Okay so this is another post about Soulja Boy. But whatever. It seems
like that’s who everyone is talking about anyway. In conversations, on message boards, in blogs... Whether folks are hating on him or defending him, the kid stays coming up as the topic. Now most recently it’s this robbery thing. Six guys or two guys, I don’t know what to believe, invaded SB’s house at like 4AM after following him home from a club. Is that crazy to anyone besides me? Home invasion? Doesn’t this only happen to athletes?

At first I was feeling bad for SB ’cause he’s just a baby. He’s so young and just having fun and making money in a way he never really expected. (Check the XXLmag.com blog “Soulja Boy: The Safe Target” by Sgt. Hawkins on 12/30/08 – good blog!!!) But then everyone I was
speaking to said I can’t feel bad for Soulja Boy ‘cause he got his
money and you gotta be sharper than he was to not let some people follow you home and run up in your house. And he’s 18, not a kid.

So I went with it. 18 is grown… Yeah, he was dumb for letting that
happen. (Fuck how scary that must’ve been…) I’m so confused when it comes to SB.
Then there is the video of the two guys claiming to have been the ones
who robbed the boy? First off these are straight grown men robbing
a kid, right? Making fun of the “fuck boys” (?) playing X-Box? Does that seem kind of off? Then they say that they are gonna “make another video with your chain” later. Why later? Why not this time? Why don’t you show the chain in the first video!?
I was confused about it for a minute until yesterday in the office when it came up in the meeting the whole thing was fake for press. Seriously? For some reason that never crossed my mind. But after SB only selling 79,935 records in two weeks so far, with his new album iSouljaBoyTellEm, nothing makes sense. The music in not great but it’s fun, it fills a lane. The kid’s crazy young but he’s cute enough for the teen girls. He’s got the Interscope machine behind him. He had a bunch of big singles on his last album, which sold a million records… So how come it’s not working the second time around? And because it’s not working would he or whoever really stage a robbery? Does that mean the guys who made the video were hired to do the video? Or did they just make it after they heard the story online? Or did they really do it and have the chain somewhere else when they made the video?
I have no idea. I hope not. I don’t really think he would make up a home invasion but I also hope it’s not true ’cause I don’t wanna see a trend of rappers houses being invaded. Can we please keep it just to chain jacking, if anything?-VS