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Ok ya’ll seen how ya boy drove the Internet crazy with yesterday’s Jay-Z and Nas post right? Well it’s time to slow down, we’re closing another issue here at XXL and shit is HECTIC (And I’m working on what will be one of the GREATEST magazine features of the year—BELIEVE THAT)! So instead of stirring things up again I just wanted to take today’s post to commemorate one of my personal favorite groups of all-time, The Beatnuts.
When the Queens rappin’/production trio (Psycho Les, JuJu and Kool Ass Fashion) dropped “Reign of the Tec” back in ’93 I damned near lost my mind. It was important for me as a Latino to see Spanish dudes in Hip-hop (which explains my love for Kurious Jorge, Fat Joe and Cypress Hill). But not only were the Nuts Latino, they were dope AND they were part of the Native Tongues movement too. I remember when Fashion left after their self-titled debut LP (yeah folks it wasn’t called Street Level, it was called The Beatnuts), critics wondered if JuJu and Les could carry the weight. When Stone Crazy dropped in ’97 all skeptics were silenced, thanks to the album’s most popular single “Off the Books” which featured a then unknown Big Pun (even though Puns very first verse came on Fat Joe’s Jealous Ones Envy—I’m such a fuckin’ Stan).

The group’s fourth album, A Musical Massacre (1999) was pretty underrated, that shit had bangers like “Beatnuts Forever,” Watch Out Now” and my personal favorite “Se Acabo.” Their 2001 album Take it or Squeeze was pretty good too thanks to the lead single “No Escapin’ This” but after that my beloved Beatnuts began to lose me. I copped their 2002 album The Originators, but haven’t gotten around to getting’ their ’04 joint Milk Me. I mean every group is allowed a dud or two.

Still it has always baffled me why JuJu and Psycho Les never got the credit they deserved. The rhymes were pretty tight and the beats, well the beats were FUCKIN’ INSANE! Here’s to the Nuts (fuck-a-pause)! – Rob the Music Ed

“Reign of the Tec” – 1992

“Hit Me With That” – 1994

“Off the Books” – 1997

“Do You Believe” – 1997

“Watch out Now” – 1999

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  • Jesus Talks

    Hands down the best rapping production duo…underrated as fuck Rob! I even have Got Milk! Their EP was crazy bananas….I wanna drink, fuck and smoke some shit. The collabos they did with Non Phixion and the production JuJu did for Ghost inSANE! Props on this post…”I’ll shoot your moms if I have to” (prolly one of the gulliest lines ever spit).

  • re-yo

    Yo “Milk Me” (Pause) Is pretty dope. Check “Confused Rappers.”

  • RL

    The Legendary!!!

    Definitely one of the most slept on groups in Hip Hop.

    I mean…these dudes had JOINTS!!!!


    the beat nuts were the shit!

    I was just talkin to a cat about the best rapper/producer’s ever.

    MY TOP 3 WERE:

    1. DJ QUIK
    2. RZA
    3. HAVOC

    what do you think?

    • Incilin

      Why is Q-Tip (whose prolly the best rapper/producer) never on those lists? He’s better than all three of those dudes.

      • enzo

        better than the rullerzigzagzigallah? I think not.

      • DETROIT

        i don’t think q-tip’s production credits match up to any of the people i’ve listed above. ali did the tribe shit! i know tip did some nas and mobb deep production, but beyond that, i don’t think his produciton credits stack up to any of the 3 people i’ve listed! Maybe havoc…but definately not the rza or quik!

    • El Tico Loco

      You worried about people forgettin Qtip as rapper/producer what about Large Professor, or Pete Rock, or Erick Sermon?

  • Dal

    dont be humble its better to bull

  • Curtis75Black

    Very Underrated and very Fuckin’ Crazy Talented !! Those cats were unbelivable with their production, especially with their musical moments in between the tracks. I loved everything they dropped !! JuJu and Pyscho Les and some sick bastards with their lyrics while Fashion was just nice, sort of a like a demented CL Smooth !! From their EP to every one after, they elevated the game. Too bad they don’t get credit they deserve. I feel even though Pun had the lyrics and Flow, they had the Total Package that could’ve elevated them to everyone’s 1-5 top Duo in Hip Hop in the 90′s on !! Rob, you was on Point with this one.

  • og bobby j

    “street pharmacists twist arboles”…used to say that shit in spanish class for days….

    Coming up in queens….i fux with this shit heavy…nh.

    That “get Doe” shit with fatman scoop used to get metropolis (queens youngins recall it) poppin.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    The Nuts dropped beats, rhymes and life. They were tight respect due.

    • tony grand$

      Bein in L.A., when they dropped “The Beatnuts” (with that crazy devil tail symbol), cats out here wasn’t feelin too much east coast hip hop. I used to bump that shit, nigs would be like “TF you listenin to?”

      I forgot about how tight they were. Damn, kinda makes you miss the days when hip hop was music, ya kno?

