BLOG: Swizz Beatz’s Best Beats Ever

This coming Monday (December 22) will mark the 10-year anniversary of DMX’s Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood, the second multiplatinum LP the dog released back in 1998. Sadly, we’ll be too busy looking back at his troubled year to commemorate the release of his two game-changing LPs.

If X’s rise symbolizes the end of the shiny suit era, Swizz’s production, which makes up the bulk of Flesh Of My Flesh, should be credited for changing hip-hop’s soundscape from samples to synths. Remember how cats only messed with keyboard beats at the turn of the millenium? They were trying to get their Swizzie on. Nevermind that I recently questioned his slot among Timbo and Just Blaze. His legacy is undoubtedly secure. Since he’s been putting it down for ten years, I saw it fit to list Swizzie’s Top Beats Ever…In my opinion of course.

*”All For The Love,” The Lox, Money, Power Respect (1998): This is Swizzie’s first placement if I’m not mistaken. To me it sounds like a skeleton of what his sound was to become over the next few years- meshing melodic and hard elements into one cohesive piece. I don’t think I knew Kiss was that nice until this track.

*”Ruff Ryders Anthem,” DMX, It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, (1998): “All For The Love” was one of his first beats, but “Ruff Ryders Anthem” was his first hit- possibly what got his phone ringing off the hook

*”Banned From TV,” Noreaga ft. Jadakiss, Styles, Nature, Cam’Ron & Big Pun, N.O.R.E (1998): I clearly remember my boy Edcredible saying; “This nigga Swizz made a beat that sounds like the creation of the earth” in amazement. This is also the first time I recall hearing the scratches he made his trademark for a bit.

*”Money Cash Hoes,” Jay-Z ft. DMX, Hard Knock Life (1998): The track was just so left at the time, I’m not sure listeners would have accepted it without the game’s two illest MCs hopping on it at the time.

*”Jigga My Nigga,”Ruff Ryders, Ride Or Die Vol.1(1999): Swizz’s production once again bringing out the best out of a superior MC. Hov and Swizzie’s production was so crazy at the time, a full-length could have been deadly.

*”Down Bottom,” Ruff Ryders, Ride Or Die Vol.1(1999): Introducing Drag-On. The energy on this beat just had you wanting to do something real stupid. This beat dropped when the southern takeover was in its infant stages. A lot of East Coast cats weren’t really messing with down south beats. But Swizz flipped something unmistakably southern that still appealed to notherners.

“F*ck You,” The Lox We Are The Streets (2000): Kiss spits arguably one of his best verses to this day and perhaps the best verses ever recorded on a Swizz track. “Funny style niggas, never down with me/type to go to the bathroom, sit down and pee.” Nuff said!

“Good Times,” Styles P, A Gangster And A Gentleman (2002): Don’t call it a comeback. Just when folks counted him out, Swizz made his chart-topping return -providing the Ghost with a sureshot lead single in the process. You haven’t been to Hot 97′s Summer Jam until you hear 60, 000 people sing, “I get, high, high, high” at Giant Stadium.

“Top Down,” Swizz Beatz, One Man Band Man (2007): Here, Swizz takes a break from cooking up futuristic club bangers (“It’s Me Snitches” & “Money In The Bank”) to drop some straight up NYC whip appeal music. Legend has it that Nas was initially supposed to jump on this track. “Top Down” is exactly the type of track Illmatic stans like myself wanna hear Nas spit over.

*”Dr. Carter,” Lil Wayne, Tha Carter III (2008): One of TC3‘s production standouts. Rather than submit his specialty (the club banger), Swizz went left with a conceptual record. Wayne’s attempt at reviving a lifeless MC coincide perfectly with the track’s slow build.

What about you guys? What is your favorite Swizz Beatz and why?-Jackpot

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  • Black

    Down Bottom off the Ruff Ryders first album that beat was amazing plus it made Drag-on sound good and anything that can do that is Fire

    • B.C.

      Weren’t you guys dissing SB for being a tired producing like.. I dunno, last month? I swore I saw an article on here, talking about how he is not hot any more.

  • dwidoderally

    wer iz dem beats with busta \/// the one from anarchy album???

