World Star Hip Hop: Slimy scumbags?

World Star Hip Hop is the best site evar, because it hosts hardly anything other than videos of people making asses of themselves, and hip-hop-related pr0n. Should we give a shit that they aren’t technically allowed to post the vast majority of the videos on their site? I’m gonna go ahead and suggest that we shouldn’t, though I’m sure many will beg to differ.

Take for example eskay, proprietor of the venerable Nah Right. Here’s his response yesterday, in our Hip-Hop Ads email group (note that while this is a private group, the archives of our discussions are public and accessible to anyone on the Internets), to the news that “worldstarhiphop” was the 15th highest rising search term on Google yesterday, and that the name of the site has been one of the highest rising search terms of the past year, related to hip-hop.

I hope those slimy scumbags get shut down tomorrow.


Slimy scumbags, eh? I was surprised to see that response from eskay, of all people, who’s made his bones on the Internets posting mp3s of songs he may or may not have had the permission to post. We know that, on a number of occasions, he definitely hasn’t, since Atlantic Records has hit him with the ol’ cease and decist, then he tried to turn it into a matter of him trying to help promote the new T.I. album, as if “Whatever You Like” wouldn’t have been on the radio ad nauseum this year, if it wasn’t for him.

Keep in mind, I don’t find eskay to be a scumbag, or any of the other names Brandon Soderberg probably calls him when he’s at home talking to his girlfriend about Nah Right. I find Nah Right to be an invaluable resource for keeping up with the careers of guys like Skyzoo. I’m just saying. The entire blogosphere is made up of people capitalizing on other people’s intellectual property without adding much, if anything in the way of added value. Why single out World Star Hip Hop?

It could be that eskay has had some bad dealings behind the scenes with the guys with the guys from World Star that we haven’t been privy to. But obviously we don’t have any way of knowing. On my own site, I’ve been trying to expose more and more of the soft white underbelly of the hip-hop media, both for my own personal amusement, and so we can get a better idea of just how this shit works.

So there’s that. Then there’s the whole business aspect of it. Our hip-hop ads group, after all, is a group that discusses how to make money in hip-hop through advertising. (I’m mostly in it to bask in the utter cynicism, and to fuck with people.) If World Star Hip Hop is quickly becoming the place to go for hip-hop video, like a hip-hop YouTube, does that mean it’s eventually gonna be worth like a billion dollars, like the real YouTube?

The consensus in our group was that it probably won’t – the problem being that a) they don’t for real have the rights to most of the shit they post, so they might not be able to sell ads against it; and b) they post a lot of material of an explicit nature, and company’s don’t like their ads to be seen alongside shit like that. The pr0n industry, for example, supposedly rivals Hollywood, but you don’t see very much product placement in it. (It’s one of the reasons why I love it.) Even HBO, you have to subscribe to.

That being said, it’s not like most of the people in our group are experts – except for the ones who are. What do you fruits think? Should I take some of this $300 I just got from XXL and cop some shares in World Star? Or should I stockpile some booze, so I function, in case I’m broke for another extended period of time? Also, is it really such a big deal that World Star sorta kinda profits from other people’s intellectual property? Speak on it.

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  • eskay

    yeah, I said it.

    • EReal

      LOL @Eskay’s “AND WHAT”

  • Matt Herbz

    From your description, WSHH sounds like a hip-hop Ebaum’s World. I might just have to go check it out now. One thing that never fails to make me laugh is to see some niggaz doing dumb shit. I’ll be back in a few…

    –Matt Herbz–

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    World Star Hip-Hop > You Tube

  • Greg

    I have a feeling you should invest in it, because once “corporate” does gets its hands on it they will make the site into whatever they want.. there’s plenty of explicit shit on youtube and dailymotion, all they do is put up another prompt for you to verify your age.

    If WSHH becomes a big enough company “the man” is just gonna let it rock the way it is for a month and then exploit the name.

  • capcobra

    worldstar is the best hip hop website up right now…hands down…and that’s just on the strength that they keep current n exclusive interviews.videos…beefs.freestyles.etc…and they don’t take weekends off…i normally go there for for debates..hiphopgame for songs and xnxx for pr0n…other than that i’m on myspace poker palace or youtube.

