BaPac Obama

I still can’t believe we lived to see the day that a Black man became President of the United States. From a hip-hop standpoint it’s pretty amazing too, because more so than any other election it seems that the hip-hop generation really mobilized and helped change the course of history.

If you watched all of the festivities yesterday the power of hip-hop was on full display. As geeky as he looked it was dope to see Hov tear down the Neighborhood Ball (but what was up with those Revenge of the Nerd glasses). Throughout the course of the day we saw Queen Latifah, Diddy, Kanye and Nas all throwing it up for Barack And who would’ve thought that Young Jeezy would have the Presidential anthem? Crazy right? Did anyone spot Luda or Talib Kweli or Ice Cube? It would’ve been cool to see them partaking in yesterday’s events. But as I was watching all the coverage I couldn’t help but think of Tupac; damn he would’ve loved this!

I was just picturing Pac on that Neighborhood Ball stage doing a medley of hits basking in our accomplishments and still mindful of the work we have ahead of us. I mean Barrack is here, but Oscar Grant is gone, kinda crazy right? There is no one to speak on that, or maybe now isn’t the right time (I’ve been wrong before). But shit who would’ve thought Kanye would be the most gangsta artist after Pac, ’cause when he jumped on TV and said “George Bush doesn’t care about Black People” that was some Pac shit. And I don’t care how tight his jeans are, that shit took guts! Damn if only Killer Mike had a bigger platform cause he be on his Pac shit too, oh and I can’t forget Immortal Technique either.

Still there is no one quite like Tupac Shakur and it’s sad when you sit and think about it because dude should be here with a tux and bandana throwing it up for Barack. Just a random thought. – Rob the Music Ed

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  • Casey

    You joking? This is bigger than Tupac…

    • Rocco907

      thank you…get off pacs nuts…he just ALRIGHT.

    • BIGNAT

      it’s bigger than hip hop

  • Beast McCoy

    I am getting tired of all these Tupac Wet Dreams. These What If’s are getting a way pass overkill. Obama’s Inauguration was a great event but of all the people you wish could have seen it you choose 2pac… 2PAC? Of all the people who have come and gone and sacrificed so much you pick Tupac Amaru Shakur. Negro Please! You could have said so many other IMPORTANT figures from Rosa Parks to James Brown to Arthur Ashe to Marcus Garvey to Malcolm X to Ray Charles but you pick Tupac hell I would have gave you Bernie Mac but Tupac? Everybody is entitled to their opinions but I’m sorry if I could give a F#%k if Tupac could have seen this day.

    PS – Hip Hop is BIGGER than Tupac & BIG!

    • Rob The Music Ed

      Hell yeah it would’ve been cool to see Malcolm and Marcus there. I agree!

  • Beast McCoy

    I am getting tired of all these Tupac Wet Dreams. These What If’s are getting a way pass overkill. Obama’s Inauguration was a great event but of all the people you wish could have seen it you choose Tupac… TUPAC? Of all the people who have come and gone and sacrificed so much you pick Tupac Amaru Shakur. Negro Please! You could have said so many other IMPORTANT figures from Rosa Parks to James Brown to Arthur Ashe to Marcus Garvey to Malcolm X to Ray Charles but you pick Tupac hell I would have gave you Bernie Mac but Tupac? Everybody is entitled to their opinions but I’m sorry if I could give a F#%k if Tupac could have seen this day.

    PS – Hip Hop is BIGGER than Tupac & BIG!

  • Pierzy

    You’re right – ‘Pac would’ve loved it, but I wonder if Obama would want to distance himself because of ‘Pac’s controversial history. Then again, Jay stabbed somebody over a mediocre female rapper so who knows?

    Being a white hip-hop head, I’m claiming Barack as our first half-white president!

  • giantstepp

    I’ve wondered what his thoughts/position would be be seeing this day. He once rapped that we wasnt ready for a black president.

    RIP Tupac Shakur!

  • Incilin

    How is being outspoken the same as being gangsta?

    • tony grand$

      Pac? c’mon Rob. I agree, that was a random thought.

      He would’ve felt the same pride that most ppl felt, regardless of color, but that’s it. Contrary to popular belief, he wasn’t the second coming of Jesus Christ (superstar), or a superhero.

      President Obama didn’t even want to be associated with unofficial rap songs about him by decent, law abiding artists, so I doubt he would’ve been receptive to the hooliganized antics of Mr. Shakur.

      Serious, we gotta get over makin messiahs outta mortal men.

      Hell, Jesse Jackson would been up there if it was just a free for all. & David Dinkins. & Kirk Kilpatrick, well maybe not him.

      • Rob The Music Ed

        I never said he was Jesus? But there has been a void that hasnt been filled in hip-hop since Pac has been gone.

        Jay-Z was there, Diddy was there, Kanye was there; i would’ve liked to see Tupac there… no reason to read deeper into it man.

        • tony grand$

          Let me clarify that statement Rob, I wasn’t implying that u thought he was Jesus, I’m just meant that the general apathy towards him seems like it. I wasn’t tryin to read too deep, I was generalizing.

