Louis Vuitton Hates T.I. Now?

Louis Vuitton put the brakes on T.I. and his ‘Swing Ya Rag’ video because the ‘rag’ he’s talking about is a Louis Vuitton scarf. In the song T.I. raps, ‘Alright, okay, I don’t dance, no way. I just take my Louie rag out and wave it round in the air.’ T.I. says, ‘We spoke to them. The video, it’s done. But I guess it’s one of those corporate things where they don’t wanna be associated or affiliated with a certain type of brand. A T.I. video ain’t the best look in their eyes right now. No harsh feelings.’

Earlier this year Louis Vuitton won an undisclosed amount after suing Da Brat for showing a Louis Vuitton beach ball in one of her videos and Britney Spears for showing a Vuitton dashboard in one of hers.” -Rhymes With Snitch via Bossip

TIp may be taking the high road here (because he absolutely has to), but I won’t.

Yes, Tippy has been involved in fuckery of NFL-star proportion this year. (No Plaxico. No Vick.) Yes, convicted felons usually lose every endorsement deal on the table in one bank account-crippling fell swoop. Shit, ask Kobe. He lost his whole trap on speculation. Coca-Cola had Mexicans scraping Kobe off the side of Sprite cans with switchblades and house keys as soon as they heard what homeboy was accused of. However, if what’s been reported on Rhymes With Snitch is true, Louis Vuitton needs to check their pseudo-swank bullshit at the door.

T.I.’s no Louie executive or anything. He’s just a rapper who done done what rappers do. He fucked up. Everything’s peaches and cream when a rapper is blowing a clothing line up within the confines of what LV execs believe to be an insulated community. When homie goes down, they don’t want him seen in the shit.

We’re gonna take it back to the mid-90s blurred logo videos now because niggas got criminal records? Sheeeeit. Didn’t these Louie niggas know about Tip from before? Didn’t T.I. just get out the damn box like an album and a half ago? I don’t recall there being any Vuitton Don uproar when a still-had-the-scent-of-the-box-on-him T.I. not only sported Louis for the #1 song in the universe at the time (“What You Know”), but implied that the ghetto’s golden fleece was where he’d been storing the base!

If that shit was cool, why we got issues now? Homeboy was just buying some guns to protect his family. He’s done tons of community service, Baracked the Vote, told us where we can give up that “other kind of ‘tip’” and given us whatever we like. I bet the exec who ordered the Tip Gag is a far dirtier human being.

I mean, look at him. He’s such a cute, happy little man. How can you hate him? How can you deprive him of his certain unalienable right to sport that Louis shit? That’s his 40 acres, dammit!

Clearly P.$.C. is his collective mule.

I remember that Brat video with the Louie beach ball. It came out around the time I finally started to become aware of the rampant negro fascination with the once-exclusive clothing line. I also remember Da Brat looking happier than I’d ever seen. How Louis can turn that frown upside down by not only bursting her beach ball, but suing her broke ass is beyond me.

I didn’t know one could get sued and have their music video shut down by a clothing line. I guess that’s why every rapster wants one, huh? Louis is leading the way in setting a terrible precedent in this regard. As niggerish as I’m liable to get on a given night of partying, I’ll continue my logo-free approach to dress. Seems like my trap is safer that way.

I heard the fashion world is on some Cruella DeVille shit, but damn.

Here’s how Louis can kill two blackbirds with one stone:

First, they should cease production on all goods and wares. If their shit isn’t exclusive enough for whatever reason, the best way to make shit exclusive again is to decrease output. As things stand, they’ve already got a laundry list of rappers, sangers, ballers, fake willies, pre-teens and Chinese ladies on Canal Street to contend with. All of the above cheapen the LV shishifufu swanktacular. The modern negro sees that shit more than they see the Nike check or the McDonald’s arches.

[Blogger's Note: Niggas never seen the arches like this before.]

Second, they should continue their witch hunt. Slap a lawsuit on anything that shoulder leans. If it’s sporting Louis without a laminated Louiepass, it should become their slave. Da Brat is probably stamping out Vuitton vanity plates as we speak.

Finally… Don’t hire Kanye as an intern. I already know how that movie ends. :)

Questions? Comments? Requests? Still feel shitty about buying that fake purse? ron@ronmexicocity.com

What we need to do is get back on our Nolia and call the shits Soulja Rags again, ya herrrd me?

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  • tony grand$

    First, I think!

    • tony grand$

      Mex, my niggero, first it was “for realsies”, now u just called TI “cute”. Can ya boy get a ‘no homo’ thrown in therr somewherr?!?

      Anyhoo, that’s some bullshit! This fool Kanye (u knew it was comin’) screams that shit, Louie Vutton Don-lmao, I aint heard no stink about it. I’m sure somebody figurehead somewhere was just gaffawin @ the free promotion. Now, a real person, not a caricature of urban culture, but a real live man who embodies a lot of the struggles & beliefs that we deal with regularly gives a lil *ahem* swag to their product, & panties bunch.

      I would hate to throw around the “racism” word, but Kanye stopped being black quite some time ago. Like around the time he started dancin @ his concerts. & shame on Cliffy, he should’ve known it aint no love in the heart of the city. Ur only as good as what they remember. & EVERYBODY remembers this nigga gettin arrested with machine guns. Not weed, not stolen credit cards, ma-fuckin-chine guns. All the do-gooder campaignin doesn’t mean shit @ that point.

      It mos defly unfair, but what do u expect. He should just wait for his legal troubles are said & done, by then Mr. West will be CEO of LV, catch him slippin on a flight to ‘paree’, & but him up, in the name of blurred logos worldwide.

