BLOG: Remember Canibus?

Any of you guys noticed that rappers never ever sign MCs better than them?

For the most part, they’d rather sign their mediocre friends than give a break to a talented kid. Aside from EPMD putting Redman on and Kanye signing Common, I can’t really remember too many MCs signing someone better than them. Take Jay-Z for instance. Legend has it that he introduced Canibus to Wyclef back in the day. Now, I’m not sure of the timeline, so Hov could have met Bis when he already had his Universal deal, but I’m pretty sure he would have passed on him given the opportunity. Bis was just too much of a threat back then. Why do you think Hov allegedly treats Kanye like a step brother. Dude just got too big for homie’s comfort. Sure, Hard Knock Life sold 5 mill, but the climate was different back then. Ye’s first three albums could have easily posted similar numbers were they released in a friendlier climate.

Now, Bis probably never would have went 5 mill, maybe not even 2 mill, but based off his red hot start, he definitely had G.O.A.T. potential. Dude was like the second coming for a minute. I know some of you 90s babies think Lil Wayne is the mixtape king, but he couldn’t shine Bis’ shoes back when DJ Clue had the game on smash. Never had anyone, especially a damn rookie, outshined so many established rappers who went on to become legendary. He out-rhymed Common (“Making A Name For Ourselves”), Pharoahe Monch (“Hell”), Big Pun, DMX and Noreaga (“Fantastic Four”) Redman (“Beasts From The East” & “4,3,2,1″), DMX  and Method Man (“4,3,2,1″) and there’s probably more. He also outshined The Firm on “Desperados.” I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Nas didn’t get on that record. He knew Bis would do a number on him.

Lost Boyz ft. Canibus, Redman & A Plus


There’s only one dude Bis arguably didn’t outshine and that’s LL Cool J. Uncle L did a bitch move by inviting Bis on a track, getting his lyrics miscontrued and dissing him on the damn song. Had Bis had the chance to change his verse, he would have dealt with L one time. Let’s not get it twisted, Bis won that battle against LL. That “Second Round Knock Out” is one of the illest diss songs ever. Off top, I think it’s Top 5 alongside “The Bridge Is Over,” “Ether,” “Takeover” and Common’s “The Bitch In U.” The amazing thing about “Second Round Knock Out” is that Bis was a rookie going up against a 13-year vet at the time. L was already legendary. What the fruck could he tell him? In the end, Canibus’ inability to make a damn song doomed him. Sure, he had the lyrical upper hand, but it isn’t worth much if you fade into obscurity two years later. I just wish he went into the studio with DJ Premier as it was initially rumored. Imagine Bis over a Primo beat in 98? Instant classic! To all you freestyling ass rappers, work on your song structure and train your ear to pick the right beats. Don’t nobody wanna hear you rhyme for 100 bars every damn song. I wish somebody told Canibus that. He could have been the G.O.A.T or at least a Top 10, 20 dude by now. His impact was such that dudes like me still can’t get over his wasted talent 10 years later. You guys seen that “Undisputed” video right? Well, Bis did it first with Mike Tyson for “Second Round Knock Out.” See for yourself. -Jackpot

“Second Round Knock Out” > “Undisputed”

Remember Canibus?

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  • Hate Hate and More Hate

    Rappers do sign MCs better than them. They’re just called ghostwriters.

    And for the rappers that don’t sign MCs better than them, they are pussys. But all that doesn’t matter because good lyrics are a thing of the past. Kids only hear the hook and the beat. So your little article is like 10 years to late.

    Didn’t gunot killa use to carry weed for Canibus?

    • Sean

      Fat Joe Signed Big Pun

  • http://myspace.comhopspot C. Hop

    ‘No Vaseline’ is the best diss song ever. It was all based on fact and it destroyed NWA.

    • jay415

      no vaseline was hard diss track but i think personally killas on tha payroll was the best diss record but im from the bay and a yukmouth fan so.

  • g-zeus

    yup Bis one.. LL just live longer on the mic.

  • Cheeba Baby

    “Canibus is the ultimate executioner’s dream
    Swingin the guillotine, cause whenever the head is severed
    from the human body with a sharp enough weapon
    the brain remains conscious for ten seconds
    Long enough for me to give you one last message
    And when you get to Hell you can tell Lucifer I said it”….

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Kanye signing Common…….GTFOH. Common’s been in the game since 91′ Fuck Kanye…

    • tony grand$

      Back then, it seemed like battle cred is what floated a niggas career. Punchlines, hot 16s, ill imagery with the words, that was the climate of hip hop. Notice all the names dropped in the article aint makin much noise nowadays. Can-I-bus came in on the tail end of the “who’s better on the mic” era, & got steamrolled by the “bling” phenomenon. Had he came came out five yrs earlier, with the proper guidance, he would have been legend status, maybe not GOAT, but one of the best that done it. Niggas didn’t wanna be associated with gimmicks, hence the Lox/Bad Boy problems. So, I understand why he was so anti-establishmentarianismistic (lol). But, the lack of wisdom worked against him, bcuz his penchant for the witty wordplay was his gimmick. Seems like most uber-underground MC’s are so stubborn that they just X themselves out (no Earl Simmons). He was mos defly nice, but so nice that when it came down to sellin records, he couldn’t dumb down enough to make u dance. Niggas in the game knew he was unfuckwitable, but alone it wasn’t enuff to do what any label asks its artists to do, acquire substantial revenue. Business wise, his bark was louder than his bite, & he wasn’t the first & won’t be the last. Look @ Big L. It sucks that rap cats do that “lower level” talent mentality, but if ur up on the 48 laws of power, then a dude would do the complete opposite. Get others to do the work, then u take the credit. Some niggas do it, but most niggas don’t read. He’ll forever be the man who couldve been king. But, is that really that bad?