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    My Top 10 Swizz Beatz’s beat:

    1.DMX – Ruff Ryders Anthem
    2.Jay-Z – Money, Cash, Hoes feat DMX
    3.DMX – Party Up (Up in Here)
    4.Cassidy – I’m A Hustla
    5.Busta Rhymes – Touch It
    6.Eve – What Y’all Niggas Want feat Nokio
    6.Snoop Dogg,Yung Wun, Scarface, Jadakiss – WWIII
    8.Lil Wayne – Dr. Carter
    9.Swizz Beatz – Top Down
    10.Beyoncé – Check on It feat. Slim Thug & Bun B

    • Simple like ABC, 123

      Honorable Mention:

      *Jay-Z – Jigga my Nigga
      *Noreaga – Banned from TV
      feat. Jadakiss, Styles, Cam’Ron & Big Pun
      *T.I. – Bring ‘Em Out

  • Matt Herbz

    T.I. – Bring ‘Em Out
    Jay-Z – Money Cash Hoes

  • Gerod

    Ummm just off the top of my head:

    Busta and everybody – Touch It Remix
    DMX – Ruff Ryders Anthem
    DMX – Party Up (Up in Here)
    Jay-Z – Money, Cash, Hoes
    Jada – Jada’s got a Gun
    Nore – Banned From TV
    B.I.G – Spit Yo Game
    Ruff Ryders – Aim 4 The Head
    Styles P – Good Times
    Jay-Z – Jigga My Nigga

  • Kinky K-Slay

    The Notorious BIG – Spit Yo Game (feat. Twista and Krayzie Bone)

    Now that’s what’s up!!!

  • Leo

    DMX-Ready to meet him is without a doubt Swizz’s illest beat…and prety much that whole Flesh of my Flesh Blood of my Blood was Ill…or Some X shit…”tell me how you feelling now, I know you Illing now/ tell me how you feelling now, I know you Illing now/ grrrrrrr….ARF!!! ARF!!! WOOO WOOO!!!” good times…

  • Rob The Music Ed

    “Banned From TV” made me a Swizz fan!
    Busta’s “Touch It” was crazy
    T.I.’s “Bring ‘Em Out” was INSANE!
    Busta’s “Tear the Roof Off”
    LOX’s “Fuck You”

  • Al

    some favorites that haven’t been mentioned yet:

    LL Cool J – “The Truth”
    Eve f/ Jadakiss and Styles P. – “Double R What”
    Fabolous – “Return Of The Hustle”
    Cassidy – “It Is What It Is”
    Eve f/ T.I. – “Cash Flow”
    Beyonce – “Get Me Bodied”
    DMX – “Ayo Kato”
    Young Gunz – “Beef”

  • VR

    DMX – Blackout!!!!
    Cassiday – Ima Hustler!!!!


  • Johnny McIntosh

    Yo most of these beats are from Ruff RUydaz era. I believe dude iz a much better producer today then he was than.

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    the only beats that Szizz Beats wack ass should be allowed to do is beating his dick, but he’d probably fuck that up to by putting his eye out. If I put an MPC and a my first sony keyboard in front of my Dog, I’m pretty sure she would make better shit than this nigga ever done in his whole career. The only thing that this nigga does that worse than his beats, is his rapping.

  • Smaashone a.k.a The God

    It’s been a couple of joints mentioned but let’s see what the God can come up with….

    DMX feat Jay, kiss, P & Louch – Blackout (RETARDED)…..this was a simple but potent banger that allowed Silverback, Al queda, Paniero. Dogman, and Hov to murk the shit out of it….

    Styles P – Blow ya Mind……Swizz joined P on pt 1 (Good Times) and turns right around a few yrs later and blesses him with heat for pt 2…light up niggas….

    Drag-On feat Kiss – Opposite of H20…….he literally supplies heat to drag with kiss murdering the hook on this one…the track sounds like it’s really on fire……

    Smitty – Diamonds On My Neck……..can’t front the beat is crazy….anytime you flip some classic B.I.G. shit you got a good chance of making a jewel….

    Strings feat Drag-on – Raise It Up…..Anyone remember shorty??…..ahh got ya’ll on that one….she came out like 7 yrs ago or something and got drag to jump on this joint and it was hot….last I heard she changed her name and was with cash money or whatever….

    Lox – Wildout………nuff said famo…put this on in the jumpoff and just like the song say….if you butt cheeks, then play the back pa…..

    It’s a few more out there but this is some of my most fav heat…..

  • Arcey

    I think you’re overrating Swizz – I agree that any cat still doing it 10 yrs deep in the game has to get credit/respect but all those joints were hot because of the MC’s/Singers on them, not on the strenght of the instrumental alone. simply put he can’t fill a top-10!

    I do agree with what your boy said ’bout “Banned From TV” but isn’t it (the sample) the opening song from 2001: oddysey (S. Kubrik movie) so easily associated with the images from the movie. As for “Dr. Carter” it’s a goddamn loop, drum fills and all!! I’d say it feels dope because it’s different than what is expected from Swizz

    top 3 (IMO):
    - “Bring ‘em Out” (which made me finally take a serious listen to T.I.)
    - “Ruff Ryders Anthem”
    - “Banned from TV”

    ok, 4th
    - “Money, Cash, Hoes”

  • RiZob

    Memphis Bleek’s “Memph Bleek Is” is one of Swizz’s best beat ever. nuff said

  • DocZeus

    Best Swizz Beatz’ Beats? Oxymoron?