    • Hate Hate and more Hate

      ^^^ lol @ your busy Saturday nights

      • capcobra

        jodie you only know about my saturday nights cuz early sunday morning i’m butt naked scrambling eggs in your mother kitchen… dirty ass chump!!!.. get ready for church and stop trying to be the next g unot!!…i’m still lmao @ ya’lame ass responses..ya’weak ass opininons..ya’corny ass life…and ya’deseperate attempts to be a famous blog responder…you fucking idiot!! a germ….shredded wheat n potty meat….you only built for cyber hating…from here on in you gon be known as fake.fake and more fake…faggot!!!

        • EReal

          YOU MAD! LOL!

        • amar

          it’s true…i sometimes stroll in to get my daily morning bj and see this dude naked scrambling eggs. I usually leave disappointed, but sometimes he lets me hit it before they sit down for breakfast

    • FlapJack

      Don’t get you period on…
      You got GOT!

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    “Also, is it really such a big deal that World Star sorta kinda profits from other people’s intellectual property?”

    Nope, that’s the American way. I used to have benefit off of other people’s intellectual property all the time, when I had bitches writing my papers for school. The same way 50 Cent & Spider Joke pays G Unot killa 20k a year to blog

    Besides I’ve never seen nothing intellectual on Worldstar

  • No Mames Buey

    the “intellectual property” of WSHH is the thoro booties of the video girls like Ashley Logan. So if anyone is getting hosed for their IP it’s the video heezos.

    I would also like to literally hose some of those thoro video heezos.

  • Incilin

    Interesting post, not sure how I feel about this one. I need to get down with that hip hop ads group or whatever just to peep game.

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    WSHH is kind of a messy site. It needs a major makeover.

  • amar

    how to make money off ads in hip hop? wtf u need a group for? just write some stupid shit like “Kanye West comes out of closet and proposes to young jeezy” and anchor that shit to link to some site that pays for instances

    or sell some “Being Black for Dummies for 10.95 and target Matt Herbz and his ppl

    • FlapJack

      did you just rape matt herbz?
      you should consider swinging by og bobby j too


    i dnt think n e 1 should give a damn bout everybody gotta eat & its enuff $$$$$ 4 all ya’ll asses but if its takn $$$$$ out of yo pocket personally than do somethin personally

  • dj ashy fingerz

    WSHH features some of the most ignorant nigger shit you can find on the internet. Any surprise that its owned by whiteboys? I’m wit eskay

    • DJ Daddy MAck

      wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww worddddddddd?????


  • geico lizard

    “What do you fruits think? Should I take some of this $300 I just got from XXL and cop some shares in World Star?” I say buy some powerball lottery tickets with that money and some beer. Youtube had people posting their original clips from home and when they sold it and made two more billionaire nerds in this world they had Fox and NBC coming down on them to remove the material from their network.

    Thats what make wshh so good its a real guerilla style site where you better log on a few times a day because the best clips may get yanked down by pissed off companies but at least they get on there for a while and now on youtube almost nothing controversial gets up anymore because they dont want to risk a lawsuit. Bottomline worldstarhiphop just dont give a fuck but maybe if they back up the wells fargo truck to them they will sellout faster than bob johnson soldout BET and his soul.


    while you got the cash buy the booze bol that way you got some alcohol for new years

  • allnice

    Copping shares in anything right now is retarded unless you wanna get Madoffed. This whole stock shit is a Ponzi scheme. But as for World Star Hip Hop, something is gonna come along and replace that shit in the near future. The Internet makes shit free so there is no reason why anyone would pay money to buy stocks in free shit……Wait, niggaz buy Google right? That’s because niggaz are fucking stupid.

    • Brahsef

      Or google is a multi-billion dollar industry that bought youtube. Or just niggaz are “fuckin stupid”. Know your shit before you post on it. If any of us would have bought google stock before it got fuckin huge, we’d be livin bigger than rap stars.

  • Tony Blair

    See the problem with Nah Right & Worldstar is this.. back when Worldstar first started, they pulled a lil scam where any site that had their embedded player posted would automaticaly re-direct you to their site. They had all the cool blgs fucked up for a day or so and we all had to remove their embedded players. This again was when Worldstar first started off… grimy way to get everyones traffic to redirect and gain awrenes on their own site…

    It is what it is…

  • Dorothea Arroyo

    If only I had a penny for each time I came to Incredible post.