Where’s Hip-Hop’s Next Classic?

My homeboy Rob the Music Editor inspired this post when he wrote about DMX’s It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot not being a classic. I had to disagree on the basis that in hip-hop there’s only a handful of artists who’ve come through and changed the entire fabric of the rap game and been extremely successful as a result. That list includes 50 Cent, DMX and I don’t have time to think of who else. Hip-hop was headed in one direction, doing perfectly fine, and they single-handedly turned the needle on the compass. Of course, that alone doesn’t classify X’s debut as a classic—I think it’s a dope, complete project with demonic beats and a certain rawness and there’s no changing my mind.

The bigger question, though, is what defines a classic in 2008? Or, 2009, I should say. Problem is, most of the albums we consider classics dropped in the ’80s and ’90s. And much of determining a classic is hindsight—weighing an album’s cultural impact and replay value, among other factors. As far as the millennium goes, it’s Blueprint, Hell Hath No Fury (arguable, but classic to me), College Dropout or Late Registration, take your pick, and Be. That was only about three years ago, maybe I should be patient.

What does a rapper have to do to make a classic now? Maybe hip-hop has reached a point where it’s nearly impossible. One problem is that we’re not manufacturing stars at the rate we used to. There aren’t many new artists who can differentiate themselves enough from what’s already out to make something game changing. One of our freshmen 10 MCs also pointed out that new artists these days aren’t given the same benefit of the doubt as those in the past. While a Nas coming into the game would have more of an open lane, today’s Nas 2.0 has to push harder to be taken seriously, because there’s so much bullshit to get through and because fans are harder to please than ever.

It seemed like the original classics like Illmatic and Reasonable Doubt were made sort of by accident anyway, so maybe that’s what needs to happen. Either way, I’m anxious to see who’ll create the next undeniable hip-hop classic. Everyone thought Lil Wayne would have it but that didn’t happen. Shouldn’t take that many albums to make a classic, anyway. Tha Carter 4? —clovito

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  • http://www.xxlmag.com jackpot

    Firrssttttt!!!! Kanye’s next album could be a classic if he raps. I don’t think Wayne is capable of producing a classic. He just doesn’t get it. Some artists just don’t get it. Andre 3000′s next album maybe? I’m not sure. All I know is, classics will keep being few and far between, so I’ma keep bumping Blueprint.

    • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com/ DJ Daddy Mack

      mainstream wise, our true last classic was college dropout. the cool will be considered classic within time.

      our next one will be saigon’s album. let’s hope it does drop.

      • amar

        lil wayne, kanye, lupe fiasco all have a shot if they put in the work, get their shit together and of course, luck out a little bit as well…the game as well i’d say

        i think outta the source’s list of classics, one of the albums taht doesn’t get mentioned as much as an illmatic but that i can listen to a bajizillion times over and over and never get sick of is mobb deep-the infamous. However, i think if someone put a gritty, street-telling album like that in 2009, they’d have no shot at being classic

        • tony grand$

          Its a lot of cats named on these lists, but think about it. A group/solo act can be classic without eva droppin a classic LP. The most classic album I saw (not a fan) is GRODT. It ushered in a new era for the music when it hit. Everybody was bangin that shit, everywhere. That album changed the game as much as The Chronic did when it dropped. I fux with niggas, & mad hip hop artists are classic in their own lane, but to release an album that virtually never gets old, & still holds ur attn after u been bangin that shit for yrs, that’s quite an achievement (a la The Infamous, Illmatic, The Great..Slick Rick, Straight outta Compton). To change the direction that the whole culture is headed in within a 30 min time frame is classic. If u don’t think Kanye has done it yet, like it or not, he will.

        • FlapJack

          @ tony grand$

          The Black Album was EVERYWHERE too.
          And as far as never gets old, Outkast has done that numerous times. I don’t remember more then like five tracks off GRODT.

          Kid Cudi has the next classic, exec produced by Kanye

  • EBE725

    Next classics are gonna be Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II, Detox, ‘Til the Casket Drops, and The Greatest Story Never Told. If Linx, Detox, and Sai’s shit ever see the light of day I’m sure they’re gonna be classic.

  • Chris S

    1. Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool
    2. 808s and Heartbreak

    both are waaaay ahead of their time and 10 years down the road they will be viewed as classics…The Cool because of the underlying story that goes with all (or most) of the songs. and 808s because of the unique production.

    • Phil

      808 will be only be a classic in Conye’s head.

      The Cool will never be a classic because the production was horredously overdone. He lost me and many others with that drama queen of an album.

      • Cinsere

        “He lost me and many others with that drama queen of an album.”


        • http://1290wmcs.com “The Party Killa”

          Food & Liquor was better tho!!

    • Floss

      @Chris S

      Co sign for real my nigga , glad some people realize greatness when they hear it.

      • MC

        THE COOL is for sure a classic IMO.
        FOOD AND LIQUOR almost as well.

        We’ll have to give 808s some time to soak in.