      • Gyft


        yesssss… i like that!

        bis is one of my all-time fav influences…maybe he can make a comeback ghostwriting for soulja boy tell’em

      • T_Black

        It worked for Eminem and still is

    • alwilliams06

      Imma have to agree with you on that one!!! How and when did Kanye sign Common and he’s been in the game since forever?

  • Matt Herbz

    That was a nice concept for that video. Shit must have cost a pretty penny…AND to get Iron Mike in that bitch? But, when all was said and done, that’s all Canibus was: a nice concept. A real lyrical dude in a time when most niggaz were going commercial and Bling-Bling with their shit. For me though, I think the whole beef with LL was over some bitch shit. Seriously, who bites a tattoo, and who the fuck catches feelings over some shit like that? LL was homo for even addressing that shit in the first place–by then he was a modeling-ass rapper doing hits for the ladies–too easy a target. Like that saying, “Never argue with a fool…” Yeah, Canibus and LL were arguing like some bitches and I honestly didn’t give a fuck who was realer on the mic–they both came off soft from that shit.

    –Matt Herbz–

  • NOLA2727

    I my opinion Canibus is in my top 10-20.Cats like Cassidy couldn’t hold a torch to this dude in his day.Cassidy is nice, but Canibus had the mixtape game on smash,and some of the illest emcees were scared to get on a song that featured this dude.Somebody should have been in dudes ear telling him how to struture songs a little better.Maybe it was just arrogance on his behalf or maybe people saw his errors and knew that he would sink himself.While Cassidy seem to depend on the word LIKE when he trying to hit you with a metaphor,Canibus on the other hand didn’t need to do such.Canibus had an amazing vocabulary and his timing was off the chain!I think alot of rappers didn’t like because of his abilities.It’s just sad to his talent wasnt showed to a mainstream audience.As far that battle with him and LL Cool J, CAN-I-BUS busted his ass!I know he didnt make hit songs, but that nigga was a beast.You cant ever deny that.I’ll leave ya’ll with a Canibus line…”Rhymes ricochet of the inner walls of my lungs/And go pass the tongue faster than bullets come outta guns” OUT!

    • yoprince

      co-sign the cassidy part… dude sucks, those “like” bars are light-weight.. nowadays, niggas are impressed with that shit, not enough to buy albums or anything, but impressed nonetheless.

  • Crocker

    The accomplished battle rapper stigma. You make your bones off the battle and freestyle mixtape shit and you’ll never make a dope album. I dare anyone to name one. Canibus was and is a ill emcee. Can’t make a cohesive album to save Wyclef’s career tho. (Remember I said make your bones off of mixtape ish or the battle)

    • white widow maker



    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Blood Nation. I pledge my heart and soul to the flag-N-to all my brothers and sisters in the UBN “UBL” or any other nation a part of the Bloods. I pledge to represent the flag to the death of me. No one or nothing will be allowed to come before my almighty Blood Nation. I give my life as well as take one for my UBN “UBL”. With this oath, I pledge my life to the UBN “UBL” and all its sets. R.I.P. O.G. TYE.

    • listen man…

      Quiks dis track to mc eiht was dope too!!! “if it dont make dollas it dont make sence!”

  • ri067953

    Canibus lost when he said the line “you ain’t got the skills to eat a nigga ass like me”…yo with all that stuff calling LL a homo, he should have re-thought that line.

    • http://xxl ryan

      u retarded or sumthin he didnt mean no gay shit by it. he meant didnt have the skills 2 destroy a mc. dats y hip hop is dead yall niggas cant comprehend shit. canibus reminds me of big l. all the skills in the world. they both jus didnt have the experience yet 2 put a good song 2gether.

  • louie mo

    well i thought can-i-bus (the first one) was pretty good , i still bump it whenever i’m goin through my cd collection( yes niggaz, i still buy cds), i mean it’s not a classic but it had nice joints on there like patriots( check out free’s verse, the girl had skills back then),niggonometry, buckingham palace, get retarded……. if ya’ll muthafucka get a chance check out the album……..

    • Josh

      Canibus wrote Free’s verse

  • http://xxlmag j da b stuy reppa

    I feel u and i’m tired of people saying LL won that battle! Anybody that knows real emceeing knows that Canibus tore the so called G.O.A.T a new asshole.

    • Josh

      I agree that Canibus had the better records in the battle, but who still has a career?

      In that sense, LL won.

      But honestly, and this goes to Jackpot too, Second Round KO doesn’t stand the test of time.

      I listened to that record about 2 months ago and it just wansn’t nearly as good as I thought it was in 97 (98?).

      Bridge Is Over, Bitch In Yoo, Ether, Takeover, Dre Day, shit, even Jack The Ripper, are still ill songs to this day…Second Round KO just ain’t that hot anymore. But that Wyclef “What’s Clef Got To Do With It” with the busy signal dis record to LL…That’s classic

      BTW, LL did an Obmama song with Wyclef! Canibus is fuming right now…

      • http://xxlmag j da b stuy reppa

        Nobody is talking about who had the better career. That has nothing to do with the conversation. We talking about the BATTLE. Do you even remember the records LL had against Canibus the fact that were still talking about 2nd round knockout proves the point. It’s like Jay and Nas. Sure Jay had the better career but most would still say Nas won the battle. When u talk about battling all the accolades go out the window. 2nd round knockout was 10 times better then the Ripper Strikes Back.

  • Enlightened

    Jay-Z signed Beanie Sigel.