      • http://dronkmunk.com dronkmunk

        I like the lack of ‘no homo.’

        Um…No Homo.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Damn that was a long ass blog entry I aint got time to be reading all that shit. But I get the gist. Fuck Louis V because aint no one buying no REAL Louis V anyway. They get bootlegged more than music. But !!

    If I had built my brand to that point I would not want a convicted fellon repping my shit either. You know what happens when hip hop culture gets a hold of something. They use it up and spit it out and afterwards its tarnished. Anyone still wearing Red Monkey jeans? GGG ? Nope

  • Worley

    The irony in all this is many of these corporations pay for product placement. But when a n*gga wears the sh*t on his own accord somehow it “tarnishes” the brand. That’s bullsh*t. N*gga money spends just like cracka money. Besides, nothing stays in style forever.

    To keep it exclusive they should keep making the product but take that ugly ass logo off the sh*t. Then only a handful of people will know what the sh*t is. But then again, there goes all that free marketing and promotion.

    F*ck Louis Vuitton.

  • Lowedwn

    Good, insightful shit as always Mexxico. So How come Luda and the Big Tymers never got sued? Just curious.

  • El Tico Loco

    I don’t see why rappers give fashion companies free pub anyway, if they want you as their spokeperson they will approach you and pay you, what they eat don’t make you shit right?
    Nas said that he was a Nikehead,Timberland boot made his cypher complete but who cam with the money? 310,Fila.

  • yeah man

    T.I.’ll be alright, just now you’ll see his face as the logo for Crime Stoppers.

  • render

    LOL @ bougie ass niggas that be rockin that louis, gucci, yves st laurent shit

    yall can put all the money u want into their pockets…you still gonna be a second class citizen to old money

    shout outs to kanye

  • amar

    first off, i wonder what gucci is gonan do about the second lyric “get my gucci rag out and throw it up in the air”

    secondly, i hope lv sees “rich nigga shit” where soulja boy’s showing off his lv trash can (or was that gucci too?)

    thirdly, you hear me woooodei?

    fourth, it sucks that these rappers get fucked outta their brands just when they’re not gangster rapping at all, but are at the point in their careers where they’re more role models than anything. Like when jay-z got fucked by crystal. Or when luda got dropped by pepsi.

    fifth, i hope sometime soon lv learns the value of its criminal clientelle. If it weren’t for drug dealers sporting the shit outta this shit, rich white and perssian kids would never want to buy it. It’s the same reason that christian adoucheier and ed tardy garbage is popular now

  • paychexx

    i dont why niggas stress about wearing that bullshit ass euro trash fag shit anyway.

    like trick said on America, you still a nigger in they eyes.

    nigga you got your own line, fuck them fag ass shit.

    niggas didnt listen when polo said he didnt make clothes for niggas.

    got niggas losin weight tryna fit in that fag shit.
    ed hardy, and that fag shit need to stop.

    remember you are still a nigga in they eyes.

  • Shawty J

    I for one never understood the fixation with all these branded clothes. I generally go out my way to get clothes with no logos on em, and if there logos on em, they’re relatively small.
    I couldn’t imagine doing a music video where I’m showcasing someone else’s branded, helping someone else get money that I’m not seeing. You better bet if I was rapping, their stuff ain’t showing up my video unless they paid me which most likely wouldn’t happen.

  • miles archer

    “Coca-Cola had Mexicans scraping Kobe off the side of Sprite cans with switchblades and house keys as soon as they heard what homeboy was accused of”.

    I just fell outta my chair that made me laugh so hard.


  • giantstepp

    Good shit Mex!

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    I’m with Louis Vutton on this one, fuck TI!!

    First – like the dumb ass that TI is, he has been giving Louis Vutton free promo for years

    Second – when TI got arrested (again, dumb ass nigga syndrome at work) he lost millions in endorsements … but no one said shit. Now that Louis Vutton doesn’t want to fuck with him every bodies bitching about it

    Third – TI is gay for sporting Louis purse. No my nig, that’s not a duffle bag, that’s a purse.

    Fourth – he’s a wack ass rapper, who wants there products being promoted by a snitch and a cornball anyway?

    fifth – like someone said above, if rappers make your product the latest trend, your company will be out of business in 6 months. Rich white bitches have been wearing Louis Vutton since forever, so I can understand why they want longevity for their brand name. TI will be lucky if he’s still around in the next few years

  • chitchat

    Its not that TI was taking the high road, he was being realistic. Imagine if a bunch of older white ladies started rocking G-Unit clothes. Or a bunch of tranvestites picked up a Wu Wear as their label of choice. I dont know if 50 and Wu-Tang would be suing and shit but I’m sure they wouldn’t be dying to be associated with that segment of the population. Don’t be so sensitive.

  • DV8

    Good Shit…but Da Brat is far from broke. Ghostwriting/Security for Mariah Carey, Bow Wow, and Jermaine Dupri pays very well. And Kanye still wants to intern somewhere that doesnt like the culture he comes from, SMH.

  • geico lizard

    “I also remember Da Brat looking happier than I’d ever seen.” Lisa rayes less attractive sister was so happy because she was using louis vuitton dental dam on those girls in between shots on the video.

  • droopey

    I dont understand why rappers big up these designers, when they were able to afford the garments there was no mention of it, but once they got the change they brag about it.

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    I actually think that was a brilliant move by LV, nothing gets niggas more riled to buy your shit other than disdain for said niggases culture. The trick is to not go over the top like say CRISTAL or TOMMY, by insulting black people in general, but make your insults toward a person like LV did or erase all proof of insults but still let it be known u dont want niggas in your shit like TIMBERLAND!brilliant!!!!!

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