I might be the only "shock" blogger left here at XXL if TrickTrick and Dirty Rik take out Ron Mexico and Bol respectively. Them two rap niggas do have guns and shit. This is why I only fucks with Lil' Wayne. Son got busted in New York City with an unloaded .40 caliber pistol. What meatwad carries an unloaded biscuit? I'd have more respect for a nigger if he walked around with a ball peen hammer. That shit could do some fucking damage to a motherfucker. I hope that Ron Mex and Bol both stick around so that me an Gooch have something to read here at the X spot.

Ron Mexico might want to stay out of the D for awhile so shit can simmer the fuck down. Not that he was making any plans to vacation in Detroit I wouldn't think. Detroit city is fucked the fuck up on a good day. My everlasting memory of that place was seeing an office building in the central downtown area with broken windows and broken down signage to the vacant Foot Locker store that was at the ground floor. You know when niggas is too poor to buy sneakers then shit is on some cataclysmic broke down status. Plus TrickTrick's goons have a penchant for effing dudes in their poopchutes if they don't agree with your opinion.

I learned this fact when TrickTrick recounted the story of Trick Daddy performing a show in Detroit after he publicly scorned TrickTrick for having the same emcee name. The story went something like this... TrickTrick surrounded the theater where the concert was going down and effectively shut down Trick Daddy's set while he was on stage. As Trick Daddy attempted to exit the theater he was obstructed by several dozens of burly men labeled by TrickTrick as his jailhouse goons. TrickTrick might be six foot three and definitely over 200lbs. so I on't imagine him recruiting goons that are any less imposing. The story goes on that Trick Daddy was taken into the basement with very little options and one of them was the Marcellus treatment from that movie 'Pulp Fiction'. Basically, TrickTrick ended all that thug talk from Trick Daddy.

To make matters worse for Ron Mexico is the fact that everyone from Detroit carries the ratchet. It's just that kind of city. I know cats from the D living here in Brooklyn that act like they are in Aruba or some shit just because the women have all of their front teeth. It is truly cold in the D. Stay safe Ron Mex.

Speaking of rappers who own, er, used to own guns... Last night was the launch of a clothing line that is using T.I. as their spokesman. Rappers and clothing lines is kind of boring now to me, but I suppose some people still thinks its a money winner.


All you bigtime cRappers out there.

Put your brands on shit like video game consoles or electronic gadgets. Clothing is corny now and none of y'all niggas is gonna be Ralph Lauren anyhoo. Maybe 3000, but nahh, not even 3000.

I had the invite to the T.I. hosted clothing line launch. They promised an open bar along with tasty snacks. Since I hadn't eaten all day this was a pretty appealing option. The only problem is that this would have been one of those events with all kinds of pretty ass chicks who wouldn't spit on you because a real celebrity was in the building. I love those type chicks but I wanted something more in my life.

I also had an invite to the XXL hosted event at the Fila store. This looked like a dope event. Fila is one of those legacy sportswear brands that can never truly fall off. They just fade in and fade out. From what I have seen from Fila lately they are back on the upswing ever since they started reaching back to their roots of refined sportswear apparel. Good for them. This event would be promising since my crew would be in the building. The chicks that I can see coming out to this joint would be as bad as the ones at the T.I. party. Not as bad in the physical department, but as bad in the expectations for sucking off a real life celebrity. As opposed to an internets celebrity.

My third option was a party inside of a sneaker store in Harlem called Vault to celebrate the launch of Nike ACG boots and general sneaker fiend niggerati nonsense. I chose door number three. Why? Because at the end of the day I am a sneaker fiend. Yeah, I have a retarded Ralph Lauren collection also along with way too many action figures and comic books, but if I had the choice to be in a room with some of the most beautiful people in this city I would still choose to be around "my people". One of which is the chick that owns another sneaker spot in Harlem called Goliath.

This is where I belonged on this night. No pretensions and no industry people with hate in their blood. No obama (open bar) either for the kid although they did cater the party with some righteous soul food. Better yet, sole food. The message for today kids is to know your lane, stay inside of it, and play it to the fullest. In that way there will never be too much on your plate.

sole food