Smarten Up Gaza…

gaza 2008

Israel has spent enough time fucking around with the Palestinians already. If this were back in the days America then the Palestinians would already have been given their free winter blankets laden with smallpox. If Israel were as serious about supremacy as they pretend to be they would have been kidnapping Palestinian children like the Australians do to the aborigine. Memo from Tel Aviv: the time for bullshitting is over with.

The sooner Israel does their Khmer Rogue impression the sooner the handful of Palestinians left can transform their image in the same way the native Americans did. You may not remember that after the native Americans realized that the Euro settlers weren’t just on holiday all shit broke fool. The native American nations were labeled terrorist organizations and the colonial government got on that shoot to kill shit they pull out when a land grab is on.

The native Americans lacked the coordination and the overall hardware to fucks with the colonials. It didn’t take too long before they were overwhelmed with technology and brute force. No one can withstand that combination. That’s like chasing crystal meth with Hennessy and Red Bull. But just for good measure the native Americans were smacked up with some wicked biological warfare to make sure they knew their place.

This is how Israel will have to deal with the Palestinians once and for all. The settlers are just like the colonists. They like the land and they ain’t gonna leave it. Technology and brute strength will insure that the settlers stay in place. This scenario has been repeated ad nauseam throughout human history. Find a Carthagenean if you can and ask him how Rome did their thing. The sooner Israel satisfies their genocidal tendencies the sooner the Palestinians will have the chance to live prosperously. Those that are left, you know, ABBAS and a few of his friends.

Look at the native Americans and all the benefits they have now because they only exist primarily in museums. There is the Mohegan Sun and countless other “Injun” themed gambling resorts. The native Americans have also been immortalized throughout the institutions of higher learning and professional sports as the mascot of choice. If the Palestinians would just hurry the fuck up and die I don’t see why we couldn’t swap our beloved Chief Wahoo for a Sheik Abu.

Smarten up Gaza.


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    Word to Cleveland and Atlanta on this one. The red man came first and took the illest L. But those of us with Native American blood are living proof that even the worst form of brutality and genocide can’t stop a people’s existence and ability to rise.

    All this killing and shit does get tired after a while. But I fully expect Hamas to do something extra gully in the next week or two. Shit reminds me of Ransom vs. Buddens; who wins?

    • Hate Hate and more Hate

      ^^^ I thought only hood rats and little kids said “They have Indian in their family”

  • $ykotic


    You really need to go and study the history of this conflict.


    Real talk.

    You probably don’t even remember when most institutions had to get rid of the Indian moniker. Only the organizations with a strong history($)kept the names.


  • Billy X. Sunday

    Am I way off? You mean if the Palestinians wouldn’t just die right now there wouldn’t be the best Palestinian casino in Gaza with free shwarma and tabouli for everyone?

    Ha! Word to Crazy Horse and the fact that he was an activist AGAINST alcohol. That’s why he ended up having his visage on a bottle of malt liquor.

    Your problem is that you want to deny that you are a supremacy apologist when you know damn well that you wouldn’t topple supremacy if you had the choice.

    • $ykotic

      Naw Sun-doobie. Off again.

      1. Gaza is a settlement with Israelis AND Palestinians.
      2. YOU REMEMBER CRAZY HORSE!(props 4 that)
      3. The same has been done to the Blackman in America. Should we all just die off and get bodegas named after us? A basketball tourney?
      Jordan limiteds?

      Brougham it’s deeper than this. Judging by your references you know this as well.

      But the neighboring countries in the middle east would burn this blog like a US flag.

      I actually enjoyed blogging 2day. Thank you Sunday. Pass the love to Mr. Crawford as well.

      p.s. Ima 70′s baby. Revolution is in my loins!!!!!

      • these posts are racist

        1.) Wrong…there are no Israelis living in the Gaza Strip. However, Israel controls everything that enters or exists Gaza, including its fresh water supply.
        2. ignorant…no comment.
        3. Same as 2.

        Israel controls the lives of millions of people yet denies them equal rights under the law, simply because they are the wrong religion: christian and muslim as opposed to jewish. Word to South Africa.

        • amar

          i actually know israelis living in the gaza strip..YOU’RE wrong

        • these posts are racist

          Really? Where in Gaza do these Israelis live?

        • amar

          hmm my bad, i may be mistking the israeli border region bordering the gaza strip for the gaza strip

      • these posts are racist


        Gaza is not a “settlement”. Do you know what a “settlement” is? It’s a modern day colony…where outsiders (jewish Europeans) colonize land and kick out the indiginous people (the Palestinians) and live in the Palestinians homes and land…that’s a settlment. Gaza Strip is an area inhabited by mostly refugees who were kicked out of their homes and land which was taken from them and called Israel.

