Here goes a quick list of all the teams still mathematically viable in this season's Billy X. Sunday x XXLmag NFL Football Pick 'Em League.

1 Ruffway Bruisers 106

2 BigNat 100
3 Shame On A Nigga 95
4 Con-Vicks 91
5 Da Partystarters 90
6 Line Em Up Boys 88
6 yesh_yesh_yall 88
8 The Crooks 86
9 Mex 83
9 titansfan 83
11 Funk Town's Finest 82
12 supreme clientele 54
13 The Fedz 45
14 akaTheRealist 43

The rest of y'all will have to put your hat in the ring next season. As a matter of fact, let's go in for the NCAA's. If the X-spot keeps paying me I will give away a free pair of kicks to the winner of that joint.

Who is sticking up football players like that? These dudes are carrying biscuits like nobodies business. Damn sonn, y'all go have to move onto an army base or some shit. Pretty soon anyone that showers is gonna be a target. Part of me says that anyone taking out several thousands of dollars in cash to go get drunk needs to come up off some of that money. Plax must have been holding the heater in his Hanes waistband [ll]. Copp you a holster next time ba'ybro. But for now you about to get a timeout for that penalty.

Wayne and JaRule got busted with biscuits back in the summer last year. They not even getting hit with probation. Why? Niggas ain't have no bullets in they shit [ll]. They should'a had told Plaxico how to move with them thangs. You gotta keep the clip in another pocket. If the scene get hot then you roll on the floor on some James Bond shit. Niggas like Fabolous try'ns get you for your jewels will think you crazy out your mind.

Fabolous: "Why this fool is rolling on the ground?"

Then you jump up with the flamer in your grip, pop in the clip and then start peeling fools wigs like what. People will be like going bananas.

People in da' club: Plaxico is illlllllllllll!

Instead of clapping yourself that would have been better. You gotta give credit at first to Antonio Pierce for trying to dispose of the joint, but as soon the pressure got put on him Pierce rolled up like a two dollar rug. That is the definition of a snitch. Michael Strahan would never have said shit. Michael Strahan has super t.I. David Falk as an agent. Falk could have removed that bullet himself like that Harvey Keitel character from Pulp Fiction.

So Plaxico is gonna have to bite this bullet. [ll] to the fact that pun was wholly intended. The Giants might could still get to the Super Bowl anyhoo. Who names their children Plaxico, D'Brickashaw? Dontrevius? Fuck that broken windows theory. I bet you could do survey of motherfuckers whose names end in a vowel and find a gang of people making the planet all fucked the fuck up. George, Condoleeza, Soulja, Plaxico.

Plaxico Burress was no Michael Vick.

Free Michael Vick.