It seems like the older I get, the more and more my interests start to converge.

Whether it's because the Internets have introduced me to other sorry mofos such as myself, or because I always have been such a brilliant visionary, every day now I'm noticing new points of confluence between seemingly disparate pop culture entities such as rap music, pr0n, and the Howard Stern Show, i.e. the unholy trinity.

For example, last week, there was the interview with Vinnie Paz from Jedi Mind Tricks in which we learned that, like fellow heroes to guys who live in their moms' basements Aesop Rock and Ira Glass (pretend as if you know what I'm talking about), he's a huge fan of the Howard Stern Show.

I suppose I should have known.

Then yesterday, there was that video of the lovely (in a sense) Sara Jay's appearance on Kay Slay's program on satellite radio. Which wouldn't necessarily seem to make sense, except for the fact that, who among us didn't find that to be the best thing on the Internets all day yesterday?

And not just because it's pr0n. (Though I enjoyed it for that reason as well.) There's pr0n all over the Internets. Could it be that hip-hop and pr0n just go well together, like chocolate and peanut butter? I'm gonna suggest that it is.

Hopefully, this becomes a regular feature on Kay Slay's satellite radio show. If I had a dollar, and also Kay Slay's email address, I'd send it to him via PayPal, as a show of my appreciation. It's important to support these artists, when they actually do the right thing.

In the meantime, I guess there's always the actual Howard Stern Show, which I can't afford to listen to on a regular basis either. Fortunately though, the other day they had T.I. on, and someone from the hip-hop Internets saw fit to liberate his interview for our listening pleasure. Bonus! I first heard it on, where else, World Star Hip Hop, though from what I understand, it originated elsewhere. (Oh well!)

These days, now that only so many people can listen, it's the rare occasion when an actual celebrity (as opposed to, say, Jerry O'Connell or some shit) turns up on the Howard Stern Show. So having T.I., i.e. the guy with the most popular song in the country right now, must have been quite the coup for them. Maybe the TIs saw the incredible response (courtesy in part of yours truly) to Flo Rida's appearance on Howard Stern and figured it'd be worthwhile.

(For my true hip-hop + pr0n heads, I hear Flo Rida's gonna appear at the AVN Awards, in January. It's too bad I'm sure no one would be willing to send me out there to cover it.)

I'll spare you describing T.I.'s interview in full, both due to my own personal laziness, and the fact that it's not like you can't have a listen for yourself. But I will go ahead and point out that I found it surprisingly... I don't know, humanizing? In particular, his committment to Tiny from Xscape is just downright impossible for me to fathom, given a) what we know about Tiny from Xscape, and b) ironically enough, the fact that my whole concept of women has been warped (for the better, I'll insist) by years spent, erm, surfing the Internets.

Feel free to chime in yourself, if you heard the interview, or if this has just been on your mind lately. Why is it that T.I., who could probably have his choice of women, is so committed to this one woman in particular? To listen to the interview, I can honestly believe he isn't, shall we say, exercising his privilege as a rapper. The fuck? I'd suggest it's because he's got a couple of kids with her, but we know he's got at least two other babies' mothers.