Is DJ Khaled The New President Of Def Jam South?

It’s on AllHipHop’s Rumor page, so don’t take this as fact, as I know so many people who read things on the internet like to do. From AHH:

“…[S]urely this isn’t a replacement for the dearly departed Shakir Stewart. Shakir signed Rick Ross and Young Jeezy to Def Jam and they are two of the label’s biggest stars. Def Jam had to do something. I heard that DJ Khaled has been appointed the new President of Def Jam South to sign up all the ill Southern rap acts.”

Now I don’t know if this is an exact number, but I believe Ace Hood sold something like 24,652 units of his debut LP in the first week it was out. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that supposed to be the first artist on Khaled’s new label, We The Best Music Group, or some shit like that.

Obviously album sales, particularly in the first week of release, aren’t really a good barometer of measure anymore for how successful an artist is. Neither is how many times a song is on the radio. So I can’t say Ace Hood has flopped, because his ringtones and digital download sales have probably done relatively well, and well, he got on an XXL cover somehow (so he’s got to be mildly buzzing, I guess, right?).

Thing is, and maybe it’s an Up North thing (hey guys, remember us, we make rap songs too), but I find it hard to believe that people here could pick Ace Hood out of a line-up. He could get on the stage at BB Kings or SOBs or whatever, and people would totally scratch their heads as to who this guy is rapping on the microphone, even if he was performing his own song.

Do people in the South know who he is? That’s the question.

I’d wager they do (well, at least 24,652 do), and hiring Khaled to become the President of Def Jam South, to find and break artists in the South, that’d actually be a smart move.

Why? Because Khaled’s biggest asset is his mouth (pause!!!). This guy just won’t shut the hell up about anything he is involved or associated with. And while normal people find that sort of thing either annoying, or amusing in a very “let’s laugh at him, not with him” sort of way, people on the street really embrace this dude. People love Khaled. And he’s a salesman, always hawking his his services, his relationships, the artists he associates with, no matter where he goes. If he can harness that, and refine it, that’s power. It’ll work well for him at a label like Def Jam.

The downside to bringing him on board would be that he doesn’t seem to be too forward-thinking in terms of the type of hip-hop he cosigns. Not saying it has to be any futuristic spaceman shit, but still, I think the trend in music– particularly rap– is definitely beginning to lean towards the experimental side. I mean, whether he wants to be something else or not (and for the record, I’m not really a fan of genre-labeling acts), Kanye’s a rap artist. He is. I think if anyone isn’t embracing his music right now, it may just be because they think it’s not good. Not that he shouldn’t sing. Because everyone loves T-Pain and Akon, and them dudes are rapping singers if you ask me.

I guess if you’re Def Jam you gotta pick your poison. You can get some experimental rap exec or some cliched rap exec. Either way, you lose. Because no matter the form, rap isn’t very interesting to most fans these days. And the fans are most important.

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  • Trouble

    Im from Georgia, and the only time i ever heard of Ace Hood was BECAUSE OF XXLMAG, not hearing him in the streets or the radio. No one likes him in the south.

    As far as Khaled controlling DefJam south, thats a huge mistake!! Hes a good hype man at best, and has no real exec skills to show for himself. I would have rather heard master P, or fucking D.J Paul/Juicy J some people who have actually ran a successful record label.

    Def Jam stay fucking up, assigning those positions. First Jay-Z now this !?!?!

  • Rob The Music Ed

    The fact that there is still a such thing as a “Def Jam South” is pretty unbelievable to me.
    With hip-hop sales in shambles across the board are we still segregating rap?!?

    • DJ Daddy Mack

      You belong in “Def Jam South.” lol

      Really tho, Southern Rap is still relevant? lol

      Nah on some real shit, This guy running that shit? LMAO I’m sorry but he is not signing no Luda. Ace Hood FTL.

      • Rob The Music Ed

        HELL YEAH Southern Rap is relevant… T.I. put out a monster this year, Wayne is running shit, Plies is doing his thing, Jeezy put out a dope album, Killer Mike put out one of the best albums of the year, Bun B dropped a decent disc, as did Ross and Luda’s album is pretty damn dope. SMH

        Stop being rapper racist.

        My point is, isn’t all just rap? We gotta get past segragating this shit.

        • “The Party Killa”

          ^^^ My thoughts exactly Rob. Y R we segragating HIP-HOP music anyway. There lies the problem.

        • DJ Daddy Mack

          Rob, “Men lie. Women lie. The numbers don’t.” By that quote from someone who is relevant, the South is not relevant. Everybody creams (pause) to numbers anyway (even tho I personally hate the shit). Everything you stated was pure opinion, b. If the South was relevant, where are the Southern writers for “print media?”

          *hopes that everyone does not take him seriously*

  • Worley

    So long as the job does not require that Khaled say anything then I’m willing to wait and see what he does. But the minute he opens his mouth I vote no.

  • El Tico Loco

    Def Jam needs to revamp their whole hip hop division not just Southern rap. They can keep making their R&B money but put back into what got them to the top for nearly 25 years. L.A. Reid, Neyo and Rihanna heck not even Kanye has anything to do with their success.

  • Incilin

    Kayne is not a rapper. He just isn’t. He has no interest in rapping any more. He hardly has any interest in hip hop at all.

  • Fat fuK

    Was that not the biggest tragedy you ever seen at the BET awards ?

    That was the most horrific outburst buy that dirty sand nigro Khaled, I can’t believe how fucking ghay that shit was.

