I'm sure by now many of you have seen XXL's end of the year Love/Hate issue. We've obviously all got our own opinions. I figured it was only right that I write about the things I loved and hated in 2008. So here goes:

1) Rick Ross being revealed as a CO– I like some of Ross' music, but the sheer audacity of his big bossman persona, since day 1, has come off as over the top and damn near farcical to me. I was a lone man at one point, claiming he was duping the masses. And sure enough, he was. Jokes on you, jack. Loved it more because of how stupid he made his diehard supporters feel.

2) Rumored Kelis Sex Tape– I was a Kelis stan from day 1, so the thought of getting to see someone plug her on camera was a dream of fucking an r&b chick come true. Unfortunately, the tape never leaked. Still, we can dream.

3) Kim Osorio's Tell All Book About The Source Magazine– copped off Amazon and read the entire book cover to cover in about four hours. If not for the sheer fuckery that went on in the story, it was great trip down memory lane, back when the music industry– at least in New York– was something you might have actually been proud of saying you were a part of.

4) Yung Berg gets his chain robbed by associates of Trick Trick/Yung Berg Gets Slapped By Maino– I'm not much of an advocate of hip-hop thuggery– especially by guys without hit records– but not since the days of KRS One throwing PM Dawn off stage has a rapper fallen from grace so fast. And to be clear, I don't wish that on anyone, but still, it's like the universe righting itself when someone like Yung Berg gets the fear of God put into him.

5) Hipster Movement– not a big fan of hipsters or the hipster scene or what it's doing to New York or any city it hits, but I do like the DIY ethos that this scene promotes. It's how an act like Kidz In The Hall, with no major machine backing them, gets to premier their video on BET's 106 and Park. From the upstart clothing lines, to the mixtapes, to the parties, it's an inclusive sect. And while the music is hit or miss, it's encouraging to see some modern-day Horatio Alger stories unfolding right before our eyes.

1) Akon having his criminal past revealed to be fabricated by the Smoking Gun– There was no reason to pick on Akon. Sure his calling card was claiming to be "Locked Up" a few years back, but now he's gone pop (and country), and well, messing with him about his past is like continuing to mess with Michael Jackson because he was once black. The media is obsessed with the truth. The public could care less, as long as Akon keeps them partying their lives away in a recession.

2) Rumored Kelis Sex Tape– only thing worse than the rumor that a Kelis sex tape existed, was the fact that said rumor was just a rumor. It was truly disappointing. And in addition to just the sheer fantasy of watching Kelis get hammered, I figured her career might get a reboot had the tape ever been released. Because let's face it, that chick is pretty fucking talented.

3) Cam'ron "selling" Juelz contract for 2 million– Cam'ron didn't sell shit. Juelz Santana, regardless of how I may feel about the guy's music (I think he's actually pretty damn good), is not worth 2 dollars to Def Jam, let alone 2 million. That's why all these rappers leave the labels with their recordings nowadays, cause them shits have no value. That was just Cam's way of saving face.

4) Unofficial rapper remixes of MIA's "Paper Planes"– rappers are so behind the curve that it took them damn near a year to discover "Paper Planes," i.e. that hit record that they were going to record their own shitty verse to and pawn off as an exclusive (see: Jim Jones). Hip-Hop karaoke couldn't be any colder in 2008.

5) Rapper Social Networking Sites– how do rappers stay relevant? By taking great ideas and remixing them with a little urban twist. Lame. From Ludacris to TI to 50 to Prodigy, rappers were popping up with social networking sites every 5 minutes. Too bad they're all 5 minutes too late. The web 2.0 bubble has bursted, my friends. Even Facebook's valuation has plummeted, so what makes you think anyone wants to come to your site and "connect?" Please.

What are your top 5 love/hate moments?