Any of you guys noticed that rappers never ever sign MCs better than them?

For the most part, they'd rather sign their mediocre friends than give a break to a talented kid. Aside from EPMD putting Redman on and Kanye signing Common, I can't really remember too many MCs signing someone better than them. Take Jay-Z for instance. Legend has it that he introduced Canibus to Wyclef back in the day. Now, I'm not sure of the timeline, so Hov could have met Bis when he already had his Universal deal, but I'm pretty sure he would have passed on him given the opportunity. Bis was just too much of a threat back then. Why do you think Hov allegedly treats Kanye like a step brother. Dude just got too big for homie's comfort. Sure, Hard Knock Life sold 5 mill, but the climate was different back then. Ye's first three albums could have easily posted similar numbers were they released in a friendlier climate.

Now, Bis probably never would have went 5 mill, maybe not even 2 mill, but based off his red hot start, he definitely had G.O.A.T. potential. Dude was like the second coming for a minute. I know some of you 90s babies think Lil Wayne is the mixtape king, but he couldn't shine Bis' shoes back when DJ Clue had the game on smash. Never had anyone, especially a damn rookie, outshined so many established rappers who went on to become legendary. He out-rhymed Common ("Making A Name For Ourselves"), Pharoahe Monch ("Hell"), Big Pun, DMX and Noreaga ("Fantastic Four") Redman ("Beasts From The East" & "4,3,2,1"), DMX  and Method Man ("4,3,2,1") and there's probably more. He also outshined The Firm on "Desperados." I don't think it's a coincidence that Nas didn't get on that record. He knew Bis would do a number on him.

Lost Boyz ft. Canibus, Redman & A Plus


There's only one dude Bis arguably didn't outshine and that's LL Cool J. Uncle L did a bitch move by inviting Bis on a track, getting his lyrics miscontrued and dissing him on the damn song. Had Bis had the chance to change his verse, he would have dealt with L one time. Let's not get it twisted, Bis won that battle against LL. That "Second Round Knock Out" is one of the illest diss songs ever. Off top, I think it's Top 5 alongside "The Bridge Is Over," "Ether," "Takeover" and Common's "The Bitch In U." The amazing thing about "Second Round Knock Out" is that Bis was a rookie going up against a 13-year vet at the time. L was already legendary. What the fruck could he tell him? In the end, Canibus' inability to make a damn song doomed him. Sure, he had the lyrical upper hand, but it isn't worth much if you fade into obscurity two years later. I just wish he went into the studio with DJ Premier as it was initially rumored. Imagine Bis over a Primo beat in 98? Instant classic! To all you freestyling ass rappers, work on your song structure and train your ear to pick the right beats. Don't nobody wanna hear you rhyme for 100 bars every damn song. I wish somebody told Canibus that. He could have been the G.O.A.T or at least a Top 10, 20 dude by now. His impact was such that dudes like me still can't get over his wasted talent 10 years later. You guys seen that "Undisputed" video right? Well, Bis did it first with Mike Tyson for "Second Round Knock Out." See for yourself. -Jackpot

"Second Round Knock Out" > "Undisputed"

Remember Canibus?