What Ever Happened To Pr0n And Rap?

fish and grits

Of all the shitty things that Black Entertainment Television has brought to the game… I LOLz whenever I say “the game” since it makes no fucking sense. What game? Who the fuck cares? The GAME!

Of all the shitty programming that Black Entertainment television brought to our eyeholes there was at least on program which had some redeeming qualities. B.E.T.’S after-hours program Uncut was where you could see some raw shit go down on a creative level. That is where I saw my homey, the Mighty Casey, premiere his video for the song ‘White Girlz’. Casey was a visionary. Now if he had made a video called Hawaiian Girlz he would have been from outer space. Those are the baddest bitches on the planet. In my mind I was flown out to Hawaii in the G.O.O.D. music corporate jet for a listening session of 808′s & Heartbreaks. When I arrived this sexy Hawaiian chick put a lei on me and then I went to my hotel and she and her crew put a lay on me.

I have Technicolor dreams and that is why I stay winning on you chumps. But check it, the point of this drop is what ever happened to the tremendous synergy between the pr0n industry and cRap music? Did the trillion dollar skin flick game decide that they would lose money by hooking up with rappers? Methinks so. Here it is you can’t even give away good rap albums nowadays but fools are buying up pr0n like pussy was about to go extinct. If you were a struggling a rapper with a two pound cock my advice would be to smarten up and get into the movie business. Word to Magic Johnson. [ll] to weighing another man’s johnson. [ll] to a man named Magic Johnson.

88 Keys new album the ‘The Death Of Adam’ is a celebration of the vagina. Let’s face it, what is on everybody’s minds nowadays – the vagina. Didn’t the visionary lady scarf wearing rapper Jim Jones just preview his new album on some performance art steez a la ‘Vagina Monologues’? I swear I read that from Miss Info somewhere. Anyhoo, I just watched the ‘Pop Champagne’ remix video with DipSet and they were pouring champagne all over each other’s tight white tee shirts and I realized that this video needed to have some x-rated shit in it instead of these dudes pouring liquor on each other like Tupac did to those ho’s in that Jodeci video.

BTW, you already know that I hate Tupac’s rapping ability, but can we all agree that pouring champagne on ho’s >>>> pouring champagne on bro’s? I give Tupac points for at least that.

So what do you humps think chased the pr0n industry away from cRap music?

Was it all the misogyny and violence?

Or was there a shortage of talent?

If you know what I’m saying?

[ll] to this entire drop.

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  • booboo james

    BOO THAT MAN! I came in here thinking it was about to be about Joker The bail bondsman and Mucho Humpty Hump and I get a homo rant about you hanging with Kangay in Hawaii. WHERE’S RON MEX?

  • grant ny

    “BTW, you already know that I hate Tupac’s rapping ability.”

    you serious?

    if you are then youre a fucking idiot who should be baned from blogging for ever.

    • nigga please

      Or maybe you’re just some bitchmade stan who can’t separate life from music and catches feelings about immaterial things.

      SEMFER FI, fag.


      Actually Tupac sucks as a rapper.
      He is the most over rate in history behind lil wayne.

    • Valdez

      anyone who don’t like Pac, don’t like hip hop.

      PLAIN & SIMPLE!!

      & therefore u should NOT be on this site. PERIOD.

  • http://www.myspace.com/moneyburnzofficialpage Money Burnz

    Gotta agree wit the blogger on pure gayness of those guys sprayin each other wit champagne….that was some fruity ass shit…and yes tupac was overrated in the opinions of many, myself included…but thats just our opinion…some people think Biggie sucked…thats the beauty of music and opinions…we dont have to agree…

  • KoolMick

    Ha, ha!!!… Rappers must be feeling really comfortable expressing their true feelings these days. The world is changing. Soon Jenny Jones and his cronies are gonna have a float in the gay pride parade… Shit, I just seen on ESPN Lebron James walking around with Beyonce’s “Obama” tee shirt with a scarf tied around his neck. Like Jenny said awhile back “you know how them James’ boys are.”… Pr0n is gone ’cause this wave of cRap fans are more coocoo for coco puffs. Aiiight, chill.

