I still can't believe we lived to see the day that a Black man became President of the United States. From a hip-hop standpoint it's pretty amazing too, because more so than any other election it seems that the hip-hop generation really mobilized and helped change the course of history.

If you watched all of the festivities yesterday the power of hip-hop was on full display. As geeky as he looked it was dope to see Hov tear down the Neighborhood Ball (but what was up with those Revenge of the Nerd glasses). Throughout the course of the day we saw Queen Latifah, Diddy, Kanye and Nas all throwing it up for Barack And who would've thought that Young Jeezy would have the Presidential anthem? Crazy right? Did anyone spot Luda or Talib Kweli or Ice Cube? It would've been cool to see them partaking in yesterday's events. But as I was watching all the coverage I couldn't help but think of Tupac; damn he would've loved this!

I was just picturing Pac on that Neighborhood Ball stage doing a medley of hits basking in our accomplishments and still mindful of the work we have ahead of us. I mean Barrack is here, but Oscar Grant is gone, kinda crazy right? There is no one to speak on that, or maybe now isn't the right time (I've been wrong before). But shit who would've thought Kanye would be the most gangsta artist after Pac, 'cause when he jumped on TV and said "George Bush doesn’t care about Black People" that was some Pac shit. And I don't care how tight his jeans are, that shit took guts! Damn if only Killer Mike had a bigger platform cause he be on his Pac shit too, oh and I can't forget Immortal Technique either.

Still there is no one quite like Tupac Shakur and it’s sad when you sit and think about it because dude should be here with a tux and bandana throwing it up for Barack. Just a random thought. – Rob the Music Ed