        I personally think 808′s is amazing. no pun intended (track 4 )

    • Ace Boogie

      co sign with chris s

      • Chris S

        ok…for those who think lupe “overdid” everything on the cool, you obviously don’t understand the story. superstar, for instance, has a deeper meaning which ties into the song “the cool” from his first album. and like i said, it might take 10 years or so for people to figure it out.

        and thanks 4 the support floss, ace, and mc

        check these boards if you wanna do some research on the cool

    • yoprince

      the cool is classic

  • clovito

    i think 808s is the opposite of ahead of its time. besides the rapper-as-singer thing it’s already been done… a lot better by other artists. but it’s a good album that i think people will appreciate more in hindsight.

    I know you guys like to hate on lupe but I think either Food & Liquor or The Cool will be recognized as a classic down the road. maybe you’ll love him when he fades to black!

  • gerv

    You ain’t gonna ever know when hip-hop’s next classic is out because yall stuck in the 90′s.Shit most of you don’t listen to any rappers that’s not from the east coast or sound like they from the east coast.With that being said what about Scarface The Fix,Nas Stillmatic,Outkast the 2 disc set,Dr.Dre The Chronic 2001,and the list goes on.Stop being so biased and get yo minds right.Notice I named people from all different regions can you do the same I don’t think so.

    • Cinsere

      “As far as the millennium goes, it’s Blueprint, Hell Hath No Fury (arguable, but classic to me), College Dropout or Late Registration, take your pick, and Be.”

      That’s 1 New York, 1 Virginia, 3 Chicago, and ZERO 90′s.

      You fail!

      • adrian peterson

        there are no 90′s on there because it specifically says in this millenium

        the classics:
        The Game- the documentary
        The Game- doctor’s advocate
        Eminem- Marshall Mathers LP
        50 cent- get rich or die tryin’

        • Cinsere

          Yes, which proves my point as to how gerv obviously couldn’t read, and now I’m thinking that you’re a little on the slow side too.

          *waiiiit for it*

          You Fail!

  • Wallman

    hmm, havent u forgot someone? How about Eminem? best rapper ALIVE. I think Relapse will be a classic almost like all eyes on me with 2pac, PEACE!

  • Thedon

    Eminem with Relapse? Dr Dre With Detox, and maybe 50 with Before i self destruct

  • Cinsere

    Nobody that made a classic set out to make a “classic.” They set out to make the best album they could. That’s what everyone used to do. It just so happened that certain artists had the talent and vision to end up producing a classic on the process. The problem is that, since the inception of the “classic” rating in the Source, and the way the word’s been thrown around over the years, it has now become like a holy grail of sorts, and everyone is trying to figure out what the secret formula is. People need to realize that there is no secret formula. There’s no one blueprint to a classic. Life After Death was a wholly different album from Illmatic, but both are classics nonetheless. The thing that gets me is that everybody wants to make a Life After Death because of the commercial success it had, and you just can’t make your own classic by being a follower.

  • B.Dot

    good post. to me, the last unanimous classic album to drop was 50s first…and that was 5 years ago.

    • http://www.xxlmag.com jackpot

      B. Dot, you biased ass bastard! Get Rich was not the last hip-hop classic.

      • Rob The Music Ed

        GRODT was a hellava classic!

        Does the Lost Tapes count? Probably not cuz it was technically a compilation right?

        • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com/ DJ Daddy Mack


        • D-Block

          yall r retarded fucks probly started listenin to 50 after he came on the radio. anyone who knows hip hop will tell u that Power of the Dollar is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than get rich or die tryin

        • Rob The Music Ed

          What you smoking bro?
          Have you ever even heard “Power of the Dollar’?
          “The Hit” sucked, that beat was trash!!!!
          “Material Girl 2000″ SUCKED!!!!!
          “Money By Any means” was blah…
          GRODT was the superior album by far. I can’t even believe I’m arguing with you.

        • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com/ DJ Daddy Mack


  • http://www.jmack972.com JMack

    the reason we will never have a classic in this day and age is because it is totally overused like swagger and there is far too much thought put into it. another word critics love to use which needs to be put to fucking rest is the word ‘cohesiveness’ i dont give a rats ass you can take every one of our heralded ‘classics’ and find songs in them that stick out like a sore thumb. so to use this as a reason to take away from someones album being a classic is stupid. i will discuss reason number two some other time…kkssshh

  • clovito

    cosign Cinsere. well put…the Source is to blame lol. and rappers are scared to be individuals

    I forgot Stillmatic

    the word classic does get thrown around a lot, which lessens the worth of the real classics when they do come around. Maybe the problem is the label. but i do think it’s important to identify the projects that stand out to a generation, just to put things in perspective

  • Jay

    whomever said Speakerbox/Love Below is correct… that is indeed a CLASSIC album.. put that in your player today and it still rides hard. Lupes the cool MAYbe a classic one day but im not seein it. Stillmatic is indeed a classic. I see that the blog and the comments left out Eminem?.. come on man.. hes got at LEAST one classic in the catalog…

