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dr dre jr

If you asked your average rap music fan in between the ages of 28yo and 35yo what is the album they anticipate the most I bet the answer would be ‘Detox’ from Dr. Dre. I’m not even hypothesizing that answer. I know this for a fact. It has only been talked about for the last seven years. The question has been what is taking so long for this album to be released?

There have been some hiccups and roadblocks in front of the arrival of this album. None greater than the death of Dr. Dre’s eldest child from what has been ruled an accidental drug overdose. In this particular case, detox certainly did not arrive on time. The irony of the album’s projected title should be lost on no one. But I believe that from this tragedy we will receive a landmark musical lesson from Dr. Dre.

KanYe West found a way to condense the pain he felt inside and deliver what was prA’li the best hip-pop album of all time. Filled with passion, rhymes, new wave synth grooves, vocoder vocal pitch tricks, hissy bitch fits and just generally all around G.O.O.D. music. What do you think a producer of Dr. Dre’s caliber could do if he released the same amount of raw emotion that KanYe exuded? I think he could make an album that might cause a lot of heads to overdose the day it is leaked.

Think about how many of you switched your swagger up because of Dre’s influence? That is the power of music. It shapes how you view the world and you place inside of it. It tells you to wear a black hoody or to sk8board down the street. It teaches you how to speak to one another and how to treat one another. Music is that powerful in its ability to socialize us all. The best musicians are teachers and the best teachers and music lovers. You can not separate the two.

I hope that when Dr. Dre finally releases the ‘Detox’ album he chooses to include all the lessons he has learned from his time spent making music. The friends he has had to watch come into his leave and then abruptly leave without affording him the chance to say goodbye. None of these losses greater than that of Andre Young Jr. who wanted nothing more than to make music that influenced people just like his father. You will never get the pain from loss out of your blood system. You can only hope to make some music to give you a brief detox.

dr dre jr

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  • amar

    i think even if it sucks, it’ll get praised as good, at least initially…it helps that the standards are pretty low these days. Not that it’s gonna suck…

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    It won’t suck. It will be transcendent of Hip-Hop.

    That is how I feel about 808s. It was so much bigger than rap.


      i respectfully disagree! if a person chooses to sing a song, he should atleast be able to sing! kanye’s lyrics are lazy and his singing is awful. add that to the fact that he rode t-pain’s coattail with the whole auto-tune thing, and you have a wack album. The best hip-pop album was raising hell…HANDS DOWN! The thing is, i actually repect the art of singing. once you start singing songs, you stop getting compared to ti and start getting compared to lloyd and other cats that can blow! matter of fact, what is hip-pop? the more i think about it, it sounds like a slick way to create a category that fits only kanye, so you can then say he’s the best at it! cuz 808s is no where near the best pop album, and it’s even further from being the best hip-hop album. so how is it the best hip-pop album? if 808′s is a classic album, where would that leave shit like buju banton’s “inna heights”? real shit, with a real nigga singin non-cliche verses over great beats! it’s bigger than rap! music is universal, and based on content, 808s is wack and lazy. if r kelly made that album, niggas would be like that shit is wack, but since it’s kanye, it’s creative! do you see my point?

      • amar

        yeah i also think dre’s album will be crazy. He hasn’t disappointed yet and i don’t see him disappointing now…especiallly when its easier to beat out the shitty competition

        and i’m with detroit on the kanye album

        • Jamal7Mile

          Co-sign somewhat. Dre done went through what has to be his worst year ever per 2008. Even the title of the album (Detox) gotta change because of the glaring irony of his son’s death. I think the man got too much MORE to say now… and I wouldn’t be surprised if he killed whatever he had in the chamber now and started from scratch… yet, again. Eminem taking a long time too, now that I think about it. His Homie (my Homie, too) Proof passed and I haven’t heard much from Em until the middle of last year. The mourning process ain’t no joke.

          Yep, I’m a sensitive (or empathetic) type, so Imma STILL wait on that Detox album… or whatever it will be called. I don’t think it’ll be called Detox… but it WILL BE A CHRONIC.

