I'm a Hanukkah guy myself, and even though I've celebrated Christmas from time to time, one of my yearly things is always asking my friends what they got for Christmas.

To keep it all the way real, I didn't get much from my family this holiday season. My brother bought me a can opener, my father got me an electric shaver.

The best gifts came from myself. About three weeks ago– tired of waiting for Apple to release a new Mac Pro– I built myself a new PC (2.83 GHZ Intel Quad Core). And then last week I decided to finally upgrade my production set-up, and bought a Digi003 Rack, and the Akai MPK49. So in essence, I have a whole new computer recording and production set-up this holiday season. Let me go ahead and write myself a thank you card.

I'm interested in knowing what everyone out there in XXL land got. Was Santa good to you or what?