Russell Simmons has a dilemma: I'm convinced he's just not that into black chicks, and yet, he feels pressured to have people think that he is.

Recently, he did drop it off in a black chick, and he took it as an opportunity to dress down the Media Take Out community re: a black woman's hating nature. (Prop 8, anyone? Bueller?) It seems Rush had gotten upset that, every time he's photographed copping a feel of some incredibly attractive white women on a beach somewhere (it's a wonder he finds time to run his various businesses), it turns up on these black gossip-oriented site with a caption along the lines of, "Look, y'all, Rush got himself another white chick." So he took to his blog over at Global Grind, the would be hip-hop HuffPo he owns, and went in.

And I quote:

Some people believe that if you date a person from another race you are somehow denying who you are. They believe that dating someone with a different skin color somehow  makes you a self-hater, loathing that which makes you yourself.  They believe that it’s an insult to your parents,  ancestors, heritage and community.  I find this view much more telling about the people who say this than about those who do find a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional connection with someone who looks different than themselves.

Aww dang!

Does this mean Rush is about to become that much more emboldened about expressing his lust for the white man's most prized possession? If so, it'd be a game changer for hip-hop, in which you don't see a whole lot of artists, execs, and what have you getting with white chicks.

That being said, I don't necessarily mean to suggest that rappers are purposely only dating black chicks, in order to please their audience. It could very well be the case that that's what most rappers prefer. Most rappers, unless they fucked around and got married before they blew up, pull some pretty high-level black trim.

The reason I suspect Russell Simmons might not be into black chicks is because, whenever you see him with a woman, it's a waifish model types. Not that all black women are incapable of being skinny. But let's face it, black chicks just aren't built the same as white chicks.

Keep in mind, I write this as someone who loave, lurve, luffs tall, skinny women, i.e. mostly white chicks. So I figure I ought to have a certain degree of insight into this issue. True story: I can honestly say I've never met a woman I thought was too skinny.

Yeah, I've seen those pictures of Nicole Richie where it looks like she just escaped from Auschwitz. But you know what? a) I've never met Nicole Richie in person; and b) I seriously doubt she weighs any less than Paris Hilton. And yet, Paris Hilton doesn't look nearly as sickly. What it comes down to is that some women are meant to be a size 0 and some women just plain aren't. Sorry.

If Russell Simmons prefers the Giselle look to the Buffie the Body look (note that I wouldn't mind doing a Pepsi challenge with both of them), why should he have to apologize?

Part of it's that he probably still harbors illusions of holding elected office, or at least being some sort of respected leader in the black community, and, I'm sure, enjoying the wealth and privilege that would come along with such a position. So he wants to present himself to the world as this enlightened, charitable yoga practitioner. He's put the angel dust aside, and now he's doing antisemitism PSAs, timed to coincide with a PR campaign to discredit the movie Blood Diamond.

He can't have people thinking he's a racist!

But part of it's that he's probably spending a bit too much time reading his own site. Global Grind aggregates a lot of content from sites that exist to show pictures of celebrities, i.e. the cancer of the Internets. Meanwhile, I've hardly seen any mention of Rush's personal life on any of the sites I visit. But alas, those gossip sites probably bring in more ad revenue than sites with writing on them.

It's like he can't win for losing! Except, he doesn't seem to realize, he's already won. If I had as much money as he does, I wouldn't give a rat's ass what the girls at Media Take Out think about my blonde bimbo du jour.