Even Violins Can’t Stop The Violence…

I almost thought that Hip-Hop had lost its way. I was looking at all the Twitter entries from people going to various screenings of ‘Notorious’ and not a one was describing any disruptions or outbreaks of Black bullshit. Had the Hip-Hop culture finally come full circle to realize that violence would not be progressive to helping us establish our message for economic equality?

Thanks to the great god in the full metal jacket that someone out there still had to keep their shit Hip-Hop. And who else would have the video footage? World Star would. This is why their website name ends in Hip-Hop.

Shooting at North Carolina movie theater during screening of ‘Notorious’

A few people got juxed here in NYC as well…

4 stabbed during club’s party for Notorious

That was a close call. For a second I thought that the Philadelphia screening of Benjamin Button would be more hardbody than the premiere of ‘Notorious’. I’m glad that Hip-Hop didn’t let me down.

So the big buzz this weekend was two fold for all of you clownd that don’t live, breathe and shit the internets…

First, Jay-Z does a verse for the remix of ‘My President Is Black’ and the Jay-Z stans (millions if not billions) crown him the greatest rapper of all time. I don’t have a disagreement with that since Jay-Z has been around for over twenty years and even did some ghostwriting for LL Cool J (believe that). Have you seen the video clip yet? Well here it is…

Jay-Z – My President is Black (Remix)

That was a crazy scene where Jay-Z brodies the track and uses Jeezy as his hype man. What can you say in a moment like this? The rich get richer fa’ sho.

The second big internets push this weekend has been the verbal jockeying between Saigon and Joe Budden. If this were a boxing match after two rounds the scorecard right now would be in favor of Budden 20-15. Saigon isn’t done yet but he needs to step up his lyrics. The rebirth of the Fu Schnickens rap flow isn’t the maneuver. I did dig the digeridoo sound he used on this track…

Saigon – No Problemz

Joe’s latest track is all body blows and the business. There’s too much shit he put on this track. Its almost not fair. I’ll let y’all be the judge…

Joe Budden – Pain In His Life

I’m hoping this rap battle shit goes at least three more rounds.

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  • floRida_evans

    I used to be up on this shit.Now I have to check XXLmag.com for this shit.


    ummm i think saigon done for this one he should go against someone more his speed. umm try to do it with uncle murder

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Uncle Murder, lmao!

      Free pub for his indefinately suspended musical career. Maybe he should shoot up My Blood Valentine 3D.

      & Sai would serve Uncle M.

  • amar

    i was sure there would be no shooting this time too…

    how come the dude who played b.i.g was in the theatre? Don’t they have premieres for these things usually where the star would attend and watch it with their co-stars and various powerful ppl? Especially with diddy running the show…wtf…

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      The gunshot to the ass didn’t work out like expected, so dude’s tryin to show cats he’s real.

      He might’ve paid one of his blunt rollers to do it.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Uncle Murda, I forgot all about sonn

  • Pierzy

    Don’t sleep on the Benjamin Button gangstas here in Philly!!

    [I'm being sarcastic]

    Seriously, Saigon & Budden both go hard so I too would like to see this go on for a while…

  • master cheef

    nothing to say, really. just felt sorry for you having only seven comments. so, here’s number eight.

    guess you’re gonna have to say something ludicrous to piss everybody off to hit 20.

    do agree with the budden-saigon score, though.
    budden does got some lyrics. he just seems like such a tool.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Don’t feel sorry for my comment count. Sometimes I write something that the people just nod they head to.

  • Matt Herbz

    ^^^Haaaaaaa. Good response to that.

    I was just happy to see Akon’s bitch ass standing in the backgroung–exactly where little bitch niggaz need to stand when the real men are on stage.

    –Matt Herbz–