    I can’t believe all the rappers were laughing and patting his shoulder, I’d Punch him in his fat bastard face and bring that ridiculous, anoying ass arrogance down a notch.

  • paychexx

    if this is true,def jam just found a way to get rid of it southern label, and have a reason to lay all of it staff off.

    khaled is gonna run that shit into the ground.

    question: how come jeezy and ross isnt signed to djs and they both from the south? meanwhile luda is better than both of them, but he djs? think about it.

  • balaramesh

    ” I heard that DJ Khaled has been appointed the new President of Def Jam South to sign up all the ill Southern rap acts.”

    so that is where ace hood came from

  • Shawty J

    I’m not sure DJ Khaled would be the best move for Def Jam South’s president, the guy know how to put together collaborations, but those collaborations generally consist of already established artist.

    Like Trouble, I’m from Georgia and I could care less about Ace Hood. If Ace Hood is the best Khaled can do, and there’s any truth to him running Def Jam South, then Def Jam South will be an epic fail.

  • FlapJack

    Not a good move. It will be too easy to makehim all hyphy and start screaming and shit. ask him about upcoming projects and he’ll probably just recite all of his slaogans. WE THE BEEEEST! WE TAKIN OVAAA! WE RUN THIIIS! WE GLOBAL!
    He should start doing commercials..

  • Curtis75Black

    I really don’t think that’ll be a good move. Right now yes, khaled is Mouth of the south and all that but what happens when people start muting his ass and his music ? We’ve seen it happn time and time again from “Hot” Moguls who just got cold because of their wack adlibs and “Same ol, Same ol”. Diddy ain’t as hot as he was when Bad Boy was killin shit, neither is Dre, Shady, Ruff Ryders etc.

  • Avenger XL

    Def Jam is Dead and without Rick Rueben it has been suspect for years. But who is their right mind highers a soon to be z-list DJ to run a whole division of your company. Even though the southern division is nothing more than a vanity label to what ever rapper/DJ they choose to hand it too and it is only as successful as their ego allows. A lot like what happened with Jigga at president.

    Let me say this just because an artist manages to promote himself well and get himself in the right positions to cake up that doesn’t mean they have the ability nor vision to lead anybody or scout talent and forge a viable future for a label. Jigga only had one true stand on Roc a Fella besides him and that was Kanye(And that was a accident because J did not believe in ye). By the time Dame signed The Dipset the shit was a wrap. J has a horrible ear for talent he believes in Memph Bleek for God sakes who let’s someone like that run a label? Now we move over to KHAled at Def Jam south what has he done on a business level besides have few random hits and introduce us to ace hood who won’t be around next year.

    They must be trying to kill this division for a tax-write off or to make it look like Def Jam even matters anymore outside of a hand full of artists which is shrinking.


    Trouble says:
    Im from Georgia, and the only time i ever heard of Ace Hood was BECAUSE OF XXLMAG, not hearing him in the streets or the radio. No one likes him in the south. ***

    well my friend trouble, that statement right there makes it hard to believe that u listen to the radio at all or in fact stay in GA, mainly ATL da capital & not fuckin Albany, GA or Valdosta, GA cuz if u stay there than ur probably tellin da truth.
    but nigga i stay in da A. the actual capital metro atlanta. they do play his shit on radio cuz he got pretty decent singles. niggaz have heard of im & might even fuck wit em on his music… but a whole album of ace hood is just not something people want 2 hear.

  • Curtis75Black

    Avenger XL, couldn’t have said it better myself. Jigga was Hot on Rocafella yes but he was their artist and the only Cash cow they had, so he had to produce and produce music. He was never a CEO because a true CEO doesn’t make records, they put out artists. Def Jam fucked up because it seemed like it would bring people to the table but it only alienated those before. Why should a established artists have to worry about a CEO dropping cd’s putting their own project over the people signed ? – Which was LL’s argument, his only true vocal nay sayer. Dre hasn’t dropped a cd from an artists in a loing time because his Detox is on his mind more than anything else. What’s the use of having a label when your ego can’t let you see past the office door ?

  • DV8

    desperate times= desparate measures. If this is true DefJam has officially reached its all time low.

  • Phil

    Yo, I’d just like to hear from our Southern brethren what the real word is on DJ Khaled’s rep! I mean, for real, that’s the only opinion that counts. I’d really like to see more reps from the South just speak on their region in honest, down-to-earth terms cuz I know y’all can do better than Ace Hood!

    Let us know what’s good y’all.

  • MakesNODamnSense

    Yo.. maybe i need to be a loudmouth fat bastard like khaled.. then i could get some “buzz”, “connections” and hang around dudes with real talent.. then i could make some of that “i dont do shit but be on tv” paper… good look Khaled.. keep doin your thing?… just doesnt sound right to me.. what happened to niggas with actual CREDENTIALs runnin shit?… you see what happened when we didnt nominate an actual PRESIDENT to run our country.. (bush) we just dont learn do we…

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Ace Who???………

  • J-5ive

    Ok, I have not seen one person here actually stick up for Ace Hood. Now I agree, Khaled is kind of obnoxious and I don’t know how well we will run a major label like that, but SOMEBODY please give me some specific reasons as to what is wrong with Ace Hood’s music.
    Before you do though, a couple of filters: If you have more than $100 in your bank account, or have never been poor, you won’t understand Ace. If you are not a ferociously passionate person, you won’t understand Ace. Now who has something real for me?

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