          I think he left a void in the whole entertainment field, maybe even more so on the silver screen, bcuz he was a helacious actor!

        • DETROIT

          pac was a profit! some of the most disrespectful people in the world respected pac…that’s why they killed him! he coulda unified all real niggas (ie niggas that would actually take action and not just talk about it.) that nigga’s blood line is deep with black panthers. that nigga shot the police for a nigga he didn’t know! who else would do that shit! put it like this…THEY KILLED PAC, and barak is alive and currently president. who do you think the people who really run shit saw as a threat, the nigga that’s dead (and they still can’t find his killer), or the nigga that’s alive partying with biden. RESPECT PAC. and i’m not a huge fan of his music! it’s just that dude was a rider and you can’t do nothin but respect that. he got killed at 24. is malcom had got killed at 24, he woulda just been another hustla dead. instead over time he grew into the malcom we all know and love. pac was also headed in that direction.

        • DETROIT

          sorry for all the n-bombs, i just get heated when people disrespect cats that had the heart to ride like pac, fred hampton, etc. cuz the average cat isn’t cut like that, regardless of what they say!

        • Pierzy

          “pac was a profit!”

          That’s funny…I thought he was a prophet. I guess that’s my bad.

        • DETROIT

          my bad, sometimes you mistype shit when you’re actually at work. but i do have a masters degree from a top 25 university, so i’m pretty sure my spelling is ok! what do you have professor?

        • Jamal7Mile

          Funny thing is…

          I recognize and excuse typos when I see them. But Pac WAS a “PROFIT” to Suge Knight! The well ran dry and Death Row got sold a few wks ago.

          …I’m just sayin…

  • DJ Daddy Mack


  • Matt Herbz

    Fuck 2Pac. 2Pac witnessed the day when all of a person’s shit-talking caught up to them–he lived that moment–that’s good enough for me. Having 2Pac there trying to play off Obama’s success would have been gay as hell. He probably would have said something that included “thug passion” and ruined the whole fucking show.

    –Matt Herbz–
    “Term you already know it’s Obama 08…”

    • these posts are racist

      F Tupac? You clown. Who do you think you are? By the age of 25, Tupac inspired the lives of millions around the world and his lyrics continue to move people to this day? You’re a clown who uses the n-word on the internet, that’s your existence. And you have the audacity to disrespect Tupac? Get out of here, you clown.

      • Casey

        We talking about the same Tupac? The rapist Tupac?

        • these posts are racist

          Rapist? When was Tupac convicted of a rape? Indeed, when was he ever even accused of a rape?

        • DETROIT

          THANKYOU…these internet nerds are so funny! what if a girl said you raped her Casey, but you know you didn’t…does that make you a rapist?

        • Pierzy

          He was found guilty of sexual assault, not rape.

        • Dub Sac

          Well, now that his name is cleared…

        • Pierzy

          I’m not in the argument, I’m just playing fact-checker

    • Matt Herbz Father

      Matt I have to say white people like are the reason why most black people laugh at white people and call ya’ll wiggers. Son be yourself the reason why black people gave Eminem respect was because besides being a dope emcee he was white and never tried to be black ( except for wearing that corny ass doo rag). In other words be yourself and stop trying fo fucking hard to be funny so somebody can type “lol” after your comments. Lame.

  • tra9iCX3


  • Curtis75Black

    Pac, Alright but there’s too many other emcee’s that passed away, regardless if you was old enough to respect their music or not. Family Members who passed away would’ve loved it more in my eyes. Homie wasn’t a “Profit” like DETROIT says, He was a emcee/ actor who used his skills like every other emcee. He talked aout the same shit you wanna condemm from the next nigga !! He was on the champagne, fucking and loving hoes like every emcee before and after him. He “Sold Rocks” in Dear Mama and claimed Versace wearing was his style 1st in Hit em Up, remember ?


      have you ever heard any pac songs from before he was shot? any 2pacalypse now or strictly4my niggas? none of that was about any show boating, gettin blowed shit. do you agree?

      • DETROIT

        also, it’s called show business, once suge fronted that nigga his bond money, he had to be on a get money mission! that’s why he started writin shit that sold records. and as for the negativity…have you ever been shot? i have, and i can tell you, that shit will give you a negative outlook on shit…but after time that usually goes away. pac didn’t have that time, he died soon after.

  • Curtis75Black

    Now that I think about it more, He was a “Profit” for Deathrow records.



    i actually had the chance to chill with Geronimo Pratt (if you don’t know who that is google him) in college after pac’s death. he told me that pac was the continuation of the movement they started. so even if i have no idea what the fuck i’m talkin bout, i’ll take mr. pratt’s word for it!

    • Jamal7Mile

      Pratt? For real?? Damn!

      Pratt was in the same prison with Suge, and he said Suge was an illiterate dummy who couldn’t spell education.

      I gotta feeling I know you. Cass Tech ’92 my man!!

  • Curtis75Black

    Actually DETROIT, I have been shot before, Dec.27,1995 – 20 years old at the time. And yes, I do agree you can get a negative outlook on life but I did something My Father and Step Father didn’t and that’s live through my injury and I moved the fuck on, not exploit it !! I felt at the time, homie should’ve done the same. I understand business side of things but if He was so righteous as seemed, He would’ve said no and just done his time. If you chilled with Geronimo Pratt, that’s good. Congrats but I lived to have children – a legacy something Pac didn’t.

