By now I'm sure most of ya'll have read our January/February Love/Hate issue featuring 50 Cent on the cover.

Some of the things I personally loved and hated this year don't particularly fit into the categories we featured in the issue, so I figured I'd list them here. I must say, I surprisingly loved hip-hop albums this year. I pretty much expected 08 to be the worst hip-hop year ever, but looking back it was much better than 06 and 07. I actually enjoyed a number of albums like Jeezy's The Recession, Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III, Q-Tip's The Renaissance, Nas' Untitled, Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak, T.I.'s Paper Trail, Game's LAX...The list goes on.

I hate rappers increasingly jocking rockers and sporting rock-ish wear when they couldn't name 10 rock albums. I loved Barack Obama becoming the first black president, hated Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes dying, hated a children school collapsing in Haiti, hated Jennifer Hudson's family getting killed, loved the finale season of The Wire, hated that they killed off Omar, loved Dexter, hated that Curb Your Enthusiasm is taking well over a year to come back, loved Entourage, hated Heath Ledger dying, loved The Dark Knight, loved the Bedford Boys' rooftop party, hated industry parties without open bars, hated Diddy blogs, hated SOHH being hacked, hated Diddy blogs, loved Billy X. Sunday's drunk blogs, loved Latarian Milton's youtube clips, hated Diddy blogs, loved Kanye West's blog, loved saying "pause" just for the sport, hated people using it out of context...

Loved Kevin Garnett finally winning his first championship, hated his post Game 6 interview with Michell Tafoya, loved Inside The NBA with E.J., Charles and Kenny, loved that the NBA is exciting again, hating this recession, hate seeing my homies get laid off, hated Diddy blogs, still hate wack publicists, loved G-Unot Killa, hated Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the damn leg, loved rappers directly responding to bloggers, hated that it's getting out of hand, loved Iron Man, loved Robert Downey Jr.s comeback, hated the hipster phenomenon, hated that Jay-Z thinks people are still jocking him, loved E! Entertainment flying us to Cabo for one day, hate E! Entertainment flying us to Cabo for one day, loved Kim Kardashian, loved Paula Patton, loved Lauren London, loved Sharon Leal, loved Alicia Keys, loved Mel B, hate that I haven't fixed any of their sinks yet, still love Nia Long and Sanaa Lathan, hated almost every award show, loved The Parker Report, hate how arrogant some of these new jacks are...I could keep going, but you get the picture.

What about you guys? What are some of the things you loved and hated about 2008? -Jackpot