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    The problem with the “next undeniable hip-hop classic” is that there’s just too many opinions out there. It aint like before where consensus was harder to reach since it was solely based on what critics where saying. Nowadays, fans (or just haters) are all over comments and message boards and the smallest thing can make an album wack. Plus there’s so much material out now, and its so easy to get, that people barely even listen to new records. Ultimately, your classic list is up to you. Here’s my best albums of the decade off the top of my head. (no special order)

    Get Rich Or Die Tryin
    College Dropout
    Hell Hath No Fury
    Speakerboxxx/Love Below
    Chicken And Beer
    Supereme Clientele
    Marshall Mathers LP
    Game Theory
    The Black Album

    All i cna think of right now. more later

  • Victor

    Post Millenium classic, ones that havent been mentioned:

    Supreme Clientele- Surprised it aint been mentioned.

    Food and Liqoue-I gotta second this, its like a kanye album with DOPE lyrics.

    The Black Album-In retrospect this is for me, its as gd as College Dropout which i think we can all agree was classic.

    Hell Hath no fury for sure. Cant think of any others off the top of my head cos they either havent been out for long or are arguable like: the renaissance, AG, below the heavens (the blu album),internal affairs, late registration etc.

  • capcobra

    i’m gon vote for that jim jones p.o.m.e….heavy rotation in the ride..a couple club street n radio joints…the mean collabo with stack n weezy…it symbolized a movement..captured a time period…had a good co-star in max b…stories…hooks…bragging…emotion…goodbeat selection…new slang…new trends…etc….by the time you cut that cd off you had a good feel for who jim jones was….i also think jeezy got one outta his 3…and t.i. with trap music or the king cd….and i gree with them joints you picked in the post.

  • valdez

    pretty sure that sir luscious leftfoot will be classic status and the new 3000 joint.

  • http://www.myspace.com/ncprecise ncprecise

    Little Brother- The Listening
    Blu & Exile- Below the Heavens are definite classics…

    and to gerv… what list were u lookin at? dude said the millenium classics were by jay, common, kanye, and clipse… none of them had a 90s vibe to em… u put up some good classics so congrats but the other albums mentioned by everyone else were pretty good 2… u sounded kinda mad lol…

    I’m also gonna cosign:
    Late Registration
    The Fix
    I think The Love Below was a classic but i dunno about Speakerboxx so i guess thats kinda disqualified…

    maybe i’m goin out on a limb but f it… i’ma put thug motivation as a classic too!!

    But anyways as far as who I think will make the next classic… hmmm… I think a few artists has it in them to make one

    3k, hov of course, nas still can do it, maybe even the lox, and if primo does that compilation he was mentioning in his last interview that would be crazy…

    as far as “newer” artists… i think lupe, jay electronica, and phonte

  • Queens Boy

    like clovito said i think that rappers will start crafting classics when they become individual. yes, we need the lil wayne and the jeezy and the soulja boys, but we also need the elzhi’s and blu’s etc..

  • Trenton backshot

    Next classic albums..
    Andre 3000 if he raps, will be supper dupper dope..
    Also Mos Def if he raps…

  • DannyL

    Foreign Exchange-Connected?..
    A true classic in my opinion.

  • Rob The Music Ed

    Hola Clovitooooooooooooooo.
    I inspired the post huh?!? lol

    I feel like Kanye’s “Graduation” is his classic – besides “Drunken Hot Girls” that rest of that album is GREAT. But that’s just my opinion.

    Young jeezy’s “Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101″ may also be a modern day classic, BUT i still think hip-hop is too rapper racist to admit it.

    I’ve also heard Saigon’s “Greatest Story Never Told” and ummmm it gave me chills! BUT I hear that Sai has tweaked the album, so I will reserve judgement.

    The overall thing about classics is- ya never can count on ‘em, they just sorta happen.

    • Gerod

      Drunken Hot Girls is my ishhhhh fam…

      My classic list since 2000..no particular order…

      The Cool
      Supreme Clientele
      The Blueprint
      College Dropout
      Marshall Mathers LP
      Below the Heavens
      The Minstrel Show
      Hell Hath No Fury
      The Black Album
      Food And Liquor
      The LOST TAPES…(the most underrated shit)

  • Cory

    It’s true Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool is a classic in my mind. It brought hip hop back to an educated level. As far as next classic album, Detox or Relapse could both bring hip hop in a new direction (heard Dre’s been working with crazy pianists), and if not, hopefully Slaughterhouse drops an album soon.

    • Chris S

      we all know detox will never come out…but if sluaghterhouse comes out with an album, i will shit all over myself!

  • king blair


    1.TIP- Trap Musik
    2.JEEZY- Thug Motivation
    3.Clipse- Lord Willing > HHNF
    4.Kanye- College Dropout
    5.Common- Be
    6.50cent- GRODT
    7.Ghostface- Supreme Clientele
    8.Buck- Straight Outta Cashville
    9.Camron- Come Home With Me > Purple Haze
    10.Project Pat- Ghetty Green

    all after 00 in no order an not by legends Jay,Nas,Kast,or Face, etc.