    He may not have thought he was better than him then, but check the facts.

    Beanie Sigel completely stole the show on every song he appeared on on the Dynasty album.

    All of a sudden, Jay-Z did his next album (The Blueprint) all by himself and gave the excuse, “I finished it so fast I didn’t have time to add anybody.” Hmmm

    The only guest appearance was Eminem on Renegade because the song was already finished and he bought if from Em and cut Royce out – and we all know what happened on that song.

    I think that’s why that line from Ether, “compared to Beans you wack” probably struck a real nerve – because the streets were saying that.

    Imagine being Sigel and being in the same room after that was said. Hmmm

    I guess rappers don’t sign rappers who they KNOW are better than them. But sometimes it’s like SA PRIZE NIGGA. I’m better than you.

    • http://xxlmag j da b stuy reppa

      Jay signed Beans with the intentions of him one day leading the Roc. U gotta get it right. Jay saw the potential in Beans being another legend. Beans could never get his shit together tho. Going back and forth to court for bullshit. To me Jay is the exception of someone who signed another rapper with the potential of one day being better. Hell even Fat Joe who signed Pun. cuz at the end of day these people are smart business men. To me Luda to someone that hasn’t signed a rapper equal to him yet. A case could be made for him.

  • ranrice

    canibus is in my top ten, dude is the greatest lyricist of all time clearly, & i’m still lookin for that got damn best of canibus that came out in like 02, not even on the net could you find that!

    & youtube his wake up show freestyle

  • these posts are racist

    Co-Sign…it’s a damn shame I turn on the tv. and DJ Unk is all over the place…but Canibus is no where to be found.

    RIP…real hip hop.

  • Incilin

    No, no, no. Canibus always reminds me of Big L because both those dudes are either totally underrated by some or totally overrated by others. Canibus would never ever have been a GOAT contender. Why? The nigga has only one style!

    All he has is beast mode, 100 bars, super lyrical type shit. All he can do is rap like he’s going to bite your head off. Which is why people think he’s so nice, he raps with so much hype and intensity. But the thing that makes people great, is the thing Canibus sorely lacks; diversity. Think about other legitimate GOAT contenders like Jay, 2pac, or Eminem. They all could do some hype shit (“U Don’t Know” “Kill You” “Can’t See Me”) club shit (“Give It To Me” “California Love” “Smack That”) smooth shit (“Excuse Me Miss” “Dear Mama” “97 Bonnie and Clyde”) etc. etc.

    Canibus on the other hand, only has the “Ima rookie so ima beast on this feature” or the needlessly endless songs. I understand how you could have left back then, no one knows what the future holds (just tell the 08 09 XXL Freshmans on the cover that) but in retrospect, he was doomed from the start.

    I can’t help but but bring up Papoose, who reminded me of Canibus in a lot of ways (Alphabetical Slaughter = 100 Bars). But even Pap was smart enough to try and diversify his catalog. It didn’t help in the long run, but still.

    As far as signing rappers better than yourself, of course they don’t! It would hurt their career! Jay ought to treat Kanye like a step brother, as Bol pointed out, if Jay went up against Kanye and lost how would he have looked?

    • Josh

      You can’t compare Pappoose to Canibus. Alphabetical Slaughter was a decent idea, but that’s all Pap ever had. And he stole the idea from Blackalicious.

      Canibus had skills. I think he went crazy. All of those albums after the second ablum were just really weird.

      The first album was pretty good. I don’t care what anyone says. It was so highly anticipated, that when it came out and wasn’t a classic, people wrote him off.

      And LL had way too many fans. Bis couldn’t compete with that. And too many underground heads were just made that Bis was working with Clef. It could’ve worked. And it almost did.

      Second album was OK. Then he lost his damn mind. C True Holiwood Stories is possibly one of the worst albums of all time. But Bis is still the mixtape king of 97…

      • Josh

        And by “made” I mean “mad.”

      • Incilin

        Although I did compare Papoose and Canibus, it wasn’t all that serious a comparasion. It just made me think of Pap, and my fear that he’s just another Bis as far as how their careers will go. Besides, Pap is way better than Canibus. Ha! Mainly because he had way more range in his songs (Compare “Slaughter” to like “Charades” or “Monopoly” while “100 Bars” has the same flow as “2000 BC”)

        Going crazy isn’t an excuse for making wack music. That nigga Wayne has to be crazy but he’s still making good records. Same thing about having too much hype, Wayne’s buzz was insane but no one’s wrote him off despite C3 not being a tru classic.

        Too many fans for LL? As Mr. Smith once pointed out about Canibus, “99% of your fans don’t exist.”

        Bis is may have been the mixtape king of 97, but now he’s just another flash in the pan that got put on, but never really put anything hot out.

        • BIGNAT

          you so right about bus thats what i was thinking. about that constant super rapid flow and by time he tried to change up. it was like 7 years to late my friend is one of that niggas biggest fans. i remember when he was telling me did i hear mic club i was like what. i told him i only heard his first album and some of the second. that nigga dropped heat back in the day but his buzz evaporated never to rain relevant rhymes again. i think he dropped like 3 or 4 albums after his second but who has heard them?

    • El Tico Loco

      Dude you make spittin 100 plus bars sound like a bad thing.
      But if you never been on a live cypher, the songs would be the only thing that catches your ear and fans of lyrics usually visualize their music in that type of setting. Rappers like Canibus will make sure that with limited exposure every drop of ink in that paper counts, is called hunger and a lot of rappers take their spot for granted that you wind up enjoy garbage you wouldn’t play if a new dude woulda put it out, for example imagine if Candyshop was the 1st song 50 cent ever dropped.