    • tony grand$

      I think this shit was a bet between Mexico & Rob….

      “Whoever gets the most comments in today’s post has to buy the other one a 5 pc meal @ Popeyes.”

      It’s still early, but I think I kno what Rob is havin for dinner!

      “Nigga, don’t forget the honey sauce fo’ ma biscuits neither!”

      • Rob the Music Ed

        MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDD FUNNY! “My mama biscuits” (c) Martin


      i feel you. but the thing you have to understand is that everyone heals differently, like i said above. you gotta admit that your situation, as well as mine, was very different than pac’s. life was movin so fast for dude! most niggas in rikers right now would love to get out, i’m not willing to hold that against pac. i would even dare to say that he didn’t know the true depths of suge’s shadiness. i know dre didn’t, if he did he probably woulda stayed with eazy! i don’t feel like pac exploited his injury, i feel like he rapped about what was on his mind, and gettin shot 5 times by a nigga you consider a friend is some shit that sticks with you. i have a child to, and she changed my life…pac didn’t have that chance! but at the end of the day, pac was killed by the cia, not some nigga off the street, that’s what makes his death different. open your eyes, pac and big got killed at big events and no one saw shit….does that sound like gangbangin to you? if britney spears and christina agulera were shot to death, believe me, they would have suspects in custody!

      • DETROIT

        plus, nigga you’re 38 years old! ofcoarse you’re wiser than pac was at 22!

  • Curtis75Black

    33 years old to be exact. Look D., we all know if this was a white celeb it would’ve been solved. We see it all the time with those Kidnapping of those White girls who’s face is constantly on the TV screen and when it comes to a Sista, it’s hardly shown. Nothing new, but You get a 2nd chance at life, That shit is a BLESSING to the fullest. He might’ve had his thoughts on who he felt was responsible for the 1st attempt and that’s his choice, not mine but to do a complete 180 from your last interview with Vibe while you was locked up to Flashing Money in front of the MTV Camera is crazy !! I loved his music like everyother fan but to give him a Pedestal to stand on is not real !! Liking a man’s music is one thing, taking a bullet for the man is totally different.


      i wasn’t a big fan of his music, i just respected what he stood for. and for the record, 99% of the niggas i know in prison do a complete 180 when they come out. prison does that to niggas. how many people do you know that say that they’re gonna change, and read the bible and stuff while they’re locked up, and then 2 weeks after their release, they’re back on the same bs? that has more to do with prison than it does pac as a person. it’s been cool rappin wit ya tho, you’re not a dumbass like most of the cats on here. my basic point was this, cuz i feel like it’s gettin lost, pac was in line to be a great leader. he had all the qualities. it’s like when you saw lebron in 11th grade, you figured he’d be a great nba player one day based on the tools he possesed. it coulda went either way, but based on his skillset, everything was pointing in that direction. pac’s fearlessness, mixed with his rage, mixed with his background, mixed with his talent for poetry an rappin, mixed with his bloodline and overall knowlege of the black panther organization was an ill combo.

      and it’s not about black and white as far as his death goes…it’s about him being a threat to those in power. i don’t think people truely understand…THIS MAN’S DAD, MOM, GODFATHER, etc. have all been political prisoners and have all been a part of “the FBI program COINTELPRO, which aimed to neutralize BPP functionary”, that’s the government’s words. so you think that in a society that places so much value on your last name, BUSH for example, these same snakes didn’t realize who pac was? kinda like how fred hampton sr. got killed by cops, and now fred hampton jr. is doing hell time for some shit they have no evidence on. WAKE UP PEOPLE! pac was americas nightmare, a nigga that new the deal, and could articulate it in a way that the common folk understand! i’m out, be ez.

      • sb

        i heard that he had plans to start a new black panther party…. a good friend of mine had an 2 hour conversation with him back in the day 93-94..this is what she told me

        • og bobby J

          By “good friend” do you mean hooker and by “conversation” do you mean anal? Then I’d believe you….

  • zayzkidd

    Go and check out some of the most fire tracks ever.

  • killgaydudes

    Fuck all u lame ass dick suckers trying to diss
    tupac. If i find u ever id put 6 shots tru ur
    gay ass holes from my smith & wasson stupid pricks. Dat man pac represents the finest rap ever had to offer, sent by God to open the eyes
    of a whole generation politically & socially Pac will always be the gangstar Godfather
    of rap respected by all and feared by the political anti rap white illuminati sects. President cliton got his dick sucked in the white house but got re-elected, but pac mentions words aimed at liberating and educating the young minds on the ills the system has pulled over our eyes to hold us back
    he gets killed without a single investigation
    and bush can go fight a war in the middle east
    find sadam, cause unspeakable destrucktion to lives and properties and nobody say shit!!!!
    this is infinite bullshit…
    MLK killed, Malcome x killed, tupac killed …
    who the fuck will liberate our very scared minds!

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