What Gifts Did You Get For Christmas (the Holidays)?

I’m a Hanukkah guy myself, and even though I’ve celebrated Christmas from time to time, one of my yearly things is always asking my friends what they got for Christmas.

To keep it all the way real, I didn’t get much from my family this holiday season. My brother bought me a can opener, my father got me an electric shaver.

The best gifts came from myself. About three weeks ago– tired of waiting for Apple to release a new Mac Pro– I built myself a new PC (2.83 GHZ Intel Quad Core). And then last week I decided to finally upgrade my production set-up, and bought a Digi003 Rack, and the Akai MPK49. So in essence, I have a whole new computer recording and production set-up this holiday season. Let me go ahead and write myself a thank you card.

I’m interested in knowing what everyone out there in XXL land got. Was Santa good to you or what?

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  • http://1290wmcs.com “The Party Killa”

    I got the usual. A SHIT LOAD of gift cards to various vendors (Walmart,BestBUy,etc….)

    • tony grand$

      Dude, I got trash bags (to clean up after my kids’ presents), a headache (from the hundreds of phone calls from “family” I woodnt hear from otherwise), 3 hrs of sleep (from puttin together my lil man’s “big boy bike” on xmas eve), a smile (from seein my kids happy), & MY MUFUCKIN LAKERS WAS LOOKIN NIIIICE, REEEEAL NIIIICE!

      Oh yeah, my Dad gave me fiddy bux, which I’ll use today on groceries.

      Merry Christmas, grown ass ppl.

  • http://shazisrad.blogspot.com superxshaz

    I didn’t get what I REALLY wanted [a Nikon d40 & a 360] but I got photography books and pedicure stuff ; which was the next best thing to me anyway.

    So I realized I have to get a JOB to pay for what I want later on this year XD

  • droopey

    I got Sean Paul Gualtier and that was it.

  • Danny

    I got some lotion to beat my dick off with nigga

    • tony grand$

      ^^Wow. Bah humbug for that ass, huh?

  • geico lizard

    I didnt get anything so i guess no one loves me

    • FlapJack

      Not to get all Cupid, but you might wanna holla at Danny

      • tony grand$


  • daz_oc

    I got an ITunes gift card(what for? doesnt everyone download shit free anyway??) and a Puma jacket……nothing spectacular

  • FlapJack

    Got a lot of usefull shit:)

    I think for the first time I might have spent more then I got..growing up sux

    • tony grand$

      I second that Flap, how the fuck did I spend my only gift on food for the fam?! Oh well, @ least we eatin.

      • FlapJack

        Well. Christmas is for the kids right. If you spent all night making that bike for your youngin, I bet giving it to him was pretty awesome

        • tony grand$

          I hid it in the kitchen, & sent him n the other room, wheeled it out, & he came back n the liv room, & said “oh snap, a bike”, then went back to Call of Duty 4 on DS. I bought him that too, so either way, he’s good, I’m good!

  • What the ?

    Fo’ real I got fuck all, same as every year but I guess an Atheist should give a fuck anyway. Christmas is just the biggest marketing scheme of all time, so all you kids who got nothing don’t feel to bad. Just do what you do and tell St. Nick to shove that candy Cane and go suck on some cookies and milk and shut the fuck up.

  • amar

    i got snowed in. Allah ejaculated all over my backyard.

  • chad bro chill

    i got 5 bottles of hot sauce? idk y

  • klutch

    i got crabs lol

  • escobar9300

    Got that NBA 2k9 and Michael Jordan cologne set. Smellin super fresh while I whoop that ass on 2k9

  • ComPLEX

    maaan, i got the new fusion air jordan x air force one 20′s, a shite load of kid robot clothes, some gift cards, sex and a free tank of gas, ya diiiiig

  • Manka Cat

    Fuck, I got a candy paint 64 on gold 22′s, four pounds of blue chronic, a diamond encrusted chain covered in diamonds in the shape of a diamond, matching vipers, a sweet-ass crip on top of a bigger crib overlooking the hood, a tech nine and a pair of uzi’s, and a grip of cash too. And a pair of socks from my grandma. Check my swag, negro. I’m Dick Cheney rich. Definition of a Pimp G. One.