    • UARK

      Co-sign on Ghetty Green, Supreme Clinent and College Dropout…maybe even Trap Music. Don’t know about Camron, Jeezy and Buck though…

  • Rex Banner

    get rich or die tryin is not a fuckin classic seriously. Its just a hot album and thats it. What was so special about that album? It sells 10 mil its a classic? I dont understand. What did he talk about that other rappers havent talked about? I thought the massacre was better anyway.

  • Monitor

    With the internet, it’s impossible to have classics anymore. The genre is so sub-divided, due to everyone having their favorite shit. Before, it was what was on the radio was king, unless you really dug for that underground shit.

    Everyone has their personal classics, but it becomes very hard to agree on a whole.

    my personal millenial classics in no order

    The Love Below
    College Dropout
    Late Registration
    The Black Album
    Carter 2
    The Cool (Some of the tracks are wack, but the ones that are good are revolutionary I think)

    There’s prolly more that aren’t coming to mind. But the days are over of the definitive classic.

  • ri067953

    Yo, the top 3 classics:

    1. Reflection Eternal
    2. Blueprint
    3. Illmatic

  • http://www.yourfavoritewhiteboy.com B-Double

    I think a classic has to be defined by the community at large. There has to be a general consensus that a particular album is worthy of the title. I have my own views on what is or is not a classic drop, but unless it gets co-signed by many other heads, then all it is merely my opinion (as important as that opinion is, at least to me).

    There is no way to define what a classic looks like for 2009-2010. That’s the point of a classic: it usually lifts an established artist to a new level or some new dude comes in and flips the game. If you can predict when that will happen next, take a gander into that crystal ball and let me know when the recession is going to let up.


  • clovito

    i gotta agree that it’s hard to determine an undeniable classic with the internet and so many different opinions in the mix. before it used to be determined mostly by the hip-hop mags and radio pretty much. there wasn’t really a forum to argue all day about who’s hotter. now there’s less of a general consensus.


    The problem in the industry now is that everyone sounds like everyone else. If a rapper comes out with a dope sound, 20 other rappers jump on the wagon and copy it cause it sells. The thing about classics is that they are new ideas. They don’t sound like what’s out there. They’re real and haven’t been watered down. You can’t predict the next classic. Most of the classics were by unheard of artists at the time. Nas was not known well when he dropped his first album. Jay was unheard of. Wu-Tang was unheard of..Snoop was unheard of…Outkast.. They came to the game with something new and they were just being them. They weren’t trying to sound like everyone else so that they could sell millions of records. I don’t know when the next classic is coming, but hopefully it’s soon…

  • paychexx

    the way hip hop going, their ainr next classic

  • the recka

    nas untitled was almost a classic but i still rather bump stillmatic (a pure classic)but the albums i think are classic far as the past 5 years are little brother the minstriel show lupe food and liquor the game documentary blu and exile below the heavens and clipse hell hath no fury

  • Fredrick Watts

    50 Cent Get Rich or Die Trying
    Outkast Aqumini
    Mos Def Black On Both Sides
    Heltah Skelter Nocturnal
    Gza Liquid Swords
    Jay-Z The Blueprint
    Nas Illmatic, It was Written..
    Mobb Deep The Infamous
    Gangstar Hard to Earn
    Beans Public Enemy Number 1

    That’s about it.. Let me think on it

  • trenton watts

    the clips Hell have no Fury is not a fucking classis what the fuck are you people smoking!

    • Stuey

      THANK YOU! Finally someone said it. That album is good, but not a fuckin classic. Just because an album is pretty damn good doesnt mean it’s a classic.
      The only classics that have been made in the past 9 years are
      The Blueprint
      The Marshall Mathers LP
      Supreme Clientele
      The Mouse & The Mask
      Black On Both Sides
      And Maybe The College Dropout

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Gooch

    The Carter 3 isn’t a classic? Critics might not think so, but I think the fans do. In a few years, it’ll be called a classic. Get Rich or Die Trying wasn’t considered a classic when it first dropped… took some time.

    Other newer classics– Thug Motivation, Trap Muzik, Diplomatic Immunity, The Pretty Tony album, Bun B’s Trill… those come to mind right off top

    • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com INcilin

      Seriously? Pretty Tone? Naa cuz, its either Supreme Clientele or Fishscale but it defy aint Pretty Tone.

  • El Tico Loco

    Labels and radio killed the definition of a classic, because every artist has a classic in them, but has had to compromise to label demands and they won’t let them tap into their full potential. Like anybody think ‘you owe me’ was Nas’ idea? Bet it wasn’t. Bottom line the competitiveness is gone, and the new cats with a few exceptions think that what the next man did is gonna work for them too.