  • Brian “B.Dot” Miller

    Memphis Bleek’s “Memph Bleek Is” is one of Swizz’s best beat ever. nuff said


  • Eman

    DMX= Get it on the floor
    DMx= one more road to cross
    THe game= Scream on em
    Eminem= Stan 2


      DMx= one more road to cross

      that was the shit!

    • Burnout

      Eminem: Stan 2?

      Where you getting your info from?

  • adam

    The fuck? No WWIII?

  • Incilin

    Naa son, Swiss’s comeback beat was “Bring Em Out” That was like his first real hit after a long time.

    Don’t forget “Ima Huslter” (That’s him right?) That shit is so crazy, no one could even flip it right (Like A Mille) I could play the intrumental over and over and still love it.

    Any love for “Sream on Em” from the Game album or X’s “Get It On The Floor”? What about shit like X’s “Party Up In Here”? IDK if that’s the best, but it needs an honorable mention. And didn’t he do Bey’s “Check Up On It”? Not that I really like that joint but it’s prolly his only number 1 hit. I gota add, “Blackout” and “One More Road To Cross”

    That nigga aint make Dr. Carter. I just don’t believe it. I swear one of his weed carriers made that shit and he just put his name on it. Like the way Timbo is listed for making Bank’s “I’m So Fly” and I was like “that don’t sound nothing like Timbo.” Years later I find out Danja Hands did that track.

    As far as his best beat ever, ima go with Ruff Ryders Anthem just cause it was the first time I heard his sound like that and it just blew my mind. If not that, then Money Cash Hoes.

    • Razor aka Baltimore’s Son

      Swizz didn’t make it…

      read my comment below…

  • LOL

    Busta Rhymes – We Put It Down For Y’All

    beat is crazy

  • Maestro…Mr. 3 Peat

    the beyonce joints go hard too

  • Razor aka BaltimoresSon

    Swizz Beatz didn’t do shit on “Dr. Carter” this entire “beat” is a song by David Axelrod called “Holy Thursday”.

    listen –

    He didn’t change shit about it…

    Sampling is one thing but thats just taking an entire song w/o adding anything to it…

    And I’m not dissin Swizzy – he and I are cool – don’t believe? ask me for proof…

    Razor aka Baltimore’s Son

    • render

      damn son…that shit is unbelievable

      nigga just looped the first minute…dont sound like he even added drums

    • Dub Sac

      But, dude, he looped it like – three times…

      That’s thinking outside of the box!

      • CHEAA


        Swizz has officially fallen off… Like come on.. THat shit is crazy!

        He didnt make a single part of that song and made a couple thou for 2 mins of looping!

        • Razor aka Baltimore’s Son

          render, dub sac, cheaa,

          where yall from?

  • Curtis75Black

    Big Up to Al for stating LL’s The Truth on there. It’s funny how niggads sleep. Really all the tracks he rocked with Uncle L surprised me !

    The Truth
    Put your hands in the air
    Crazy Girl
    New York Gangstas

  • Lowedwn

    Busta’s “Tear the Roof Off”, Drag-On’s “Spit These Bars”, Lox “Fuck You” & “Banned from T.V.”

  • 615banga

    Touch It-Busta Rhymes

    Ruff Ryders Anthem-DMX

    Nasty Girl-Ludacris

    Come Thru-DMX


    Bring Em Out-T.I.

    Stop Snitchin-Ice Cube

    Blow Ya Mind-Styles P

    Hit The Block-UGK

    It’s Me Snitches-Swizz Beatz

  • DJ Daddy Mack


  • Crocker

    I’ma go with LL’s “The Truth,” X’s “Ruff Ryder Anthem,” and the joint he did with Drag-On here recently, “School Of Hard Knocks” And I don’t think homie did I Get High either but….I’ve been wrong before.

  • youngguru00

    swizz is one of fav. i’ll name 10.