      • Incilin

        No one’s saying its a straight up bad thing, it just can’t be the only thing.

  • El Tico Loco

    Based on the first part of your post Big L wouldn’t been signed to the Roc, it also explains Serious Jones leaving DTP, no one in Aftermath droppin after 50 and em, Killer Mike issues w/Big Boi and his Grand Hustle time is gonna interesting if your theory is true.



  • Curtis75Black

    Canibus was a beast when he was running through the industry but homie had one style which was to battle – His one true downfall. I always felt having “2nd round KO”as a 1st single calling out a 14 yr. legend at the time was stupid !! I for one can say I feel LL trashed homie with his rebutttal. He answered everything homie threw at him and gave him his future – “Your career will be over next year, Yeah I said it !! /LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDER NIGGA THAT’S WHERE YOU HEADED !!”. I would love Canibus make a return though, it would be good and a breath of fresh air to hear him spittin’ some of that crazy shit that makes you say “Damn” !

  • louie mo

    @ josh

    damn……… all these years i was givin her props….. fuck that bitch but i would still hit anyway


    Canibus is one of the best lyrical dudes ever. He is also repsonsible for some of the best verses in hip hop history.

    However…LL literally destroyed him in that battle. And that is only because he went second. 2nd rd ko was super hard….but he lost.

    even if he didnt…he won a battle and lost the war.

    same as NAS…ehtered him..then he was signing your checks…

  • louie mo

    for the record, what happen between bis and em ……… i never understood why those two got in to it ………. i do recall hearing that they did a track together for the mashall mathers lp but i never heard it …….. i think it was called “battlecats” or some shit

  • Ervgotti85

    For the conversation of a rapper signing someone better then him. During its heyday anyone Baby signed to Cash Money then eventually jerked them for they money, and that includes Manny Fresh and Wayne.

  • Nino

    Cnibus is ill on the mic, hiphop is just fucked up these days, the golden era is longer existent, now we have those corny ass rappers doing corny ass shyt, but their time is up, hiphop is gonna ressuscitate for good.

  • benjamin bixby


  • Cinsere

    He also outshined The Firm on “Desperados.” I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Nas didn’t get on that record. He knew Bis would do a number on him.

    I can’t front, Nas’s verse was kinda wack on the original extended version, but I think it had more to do with song structure than anything else. The song was long…5 verses with no hook. It was ’97, and the idea of 5 MC’s rhyming back to back with no hook didn’t seem lucrative in a time when so much emphasis was being put on catchy hooks and song structure.

    Man, I miss good ol’ fashioned posse cuts!

  • Trigg

    Bis could have mainstream hits if he wanted. Every producer, and rapper of the last 20 years has at least heard of him. He just refuses because he’s one of the only MCs that I know of that cares more about music than money. He will not ever sell out. All he does is make good music. I picked up his last album for those reasons exactly.

  • Curtis75Black

    Benjamin, Come on Man ! Are you serious about LL not being lyrical or are you just caught up into his image ? You need to go back and peep his catalog and stop shittin’ on the man cause ladies are on his dick constantly !! Check out these 2 cd’s that featured LL and Canibus when their battle was poppin’ – The Bulworth Soundtrack and Keith Murray’s Cd around the same time and tell me LL wasn’t kiilin’ that shit while Canibus sounded the same as always. By the way Peep everything LL dropped around those 2 years.
    Incredible -Keith Murray ft. LL
    4 Seasons Meth and Red ft. LL
    Say What – Violator cd ft. LL
    Rasta Imposta – Wyclef diss
    Zoom Zoom – Dr. Dre and LL
    ILL Bomb – The Tunnel
    Peep Straight from Queens, Soul Survivor, Pink Cookies…,Crossroads, Ain’t no stoppin’ this, All we got left, Funkadelic Relic off 14 Shots to the Dome.
    Peep No Airplay and “Get the drop on em” off Mr. Smith” and quit listening to those club friendly tracks.
    As far as “The Ripper Strikes Back” goes, niggas swore LL was gonna be too scared to fuck with Canibus because of his image not knowing he started out as a battle rapper. His last battle before then was 10 years prior against Kool Moe Dee, Ice-T and Hammer with “To the Break of Dawn” and you see what happened with those 3 !!

    • jimmyrupe

      I agree about “To Da Break of Dawn” but those songs that he was on during the Canibus battle era (Murray’s “Incredible”, Dre’s “Zoom”), were all WACK! Even his Phenomenon album was garbage except for “4,3,2,1″ and Canibus made that song.

  • leaked it

    papoose is the new canibus he better drop a classic album befoer 30 or he soon over.

    papoose can make songs> canibus makes song about nothing but lyrical> pap’s commercial song

  • Pierzy

    I actually listen to Canibus classics about once a week. For me, his verse on “Fantastic Four” was legendary: “My motherfuckin’ brain is IBM-compatible…”

  • anutha_level



    Man fuck Canibus….LL bodied canibus career. If he was supposed to be so good why didn’t he bounce back and crush LL OR just bounce back period!!….That wasn’t even canibus own flows……why the fuck you think nobody has heard from that nigga since LL bodied him!!! He’s garbage…..Nas bodied Jay-z and Jay-z didn’t fold…..T.I. bodied Lil flip and he folded …..why? because the nigga is garbage just like canibus was garbage….

    • listen man…

      Canibus has 12 albums ….bodied career? and you dont need to “bounce back” when youre the one who wins the battle!! lyricaly LL has nothing on bis. before you call him garbage get the Rip the Jacker album.

  • Who Dat?

