Stop that bullshit, Barack

Wow, Barack! The nigga’s name is Barack. Barack? Nigga named Barack Obama. What the fuck, man?! Is he serious? That ain’t his fuckin’ name. Ima tell this nigga when I see him, “Stop that bullshit. Stop that bullshit.” — DMX, in an interview with XXL

The news yesterday that DMX had somehow managed to escape from jail, or the hospital (I know he’d been recovering from a stroke), or wherever he’d been, and was on the run from Johnny Law (which is no trip to Cleveland), just so happened to coincide with my viewing of a video about how we could probably fix the economy by letting non-violent drug offenders out of prison.

In the video, there’s a clip of Barack Obama talking about how it’s such a waste that we spend so much money fucking with people just for getting high (er, just for getting high on the wrong drugs), and also an excerpt from his autobiography, where he talks about how smoking weed, drinking beer, and sniffing a little yay when he could afford it helped him get over the pain of his pops not seeing him. (Someone alert Jay-Z.)

I wonder if this means President Obama is gonna let all of the potheads out of the joint. I know there was that big story in the Times yesterday about how the intellectualy dishonest wing of the liberal punditocracy, i.e. the Nation magazine, liberal blogs like the Daily Kos, etc., has got its panties in a bunch over the fact that the President-elect’s appointments so far are hardly different from what the appointments might be in a Joementum administration. But nothing Obama said or did on the campaign trail suggested they wouldn’t be. That’s what those clowns get for voting for him.

Obviously, the video of Obama talking about how it’s deeply fucking immoral to throw so many people in jail just for getting high, which it is, took place before he was under the intense media scrutiny of the presidential election. But who knows? Maybe he’ll actually govern according to his values on this issue. (I’m sure DMX, who stays getting locked up for trying to buy crack, hopes so.) I’m probably not as down on the President-elect as people think. It’s just that I saw him for what he is back before it was all trendy.

The only thing is, he might feel compelled to wait to take any action on this issue, or even address it, until it’s politically expedient, i.e. towards the end of his presidency, or maybe even after he’s already left office. I remember reading, when I was 18-ish, Bill Clinton in an interview with Rolling Stone right after he left office, talking about how the pot laws in this country are so draconian. As if he hadn’t just been in charge of this country for the past 8 years. Celebrity pothead Bill Maher has cited this interview on a number of occasions in his standup and on his HBO series Real Time.

If Obama does wait, it might be too late for DMX, who, let’s keep it real, might not have eight years left in him at this point. Maybe not even four. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud last night when I read that X had been found hiding out in Scott Storch’s mansion, and had been turned in by some stripper down in Atlanta – probably one of Storch’s babies’ mothers, pissed about back child support payments. But if you think about it, it’s too bad there isn’t anywhere DMX can go other than jail, as if that’s gonna fix what’s wrong with him.

Yeah, DMX stays getting caught doing shit that’s ostensibly illegal. But if you look at it, most of the crimes he’s committed stem from his drug problem, not because he’s out there trying to fuck anyone’s shit up. Driving like a maniac, trying to buy crack from an undercover cop, not feeding his dogs as often as he should… that’s all typical shit a crackhead does. Just think, if he could go to a state clinic and get nice, and while he was there, someone could could make sure he’s been taking care of his dogs, and that he doesn’t try to drive himself home. All of this bullshit could have been avoided.

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  • Worley

    The “War on Drugs” is a joke. Only high school graduates with a badge take it seriously.

  • droopey

    Truth! But yeah the US does have a drug problem and possibly not just throwing offenders into jail and actually treating the problem would help.

    Have to say for a country 2 milli plus population in jail is ridiculous.

  • giantstepp

    WTF are you talking about? Im lost as hell reading this waste of space. This is you padding your drops so XXL can get up off of that azz. You can do much better than this BS Bol.

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    Who cares about Obama and his weed lips . . .fuck him.

    I’m just waiting for the day Lil Wayne becomes the new DMX . . . an old ass crack head rapper.