  • Jamal7Mile

    A whole LOT of great cats were overlooked from late 80′s to mid 90′s… Beetnutz were no exception (Hip-Hop Golden Era, it was called).

    I would’ve checked them out back then, BUT THERE WAS WAAAY TOO MUCH GOOD SHIT TO BUY, AT THE TIME!! I simply ran out of money buying all them tapes every week. Ahh, the good ol days… But I did notice them on the videos.

    I think that’s what happened with the Beetnuts. Kinda like when Lionel Ritchie and DeBarge was putting out good shit in the early 80′s but didn’t “quite” reach their fullest potential because of a monstrousity called THRILLER.

  • DV8

    Beatnuts was my muthafuckin group, but like you I still havent gotten around to listening to “Milk Me”. Definitaley underrated.

  • Pierzy

    I’m a big fan of “A Musical Massacre” – that album’s hot.

    By the way, was Pun’s very first verse on Joe’s album on a song called “Firewater”? Or am I off on that one?

    • Rob the Music Ed

      Nah Pierzy, but you’re close. “Firewater” actually didn’t appear on Joe’s album it was just a b-side and I can’t remember tow which single right now.

      The first Pun verse was on “Watch Out” – Diamond D produced it and thats where Pun was like “I’ll doom the world like I was God and throw my gun away/Then snatch the moon out the sky and blow the sun away”

      I dont know why but that line was always so fuckin ill to me!

      • Pierzy

        Gotcha – good call. I knew that one too!

        Yeah, that was an ill line – that’s why he referred to it in “Tres Leches (Triboro Trilogy)”

        Then again, he had a ton of ill lines…

      • ROX ONE

        It was the B-Side to Envy…

      • Moi

        that line is a classic! huge shout out to the late Pun (and of course to beatnuts). why did NY fall off? NY lost b.i.g., big L, and big pun basically all at once.

        and to the people who don’t know why fat joe has hip hop credibility (at least in NY), that J.O.E. is the reason. but yes, beatnuts, great post.

      • JamPo

        I think “Firewater” was on the b-side of “Watchout”….I think…..I usta juss listen to “Firewater”..Rae was my nigga then

        Yeah but the Beatnuts are highly underrated….I wouldn’t mine hearing some new 2009 Beatnuts sh!t….do some sh!t with Joell and then turning around and do some of that club type sh!t with a nigga like Luda…..

        I usta think niggas was stuck but I really mis the 90″s and shit…

        Shoe Money, nigga

    • Curtis75Black

      Yo Pierzy,The track you’re talking about off Fat Joe’s Jealous One’s Envy is called “Watch Out”

      • Pierzy

        I can’t believe I forgot that

  • M.B.

    Totally agree, Mr. The Music Ed.

    Funny, I was actually listening to their Street Level album as I came across this post. “2-3 Break” is still one of my favorite Beatnuts records for some strange reason; that, and “Bless the M.I.C.” from Stone Crazy. For their beats alone the Beatnuts deserve about 20 times more recognition than they’ve ever gotten.

    Good call…..if these dudes put out an album tomorrow, I’d go out and support, no question.

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  • PH

    Probably my all time faves next to Preemo, Shobiz, Easy Mo Bee and Beatminerz. Damn I miss the 90′s.


    Ground level is hands down they best shit. When I went to bootcamp in 94 I snuck that tape in wit me.”Eat the Pussy” was crazy as hell. That tape along wit The Mexicanz 2nd cd in 97′ and Funkdoobiest 2nd cd was always slept on

    • Jamal7Mile

      *(boom)Doobiest, (boom)Doobiest
      (boom)Doobiest, (boom)Doobiest..

      1st one was slept on too, but somehow I got that CD all the way out here in Detroit… when it first came out!!

      Cypress must’ve produced them beats… HOT!!

  • latino heat

    i’m probably wrong but i thought pun’s first verse was on funkmaster flex’s 1st album. when he was just called The Punisher. back to beatnuts though, they were very dope. i couldn’t really get into milk me though. reading this makes me want to grab all there old shit off the cd shelf. i might even give milk me another listen.

  • Ron Mexico

    underrated isn’t even the word!

  • iGotOnMyBackpack79

    the self titled album from 94 has remained one of my fav hip hop albums of all-time.Superbad, Straight Jacket, Let Off A Couple, Get Funky, Hit Me With That and 2-3 Break still stay in rotation on the regular. respect due to The Beatnuts.

    p.s. “Story” from the Intoxicated Demons EP is my fav song by The Beatnuts

  • producer James Moore

    yea dude
    I actually pulled out my Musical Massacre CD earlier today
    I bring up the ‘nuts as an example of rappers that have fun with it and still put it down lyrically, and the beats were always bangin

  • miles archer

    Yes. Love the Beatnuts. The “Secabo” remix with Method Man was my shit. So was “No Escapin This”.
    Not to mention JuJu produced “One” off Supreme Clientele.

    Shout to all the cats diggin in them crates.

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