          God Bless you DRE.

      • Stuey

        Co-sign Detroit. Kanye’s album is lazy pop. On the song amazing all he repeats the same two lines over and over again? How was that creative? Not even joking a 12 year old could come up with smarter shit to say. The only decent song is heartless.


    I bet his album wont disappiont the fans, hes music would be alot different from the two Chronics. No more gangbanging, still smoking but good music.

  • FlapJack

    It has already trancended time, so yeah

  • Curtis75Black

    I agree with Amar !! Certain fans would praise it just off his name alone, even if it’s garbage. Peeps been waiting for it so long they feel they’ll have no choice but to like it. Fans nowadays praise Kanye for something that if another emcee would tried before him, probably been condemned by them. Ain’t nothing “Bigger than Rap” if you haven’t heard a note of music from the man. You’re just expecting it to be spectacular, like you expect the next emcee to suck without even trying to listen to it. I say this, if you was to put the same enthusiasm in every cd dropped, you’ll have more “Great to Classic” cds instead of what ya’ll call “Weed Plates”.

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    The whole irony in this is too funny.

    His son overdosed on drugs and he has an album coming out call Detoxx


    I guess chronic is a gateway drug

    “What do you think a producer of Dr. Dre’s caliber could do if he released the same amount of raw emotion that KanYe exuded? I think he could make an album that might cause a lot of heads to overdose the day it is leaked.”

    I have to disagree, because Kangay writes a majority of his rhymes, while Dre on the other hand doesn’t. If you have a bunch of other niggas writing for you how are they gonna capture that “raw emotion”. Detoxx is an urban myth. The day that shit comes out is the day I’ll stop hating. By the way the later part of my last sentence was a lie, but still, Detoxx is never coming out.

    • Jamal7Mile

      Trust me HH&H, Dre gon do some serious writing on this one. 2008 was way too fkd up for him and the man got something to say this round. Eminem, too. Just wait and watch.

  • Pierzy

    Dre thrives on adversity and challenges. All of his best work – Straight Outta Compton, Chronic, 2001 – were born out of either challenges (FBI “targeting” NWA), adversity (leaving Ruthless and the Eazy beef) or doubt (no one thought he could come back with 2001).

    Even though Jay wrote it, Dre said it: “Haters said Dre fell off/How, nigga?/My last album was The Chronic”

  • Curtis75Black

    Pierzy, I know what you’re trying to say but I feel you are giving the man too much credit. N.W.A. was supposed to be a joke that was taken serious and that “FBI Targeting” happened after the fact with the classic track “Fuck the Police” which was a collective effort from the group itself with no verses from Dre. As far as his “beef with Eazy”, it was over something that was addressed by Ice Cube years before and he just looked over to stay within’ the group. The only time there was some type of adversity was with his move from Deathrow and his 1st cd compilation on his Aftermath label, not Chronic 2000 because he already proved his worth by pickin’ up Eminem.

    • Pierzy

      I agree that I didn’t articulate my point as well as I could/should have, but how am I giving Dre too much credit? Wasn’t he the architect of the NWA beats, The Chronic beats and the 2001 beats? And (half of) The Marshall Mathers LP (which he claims is as close to perfect of an album he’s made thus far)?

    • Jamal7Mile

      Adversity? AFTER DEATHROW???

      Anyhoo, Dre got shot when he was in NWA.

      His brother died in a street fight.. NWA.

      Remember Dee Barnes? NWA.

      Ice Cube ETHERED him and NWA. NWA, come on…

      Jerry Heller fkd him. NWA.

      FBI came knocking on the door (no joke). NWA.

      Arrested in Detroit (in front of me) at an NWA concert, Joe Louis Arena, ’89, Google it.
      Again, he was still in NWA.

      My point, the man didn’t have too much of a “smooth sailing” career (whether he sold or not). He went through some hefty SHIT!! And still going through it. Everyone should give him a break, some room to breath, some TIME, something! Maybe Detox ain’t the first thing on his mind right now.