    I wish I could find all of Canibus’s records on wax. Did you guys hear “Jack the ripper”? I can’t listen to Wayne or most of the Garbage that comes out now.

    To any of you who produce beats out there, Canibus is the manifest of your worst nightmare. A talented lyricist who will not take advice on bringing in some showmanship and swagger to sell the track. A lyrical nerd basically, who keeps those who know what rap is ( and this includes your favorite rapper at times )oozinh “oohs” and “ahs” in awe of the amazing word play and delivery. I have a friend right now who wants to spit seven minute raps – no hooks. This guy is good but might never be heard if he continues on the road Canibus has already travelled.

    As for LL? It’s unfortunate a legend didn’t realize just how great he was to end up doing battle with this fool – better luck next time Canibus.

  • Foothill Will

    4get about Canibus he never returned after “Say What You Say” and da Eminem Show dropped, Em Ja Ruled him, Bye Canibus

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    I know ‘Bis be on the net, so he reading this shit … this cat, lyrically, could not be fucked with any real MC will tell you first hand. He made some bad career moves (like beefing with LL as everyone knows, LL been in the games so long he got mad respect) but his first album was not wack at all.

    and you wanna hear somebody completely murder a beat? listen to “100 Bars”

    If Canibus woulda died in 1997, muthafuckas would’ve called him the G.O.A.T. for real. No new rapper has ever come out with the intensity that he did in the late 90′s to this day.

  • Vicious Seiger

    Canibus had two thirds of being a great MC. He had magnificent wordplay, acid washed flow but he lacked the charisma to be considered a G.O.A.T. Many great wordsmiths fall in this catagory [Ex. Ras Kass, Kurupt to name just two] just because you can eat some one up in a freestyle battle doesn’t mean you are a viable commodity. It’s like a sports car it may go really fast but have poor handling which nixs the plus of the speed. Sometimes what you see is what you get. There are plenty of rappers who are by far not the best MC’s but they have enough creativity, passion or charisma that their short comings really don’t matter at the end of the day. Just being lyrical is just not enough. Look at any of the great lyricist of the past and they each possessed many of the attributes that I stated above. 2pac had passion, BIG was clever, KRS-One was enlightening, Pun was playful, LL was versatile and Canibus never really evolved into a really interesting artist. I’m sorry but no one wants to buy a 50 to 78 minutes freestyle session you have to be able to give people more than cold rhymes in order for them really appreciate you and your craft. No one has ever called his debut a classic and for good reason because it SUCKED due to the fact he was a poorly developed artist. Who knows if he was the proteje of Dr. Dre or DJ Premier how his career would have went? I mean his first official single featured Mike Tyson…. Mike Tyson? Mike Tyson is just one of many other people who should never being recording over a beat. It’s sad to say but LL was right when he dropped that line back at Canibus when Canibus said 99% of your fans wear high heels and LL said 99% of your fans don’t exist. Canibus was memorable but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO where near great. And if you think you can prove me wrong name ten classic songs that didnt FEATURE him and were off his albums….yeah that is right – There aren’t any. Greatness isn’t momentary it is all about consistency.

    • Anti-Mainstream

      I beg to differ. Hip Hop is as about how great of an emcee and poet you are as much how many hits you made. So your going to tell me that average ass rappers like Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Jim Jones, Nelly, and Kanye West will be closer to greatness by the end of their careers because they had more hits? Canibus is better then all these people I just mentioned. There’s a lot of people that never really made hits but should be considered the greatest emcees alive. Canibus is one, Freddie Foxx, Craig G, Supernatural, Ras Kass, Killah Priest, Immortal Technique, (to name some), are better then ANYBODY out today and would eat the chart topping rappers of today alive in a matter of a minute, (if that!).


    It’s crazy; I was just about to write one about this same subject this morning. Can’t be mad when you get beat to the finish line. Nice one.

    I took a lot of jokes and proverbial jabs in the late 90s because I was very vocal about Canibus being the next cat–before his album dropped and flopped. But the truth remains that LL has never been the same.

    I actually was going to say on my shit that the whole Hip-Hop game changed at the moment when it allowed people to ignore “Second Round K.O.” and give the battle to LL off GP. His diss record was desparate at best. Yelling and screaming and shit, but nothing solid. Yet I can quote some Canibus’s LL diss rhymes to this day; shit was classic gully.

    Even the single had cats gassed before his album dropped. “Second Round” was the A-side and “How We Roll” was the B-side. And that shit was stupendous… “More lines than a million pair of Adidas; more lines than the Bible quoted from Jesus! More lines than a African herd of zebras!”

    Damn. Oh well.

  • TC

    W3RD MY NIG.

  • Curtis75Black

    THE UNDERWRITER, I can still to this day quote both of those diss tracks. Both had crazy production and the intensity was sick on both parts. No bias but the only Canibus bar that caught my attention was when he spit “Now watch me rip the Tat off your arm, kick you in the groin/stick you for your Vanguard award in front of your Moms, your 1st, 2nd and 3rd born….”. Other than that being I was 22 when that track dropped, I basically heard the same shit and better from Kool Moe Dee with “Lets Go”. Canibus, to me didn’t really come with it. The video if anything was the heat that put it over the top with ya’ll. Plus he never mentioned a name basically a description.

  • Mpak254

    I was born in 93 but canibus is still one my favorite rappers. ever since 2000 b.c.


    Yeah, that’s the line I remember best also, but that shit was illie. We’re still talking about it now. You can just picture Bus kicking LL’s balls and running off with a trophy before he got his ass kicked.