  • $ykotic

    Don’t 4get 2 peek into that info on how most institutions had to change the Indian moniker.

    The easiest one is St John’s University(formerly the Redmen, now the Red Storm). Ever seen a red storm?


  • these posts are racist

    Wow. Amazing drop Billy.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Let me point out something we need to understand. We need less revolution and more evolution.

    Mankind is always revolving around a central point and winding up in the same place after precious time was spent. That is all a revolution is.

    We need to find a higher level of being. A higher level of existing. A higher level of Hip-Hop.

    Peace for the new year party people. I will catch you in the double O nine GOD willing.

    • these posts are racist

      Agreed…and I applaud you, sincerely for calling this out for what it is…Let’s not let the Palestinians end up like the native americans.

      • yoprince

        israel = terrorist state

        judaism = an excuse for taking other people’s shit.


    reading this was a waste of life. although sarcastic, still offensive and unfunny. lots of generalities. i bid you farewell!

  • tony grand$

    I said it before, I’ll say it again, I fux witcha Sunday. Esp when TPAR is n the building. Yall dudes keep a nigga political. All I can say, can’t say no more.

  • Ali

    if niggers would shut up and die, the economy would prosper again? How does that feel Billy X? sounds retarded huh? exactly u fuckin idiot

    • these posts are racist

      Look up the word “sarcasm” then re-read this post…

  • Parispolice

    There will never be peace in the middle east. That’s one thing the westerners will never understand. The cultural and sectarian violence in Middle East is such a complex issue that the only way it can get solved is by their own people and their own governments.

    Israel is a zionist movement. They are the scapegoat for what the American administration has been fucking up regarding the Mid East for decades. Theyre just lucky they have US’s support or else they would have been wiped off the map a long ass time ago.

    • these posts are racist

      Zionism is the problem, there can be no peace with zionism. As long as Israel puts into effect the ideology that they are superior and refuse to grant muslim and christian Palestinians equal rights under the law, there will be problems. Israel’s goal is to continue governing as a racist state that steals people’s land and homes and gives it to others, simply because they are Jewish.

      Israel is supported, fully by the US, and hence their war crimes are ignored and their stealing of people’s lands/livlihoods and apartheid style of government is justified…calling out Palestinians for trying to defend themselves is like calling out a rape victim for scratching her rapists face.

      F*ck AIPAC and Zionism.

  • John Galt

    The problem here is that Palestinian civilians are caught in the middle. As long as Hamas — 3,000 rockets into Israel and counting — is in control of the Strip, do not expect Israel to stop attempting to take action, since they’ve pretty much had it with sitting around while explosions pelt their bus stops and nightclubs.

    It was Hamas who called an end to the flimsy six-month ceasefire and blamed it on Israel, despite the fact that they had begun lobbing rockets again for weeks before that. In my opinion, it’s flat-out dumb to constantly mess with a state that has so much control over what resources come into the Strip. If Hamas were removed from this equation, I highly doubt that Israel would be harming civilians — while blowing up buildings designed by the government to develop missiles to be hurled at them. And bear in mind, this openly terrorist organization was steadfastly voted for in Democratic Palestinian elections.

    I’m not saying anyone is totally right over there. I’m certainly not saying I’m glad it’s happening. But people need to recognize both sides of why it is.

    • Parispolice

      The issue here is not Hamas. They have fired 3,000 or so rockets towards Israel but how many of them have been successful? Hardly any. They usually fall into some sort of farming property that doesn’t do any damage. However, the argument here really isn’t whether Hamas or Israel have the right to do what they do, cause that’s an argument we can have for years.

      The core issue here is the method that Israel is using to secure themselves. Building an illegal wall that the international community decries over doesn’t help Israel’s cause and muchly needed support from the Palestinians for a peace process. Getting basic food and water and necessary access to health institutions is so hard that firing rockets and blowing themselves up is the only way they can get attention.

      They are being treated like a 3rd wold country where as across the wall, Israel is one of the most prominent 1st world countries in the world. How is that fair?

      Remember the Watts riots? Riots from the south? Black panthers, etc…this is what happens when the poor and bullied population get desperate because no one has been paying attention to what they’ve been complaining about since ’67.

      • John Galt

        I beg to differ that hardly any Hamas rocket attacks have been successful. There were about 450 Israelis murdered in 2002 alone, with over 2,300 injured. In the early portions of this decade, it seemed like there were attacks every single day. Thankfully, the volume of casualties has reduced in recent years — the wall might just have something to do with that. Could you honestly blame them for wanting it?