  • Curtis75Black

    Architect of Beats and Mastermind behind the project is 2 different things. If you are just checking for The Producer, I feel you but the brains was Eazy-E and Suge on how the cd was made and pushed except his Aftermath ventures which has been good but too little in between especially on the Acts delivered. Everyone has either been a new cat (Eminem) that progressed and made money or a Vet (Busta Rhymes) who he’s worked with in the past. You still have Eve (who was before EMINEM) who left, made a name for herself only to come back just to be pushed back. Rakim which amounted to nothing, Stat Quo which was used more for his Ghostwriting talents than anything and Joell Ortiz which broke out also. You have to be able to see the whole movie, not just the good parts.

    • Avenger XL

      You are one hundred precent correct Curtis. I for one think Dre is looking for his next big discovery and a new sound to release to the world with Detox. He is in another place and he is probably like many people from his generation out growing hip-hop and feeling trapped by the limitations of being Dr.Dre the west coast king of the so called gangsta rap album in the same way scarface felt boxed in being the scarface character. Dre was a former DJ so he has always had an great ear even though he has had many mis steps but that is all a part of the process. If Detox ever comes out the only way it will be as amazing as everyone wants it to be is if Dre finds that new voice and sound and he goes in whole heartdly on it. But he has to do this cautiously because rap fans can be somewhat resistance to anything new outside of their favorite kind of rap music they have infant ears in many cases. So I for one think Detox will not occur for a long time to come because all of the elements are not there yet.

  • geico lizard

    “You will never get the pain from loss out of your blood system. You can only hope to make some music to give you a brief detox.” Very nice lines Billy X. If you dont make music for a living go do anything positive to keep that pain from poisoning you for to long.

    “Even though Jay wrote it, Dre said it: “Haters said Dre fell off/How, nigga?/My last album was The Chronic” Not true he dropped that album with “been there done that” on it and it went platinum but it wasnt a classic. People said hip hop ballroom dancing would come in style after that video,lmfao.

    • Pierzy

      That’s the whole point of that line. He dropped a compilation album “Dr. Dre presents…The Aftermath,” of which he only appeared on two songs (East Coast/West Coast Killas and Been There, Done That) and he produced half the album so that’s not really his album, now is it? It’s a compilation. Do you call the “Streets Is Watching” soundtrack Jay’s album? He’s on more songs on that than Dre is on “The Aftermath” but it’s not their album, it’s a compilation. Do the knowledge.

  • yeah man

    Billy, dog, can you stop beating us over the head with Kanye in every damn blurb or blog or whatever you call it? We get that you like 808s homes. Easy…

  • Matt Herbz

    Fuck that shit.

    I needs me some OB4CL2…and I’ll cry about that shit, too…or wait, nah, scratch that–I’ll pay some nigga to cry about that shit for me. Niggaz need that coked out mid-nineties flow. Get us high off that shit once more, then we’ll fuck with that Detox. Crawl before you walk, nigga.

    –Matt Herbz–

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Detox > Lil Wayne’s career

  • Curtis75Black

    Hip Pop was a phrase given to Vanilla Ice’s music by 3rd Bass in the song “Pop Goes The Weasel”. Peep MC Serch’s 2nd verse. It was actually taken and looked as a dis back in the days, all of a sudden the phrase has turned into something praised given to certain artists and not others !! I will continue to say it, if you can look at a emcee not rapping and show him love for being “Original and Creative” you can look at any emcee and take their cd for what it’s worth not by the shit they did in the past because it’s obvious you’re not doing that to the artist at hand – Kanye !! You are letting his cd live off it’s own merit, which should be done to everyone.

  • louie mo

    “That is how I feel about 808s. It was so much bigger than rap.”

    ——- billy x. sunday

    the dumbest shit i read so far in ’09……..
    nigga, 808′s is not a hiphop album……… shit i wouldn’t even consider it a “rap” album…. it is and always will be a r and b album ………. and not a very good at that…..

    • Jamal7Mile

      Was “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” a Hip Hop album? I think it was.

      RAP is a type of Hip Hop music.

      Doing the Human Beat Box (no lyrics) is also a type of HIP HOP MUSIC.