    Wyclef’s shit was pretty hard too, with the off-the-hook phone in the background. “Return of Jack the Ripper… what? Nigga, please. I’mma push you further back than your hairline recedes.” YES. Clef came hard on that one. I still got that single too; it had the original, the rock version and the reggae mix of “Cheated” on there.

    Nigganometry and Get Retarded were dope too. That dude was two good songs away, I think.

  • jonjon23

    On this one I have to say that Canibus is probably the wittiest rapper I have ever heard-bar none. It’s one thing to shine on a few songs, but quite another to do it on the regular with totally different angles everytime. I never understood why he wasn’t shown more love—especially in New York. He was about as lyrical as you could get. A lot of New York rappers try to be lyrical but when you really listen it sounds like they are trying too hard and many times what they are saying makes no sense–plus they usually ‘think’ their smart. Canibus had an endless dynamic flow that came across as effortless.

  • Curtis75Black

    Like I said earlier homie, Uncle L answered everything homie threw at him plus added salt to the game. L shit on Canibus, Clef and Tyson !! Come on, How can you not say he ate this nigga alive. Canibus was all sympathy with his shit sounded all wounded using Biggie death as a crutch !! L’s 1st verse could’ve done it all but he wanted to teach that nigga a lesson lol. “Talking about my 1st, 2nd and 3rd born now I got a 4th/Canibus but he’s cut-off from the riches of my empire/ I’m like a pimp who thought he had to retire/but found a new Can of Pus to hire” If this was anybody else from that era, props would’ve been given but since L was 7 cd’s and 3 era’s deep……

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Whoever said 2pac was a G.O.A.T. status rapper needs to one theyself with a hammer to the face.

    • detroit frame of mind

      2pac is Tupac plain and simple

  • http://wtf S on my Chest

    Don’t you see the parralells. This was Game if 50 hadn’t have wiped his ass. A great rapper who couldn’y write a song but that where their paths went in seperate ways someone made game bis fell off.

  • Sincere

    I was happy that the battle between L.L. and Canibus happened in 1998, a 10 year 2008 anniversary if you will, and 20 years from the original “Jack The Ripper” battle rhyme with Kool Moe Dee. For one, everyone seemed to had forgotten how ill L.L. could be and he needed to be reminded of that himself. Ain’t nothin’ like a battle to get you inspired to craft something worthwhile.

    “2nd Round K.O.” would have definitely been a death blow to the battle M.C. in L.L….if he hadn’t responded back in classic fashion that is (lol). In my opinion, “The Ripper Strikes Back” was the best battle rhyme L. ever wrote, inculding the music and that can’t be slept on.

    Canibus is definitely worth mentioning as a champion lyricist that should have had music that complimented him better. The music industry, huh, you gotta’ hate it, I mean love it. (lol)

    • jimmyrupe

      “Ain’t nothin’ like a battle to get you inspired to craft something worthwhile.”

      I agree. Remember Nas, who all but fell off and then Jay-Z killed him with “Takeover”. That inspired Nas to “Ether” him.

  • Some Cat

    Alright I respect what many of you have said, bur Canibus didn’t fall off as fast as yall think.

    He came out with a whole CD produced by Stoupe! Classic CD Its Carlled Rip The Jacker. Enlighten yourself a little. He has classic songs on there such as “No Return” which is a story song where he describes dying in three different occasions. STRAIGHT FIRE!

    So please check it, Stoupe is one of the best Producers EVER and I bet 90% of you on this post know who he is.

  • Some Cat

    Alright I respect what many of you have said, bur Canibus didn’t fall off as fast as yall think.

    He came out with a whole CD produced by Stoupe! Classic CD Its Called Rip The Jacker. Enlighten yourself a little. He has classic songs on there such as “No Return” which is a story song where he describes dying in three different occasions. STRAIGHT FIRE!

    So please check it, Stoupe is one of the best Producers EVER and I bet 90% of you on this post know who he is.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention:

    If anything, Canibus’s downfall was when conflict occered with Em.

    When Em put out Can-A-Bitch, Canibus was kinda diminished


    Canibus was the shit, and “2nd Round KO” was one the rawest diss songs ever. However, as many here have pointed out, Canibus’ lack of songwriting diversity & charisma were his drawbacks. He might be the best ever at pure vitriolic mic-ripping — for whatever that’s worth…..

  • Shaun

    Canibus was my favorite MC in the late 1990′s. Of course I remember him.

    As far as his legacy goes, he was the first person to declare the Notorious BIG as the Greatest Of All Time. And he became the ultimate example of how lyricism does not equal great MC’ing. I remember aspiring MC’s stepping their songwriting game up, because they didn’t wanna be the next Canibus. If anything, Canibus did more blackballing than LL and Wyclef ever did to him. He’s the reason why talented MC’s will never be taken seriously by the industry without being dismissed as a “backpacker”, “mixtape rapper”, “freestyle/battle rapper”, etcetera first.

  • malick

    judging by the reaction,u can tell canibus made a great great impact in the game otherwise they’d be none of this nostalgia, where am from wordplay is highly regarded and canibus is one of the greatest wordsmiths to ever spit on the mic period. canibus spit- b4 bob marley was rocking a fade/b4 neanderthals was drawing on walls in caves/b4 honest abe signed the papers that freed slaves/i existed, in the garden of eden getting lifted/ sticking dick 2 eve b4 she was adams mistress……..rappers nowadays are too ignorant to concoct sick lines like these except maybe black thought of the roots.


    do a little more research before you start making all these claims that canibus cant make a song. listen to his album rip the jacker, my favorite album of all time.