  • yrain1

    1. I hate 50 but get rich or Die Tryin
    2. Urban Legend-T.I. His most complete Album
    3. Stillmatic
    4. The Cool
    5. The Fix
    6. Trill
    7. Chronic 2001
    8. Thug Motivation
    9. Graduation
    10. College Dropout
    11. Juelz Santana From me to U
    12 Come Home with Me or purple haze
    13. Clipse (pick 1)
    14. Like Father like son (arguably but it rolled from front 2 back)
    15. The love below

  • http://www.xxlmag.com 615banga

    1.Get Rich Or Die Tryin’-50 Cent
    2.Port Of Miami-Rick Ross
    3.Laugh Now, Cry Later-Ice Cube
    4.Tha Carter 2 and 3-Lil Wayne
    5.Graduation-Kanye West
    7.The Documentary-The Game
    8.Let’s Get It:Thug Motivation 101-Young Jeezy
    9.Chicken & Beer,Red Light District,Theatre Of The Mind–Ludacris
    10.Urban Legend,King-T.I.
    11Super Gangster/Extrordiary Gentleman-Styles P

    • Chris S

      i stopped reading after you mentioned rick ross

      you’re an idiot

      • that nigga


    • Stuey

      You my friend like whatever you hear.

    • Steve M

      Rick Ross???? wtf your an idiot. i will co-sign cubes album as a great album maybe not classic. tha carter 3 is nowhere near a classic. Jeezy is yet to produce a classic becoz all he talks about is hustling and his rims. And i am a massive ludacris fan but those albums are not classic status. his best and closest to a classic is release therapy! also t.i albums are not classics although paper trail is awesome tho very commercial. still undecided on styles p n untitled

  • http://www.xxlmag.com 615banga


    Trill-Bun B

    Underground Kings-UGK

    Hell Hath No Fury-Clipse

  • http://www.xxlmag.com 615banga


    1.Get Rich Or Die Tryin’-50 Cent

    2.Port Of Miami-Rick Ross

    3.Laugh Now, Cry Later-Ice Cube

    4.Tha Carter 2 and 3-Lil Wayne
    5.Graduation-Kanye West


    7.The Documentary-The Game

    8.Let’s Get It:Thug Motivation 101-Young Jeezy

    9.Chicken & Beer,Red Light District,Theatre Of The Mind–Ludacris

    10.Urban Legend,King-T.I.

    11Super Gangster/Extrordiary Gentleman-Styles P

    13.Trill-Bun B

    14.Underground Kingz-UGK

    15.Hell Hath No Fury-Clipse

    • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com/ DJ Daddy Mack

      tf? u r bugging with dat list.

  • alby412

    I believe THA CARTER and Lupe’s The Cool were classic albums. I can still go back and listen to both all the way thru.





  • PeRs_1

    GRODT aint no classic.

    I dont know one track on that album which would still get put on today or in the future for that matter and dudes would be like oh shit this my joint turn it up, turn it up. It was an album bumped by every one at the time and thats about it.

    Jesus Walks and Get em High to name a couple, are joints off a classic album that will always get playback and be felt…

  • Curtis75Black

    I doubt there will ever be a cd all of Hip Hop can agree on nowadays or in the near future simply beacuse of the bias we have for styles, artists, regions and radio. Look at ya’ll – already saying Raekwon, Dre and Em will have classics dropping without even hearing a note of Music !! You know there was a time where you had no choice but to listen to the whole cd but with the internet leaking songs or just plain Hip Hop reviewers shittin’ on everything, you never know what’s really genuine. Niggas from the North won’t check the south and vice versa. Fans will stop being fans if an artist change up his style or move to a different region. Fans will ignore an artist because their favorite artist had squabbled with him. That’s too many cds not heard which is sad. We’ve got “classics” but we’re too stubborn to acknowledge.

  • Ali


    iono if thats the NEXT classic cuz iono if it will come out first……I think Raekwon might actually come out before any other candidate so ima give it to Raekwon…..other clasics on the way I think is the next OutKast album, Detox obviously, Common’s next album when he links abck with “Ye & No ID, thats a gurantee clasic…..but LUPend is gonna be better than all of these albums I just mentioned!!! NO TYPO

  • Chris Cash

    @Rob The Music Ed

    please tell me anything you can about “The Greatest Story Ever Told” Sia is one of my favorite artist and ive been waiting on that album for so long that i stop giving a damn about it. I thought it was a myth, i understand the legalaties but damn Saigon aint getting know younger. Id hate to see his time pass b4 he even got the damn chance to shine. but yeah just tell me anything about that album please.

    • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com INcilin


      Don’t tell us anything about the album. Just post it on zShare!

      • Rob the Music Ed

        Chris, the album is no myth. It most certainly exists.

        I plan to blog about it soon. When I heard it over a year ago I took very detailed notes.
        stay tuned.

        • Chris S

          just kinda interested…how does that work? do you and other editors or what-have-you get invited to special listening sessions of the album or what?

