Let's get it straight right off the bat. Soulja Boy is one of the most niggorant creatures to ever utter words.

I've interviewed him a few times and he's actually a pretty likeable kid, but I guess he just doesn't know any better. Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending him. No excuses can be made for shouting out the slaves masters, but blaming Soulja Boy for whatever reason is becoming a freakin' trend. Rappers love to play the blame game. New York rappers were blaming southern artists for hip-hop's demise a while back, Def Jam artists were blaming Jay-Z for poor sales not too long ago and now Soulja Boy is hip-hop's punching bag du jour.

What's interesting to me is that people seem to keep blaming SB for the wrong things. I didn't hear a single rapper complain when he shouted out the slaves masters, but now, recent XXL cover boy Charles Hamilton, blames him for his Sonic The Hamilton thingy not being taken seriously. It's not even like Charles or Ice-T before him were trying to make a name off a Soulja Boy, they just seem to be venting.

Interestingly, I think SB is getting picked on because he's being perceived as an easy target. But is he really? As dumb as he's supposed to be, Soulja's been doing a pretty good job of defending himself. Most would agree that he won the youtube battle against Ice-T earlier this summer. Not only was he funny, but he amazingly made a lot of sense -suggesting that Ice-T should show him the ropes rather than tell him to eat a cock.

The funniest thing about Soulja's beefs is that he never knows who's dissing him. He didn't know GZA, had to wikipedia Ice-T and you know damn well he didn't know who Charles Hamilton was before hearing the Shade 45 interview. He probably still doesn't know they're label mates and thinks the kid on the XXL cover is a different person than the one who told him to chill. Still, SB once again handled himself well. Leave it to Worldstarhiphop to premiere his response to Charles. And what do you know, his answer was funny and heonce again made a good point: "It ain't my fault if what you got going on ain't going right." Chuch! What the hell does Soulja have to do with people thinking that Sonic stuff is corny? What is there to gain by dissing Soulja Boy anyway? If dude is as trash as you think he is, he doesn't have much time left.  You might as well let him die out without sounding bitter. If not, you may just get ethered. SB isn't about to end careers or anything, but his jabs always land when it comes to them worldstar clips. Leave the boy alone. -Jackpot