  • sharpdressedman23


  • T-Black

    Fat Joe signed Big Pun. I did a story on the best mixtape artist ever on so check it out. Also Nas did get on Desperatoes but that version didn’t make the album but Nas verse was just as good if not better than Canibus. Canibus did win the battle but LL’s money was to long for it to matter. Just like the Jadakiss 50 battle.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Canibus was the shit. There is no disputing that. The knock on Canibus was always his choice of production. The production could never keep up with his lyrics. 2nd round K.O. was ill and yes LL lost. Period.

  • Curtis75Black

    All Canibus did was use his “underdog” status to his advantange and ya’ll niggas fell for it. Peep game, LL never mentioned his money in 4,3,2,1 verse. It was only mentioned when Canibus brought it up. Bringin’ Biggie in the equation was only a ploy to get the grieving Fans on his side and I see that worked also, another ploy. Him stating how he’s “trying to make a living over dissing” was Bullshit and false because LL never started any beef. Kool Moe Dee called him out on “How you like me now”, Ice-T called him out in concert and in the song “I’m your Pusher” and Hammer mentioned L in the song “Lets get it Started”. Let me end this off with this thought though, If an emcee at this time, came at Jay-Z or Nas with those same lyrics knowing their history as a Hip Hop fan, would you say they lost ?

  • flex3366


    • Anti-Mainstream

      Canibus is better then Hov….

  • NOLA2727

    Canibus is in my top ten period.The dude is nice. Its amazing that people knock him for his lyrics,but they can listen to cats brag all day long about how much ice they have ,how many dudes they shot ,how many guns the have and how many girls they smashed. Canibus has legendary status in my book.Im from New Orleans and niggas ain’t tryna hear this dude spit.If they did, they would look at Lil Wayne and Cassidy and a whole bunch of other half ass metaphor/punchline rappers in whole different light.He raised the stand as far as lyrics are concered.Its wasnt to much about style with him or swagger.He just wantes to rip the mic.Is someting truly wrong with that?I own just about every album that he put out,from CAN-I-BUS to C Of Tranquility.Hes a deep dude.Niggas dont like him because Niggas dont like to think about shit and they have little no imagination.These rappers spit little or next to nothing campared to thing cat.Oh!That battle between him and LL,Canibus killed him! If it wasnt for LL and his bitch made ways that shit would have never happened.LL has a big fucking ego problem.Anyway!Canibus keep doing what you doing.You’re the epitome of what integrity is.Dont worry about those industry clowns.OUT!

  • NOLA2727

    Canibus is in my top ten period.The dude is nice. Its amazing that people knock him for his lyrics,but they can listen to cats brag all day long about how much ice they have ,how many dudes they shot ,how many guns the have and how many girls they smashed. Canibus has legendary status in my book.Im from New Orleans and niggas ain’t tryna hear this dude spit.If they did, they would look at Lil Wayne and Cassidy and a whole bunch of other half ass metaphor/punchline rappers in whole different light.He raised the stand as far as lyrics are concered.Its wasnt to much about style with him or swagger.He just wanted to rip the mic.Is someting truly wrong with that?I own just about every album that he put out,from CAN-I-BUS to C Of Tranquility.Hes a deep dude.Niggas dont like him because Niggas dont like to think about shit and they have little or next to no imagination.These rappers spit little or next to nothing campared to this cat.Oh!That battle between him and LL,Canibus killed him! If it wasnt for LL and his bitch made ways that shit would have never happened.LL has a big fucking ego problem.That dude act he want people to worship him because e’s LL Cool J.He felt threatened by Canibus just like a lot of other dudes was at that time was.So he took the cocky route like always (See the Jay-Z situation from last year at Def Jam)and took Canibus whole rhyme out of context.People only say LL won that shit because of who he is. Real listeners know he got his ass handed to him. Anyway!Canibus keep doing what you doing.You’re the epitome of what integrity is.Dont worry about those industry clowns.OUT!

  • iliveonce

    Canibus if you ever read these blogs.. listen to this. Look at the amount of postings pertaining to this topic. That’s proof that some controversy and buzz is there..

    make some hot shit….not just super lyrical shit, make a song surround yourself with some honest constructive criticism.

    I used to be signed to a production deal with def jam. Due to politics i was dropped.
    i wen into the technology feild but i’m a do my thing.

    Canibus for every supe lyrical song make a bouncy radio song about real issues and make about several club bouncy shit.

  • iliveonce

    i should’ve proof read my previous post.


  • flex366

    canibus should not get credit for reciting the dictionary…he should be applauded for his great memory and not his lyrical content..although talented dude had no substance

  • Siya (South Africa)

    He also outshined The Firm on “Desperados.” I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Nas didn’t get on that record. He knew Bis would do a number on him.

    -yeah, i noticed Nas never gets on tracks with legendary mc’s…he knows he’ll get murdered…he never rhymes with the great, it’s always the weaker than him mc’s the rhyme againts so that he can be considered a dope lyricist…why not he makes songs with Royce 5’9, Canibus, Pharoah Monch, Elhzi (Slum Village), Black Thought, Ras Kass and any other dope lyricist outher?—he’s shit scared of being bodied

  • Mike H.

    How the fuck do niggaz not include Tha Dogg Pound’s “New York, New York” in the top 5 diss songs? Everybody was talking that the west coast didn’t have any lyrics, and Kurupt came throuygh and murdered them niggaz, on every verse! It wasn’t even a response to that shit, and NO, Mobb Deep’s “L.A., L.A.” doesn’t count, because that shit is wack! If they would came hard at them niggaz like they did Pac on “Drop A Gem On ‘Em”, then it mighta been close! “New York, New York”, easily top 5 diss songs!