  • Chris Cash


  • mdb

    late registration was classic, not college dropout and definitely not graduation or that bullshit 808′s

  • ROCstar

    k well heres some cds that arent gonna be EVERYONES definition of a classic. but they been crazy slept on in this listing… take ur pic:
    -dilla “the shining”
    -madvillain “madvillainy”
    -um a lil older but pharaohe monch “internal affairs” minus a 2 wack songs
    -possibly common “like water for chocolate”
    -talib kweli “quality”
    -gang starr “the ownerz”

    …just sayin, at least give em some consideration

    secondly: GRODT is a classic album, even if its not the best rap album – shit changed the game. but if u want my opinion, i think Obie Trice’s first CD did the same thing as GRODT, but was a better overall hip-hop album. just not a classic. get it?

    thirdly: the definition of classic WOULDA been Child Rebel Soldier, but idk if thats comin out anymore… if ghost and MF come out with their collabo its gonna b insane and i think Relapse is gonna b right next to Marshall Mathers LP

  • jones


  • Dick Clark

    Cannibal Ox -The Blue Vein
    The Roots – Rising Down

    Only two albums I would consider phenomenal released since 2000.

  • Q! tha great!

    The next classic could come from somebody that is just trying to make a good album and happen across a classic. I don’t think you can deliberately make a classic. somebody like Andre’ 3000, Crooked I, Clipse, Royce 5,9 Joe Budden or somebody that we’re not expecting

    Classics or close to Classics since ’00:
    Jay-Z – The Blueprint
    Nas – Stillmatic
    Outkast – Speakerboxx/ The Love Below
    Common – Be
    The Game – The Documentary & LAX
    Kanye West – College Dropout & Late Registration
    Clipse – Lord Willin’
    50 Cent – Get Rich or Die Tryin’
    Tech N9ne – Anghellic
    Xzibit – Restless
    Mos Def – The New Danger
    Talib Kweli – The Beautiful Struggle
    Lil Wayne – Tha Carter II
    TI – Urban Legend
    Lupe Fiasco – The Cool & Food & Liquor
    Ludacris – The Red Light District
    Scarface The Fix

    • Albert Anastasia

      Exactly what you said minus a few!

      ay-Z – The Blueprint & Black Album
      Nas – Stillmatic
      Outkast – Speakerboxx/ The Love Below
      Common – Be
      The Game – The Documentary
      Kanye West – Late Registration
      Clipse – Lord Willin’
      50 Cent – Get Rich or Die Tryin’
      TI – Trap Musik
      Scarface- The Fix


    Devin the Dude-Waiting to Inhale
    E-40-My Ghetto Report Card
    Lupe Fiasco-Food and Liquor
    Little Brother-The Minstrel Show
    Ghostface Killah-Big Doe Rehab

  • Str8 Piff

    Monitor right on the money, days of classics are almost over. Now everybody rap & with Internet/downloading no one gets shine. The biggest modern selling album that I no is The Carter III with 1.5 million. But how many more will he sell. GRODT sold over 21 million (not 1st week) and that was in 2003.

    I think the Internet is good 4 some of up & comers but not 4 the big timers.

  • EBE725

    No way in hell Tha Carter III could be considered classic. Half of that entire album is very mediocre and this is coming from a wayne fan. There’s no way you can put that album up there with illmatic, blueprint, ready to die, aquemini, the chronic, etc…

  • datdudesheed

    its hard for many people to say whats goin be classic because as hip hop fans all of us hold any artist and new artist to such a HIGH standard because of what came out b4 yea i read that article i think it was Wale who said it that because the game has changed no one wants to accept the new change so new artist can be original and because alot of people want the old stuff and when people give out the classics people are not original and sound like so and so and when they come out with some crazy creative shit o that nigga is wack and he dont know what he doing but we have had some def classics we had commons Be, College Dropout, late registration , get rich die tryin, urban legend both lupe albums and even tho many people hate wayne carter II easily makes it u got respect that because thats what brought up the most hype of him in the past years but alot of the hip hop heads cant accept change but we still out here waiting and i know we will have plenty to come sooon

  • datdudesheed

    o yea shit cant forget bout any of eminem albums easily make that list of classics

  • http://yahoo.com Durtstar313

    with due respect to a few of the aforementioned artists, i’m quite suprised that nobody mentioned elzhi of slum village. he released “the preface” this past fall to almost no fanfare. while most all the teenie boppers and wanna-be gangstas got stuck on lil’ wayne’s dick, people lost hold of reality. who knows how long this fantasy-rap is gonna have a hold on the mainstream. mtv,bet,the source and yup, even xxl can be held accountable for perpetuating alot of the low-talent drama driven bullshit that’s supposed to be hip hop. wayne’s album nominated for 8 grammy’s.