  • amar

    if you make people get their weed from the government legally rather than from drug dealers, u’ll stop the drug trade and gather up more than enough money to fix the economy and replace foreign oil.

    However, apparently fag-hating jesus didn’t smoke weed…therefore it would be immoral right? Oh well…

  • Izza

    WTF. This post sucks dick. Just chit-chat.

  • Dave Street

    Conspiracy theory:

    Picture this

    Scott Storch is sitting at his mansion on Palm Island. He is in his plush leather chair reading music news so he can at least provide a track for somebody. While hitting up Soulja Boy on the low he comes across an article titled, $5000 for information leading to the arrest of rapper DMX.
    “Ey yo dawg. You need to cop mo shit. We out.” DMX said as he walked in the room. Scott minimizes the browser window.
    “What you mean we out? I just bought 75 g’s worth. You couldn-” Scott eye balls X. “When are you going to lay them tracks we talked about. Remember $50k a beat.”
    “Yea I got you. I just gotta be in the zone and without my shit I can’t hit that zone.”
    “Okay. I will call up the homie and get some shit asap.”
    “Good. Good. Mind if i take out the boat?”
    Scott looks at his computer and then back at X
    “Sure just.. be careful. Don’t want nothing to happen to you. Hey how long you say you staying again?”
    “Man as long as it takes for me to get it right. Don’t want to fuck it up you know? I want a new sound and I think you can make that happen. I’ll catch up wit chu in a bit my nig.”
    “Aight” says Scott as X walks back down the stairs. He pulls up the browser window and thinks to himself. Finally, he picks up the phone and dials a number. Scott clears his throat.
    “Hello,” Scott says in a falsetto, “my name is Sc-scarlett. I have some information on where you can find DMX. He is on Palm Island. Scott Storch’s house. He ain’t there but he has been holding a white guy hostage. He ain’t there right now but he will be back. Leave the $5000 with the white guy. He has been through a terrible ordeal and hopefully that will help him forget about that terrible experience. No problem. Just another concerned citizen.” Scott hangs up the phone. “Freeloading ass muthafucka.”

  • Vicious Seiger

    I have never been exactly pro-legalization of drugs but then again this is the same nation that had to realize the futility of Prohibition. So many people wonder why Marijuana isn’t legal and the easy answer is because the gov’t hasn’t found a way to control and tax it’s production and distrubution. Unkle Samm is solely interested in making a buck. Despite all the “concern” for their fellow man the U.S. wants to get it’s “fare” share of any action they can. There is big money in “The War Against Drugs” – Building Prisons [ching], hiring more police and agents [ching], confiscating illegal money and goods from the sale drugs [mo money, mo money] and let’s not forget cheap ass prison labor [ching-ching-ching-ching] courtesy of all the people convicted of drug dealing and so on. The U.S. has perfected this formula to the point that why would they want to give us [the citizens and poor] a break and repeal or restructure the laws over illegal substances? Now I even don’t want to see a full blown legalization of all drugs [Could you imagine Crack perfected and sold out of your local store this would bring a whole new flare to smoke break at work not to mention work place hygenine?] but I have to admit we need to find better alternatives to curbing the drug problem in Amerika? From restructuring the laws and penalities to the education and rehabilitation of those on or selling drugs.

  • 619

    Bol takes another oppurtunity to hate on Obama. You’re from Missouri so I don’t expect you to understand a fucked up prison system like here in California. Where you’re from there’s no 3 strikes law, terribly overcrowded jails, or a prison health care system that a federal judge just ruled unconstitutional, so I don’t expect you to understand the real issues that are going on right now. Do some real research and get your head out your ass before you address the topic.

  • dat koon nigga

    YO BO


  • FlapJack

    All you pro legalisation-people should really stop and think about what that would to to the price… Government weed would be expencive as shit.. And it’s not like it’s hard to get a hold of


    Do you really think THE MAN will let Obama disrupt the Drug Trade/Prison Industrial Complex they’ve been working decades to build and maintain? Ha…. If only Black America knew who really has the power buck the system…… *smh*