentaries and bullshit like Tupac who had his corpse zombied out ho style. Even though dead rappers get better promotion, there was a feeling that the people around him really loved him in comparison to all the Tupac handlers pimping his corpse. This movie doesn’t change my mind, but it makes me feel that though there was love there, it wasn’t all that strong.

  • that nigga

    That movie fuckin sucked. Not suprised being “shiny suit man” was involved.