Rik Cordero Vs. Jackpot

It’s a shame that it sometimes take some sort of conflict to bring heads together. Take Rik Cordero and I for instance.

I wrote a post entitled “What Do You Guys Think Of Rik Cordero?” not too long ago. The gist of the entry was for me to get a feel for the impact Rik is making out there. Sure, he’s the most sought after director, but stones always come with the throne. Lil Wayne sold a million records in one week, yet he’s still one of the most hated (yet loved) rappers on this site. So I wanted to know how cats felt about Rik’s work, because At I personally didn’t know what to make of Rik’s video monopoly at the time. I had enjoyed some of his clips, but felt I needed to see some more of his material before being able to share my opinion.

I felt like I pretty much remained neutral in the post, so imagine my surprised when I heard that Rik responded. He primarily responded to comments XXL users left on my post, but also managed to call the anonymous writer (me), “a 19-year-old intern” in the process. I didn’t mind the actual remark. I just didn’t think the blog warranted a jabby response. I initially thought about jabbing back, but then saw an opportunity. The conflict between rappers and bloggers is getting out of hand. Mediation doesn’t look like a likely option either. Chances are a sit down between Trick Trick and Ron Mexico would have turned ugly one way or another. But I thought Rik and I could set a precedent by talking things over, not embark on a blog feud. So, rather than retaliate, I reached out to and invited him to stop by the XXL office so we could speak on our respective positions and the growing tension between artists and bloggers/writers. [Blogger's Note: I ain't a blogger, I just blog a lot.]

I totally understand Rik’s position. He actually handled it a lot better than I would have. For him to take pride in his work, put in countless hours and then have someone call him a “cancer to filmaking” is some heavy stuff. Here’s Rik’s response to that particular comment.

It did end up doing my research by the way and it turns out I was a lot more familiar with Rik’ catalog then I realized. I totally forgot he did clips like Joell Ortiz’s “Brooklyn Bullshit,” Wale’s “Artistic Integrity” and a few other videos that I actually dig. Be on the lookout for Artistic Integrity Pt.2, in which Rik will share his video philosophy. You may just perceive him differently after peeping the piece. -Jackpot

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    Instead of taking criticism in good faith and finding ways to improve his weakness he should stop bitching fucking fuck.

    • Brahsef

      I’m not a huge fan of Cordero by any means, although I did like his new Q-Tip video for its pure simplicity. Yet, I wouldn’t call what most of the posts were on this site “criticism”. It was more saying he just fucking sucks/he’s no hype/he’s a bitch/etc.

      Anyway, who still watches music videos? I mean I may peep them once, but all I really care about is the track.


    i mean faggot

  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack


  • lol

    can’t rapper find another guy to do videos?!

  • johngone

    i love rik .. but im dissapointed that he did that arab money video.. im not even middle eastern but thats some blatantly racist shit .. you shoulda asked him why he did that .. ask busta while youre at it too

  • tony grand$

    Wow. I could’ve overlooked the whole “tight pants, bright colors” trend in hip hop without outright condemning it as homotional. But, things are takin a turn for the worst. For such a testoterone filled industry, it sure is a lot of niggas actin like lil girls nowadays. Niggas act like ‘opinions’ are some new phenomenon, all of the sudden ppl just started saying how they personally felt about whatever. Gtfoh, that shit started in junior high, now niggas get all ‘gay’ and wanna take offense. C’mon Rik, I read the piece, it sounded pretty unbiased to me. & us bloggers come to this (& other) sites to vent, complain, converse, ridicule & sometimes praise artists & their work. If some nigga called u a cancer, stfw?! That’s some Charles Hammy right there, lettin niggas piss in your cereal. Do you my dude. U gotcha game trump, niggas know u in the world, u gettin ur scratch, fuck u whinin about? Like my Dad taught me, just because u think something doesn’t always mean u gotta say it. Were not famous homie, u are. Critique comes with the territory fam. Get used to it now, or suffer a nervous breakdown by age 45. Lifes too short to be so sensitive. Stop retaliatin @ thin air, & get ur Hype Williams/F. Gary Gray on, champ………….


      i second that

  • Moi

    joell ortiz “brooklyn bullshit” that’s a classic right there (never seen the video).

    new york’s not dead.

  • amar

    good point about commenters..

    i think with blogs, rappers/producers/video directors can now get the real input from the ppl whereas before it was just snobby music critics (no billy sunday)

    however, of course take it with a grain of salt, because for every positive comment, there’s always gonna be 10 negative ones, which may not necessarily reflect the truth (no g unot killa)

    at the end of the day though, if ur getting no positive feedback whatsoever, u might be in the shit. If on the other hand, the blogger’s negative yet the majority of the comments are disagreeing with him (no bol), maybe ur onto something.

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    Good post. Good attempt to be more sensible. I think bloggers catch a lot of flak for the nonsense that their commenters make, which is pretty unfiar.

  • Smel

    I feel sorry for bloggers now forced to show their sorry asses on video, and letting us see and hear them.

    It’s like seeing the man behind the curtain on the Wizard of Oz. You can never live up to your big, bad, blog talk.

    And I don’t mean that as a criticism. It’s the nature of blogging. Most of the a blogger’s persona is made up in the minds of the readers, and there’s no way you can appease us all. When you do an interview and show yourself, somebody somewhere will be disappointed.

    • tony grand$

      Like meetin a chick online, then in person……

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    This was a dope idea. Good to see Rik had a sporting attitude about it.

  • geico lizard

    Rik did a XXL interview and didnt mention Bol

  • master cheef

    i really think he should have thrown in a no homo after referring to you as “legal”