        Terrorist attacks in Israel date back to the early 50s, about 15 years before Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza. I mean, if just one rocket lands in a civilian area of the United States — just one — how would this country react? Right. Now how about thousands of rockets?

        • these posts are racist


          Israel was founded in 1948 on the backs of Palestinians. The reason given for this blood-letting in Gaza is singular: the rockets Palestinians fire at towns surrounding Gaza. As if such desperate and primitive weaponry comes even close to inflicting one-half of one percent the devastation Palestinians suffered during Israel’s foundation — the total annihilation of 500 Palestinian villages and forced dispossession of 750,000 Palestinians.

          These rockets you speak of, the obsession of Israeli talking points — have killed at most 22 people EVER. This is fact. The far more deadly Israeli missiles and bombs and F16′s have caused hundreds of Palestinian deaths in the past few days alone.

          Stop lying…read.

        • John Galt

          I actually read a great deal, and it’s relatively easy to throw rhetoric around to try to argue a case. Feel free to lump rockets, suicide bombers and whatever else together when considering the 1,200 Israeli citizens killed — slightly more than 22 — and 7,500 injured in this decade alone by terrorist attacks. The extent of the military force developed by Israel that you describe indicates that perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to continually blow up nightclubs, commuter buses and even a nursery school.

          On Day 1 of Israel’s statehood, war was declared on them by seven armies representing Arab countries. The Arabs living in Israel were told by those armies to vacate, and assured that after the Jews were exterminated, they would be given all the Jewish property after the war. I suppose that counts as displacement. So they left on that principle, and then Israel won the war handily at the cost of 1% of their population, which created a quandary for those Arabs who chose to leave.

          Honestly, my friend, I’m weary of the whole thing at this point. I feel the longer the tensions continue — on both sides — the more latent antisemitism spills over into this country, which is unhealthy for all of us. As unlikely as it seems, I hope at some point to see a resolution to this seemingly never-ending conflict. Unfortunately, even I feel that view is naive.

        • these posts are racist

          I’m not your friend and you’ve disregarded everything I said. Again, the reason for the massacers in Gazais singular: the rockets Palestinians fire at towns surrounding Gaza. That’s the stated Isralie position. These rockets have killed at most 22 people EVER.

          Where was Israel founded? Did the European Jews who came to live in Israel just move into unoccupied homes? Unoccupied lands? Where do you think the “refugees” living in Gaza came from??? They came from Israel! They used to live there! Israel is an entity that controls the lives of millions yet denies them equal rights/citizenships under the law. Do you not understand this basic history?

          It’s not a “conflict”. A conflict implies two sides. Here you have the dispossessed…and the disposesser…the occupier…and the occupied…the colonizer and the colonized. The two are not equal. One has power, one does not. One runs the show…

          Want Peace? Give all Palestinians Isralie citizship and treat them equally…no more Apartheid and you will have peace.

        • these posts are racist

          Let me help you.

          John – Do you agree that Israel controls the lives of millions of non-Jews? Do you agree that israel refuses to grant these non-Jews (who are also the indigenous people of that land) equal rights under the law?

        • amar

          if ur gonna cite israeli rockets killing palestinians and ur not gonna cite numerous car bombings, hotel bombings, nightlub bombings and restaurant bombings that killed jews, I’m not even gonna take u seriously.

          I’m not taking a side, i think both sides are retarded. As a person who is about picking a side rather than promoting COMPROMISE, i think u (TPAR) are just as bad

        • John Galt

          I know you’re not my friend. It was what is generally referred to as a figure of speech. I didn’t disregard what you said, I read it and argued your points — such as, that they’re supposed to bend over backwards to provide liberties with a smile to people who just finished lobbing missiles at them and would stop at nothing to wipe the Jewish state off the map. (It’s in the Hamas charter) Meanwhile, the ones that didn’t bolt during the war in ’48 became Arab citizens of Israel. More than just Jews live there, you know.

          In terms of this ceiling of 22 rocket-related deaths, if true, that’s surely an indictment of their inability to use their own weapons. I mean, 5,000 missiles and mortars issued with murderous intention and they killed 22 people? That said, perhaps whatever source you got that from can elaborate on how the other 1,178 deaths occurred.

          Honestly, I do think Amar makes a lot of sense. And I do wish all a safe and Happy New Year tonight, and hopefully a prosperous and peaceful 2009.