      A DJ on the one’s and two’s (again, no lyrics) scratchin his ass off is another type of Hip Hop Music.

      RAP is an element of the HIP HOP compound. Hip Hop is a community, not a music type.

      Oh, GOD! I’m OLD!!! …is 34 old???

  • Moi

    remember that Dre’s direction on the second Chronic was because because his wife told him he better start making gangsta rap again? remember that rakim had a creative issue with him because ra didn’t ‘wanna bring the guns out?’

    the man is a genuis and can hook up sounds and concepts perhaps better than anyone ever but to expect emotion from him of any sort is asanine. he is a COMMERCIAL and POP artist to the nth degree but because of his skill, we forgive him for it.

    • Jamal7Mile

      I feel you Moi.

      Can’t explain why he let THE 18TH LETTER GET AWAY FROM HIM!!! Why, Dre, whyyyyy?? If Megatron and Starscream walked into the studio (with they crazy ass voice and all) saying they wanted to do an album, Dre could hook that shit up!

      I don’t know… If you peep my above comments, maybe Dre had a bad year (decade or 2).

      I’m making excuses for him, but I really, really, REALLY wanted to hear more work with him and Busta Rhymes.

      Who knows what the future holds, huh???

  • Macdatruest

    As far as Dre’s hit streak, 2001 was okay. I didn’t really find it a classic but thats just me. He made a lot of stuff for a lot of big name artists.He practiclly produced the whole Kingdom Come Jay-z album. What he didnt produce he mastered. It was all wrong. This was recently too. People are gonna keep playin this “Holy Grail” angle but its not flyin with me. He worked with a variety of artists over the recent years from Mary J to Mobb Deep to Jay-Z to Nas to Busta and Eve. Unfortunately you all dont wanna discuss all that mediocrity, so you act like Dre aint made shit since 2001. Okay…So why would his album not drop if it’s full of life changing classics??? Because it’s not. The hype worked (like this article) but whenever you look into the truth, it’s always “fishy” For example: Dre’s son got pronounced dead due to a Heroine overdose. Now all of a sudden this “tragedy” is supposed to boost his creativity right? Well…………. his son died 5 months ago and he himself said that Detox would be out in November no doubt about it. Now the cause of death comes out and here we go back to the “holy grail” mentality-forget the truth believe the hype!!! Dre probably knew his son was using a long time ago, and Detox was already scheduled for release after his death. I do think Dre is/was good and made some legendary music. I don’t think Detox is some pre-approved classic

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    “KanYe West found a way to condense the pain he felt inside and deliver what was prA’li the best hip-pop album of all time.”

    Sigh, smh. Just stop things like that, please?

    As far as Dre, idk what he will end up doing. Remember, Dre lost his brother and Easy-E between Chronic and 2001. His brothers death is only explored on one track (“The Message” which is actually written by Royce Da 5’9) and the rest of the album is all smoking and general gangsta rap from pedestrian rappers you neva heard from again (Hitman, anyone?). Can Dre make a beautiful record that reflects his level of loss? Without a doubt. But will he actually do it? I doubt, especially considering the fact that he won’t be the only rapper on most of the tracks on Detox.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Louie Mo, you are a effin’ mo alright. A HO-MO.

    Hip-Hop >>>> rap

    ^ How many times do I have to tell you dumb niggers this?

    If a motherfucker ain’t rapping on an album that don’t mean it ain’t Hip-Hop.

    Now you gonna tell me that Dilla’s ‘Donuts’ ain’t a Hip-Hop album? Who are some of these stupid motherfuckers that leave comments here?

    808′s and Heartbreak = Hip-Hop. Now get over it.

    • FlapJack

      Time to retire this argument.. I’m sick of schooling people on this shit, it’s fairly obvious.

      Louie Mo, kill yourself and take your argument with you

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Nothing wrong with being old, there never was, never will be. When you first heard Hip-Hop music the artists doing it were older than you were.

    We have to respect our elders until they forsake us, but those that remain to teach the truth to the young Black youth (and the not so Black) must be respected.