  • Mike H.

    I did get off the subject, but Canibus was dope and he did murder LL! But if you can’t make a structured song, then it’s a wrap for you!

  • Sincere

    Big up to Curtis75Black for building the case of the credibility of L.L “Jack The Ripper” Cool J.

    Though I’m an L.L. fan, to be unbiased about it, I would say that Canibus is more metaphorically complex lyrically than L.L. But by no means does that shut L.L. out because when he wants to be he can be as lyrical and versatile as they come, content and flow wise. “Exit 13″ is a more recent example of that.

    Canibus debut wasn’t the break out album as was expected. But Canibus “2000 BC” was a better effort that wasn’t marketed as well as it should have been. And I believe he came full circle with “Mic Club: The Curriculum”.

    And for the record, I’ll mention the nail in the coffin rhyme Canibus did with “Rip The Jacker”, the comeback that I think very few heard that used L.L.’s “I’m Bad” bass line. He made it after L.L. kept pressing the issue on “Back Where I Belong” on his G.O.A.T. album in 2000. I guess L.L. had too many Cool J cookies, so Canibus came with something milky. (lol)


    Amazing….Rip the Jacker…..Amazing
    And nobody has ever heard of the guy. And those that have say things like, ‘he cant make a song’. To those i say listen to the already mentioned No Return. Or Aids is Gold Hiv is platinum. Or listen to For Whom the Beat Tolls album(07) where he has a song that is like those books back in the day where u can choose(in a way) what comes next. BTW. Now, every time i see Suzanne Malveaux i say Oh how i love u so. Yes, niggas i watch the news.<<<imagine that being said in Uncle Ruckus voice. I read where some say C True Hollywood Stories is like Fear of a Black Hat or CB4. Make Cense?? Canibus won the battle imo but i too was shocked at a ‘rookie’ goin up against the battle champ. He’s loosing the war. Oh yeah, he joined the army and went to war. Tell me more people wouldn’t know his story if were………..hmmmmm maybe saying things about certain things aren’t good for your career. Any why must i give an email just to make a post. Question Erything

  • 2nd to none

    how can they say he’s wasting his time spittin hundreds of bars on his songs? i call that shit hate. he’s proven already he’s the nicest lyrical mc to ever spit now on rtj00 hes gonna prove hes the greatest to ever touch a mic.

  • GO-Getta’

    Alphebatical Slaughter joint that’s MS. What a wasted talent,he just can’t make a hit 2 save his face. Rappers just can’t sign Mcs betta’ than ‘em.

  • Curtis75Black

    This is one of my favorite battles ever because of the generation gap it presented. The exact same shit that popped off with Kool Moe Dee and LL 10 Years before. I knew who Moe Dee was but He was before I could truly comprehend lyrics. I say it was just a case of different styles when it comes this battle though. while L is more straight foward with his, Canibus was a metaphor master. One reason while L doesn’t get off like that is because he doesn’t have to. If you remember his track “Hollis to Hollywood” of Mr. Smith he was making fun of the “like/as” style. But don’t forget “Pink Cookies in a Plastic Bag getting Crushed by Buildings” where he shouted out all of our favorite emcees !! Peep the song again if you just thought it was about a female. Uncle L with aggressive voice puts him over the top also. Murdergram, Mama Said, I’m Bad, Get down, Soul Survivor, 1 in the Morning, 10 Million Stars. Like I said his versatility is a gift and a curse. Canibus lack of it fucked him.

  • juancho

    wtf you tripping dogg. canibus never wanted a piece of pun. how many times pun waited in the studio on that nigga? pun woulda shitted on him.

  • PH

    I just listeed to his first album and “PAtriots”, “2nd Round Knockout ” and especially “Buckingham Palace” are bangers with excellent production from Wyclef. I cannot believe how they dropped the ball on everything else on that disk.

    If they had actually stayed in that lane and used those 3 tracks as a blueprint they would have had a respectable debut.

    DMX’s first (with all its flaws) was a classic because of the consistant vision and sound throughout, including strong videos!

  • sarkastixxx

    Dope dope blog!!!!! Bis was definitely not to be F’d with. He crushed Uncle L in the battle, I been saying that for years. But like you said the 100 bars ish ain’t gonna cut it and it didn’t. He had the total package ill flow/cadence, lyrical and voice. I think he could have been the illest ever.

  • Sincere

    Yeah Curtis, I know what you mean by L.L. not having to have to be as rich metaphorically lyrically and I remember those songs as well…and I still bump’em.

    I’ve always said that L.L. getting pigeon holed as only a ladies man on the mic was a slap in the face of his full capability, but that’s what happened when things in the industry was changing and really didn’t want to promote real lyricism in the music anymore, except very little. So every now and again, the sleeping giant gets awakened in L.L. and The Ripper Strikes Back, Can-I-Bus???!!!. (lol)


    Very good blog my friend. Canibus is #1 on my list when it comes to lyrical content. True, he could use better beats and hooks, but with the complex metaphors, sick punchlines, and krayzie wordplay, how can you even pay that much attention to the beat when he is going the phunk off. All in all, if Canibus is never excepted by the mainstream, I will forever be a supporter of him. I believe in lyricism and he is the epitome of it.


  • KLAP215

    CanIbuS made made ill songs! Listen to “micnificent”, “Partroits”,”2000B.C.”,”GET RETARTED”, “WATCH WHO U BEEF WITH”,etc The list goes on… Canibus has classic albums like 2000B.C., MICCLUB, RIP THE JACKER etc!!! Yall niggaz been under the industrys mind control!!!!

  • honkies

    eminem isa cracker, Canibus is the shit