Pop culture is like the re-niggerfication of America. Whether it was jazz, blues, rock and roll, rap, whatever. The white in America were able to re-nigger themselves through music and art. This was how they were able to re-connect to the soul they had to forsake for the purpose of supremacy.

The funny thing that comes to my mind is that if there had been no supremacy here in America and everyone lived and was treated as equal citizens would there have been a need for anyone to create blues music? Maybe, since so many songs are about dysfunctional relationships, but I think the thing that gave blues music it's credibility among white is the fact that white knew they had their feet firmly planted up the Black people's asses.

Just like with rap music, when some rapper would talk about life in the projects you had to give them the benefit of the doubt since the projects were like the reservations for the Blacks. Cabrini-Green Houses was the modern day Trail of Tears. Even with all of this abject poverty around people the children of the ghetto still created art the best way, the only way they knew how. Broke ass kids are so resourceful. The real problem is when broke ass kids start getting some money.

To be a consumer is the ultimate American privilege. Some of you might know of all that shit that popped off in the 1960's. It wasn't about getting people the chance to vote. Who the fuck cares about voting? That shit was for to get motherfuckers the chance to buy shit at the white people stores and to eat the white food. And especially to make Kool-Aid using the white's water fountains. Fuck a vote.

So now with the right to consume shit and to go into debt poor people are creating art that mirrors those values. They are also living a lifestyle that coincides with their art. Understand that at the heart of the art and lifestyle is a value system. The shit that people find most important and relevant. I'm on this rant after reading about Persia going to the pen. Not the notebook and pen, because those aren't the values of most rappers nowadays anyhoo, but the motherfucking penitentiary. Why? Because she was caught carrying a pistol.

Persia fucked up on this account. She could have skated away with no jail time at all if she had done what Lil' Wayne and Ja Rule did previously. They traded one of their illegitimate children for a handgun. It's called the "Guns For Tots" program and you can have a gun charge completely erased if you give up a baby. The idea being that you are helping to keep a child safe while you play around with your guns.

I love that I find myself talking about this shit right after Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg. Tomorrow I have to talk about something else. The Common album maybe. The new Ludacris album definitely. The fact that I drink and smoke too much. I don't know, I'm rambling...