fish and grits

Of all the shitty things that Black Entertainment Television has brought to the game... I LOLz whenever I say "the game" since it makes no fucking sense. What game? Who the fuck cares? The GAME!

Of all the shitty programming that Black Entertainment television brought to our eyeholes there was at least on program which had some redeeming qualities. B.E.T.'S after-hours program Uncut was where you could see some raw shit go down on a creative level. That is where I saw my homey, the Mighty Casey, premiere his video for the song 'White Girlz'. Casey was a visionary. Now if he had made a video called Hawaiian Girlz he would have been from outer space. Those are the baddest bitches on the planet. In my mind I was flown out to Hawaii in the G.O.O.D. music corporate jet for a listening session of 808's & Heartbreaks. When I arrived this sexy Hawaiian chick put a lei on me and then I went to my hotel and she and her crew put a lay on me.

I have Technicolor dreams and that is why I stay winning on you chumps. But check it, the point of this drop is what ever happened to the tremendous synergy between the pr0n industry and cRap music? Did the trillion dollar skin flick game decide that they would lose money by hooking up with rappers? Methinks so. Here it is you can't even give away good rap albums nowadays but fools are buying up pr0n like pussy was about to go extinct. If you were a struggling a rapper with a two pound cock my advice would be to smarten up and get into the movie business. Word to Magic Johnson. [ll] to weighing another man's johnson. [ll] to a man named Magic Johnson.

88 Keys new album the 'The Death Of Adam' is a celebration of the vagina. Let's face it, what is on everybody's minds nowadays - the vagina. Didn't the visionary lady scarf wearing rapper Jim Jones just preview his new album on some performance art steez a la 'Vagina Monologues'? I swear I read that from Miss Info somewhere. Anyhoo, I just watched the 'Pop Champagne' remix video with DipSet and they were pouring champagne all over each other's tight white tee shirts and I realized that this video needed to have some x-rated shit in it instead of these dudes pouring liquor on each other like Tupac did to those ho's in that Jodeci video.

BTW, you already know that I hate Tupac's rapping ability, but can we all agree that pouring champagne on ho's >>>> pouring champagne on bro's? I give Tupac points for at least that.

So what do you humps think chased the pr0n industry away from cRap music?

Was it all the misogyny and violence?

Or was there a shortage of talent?

If you know what I'm saying?

[ll] to this entire drop.