Ludacris And Kanye Sales Projections…

It’s that time again. We may be a little late, though.

According to early reports, Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak is poised to top the Billboard charts with sales nearing 500k in its first week. Meanwhile, Ludacris’ first week sales are approximated at 225k. Those numbers aren’t always accurate, though. So, the XXL staff submitted their projections earlier today. Here’s what it’s looking like.


-Davina: 175
-Flash: 390
-Jackpot: 650
-Vanessa: 510
-Travis: 585
-Anslem: 637
-Rob: 675
-Starr: 620
-T: 450
-Bechamel: 590
-Clover: 530
-Mike D: 832


-Davina: 320
-Flash: 215
-Jackpot: 225
-Vanessa: 207
-Travis: 150
-Anslem: 212
-Starr: 320
-T: 195
-Bechamel: 215
-Clover: 200
-Mike D: 540

What do you guys think?

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  • DJ Daddy Mack

    I cannot believe im saying this, but im with rob on the 808s.

    I’m with Starr on the Luda.

  • Ali

    I’m gonna say Luda gets 300K & Kanye gets 400K

  • Sho’nuff

    C’mon Luda had a better album then Kanye and probably Guns n’ roses will make a upset somehow since they came on 2 days earlier

  • Rob The Music Ed

    I can no longer front on this Kanye album, its GOOD music, excuse the Pun. I havent gotten around to buying yet, with mofo’s stomping out walmart employees and shooting each other in toys R Us- it just wasnt the week to go shopping!


      I don’t care what Kanyes album sells that shit sucks ass. Luda’s was good and I never really been a big fan, his album is well balanced w the commercial, the personal, and the real. Primo and 9th Wonder on 2 tracks, fuckin dope!!..Ye save the singing for Karoake night!!….

    • DJ Daddy Mack


  • Matt

    Kanye- 570k

    Theater of Collaborations- 215k

  • Yung K.i DA HUSTLA

    Boy its a sad day in hiphop wen wack ass niggas like kanye west can put out a R&B album an these wack ass internet thugs tinks its better than a hiphop album….Kanye is gonna do like 440k…and i hope luda does like 500k

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Kanye = 2 M
    Luda = 500 K

  • dipherone

    record sales, umm who gives a shit???


    kanye- 400,000
    Luda- 250,000

  • grp03

    Kanye- 625
    Ludacris- 225

  • wat-wat-watt

    lol @ rob the music ed

  • Omar

    ‘Ye – 725k

    Luda – 275k


    Luda’s album is way better, that’s all I care about.

  • amar

    hmm kanye prolly 700ish, ludacris prolly will do exactly in between what nas did and ti did…

    but damn the new luda album is sick though…top 5 of 08 for sure!

  • T

    How can any true hip hop fan seriously listen to kanyes new album!?!? Dat shit is pure fuckin garbage!! i listen to da cd one time then never put it on again…Luda cd is on a totally dif level…its true hip hop…i have to say if this were 50s cd curtis vs kanyes new cd that 50 woulda won in the sales….curtis is better then 808s an heatbreak and curtis aint even good..for real how does kayne go from college dropout to this shit…

  • Curtis75Black

    The questions should be how many so-called HipHop are actually gonna pay for these cd’s ? It’s too easy to see Lil Wayne’s triumph and say “Hip Hop can still sell” but how many Hip Hop fans really brought the cd ? How Many Lil Wayne fans went to the stores and picked it up rather than illegal downloading ? It’s corny to praise your favorites accomplishment when you didn’t contibute to it.

  • Josh

    Who cares? Guns N Roses will probably outsell them both — and that album is just being sold at Best Buy…and…for the record…is > than 808s and Heartbreak.

    Nonetheless, Ye will probably do 500 and Luda will come close to 200.

  • Shim Dolla

    This is the reason Nas says that hip is dead. It’s truly a sad day when we are more concerned about first week sales over the overall quality of an album, the question that should be asked is who made a better album, who has better verses, who is a better rapper which album you gonna bang in your car. It’s a shame but a lot of you cats is caught up on the superficial shit, you never heard none of the greats of the past or even thier fans for that matter argue about first week sales

    • BcBcHoPpiN

      Well spoken fam, couldnt have said it better myself

  • BcBcHoPpiN

    Luda is ten times better than Kanye hands down. dont get me wrong kanye goes hard…just not on this album that shouldve been a mixtape. We need to get some actual fans of hip hop and not these commercial music loving groupies.