  • http://www.msn.com west philly’s finest

    Classics since 2000′s

    Supreme Clientele
    The Blueprint
    The College Dropout
    The Carter II
    Lord Willin
    Hell Hath No Fury
    The Fix
    The Cool
    The Documentary
    Marshall Mathers LP
    Diplomatic Immunity
    American Gangster
    We Are The Streets
    A Gangster And A Gentleman

  • banthum

    I think the game is judged more on what artist could sound the most simple and dumb but at the same time, a lot of the SO CALLED classics was well accepted because the artist dumbed down. When Jay-z used to rap like Jaz-O, nobody accepted him and when Biggie and Busta used to sound like they were screaming and leaving the beat, nobody accepted them. So lets just wait and be patient and we’ll get that classic. Believe me!!!!

    Go checkout my folks SOUTHCIDAL amd watchout for that DETOX album!!!

  • banthum

    Some of these dudes yall naming can’t even rap and yall calling the shit classic, so I do stand by what I said at first, if you dumb down, you will be accepted.

  • http://yahoo.com Durtstar313

    with due respect to a few of the aforementioned artists, i’m quite suprised that nobody mentioned elzhi of slum village. he released “the preface” this past fall to almost no fanfare. while most all the teenie boppers and wanna-be gangstas got stuck on lil’ wayne’s dick, people lost hold of reality. who knows how long this fantasy-rap is gonna have a hold on the mainstream. mtv,bet,the source and yup, even xxl can be held accountable for perpetuating alot of the low-talent drama driven bullshit that’s supposed to be hip hop. wayne’s album nominated for 8 grammy’s, and nas gets 1 or 2 nods. who in the fuck does the nominating. back to my point…real mc’s get no love in these times and it’s quite a shame. if you have not heard “the preface”, believe me, you won’t soon be dissapointed. man, detroit period is killin’ the underground. 50, ti, wayne and all these (actors) need be in some movie or somethin’. just leave that rap shit alone. oh yeah, aint none of them niggas spitin’ like elzhi anyway. see for yourself. google or youtube this cat. check for yourself. this dude is amazing. real hip hop ain’t dead…yet long live j dilla!!!

  • banthum

    Here are some REAL classics…No Bias!!!

    1.The Diary-Scarface
    2.Doggystyle-Snoop Doggy Dogg
    3.7 day theory-Makaveli
    4.All Eyes on me-2pac
    6.All NWA Albums
    7.It Was Written-Nas
    8.E. 1999-Bone Thugs In Harmony
    9.On Top Of The World-8ball and MJG
    10.Supreme Clientele-Ghostface
    11.Ridin’ Dirty-UGK

    In No particular order. All that other shit yall named was BORING!!!

  • Yessir

    THE GAME’S DOCUMENTRY is not a classic???????????

    Dude, you need to thing a little more before writing. You forget shit when you rush.

  • Yessir

    THE GAME’S DOCUMENTRY is not a classic???????????

    Dude, need to thing a little more before writing. You forget shit when you rush.

  • B smooth

    Hell Hath no Fury???? WTF? Man i barely got passed that. Clipse can rap but until they get a wider array of topics to rap about and they will never make a classic.

  • realBOSTON

    People are forgetting about that Carter II… To the people sayin Carter III gotta be there, nah. Your reasoning is its impact and how it will be percveived, but nah. Wayne’s grind and his mixtapes and features and the Carter II got him to the top, NOT Carter III. Carter III was more of a “i’m here and on top motherfuckers hate it or love it”…

    People forgetting Documentary too…

    Since 2000 (no order):

    Chronic 2001
    Marshall Mathers LP
    Black Album (maybe, think of what it was like at the time)
    Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (lots of haters here damn)
    College Dropout
    The Documentary
    Tha Carter II (“Get Over” best from Wayne yet)
    somthin from Luda… i dunno
    I’d say KING of Thug Motivation… I personally like Obie’s 2nd Round’s On ME more tho… tough to say

  • jesus shuttlesworth

    Blueprint..Black Album…Urban Legend…Thug Motivation…College Dropout…The Documentary…Get Rich or Die Trying

    there were other really good albums in the 21st century…but these were the ones that shaped the landscape of present day hip hop

  • Vondrae

    Co-Sign Fredrick Watts on It Was Written people sleep on that for the simple fact that no one felt he could do it twice in a row… I Might be a little bias about NAS because he’s my fav rapper but to have the beats he gets and still rips them to shreds the way he does is amazing… Stillmatic was a classic also, hell fuck it all of them was classics to me, my least favorite was either streets disciple or hip Hop is dead but he’s my dude. what i respect is how artists don’t need mainstream artists to do they’re music, for anyone who puts wayne or t-pain on a cd shouldn’t be considered as a classic because they can’t do it alone… and it shows because those songs with wayne and t-pain on them kills the ringtone scene but the overall sales was a flop like vlade in the clutch… My favorite CD of 08 besides untitled is Recession..