  • KoolMick

    …By the way, doesn’t Jim Jones’ picture in the Bangers section look like he just got caught taking a shit in the back of Taft projects with a crumpled up wad of a homeless person’s newspapers in his hand? Aiiight, chill.

  • texasleen

    Pac sold cause of his image…Biggie sold cause hes ryhmes were ahead of the time and still are…Pr0n industry is gone because the broads are more hardbody then any rapper… they get caked up all day then fuck for a hour and not have to put up with the b.s. from the rappers weed man who act like they never seen p u s s y

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    booboo james,
    Isn’t that Ron Mexico standing in front of you? With his cock in your mouth.

  • geico lizard

    speaking of magic johnson this nigga was on larry king live doing a damn victory lap for obama,WTF, magic was for hillary and even had fundraisers at his house for her but now he is talking about “we did it obama”. gtfoh magic and larry king even called him out on that shit and he admitted he was for hillary next thing you know larry was talking to michael moore,lmfao. larry told magic that obama wants to turn the white house bowling alley into a basketball court and magic said he wants to play down there with obama. fuck magic and jesse jackson for going on larry king like they even like obama much less had anything to do with him getting elected. debra lee didnt like BET uncut because it had young sexy women on it and debra lee is an old wrinkly angry woman so she had to hate on that but she leaves all that other bullshit on the network.

    • http://www.prettypancakes.com amar

      hhahahahhha i saw that too! but give the man some credit-his candidate lost so he sided with the right one in the end. Nothing wrong with that!

      but the bowling alley thing made me laugh like crazy. I think shit like that is hilarious…they should totally pimp the white house the fuck out. I’m talking movie theatres, basketball courst and a stripper pole in the first family’s bedroom. Taxpayers might get a bit pissed off, but i’m all for it!


  • http://www.theroyaltytakeover2.blogspot.com Yoda

    …? You should rename this to drunken ramblings…you alright round your way, BXS?

  • http://myspace.com/marko4aoc Marko-V

    Last week at work some brutha told me he hopes Obama burns some black eyed peas on his first day in the White House. I said, “What?”. See this is the ignorant shit we got to put up wit. Major diss to all you funny style say anything for a laugh negroes. Obama would’ve never gotten elected if it wasn’t for a lot of white people helpin his campaign and he will never stay in office or get anything done if the masses don’t unify. He can not go pullin some Richard Pryor shit and provin rascist right. Stop wit the b.s.

  • Ryan

    Seriously, can we get the Black Jesus “What That Thang Smell Like” video up on here!? I love BET Uncut, fuck their lives for taking it off the air.

  • hate hate and more hate

    lol @ all you non-pu$$y getting mother fcukas missing BET UNut. Now all yall gonna have to find something else to beat your dicks too on your lonely Saturday nights


    • texasmade

      na dogg we just need somethin to watch cause we all cant be with your moms at the same time….we got diff shifts like 7 11

    • KoolMick

      Ha, ha… very funny motherfucker! Why don’t you go back to booty banging your mans and them while y’all listen to Max B’s new song… I gotta be out, I think my shift with your moms is coming up next. She got that sloppy MILF box that I like. Peace, beeeyotch!!!

    • KoolMick

      That last shot is for Hate Hate and more Hate.

  • anutha_level

    “When I arrived this sexy Hawaiian chick put a lei on me and then I went to my hotel and she and her crew put a lay on me.”

    sure h0m0…these bitches out here wouldn’t touch your delusionary ass. and if they did, they was prolly YE’s crew’s sloppy 4ths and 5ths.


    i posted the samething on the bangers section. why wouldn’t they spray it all over some chicks it just fucked up the vid. i know one thing for sure i don’t think cam would have went for the all guy spray down.


    also i never heard of this fish and grits magazine

  • Bang

    The fags and the faggot fans chased it away, like kanye and wayne with their ‘metrosexual’ ways

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Shut the fuck up.

    I don’t think you like ‘Pac, I think you like cock