Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me…


How are these fossils not dead yet?!?

The U.S. murder rate spikes for young Black males while gangsta rap CD sales decline.

Even Fisty Scent, who has been the only steady commodity during this decline is losing his luster. The Fisty Scent MTV reality show titled ‘The Money & The Power’ has been shelved indefinitely.

Peep the graph I just made which charts the precipitous decline in gangsta rap music sales and the steady increase in mortality for Black males…

cd sales

The tipping point for rap music, and subsequently the Black male mortality rate was in 2006. That was a pretty tumultuous year for weed carriers and shitty rap albums. Kingdom Come, Idlewild, Like Father Like Son, Bred 2 Die Born 2 Live, The Big Bang, Hard To Kill, Blood Money, King, and Pac’s Life?!? Do I have to fucking continue?

NaS wasn’t just being prescient when he said that ‘Hip-Hop Is Dead’, he was just looking outside of his window at all of the young Black boys that were chopping each other down like sugar cane stalks. If I were some kind of economist, sociologist or even a community activist I might prA’li study the correlation further to see if maybe the t.I.’s were spurring Black youths to kill each other since they obviously weren’t buying CD’s any longer, but I’m busy now on another project called ‘Moving Out Of My Mother’s Basement’.

Maybe one of the freedom fighters on this site will pursue this story further, but I doubt that anyone really gives a fuck. You know, what with the economy still being fucked the fuck up and it being winter and Zwarte Piet not having enough Wii consoles to give out.

The silver lining that I see in all the carnage is that it appears that real thugs are back to doing real things and leaving all the poseurism to the pretty boys and the artistic types.

At the end of the day what does this news herald for 2009?

Skinny jeans killers.

skinny jeans

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  • geico lizard

    Is that bea arthur with angela lansbury? Women outlive men because they nag men to death. The bad music will make a comeback because its easier to make an album now on you computer. The murder rate will keep going up until the economy gets better.

  • Pierzy

    What’s good Billy…Happy New Year!

    Yo, this is one of your best pieces to date. Not only are you right on point with the topic, but thank you for pointing out what a shit show “Pac’s Life” was. For all his faults, if he was alive, he wouldn’t be rapping over Swizz’s bells, whistles and tugboats, that’s for damn sure.

    And how do these dudes wear those skinny jeans without strangling their nuts??

    • macdatruest

      co-sign this WAS the best (and probably shortest) blog you wrote in 08

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Pierzy what up? Happy New Year to you too.

    Fools went from wearing Wranglers to nut-stranglers.


  • Pierzy

    Not a good look. Literally.

  • macdatruest

    2005: The Start of the “Beef” Era

    I figure all of this is as a result of “get rich or die trying” as an ideology. 50 cent boasted about how he went from selling crack and toting guns to being a millionaire. So in a nutshell, young niggas started trying to “get rich or die trying” See the T.I.’s as you call them been realized how powerful rap is.

    Rappers have the power to be heard, and message repeatedly listened to and plus they are idolized. Niggas dont even listen to the mayors and presidents and definitely dont buy what they buy, smoke what they smoke, etc. like millions of people across the world and cross gender and race do to rappers!(See Wiggers) Why you think Easy E was at the white house. The LAPD was fuckin niggas up, and givin them dope to deal, cause they had NWA to make it look cool like the “black thing to do” at the time,and publicly back that enterprise-yes enterprise they capitalize off our negativity multiple ways.They love gangsta rap. It’s so Willie Lynch…

    But this plan of creating the superthug street/pop posterboy backfired because while 50 was getting money by stirring up beef, niggas on the street was stirring up beef but there was no marketing or money behind it. Just niggas getting shot, toting guns on youtube open faced, and beef lead to death, unless you like 50 and do it from far back, then hand it off to your underlings, but thats industry shit.

    As far as youth, nobody wants to be a rapper for music. They wanna be a hustler/gangsta who just happens to rap. Our youth these days are convinced before they can even make a record, they need a (police) record, and at least one felony. The “new hip hop order” implemented around the time of 50 cent album- calls it “Street Cred” lmfao!

    I wonder which rapper related the importance of his success to his “street cred” the most during these killing years…hmmmm I wonder. Sound like a lot of Dyin’ Tryin’ was goin on. I hope Rapper, The Radio Station Personalities and Magazines that loved encouraging beefs and asking rappers about rappers are satisfied fuckin up lives. We use our power to hold eachother back, so they don’t gotta do it.

    • macdatruest

      And anybody black with money, black folk will run out and do exactly what that man say if they think its a way to get rich. Its a slave trait we just incorporated into our culture. Money=Right.


    Ninjas is going Powerpoint in 2009!

    We might be seeing all this increase in black male self-oneage because gangster rap provides escapism for non-thugs. Same way they say violent movies psychologically implant serial killer thoughts into viewers, I guess. But most likely, these movies keep people from actually acting out their bloodthirstiest desires. When you see someone else murk or get murked, especially Quentin Tarantino-style with all that neck-skeeting plasma squirtiness, you might be less likely to do it yourself. That’s the value of a good storyteller.

    We pay good money to see comedians live on stage because we’re not that funny individually. We let cats rock Spandex leggings on stage and prance around on Broadway while singing because we don’t get down like that. We allow rappers to lie about being secret billionaires, rapists, homicidal maniacs, sex symbols, cocaine cowboys and street fighting legends, because it sounds great over good beats, especially when added to an inventive rhyme scheme.

    Ho-hum. Score one for death. Bring back gangster rap!

    • amar

      “Ninjas is going Powerpoint in 2009!” hahahahhaahahahahha

  • black

    Yo Billy what up? You been to Holland before?Cause over here(Amsterdam) them white folks love that Sinterklaas & Zwarte Piet shit. Personally i find that just another scam to get your money out of your pocket.Over here 5 december Sinterklaas & Zwarte Piet and then Christmas.Expensive shit in a short amount of time.


    the most funny thing about guys who wear skinny jeans they gotta carry man purses to. the reason what the fuck can you fit in your jeans. your just like a chick you need a bag because the pockets on your jeans serve no purpose. i carry a wallet keys chapstick a ipod gum and my cell phone fuck skinny jeans a nigga need space.