"Louis Vuitton put the brakes on T.I. and his 'Swing Ya Rag' video because the 'rag' he's talking about is a Louis Vuitton scarf. In the song T.I. raps, 'Alright, okay, I don’t dance, no way. I just take my Louie rag out and wave it round in the air.' T.I. says, 'We spoke to them. The video, it’s done. But I guess it’s one of those corporate things where they don’t wanna be associated or affiliated with a certain type of brand. A T.I. video ain’t the best look in their eyes right now. No harsh feelings.'

Earlier this year Louis Vuitton won an undisclosed amount after suing Da Brat for showing a Louis Vuitton beach ball in one of her videos and Britney Spears for showing a Vuitton dashboard in one of hers." -Rhymes With Snitch via Bossip

TIp may be taking the high road here (because he absolutely has to), but I won't.

Yes, Tippy has been involved in fuckery of NFL-star proportion this year. (No Plaxico. No Vick.) Yes, convicted felons usually lose every endorsement deal on the table in one bank account-crippling fell swoop. Shit, ask Kobe. He lost his whole trap on speculation. Coca-Cola had Mexicans scraping Kobe off the side of Sprite cans with switchblades and house keys as soon as they heard what homeboy was accused of. However, if what's been reported on Rhymes With Snitch is true, Louis Vuitton needs to check their pseudo-swank bullshit at the door.

T.I.'s no Louie executive or anything. He's just a rapper who done done what rappers do. He fucked up. Everything's peaches and cream when a rapper is blowing a clothing line up within the confines of what LV execs believe to be an insulated community. When homie goes down, they don't want him seen in the shit.

We're gonna take it back to the mid-90s blurred logo videos now because niggas got criminal records? Sheeeeit. Didn't these Louie niggas know about Tip from before? Didn't T.I. just get out the damn box like an album and a half ago? I don't recall there being any Vuitton Don uproar when a still-had-the-scent-of-the-box-on-him T.I. not only sported Louis for the #1 song in the universe at the time ("What You Know"), but implied that the ghetto's golden fleece was where he'd been storing the base!

If that shit was cool, why we got issues now? Homeboy was just buying some guns to protect his family. He's done tons of community service, Baracked the Vote, told us where we can give up that "other kind of 'tip'" and given us whatever we like. I bet the exec who ordered the Tip Gag is a far dirtier human being.

I mean, look at him. He's such a cute, happy little man. How can you hate him? How can you deprive him of his certain unalienable right to sport that Louis shit? That's his 40 acres, dammit!

Clearly P.$.C. is his collective mule.

I remember that Brat video with the Louie beach ball. It came out around the time I finally started to become aware of the rampant negro fascination with the once-exclusive clothing line. I also remember Da Brat looking happier than I'd ever seen. How Louis can turn that frown upside down by not only bursting her beach ball, but suing her broke ass is beyond me.

I didn't know one could get sued and have their music video shut down by a clothing line. I guess that's why every rapster wants one, huh? Louis is leading the way in setting a terrible precedent in this regard. As niggerish as I'm liable to get on a given night of partying, I'll continue my logo-free approach to dress. Seems like my trap is safer that way.

I heard the fashion world is on some Cruella DeVille shit, but damn.

Here's how Louis can kill two blackbirds with one stone:

First, they should cease production on all goods and wares. If their shit isn't exclusive enough for whatever reason, the best way to make shit exclusive again is to decrease output. As things stand, they've already got a laundry list of rappers, sangers, ballers, fake willies, pre-teens and Chinese ladies on Canal Street to contend with. All of the above cheapen the LV shishifufu swanktacular. The modern negro sees that shit more than they see the Nike check or the McDonald's arches.

[Blogger's Note: Niggas never seen the arches like this before.]

Second, they should continue their witch hunt. Slap a lawsuit on anything that shoulder leans. If it's sporting Louis without a laminated Louiepass, it should become their slave. Da Brat is probably stamping out Vuitton vanity plates as we speak.

Finally... Don't hire Kanye as an intern. I already know how that movie ends. :)

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What we need to do is get back on our Nolia and call the shits Soulja Rags again, ya herrrd me?