  • CYeltnarb

    My 5 top classics of this decade gotta b
    1. Blueprint
    2. American Gangster how j rapped about a movie n u can play the cd while u watch the movie
    3. The Cool
    4. Be
    5. Speakerboxx/the Love below

  • Jonsey

    ok… why are people bringing up 808′s that well never be considered a classic in my books
    If i have to choose a classic for this millennium I would choose The documentery The Game. That shit ain’t never getting old

  • Silky Johnson

    Doctor’s Advocate
    The Black Album
    The College Dropout
    Untitled *aka Nigger LP, w/e you wanna call it*
    Tha Carter II *debatable*
    Food & Liquor OR The Cool….I’m undecided which
    American Gangster
    Lord Willin’
    The Fix

    My opinion on this one.

  • RingTone C

    The next classics…
    Clipse – Til the Casket Drops (than they would be 3 for 3 if u count Lord Willin’ & HHNF)
    One question tho… Why do people sleep on the Clipse? Is it cuz they only talk about “coke”. If that is true (which it is not if people actually listen to what they are really saying) than why does Jeezy get so much love? (& ima jeezy fan)

  • http://xxlmag.com uzza

    since 1999 (no order)

  • Pierzy

    American Gangster

  • axl rain

    TECH N9NE S eveready (the religion is a classic

  • H-LO

    I GOT IT: The latter day hip-hop classic:

    J Dilla – Donuts (impact, innovation) ,2006

    As far as I’m concerned, the BIG three classics of this decade are:
    The Blueprint, Stankonia, The Marshall Mathers LP (talking about impact). Then you have like albums of the caliber of Supreme Clientele, Like Water For Chocolate, Cannibal Ox – Cold Vein. As You see, they were all released way at the beginning of the decade…

    Other personal latter day now classics:
    El-P – I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead ’07
    (today’s equivalent of PE)
    Press Play ’06 & American Gangster ’07
    (best production you’ll find [sound quality, not finding the best soul records in your mom's collection]; compelling musicality; first made me an OK fan by the way, the latter moved from replacing Hard Knock Life as the 7th best Jay album to 3rd best in my book. Both Gave me that Life After Death feeling.

    Of the KanYe albums College Dropout is the one to go, albeit it being his most flawed, the sprawling ambition makes up for it. I love the The Blueprint making of on the last track. It’s also his most influential album by far.

    Hell Hath No Fury came out 2006 so you only had to wait like 2 years. I see some other candidates from that year here, too (Lupe, TI, Game). I love it, too. Release-wise it was FAR better than it’s initial reputation ( see above!, Ghost? Roots? Jedi? NaS?).

    There was a lot of great stuff in between, too:
    Madvillain – Madvillainy
    Snoop Dogg – R’n'G (The 2nd Masterpiece)

    50 cent? No classic – But revising Guess Who’s Back proves that he had the potential of becoming that 2Pac/Biggie/Big L – culmination. And Revising NaS’ Tape Compilation from that same year proves that, well… a lot! His ’00s streak is much stronger than his ’90s…

    Man, I could write about that all night…

    … this rap shit, was a great gift!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=32141 Zilla

    TI – Trap Musik
    Young Jeezy- Thug Motiovation 101
    Jay Z Black Album
    TI- Urban Legend
    Jay Z-blueprint
    50 Cent-grodt
    Juvenile-400 degreez
    Lil wayne-Carter 2
    Project Pat-Getty Green

    do classic mixtapes count?
    drought, trap or die, dedication, down with the king


    man for shit to be classic to me it needs 4 things. good thoughtful lyrics good beats a good feel. what i mean by that is some albums are good but the songs need to be rearranged to make it have a vibe. there have been some classics for me i will name a few of my favorites.

    t.i.-trap muzik/down with the king
    mf doom/madlib-madvillany (if you never heard that album sit down and give that joint a chance)it might go over your head
    project pat-getty green
    lil wanye- the carter 1 that was his best album plus the dedication mixtapes 1 and 2 fuck no to 3
    common- be
    jay z- the blueprint/ black album
    outkast-speakerboxx and the love below
    clipse- hell hath no fury/we got it 4 cheap mixtapes 1=3
    nas- god’s son/ untitled people slept on both these albums
    scarface- The Last of a Dying Breed, The Fix
    Made and Emeritus are damn near classic
    young jeezy- thug motivation 101
    little brother- The Listening/ The Minstrel Show/ Getback love two of there mixtapes Separate But Equal and And Justus for All
    kanye-College Dropout or his second one
    cam ron- close to classic but i still listen to it alot come home with me his best album

  • Rae Tha Great

    What about “The Black Album” or “The B.Coming”. Beans was on some other shit when he was on his way to prison. “Philadelphia Freeway” check out the production on that album it was like Blueprint all over. “Food & Liquor” man that album was so fresh. “The Marshall Mathers LP”. DETROIT STAND UP!!!!!!! ONE MORE TIME. PEACE

  • Anonymous

    Distant Relatives nas and damian marley classic in my book

  • Kent Stop Da Pane

    Na na na yall! You won’t find another TRUE HIP HOP classic for another 50 years…unless I got somthing to do with it! I got some shit that will blow your mind and that shit aint gay! Hahaaaa!