BLOG:Another Soulja Boy Post

Okay so this is another post about Soulja Boy. But whatever. It seems
like that’s who everyone is talking about anyway. In conversations, on message boards, in blogs… Whether folks are hating on him or defending him, the kid stays coming up as the topic. Now most recently it’s this robbery thing. Six guys or two guys, I don’t know what to believe, invaded SB’s house at like 4AM after following him home from a club. Is that crazy to anyone besides me? Home invasion? Doesn’t this only happen to athletes?

At first I was feeling bad for SB ’cause he’s just a baby. He’s so young and just having fun and making money in a way he never really expected. (Check the blog “Soulja Boy: The Safe Target” by Sgt. Hawkins on 12/30/08 – good blog!!!) But then everyone I was
speaking to said I can’t feel bad for Soulja Boy ‘cause he got his
money and you gotta be sharper than he was to not let some people follow you home and run up in your house. And he’s 18, not a kid.

So I went with it. 18 is grown… Yeah, he was dumb for letting that
happen. (Fuck how scary that must’ve been…) I’m so confused when it comes to SB.
Then there is the video of the two guys claiming to have been the ones
who robbed the boy? First off these are straight grown men robbing
a kid, right? Making fun of the “fuck boys” (?) playing X-Box? Does that seem kind of off? Then they say that they are gonna “make another video with your chain” later. Why later? Why not this time? Why don’t you show the chain in the first video!?
I was confused about it for a minute until yesterday in the office when it came up in the meeting the whole thing was fake for press. Seriously? For some reason that never crossed my mind. But after SB only selling 79,935 records in two weeks so far, with his new album iSouljaBoyTellEm, nothing makes sense. The music in not great but it’s fun, it fills a lane. The kid’s crazy young but he’s cute enough for the teen girls. He’s got the Interscope machine behind him. He had a bunch of big singles on his last album, which sold a million records… So how come it’s not working the second time around? And because it’s not working would he or whoever really stage a robbery? Does that mean the guys who made the video were hired to do the video? Or did they just make it after they heard the story online? Or did they really do it and have the chain somewhere else when they made the video?
I have no idea. I hope not. I don’t really think he would make up a home invasion but I also hope it’s not true ’cause I don’t wanna see a trend of rappers houses being invaded. Can we please keep it just to chain jacking, if anything?-VS

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  • General

    If hip-hop is ever going to get back on its feet people like Soulja Boy need to go away. I’m tired of hearing excuses for him, he’s garbage and surely his music falls under some federal noise pollution law that would allow all of us to file for some kind of relief from the goverment.

    HIP-HOP needs a bailout in 09

    • joe p

      damn some one robbed his gay ass ??? nice why didnt they fuckin kill his ass … i would have atleast knocked his ass out ….


  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    Fuck them niggas who robbed Soulja Boy.

    The nigga flopped and he was set to go away like the Franchise Boys, D4L, Mims ,Hot Styles, Shop Boyz, and all the other ringtone one hit wonder bullshit. But no, these niggas had to rob Soulja boy, thus putting him back in the headlines making him the topic of discussion. Plus they didn’t even shoot him or slap his bitch ass around a few times. What kind of robbers are they? Oh yeah, I forgot all this took place in Faglanta

  • Izza

    Fuck him if it’s not true.

    Otherwise I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. And why the fuck doesn’t he have any security?

  • che

    someone should’ve told these rappers the story of the boy who cried wolf when they were kids.

  • geico lizard

    That cheetah girl pretended like her laptop was stolen at the airport just so she could leak some sexy photos so celebs will do anything for publicity even file fake police reports.

  • Pierzy

    I’m so tired of this clown…

    Like Budden said:
    “Take the ratchet, go home/and just Chris Benoit.”


  • Curtis75Black

    If this Nigga ain’t XXL’s Artist of the Year off the internet beef alone, ya’ll Mothfucker’s lost !! XXL is on this nigga’s dick like a bad case of crabs. Everything he says, does, tries gets talked about, examined, dissed or defended. LL, Nas, Fresh Prince, Kris Kross, Illegal, Shyhiem, Da Youngtas, Bow Wow and LONS didn’t even get this much attention when they were younger – and they all spit better and had Much More Hits !!

  • Adam

    Fuck SB. Wish he got shot the fuck up.

  • Gooch

    I wouldn’t put the whole “hoax” them out to pasture just yet. I believe that in this day and age dudes will do anything to drum up interest. Bottom line, nothing is off limits. And the companies and people behind these acts look at the internet and the press (gasp!) as a bunch of suckers who will run with anything because they need content to fill their blogs and websites. It’s a sad state of affairs all around.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Da Youngstas………those were my niggas!!!!!!!

  • VS

    Are you serious about…..

    LL, Nas, Fresh Prince, Kris Kross, Illegal, Shyhiem, Da Youngtas, Bow Wow and LONS didn’t even get this much attention when they were younger – and they all spit better and had Much More Hits !!

    That was now 1000 years ago when there was no Internet like there is now. How can you even compare the times? Like those guys when they were relevant wouldn’t be talked about on the Internet and hated and dissed and talked about non stop?

  • Enlightened


    That nigga Gravy hired somebody to shoot him in the ass in front of Hot 97 for publicity and look where he is now -

    Playing Biggie Smalls in a major motion picture.

    Don’t tell me what a nigga won’t do for publicity.

  • Incilin

    I am so bored with this kid, won’t he just go away? For like forever?

  • Worley

    “First off these are straight grown men robbing
    a kid, right?”

    Ya damn right. SB ain’t no kid and he’s holding grown man money. Only a matter of time before a grown (wo)man comes for a piece of it.

  • Gullee Boy

    We started Jan. 3rd



  • amar

    i feel what ur saying and i’m in no way in support of anyone robbing anyone, but i kinda disagree with u calling soulja boy a kid. I was guilty of it myself but then i realized he’s 18. That’s not only adult in my books, but even by the US law’s standards. I mean, a lotta the dudes fighting in iraq to support their children and wives back home are 18.


    dat shit iz a publicity stunt. no question.

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    I hate Soulja, but no one should endure that.

  • Rae Tha Great

    A yall Ice-T had somebody break in his shit. Or maybe it was him and NAS to get some payback for all that shit talking. PEACE

  • http://xxl ryan

    he makes music 4 kids not grown people. so y do yall goin after this kid. yall should go after fakes thugs lik rick ross n wayne. but no xxl loves those guys.