    DMX – Get it on the floor
    DMX – Ruff ryders anthem
    Styles P – good times
    Jay-z – Jigga my nigga
    Nore – Banned from the T.V.
    Drag-on – Down Bottom
    Lil wayne – Dr. Carter
    Lox – Wild out
    Busta Rhymes – Touch it
    B.I.G. – Spit your game

    honor mentions
    T.I. – “Swing your rag” & “Bring em out”
    swizz – top down
    Memphis Bleek “Memph Bleek Is” & “turn it up”
    lox – “fuck you”
    jay-z – money, cash, hoes

  • render

    aint a fan but cant lie

    I was feelin that big business joint w/ron isley, jada, snoop, diddy, cassidy and whole bunch of others…the original dj khaled type track

  • miles archer

    Yeah, I’m co-signing that list.
    That whole Ruff Ryders vol.1 is my shit. Summer ’99 I think that’s all we listened to.

    Dope Money – Jadakiss & Styles
    So Long – Cassidy & Raekwon
    Who Did You Expect – The LOX
    (Backstage soundtrack)
    Pina Colada – Sheek Louch & Big Pun
    Bugout – DMX

  • blake symphony

    some honorable mentions:
    girls best friend-jay z
    bring em out-t.i.
    ima hustler-cassidy
    diamonds on my neck-smif (sumthin like that)


    “F*ck You” — produced by P. Killer Tracks, not Swizzy

    My top ten Swizz Beats:
    10. Ruff Ryders Anthem — X, Dark & Hell Is Hot
    9. We Put It Down For Yall — Busta, Anarchy
    8. Tear Da Roof Off — Busta, E.L.E.
    7. Heat — X, Flesh…
    6. Blackout — X, Flesh…
    5. Jigga My N*gga — Jay-Z, RR Vol. 1
    4. Ready To Meet Him — X, Flesh…
    3. You Told Me — Lox, We Are The Streets
    2. Money, Cash, Hoes — Jay-Z, Hard Knock Life
    1. Kiss Of Death — Kiss, RR Vol. 1

  • sonofagun

    Jay-Z – Dig A Hole
    T.I. – Bring Em Out
    It’s Me Snitches
    T.I. – Stand Up Guy
    Biggie – Spit yo game
    Nas – The G.O.D.

  • west philly’s finest


  • Ali

    Swizz? are u serious? lol….shit the only Swizz beats I like are “Bring Em Out” (mostly for the lyrics, TI made it fun on that one)….and “Upgrade U” YEAH I SAID IT! WHAT?!?

  • west philly’s finest


  • westcoast ryda

    Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony “Candy Paint”…a slept on record.



  • FlapJack

    Didn’t think I’d find a lot of Swizz I liked, but god damn:

    Lil Wayne – Dr. Carter
    Beyonce – Check up on it
    Beyonce – Upgrade U
    DMX – Party Up
    Swizz Beatz – Top down
    The Game – Scream on em
    T.I. – Bring em out
    Jay-Z – Dig a hole
    Cassidy – I’m a hustler
    Cassidy – Make you scream
    Busta Rhymes – Touch it
    Poster Boy – Jurassic Harlem
    Jadakiss – Kiss of death
    Swizz Beatz – It’s me bitches

  • King B

    Swizz Beatz “We In Here” beat>>>>>>>>>> Dr. Carter

  • Pierzy

    Scenario 2000 (the beat at the beginning of Jigga My Nigga) was ILL!

  • brooklynstandup

    Memph Bleek is- favorite swizz beat ever. the drums on that beat are crazy
    its like that- Memphis Bleek fire
    Get me bodied- beyonce

    thats Dragon and Twista joint. cant remember the name

    • nellz

      Twisted heat off of RR Vol. 2


    3. good times …styles p
    2. b-boy stance..cassidy
    1. big business..swizz and everybody else

    can u argue with that?

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Swizz Beatz’s Best Beat ever:
    DMX – Ruff Ryders Anthem
    album: It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, (1998)

  • ta

    im a hustla (cassidy)

  • veezy

    busta rhymes- “tear the roof off” best swizz beat ever!

  • Lil9Milli

    Best Swizz Beatz production hands down…

    “Twilight” by The Bravehearts featuring Nas

  • DopeMan

    imma lil upset and dissapointed that nobody picked Cassidy’s hustler, thats prolly my top 5 favorite.

  • balaramesh

    swizz is dope. he can definitely be kind of annoying.

    that “banned from tv” was “it” for me. i havent heard nothing like that in my life. besides, it’s definitely one of the best posse cuts ever. every mc killed it.

    i didnt know he made “upgrade u”. jay z absolutely demolished that song even the verses he wrote for b.

  • BossHogg816


  • ThingAlec

    DMX- It’s All Good
    DMX- Come Thru (Move)
    DMX- Comin’ For Ya
    Ruff Ryders- WWIII
    Busta Rhymes- All Night
    Eve- Scenario 2000
    Styles P- Good Times (I Get High)
    Jadakiss- Who’s Real
    Styles P- Felony Niggaz
    T.I.- Get It

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