        • these posts are racist


          You didn’t answer my questions. Also, what are the stated reasons for Israel’s bombing of Gaza? The rocket attacks.

          So does Israel control the lives of millions of people yet deny them equal rights under the law because they are not jewish?

        • John Galt


          The rocket casualty on Monday, was that No. 22 or No. 23? Also, should we count the rocket they misfired last week that killed two schoolgirls in Gaza? Those are rhetorical questions. Regardless, they shoot rockets constantly and I guess Israel is tired of it. Seems understandable.

          If you reread, I basically did answer your questions, but since you appear to need it explicitly spelled out, Israel has the ability to deny certain rights to those in the Strip and is doing it because a. they keep getting blown up and b. they’re afraid that giving them these rights would lead to them acquiring more weapons (see a.). There wouldn’t appear to be any logic to supporting and enabling the same people who relentlessly attack you, which has nothing to do with them not being Jewish. Conversely, the suicide bombings, etc., have much to do with Israelis being Jewish.

          I’m going to head out to a New Year’s party. Feel free to chime in with a last word. Let’s do it again sometime, maybe I can answer some more of your questions. Be well.

  • Parispolice

    Billy, this post makes up for your past post about 2pac not being equal to 50 of your fav. rappers lol

    I still haven’t forgotten about that muthaphukka! you should be ashamed of yourself muthaphukka! 2pac was a legend god damnit! (my poor attempt of an eddy murphy bit)

    Nice job tho dude.

  • silly willy

    Nice drop BXS!!! On point as usual when you get political!
    And to the ‘tards, while this drop goes over your head, please, if you can, bear in mind that IRONY is NOT the land of irons!!!!!!!!


    U.S. government policy towards Israel has always been that it can do no wrong. If you disagree with U.S. policy and Israel’s penchant for being the world’s political drama queen, you are accused of being anti-Semitic.

    Perhaps the root of that policy lies in our own history, in which we gradually occupied the entire “lower 48″ and forced the natives onto reservations (and into poverty and hopelessness). The majority of Israelis are not native to the region (or are, at best, second- or third-generation natives) while most of the people they are forcing onto reservations (i.e. Gaza) ARE native to the region.

    Israeli policy towards Palestinians seems to be “scratch the sore until it becomes infected, then fight the infection”. Each time the wounds of the past 60 years show signs of healing, the Israelis worry the edges of Palestinian sovereignty, dignity, and liberty until the Palestinians (a small group or many) respond, providing an excuse (very different from a reason) for the Israelis to react strongly to prove superiority and ownership of lands they only occupy by virtue of an ill-advised UN grant of lands made out of profound guilt after World War II.

    The Palestinians had (and continue to have) their lands, livelihoods, and national identity wrested from them while the world stands by and indulges its spoiled child. The Israelis are the aggressors, and the Palestinians are only trying to keep what little those aggressors (and the world) have allowed them.

    And it is this sentiment that gives Israelis the comfort to treat an entire people inhumanly.

    I feel ashamed as an American for allowing Israel to have so much power and use that power to subjugate and humiliate a whole people. They use this power without any regard to the consequences to the rest of the world. It bothers me that the religious right in this country are supporting this all to see the start of their own Armageddon.

    I stayed quiet because I did not want to be called anti-semite. I say all of the children of Abraham have failed us big time. The moderates in all these faiths let the extremists do their awful work.

    Having a belief system that places events 5000 years ago or 2000 years ago or contents of a book more important than treating your fellow human with dignity now is insanity. It is never worth it.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Hamas and the Palestinians that support them need to be exterminated simply because they have been using communist made armaments instead of good old fashioned union made missiles.

    The fact that Israel was installed in Palestine is just the bad luck of the Palestinians. Maybe if the French had been hardbody during the occupation then we would see an Israel where Carthage and now Morocco exists.

    The people with the big guns and the control of air and water make the rules. The sooner all the Palestinians die the sooner Israel can make a museum with wax statues of what those people used to look like.

  • mtlrob

    that’s like saying the sooner all black people die, the sooner poverty will be extinguished. what gives you the right to even say shit like that? Palestinians are dying because Israel is power hungry and expanded beyond it’s predetermined borders defined by the UN. You’re so fuckin ignorant and arrogant, it’s sad. I never want to hear you bitch about white on black racism because “it’s just bad luck for black people”.

    Israel is the biggest terrorist state in the world and americans just support them cause the media and huge corporations are run by Jews.


    the point is israel just want them to stay in there place. israel is a military nation you have to go into the military after high school shit is mandatory. you not going fuck with israel when it comes to war everyone over 21 is trained to kill